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Shopify Theme: Everything you need to know

Shopify Theme: Everything you need to know


If you’re wanting to learn more about Shopify themes for your e-commerce website, you’ve come to the right spot.


You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about Shopify themes for your e-commerce website.


Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform, that enables anybody to set up an Internet store and sell products. Shopify functions as an all-inclusive e-commerce platform by integrating with point-of-sale (Shopify POS) programmes and other business tools for inventory control, shipping, SEO, multi-channel marketing, and reporting. However, the initial phase involves creating the website’s foundation, which can call for technical expertise. Many businesses use Shopify themes to get started quickly, but is this the best option for everyone?


Discover what Shopify themes are, why you would want to use one, and how to choose the best theme for your company by reading about them.


What are Shopify Themes?

Shopify themes are pre-made layouts, modules, and style settings that influence how your website looks and feels. There are ready-made, pre-designed templates known as “off-the-shelf themes” that allow you to customise built-in modules to create a great e-commerce website easily. Pre-made themes are available in a variety of free and premium options based on their overall appearance and usefulness. You can select from a variety of theme options that are most suited for the products you sell, your branding, your industry, or the type of experience you want your customers to have when they visit your online store.


Custom themes, on the other hand, can be produced with the assistance of a developer. Custom themes can be created from scratch or modified from an existing off-the-shelf theme to enable more complicated functionality or designs.


A Shopify theme is a pre-designed template that determines how your Shopify store looks, feels, and functions for merchants and customers.


These themes are essential for casting a spell on your visitors, directing customers to your top-priority products, driving sales, and creating a user-friendly experience.


Benefits of Using Shopify Themes

"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."

People must choose whether or not to stay when they visit your site. Everything depends on how your website appears and functions. A poorly designed website will have a high bounce rate, and people who leave will not come back. The user experience of your eCommerce website is greatly impacted by your choice of theme. Your website must convert visitors into buyers if you want to ultimately sell things. The two key factors influencing the importance of Shopify Themes for your company are as follows:


  • Shopify themes make things incredibly simple for business owners who desire a plug-and-play solution. However, the benefits of adopting Shopify themes truly depend on your company’s requirements and objectives.
  • When someone visits your website, they must decide whether to stay or not. Everything hinges on the look and functionality of your website. A website with poor usability will have a high bounce rate, and visitors who leave won’t return.

For business owners who want a plug-and-play option, Shopify themes make things simple. However, the advantages of using Shopify themes mostly depend on the needs of your business and your goals. 


Using Shopify themes has a number of advantages, including:

  • Simple modules for creating sections, collections, and blog entries on websites.
  • Fully responsive and optimised for experiences on both the web and mobile.
  • There are many affordable and free choices available.
  • The ability to create an online business fast and beautifully.

Limitations of Using Shopify Themes

Also, the evaluation of your business’s future development and growth, as well as whether Shopify themes can assist you in this process, is critical. Do you require specialised features or functionality? Are you interested in providing your customers with a distinctive brand experience? Shopify themes are available to the majority of internet firms, while more expensive themes can offer a higher degree of robustness and dynamism.


Additionally, using Shopify themes has various restrictions, such as:

  • Limited support from premium (paid) theme developers
  • Need to know the code to modify or add new layouts, templates, pages, and changes to the navigation
  • Picture displays may be changed with some themes (e.g., colour, profiles, making images seem darker or lighter than they did when you uploaded them).
  • A prebuilt Shopify theme might not reflect your brand.
  • Prebuilt themes make it harder to stand out from competitors.

What is Shopify Theme Store?

Shopify Theme Store

Shopify Themes Store is where you can browse the available e-commerce website templates for your online business. You can explore over 100 themes and create search filters based on free or paid options, the number of products you have, layout style, navigation options, industry, and more. You also have the option to sort through themes based on price and popularity to help you find the right match.


The addition of the Shopify Apps Store makes it simple to install a variety of tools to help boost sales and maintain your online business.

How much do Shopify Themes cost?

Shopify themes can be purchased for anything from free to $360 USD. The good news is that there are no ongoing fees because the theme’s price is merely a one-time payment. With Shopify, it’s simple to start with a free theme to explore how it would fit with your online business and to quickly transition to a premium theme if the situation calls for it.


How to pick a Right theme

How to pick a Right theme

Since the “best theme” depends on the situation, there really isn’t one. Building a custom theme would make sense, for instance, if you needed a complex design or powerful functionality. Similarly, an off-the-shelf theme would work fine if your website has a simpler design and doesn’t require many customizations.


It may seem difficult to choose a suitable theme for your e-commerce website, but it doesn’t have to be. The best thing about Shopify themes is that there are lots of free options available, allowing you to test out various themes to see if the functionality and styling work well for your company.


Alternatively, if you already have a clear vision of how your e-commerce website will look, you can choose a premium theme that includes that framework and work from there. Three main factors need to be taken into account from a technical perspective:


  1. Scalability 
  2. Security
  3. Design

But keep in mind that all themes need certain essential components that are required of every e-commerce website. All themes, for instance, ought to include fundamental layouts for a homepage, product pages, about us page, and blog (or content pages). 


When browsing Shopify themes, make sure to click around to check out the functionality and view the demo to see how each theme appears. Up to three different styles with unique designs and colour schemes are offered for each theme. Whether Shopify or a third-party developer will be available to provide support to address any issues that may arise with the theme and how it interacts with your online store depends on whether the theme is officially supported by Shopify.


After the pandemic, 70% of Americans preferred to shop online, according to ESET. The best themes promote quick and simple loading while attracting customers’ attention and boosting sales. 


Plans for Shopify cost $5 to $399 per month. This is why deciding how much you are willing to spend on a Shopify Theme is the first step in the selection process. More than 12 free themes are now available on Shopify, which you can use as the foundation for your online store. This amount pales in comparison to the selection offered by major rivals Wix or Squarespace, which provide over 700 and 120 options, respectively. 


If none of the free templates appeals to you, you can choose from over 100 paid Shopify Themes in the store. The premium Shopify Themes are fully responsive and range in price from $100 to $360. The Shopify Theme Store should give themes priority. Over 100 themes and templates, both free and paid, can be found in the Shopify Theme Store and used as the foundation of your Shopify store. Although the majority of retailers choose themes from the Shopify Theme Store, you can use any theme you want for your Shopify store as long as it was created using Liquid code, the only programming language supported by Shopify.


Downloading themes from outside sources can, however, come with risks. Not to mention that Shopify won’t be able to support independent developers. It is wise to choose themes from the Shopify Theme Store if you are unsure of the developers. Here are some justifications for selecting themes from the Shopify Theme Store.


  • Full responsiveness. The majority of themes in the Shopify Theme Store are highly responsive, which means they will change their layout to fit your device without any additional input. Visitors to your website will be able to access it from various devices thanks to a fluid, responsive theme.
  • High quality. To ensure that all themes adhere to their Theme Store guidelines, Shopify reviews each one. You can therefore be sure to receive a high-quality, secure theme. Customers will remember a stunning theme, which will raise the proportion of returns for subsequent purchases.
  • High-level aesthetic. The Shopify Theme Store offers pre-built themes that are all fully customizable, attractive, and have a professional appearance. You can always create your own theme if you want something special.
  • Guaranteed Support. Shopify regularly updates all of its themes, ensuring that you always have access to the most recent version. If you use a premium template, you might need to get installation assistance from the developer.

How to Customise a Shopify Theme?

Themes allow for the customization of numerous components. Fonts, colour schemes, picture sizes and positioning, navigation placement, padding, spacing, and other elements can all be changed. It may be a good idea to thoroughly research premium themes before settling on one to make sure all aspects of your website turn out the way you desire. Some off-the-shelf themes have unique ways of displaying photos or some limitations with typefaces. An off-the-shelf theme is not recommended, nevertheless, if your e-commerce website’s operation or design is complex. The better choice in that situation would be to create a custom theme or contact Shopify help.


For e-commerce companies, providing the best customer experience has always been the top priority. One of the first steps to reaching that objective is purchasing the ideal Shopify theme.



shineapps is a content writer originally from Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Law University but found her interest in writing. Having 4 years of experience in the E-commerce field, she embarked upon a career as a Shopify content planner. She loves to help clients expand their online presence and mushroom fictional business ideas.

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