Affiliate Lifetime Commission Model

Important: The Shopify commission fee is subtracted from Shine Commerce paid plans by 50% before the affiliate commission is determined.

The Sales Cycle

The Free Plan is what the new Shine Commerce user will be on when they sign up. You can test out all features with the Free Plan, but there are some restrictions. To view the variations of the plan, click here. When a Shine Commerce merchant selects one of the paid plans, you receive the commission.

Getting Paid

Payments from the Shine Commerce Team will begin once your Affiliate account has at least $50 in credits and your Paypal account is active. The first week of the following month will see the calculation and transfer of the affiliate sales earnings for the current month. For instance, the August commission will be transferred during the first week of September.

Refund Cases

During the time they were using the Shine Commerce app, the merchant might have asked for a refund. The 30-day money-back guarantee period. The affiliate commission will not be taken into account if the refund is approved.

Prohibited Activities

  • You are not permitted to receive commissions from purchases you make. We will cancel these commissions because this is fraud.
  • The landing pages of the Shine Commerce partner may not be used to generate commissions for you.
  • You are not permitted to receive commissions from our marketing initiatives. There will be unique promotion programmes, though, that you can advertise. In this scenario, we will email you a warning in advance.
  • Deal and coupon websites are not accepted.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use any domain names that directly or indirectly contain the “shineapps” brand name.
  • If not specifically stated and authorised, you are not permitted to use our brand name “shineapps” in any pay-per-click or Google Ads advertising in order to earn commissions.

Affiliate Link

You’ll receive your affiliate referral link once your application has been approved. This link includes your specific reference handle so that every new merchant you refer can be tracked, and it takes users to and other websites in our “Affiliate” network.

The requirements to join Shineapp Affiliate Program

Only partners who adhere to the following criteria are accepted after a careful review of each application to join the affiliate program:

  • You have a “website” that receives daily visitors. blogs, a channel on YouTube, and others.
  • You offer Shopify-related services like setting up Shopify stores and modifying the storefront.
  • You have a Partner Account on Shopify.