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20 Great Shopify Ecommerce Stores to Inspire You (2023)

20 Great Shopify Ecommerce Stores to Inspire You (2023)

Do you plan to create a Shopify ecommerce site for your business in the future? Don’t miss this list if you are looking for an online store template and style. This list contains several great examples of Internet stores that sell goods and services.

Fashion Ecommerce Stores


Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley started Tentree as a way to use business to have a positive impact on the environment after spending time living in Hawaii. Tentree plants 10 trees for each product it sells, and by 2030 it hopes to have planted over a billion trees. It joins the other top Shopify stores that are socially motivated.


One of the top Shopify stores is Adored Vintage, which sells retro apparel as well as modern items with a retro feel. The website serves as a sort of e-commerce vacation to the charming French countryside. Because she has a passion for historical silhouettes, the shop’s owner, Rodellee Bas, selects and produces pieces. Rodellee regularly serves as a mentor to other female entrepreneurs, and Adored Vintage gives a portion of its profits to neighborhood schools.


To stop used clothes from going to the landfill, Topper Luciani launched Goodfair. Goodfair doesn’t offer every item individually, in contrast to a lot of vintage or used clothing retailers. Customers instead purchase surprise bundles. The organization uses this method to save time and money, and the savings are then passed on to the customers. This low-carbon work is affecting the way people purchase used clothing as a means of challenging the fast fashion culture.


Another top Shopify retailer, Kirrin Finch, makes gender-neutral clothing that is influenced by menswear but tailored to fit a variety of female and non-binary bodies. Kelly and Laura Moffat, the company’s co-founders, work with manufacturers who use fair labor techniques and environmentally friendly fabrics to create every item of clothing.


Through the use of 3D knitting technology, Rothy’s creates fashionable footwear and accessories from materials that are environmentally friendly. It’s one of the top Shopify stores and aims to produce zero waste. Rothy’s has converted over 60 million plastic water bottles into bags or shoes, and the company is still going strong. Its shoeboxes are strong enough to ship without additional packing. They include 85% post-consumer recycled materials, making them recyclable.

Art & Home Decor Ecommerce Stores


For more than ten years, Uppercase magazine has provided fascinating essays and images on craft, fashion, illustration, and design, all in a beautifully printed package. Janine Vangool, a maker and editor, uses her platform to highlight other creators. The publication has grown since she opened her Shopify store in 2009 to include Little U, a small magazine for kids and adults, and The Uppercase Encyclopaedia of Inspiration, a collection of books that go in-depth on subjects like pottery, cookery, sewing, and printmaking.


The best example of a company focusing on and dedicating itself to a craft—in this case, the art of wax sealing—is Artisaire. Artisaire restored an ancient habit with built wax seals and customized wax stamps. Artisaire manufactures all of the products in one of the greatest Shopify stores in its Canadian location, controlling every stage of manufacturing. The owners of Artisaire, the Thomsen family, still like sending and hand-sealing their own thank-you notes.


The founders of Terre Bleu, Ian and Isabelle Baird, moved from Milton, Ontario, to the country to develop a lavender farm. Terre Bleu provides the flavors of Provence to Canada and draws tourists who want to educate themselves in the culture. The Shopify store run by Bairds sells food, beauty, and home goods that have been infused with lavender.


Rainbow Vision was founded by artist and creative director Leela Hoehn as a part of her lifetime creative journey. She “finds inspiration in people who passionately express themselves” and simulates this in her printed designs for greeting cards, agendas, notebooks, journals, and other small presents. The company works with One Tree Planted and has made a number of efforts to run a more green and sustainable business.

Electronics & Gadget Ecommerce Stores


Bruvi launched with the goal of providing single-serve at-home coffee pods with ease and convenience while balancing environmental impact. It offers a complete selection of coffee makers and the accompanying coffee. The company is focused on reducing its effect in four important areas: responsible plastic waste management, environmentally friendly purchasing, and preserving the environment.


The Kulala Sleep Lamp is the only outstanding item for this e-commerce company. Thanks to intelligent lighting and melatonin from nature, this technology is supposed to aid people in getting the best night’s sleep possible. The lamp and related software were developed by founder and sleep researcher Dr Sofia Axelrod to help the body’s circadian cycles naturally.

Subscription Ecommerce Stores


A subscription-based company called Cocofloss offers boxes of oral care items like toothbrushes and dental floss. The company was established by sisters Cat Cu, an artist, and Chrystle Cu, a dentist, to make flossing more “fun, motivating, and rewarding.” To keep oral care fresh, each package includes new flavors, colors, and designs.


Want to start your own herb garden but aren’t sure where to begin? Pot Gang is the only place to look. A few individuals who opted to try growing their own home gardens during the height of the COVID pandemic created the business. The UK-based subscription box will give you everything you need, but gradually so as not to overwhelm beginner home gardeners, to grow your own herbs and veggies.

Jewelry & Accessories Ecommerce Stores


The cofounders of the footwear brand Allbirds are engineer Zoey Zwillinger and footballer Tim Brown, who prioritize using natural materials and sustainability. With wool and eucalyptus-based threads, simple patterns, and packaging made of 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard, Allbirds combine comfort and awareness. In addition, it has one of Shopify’s greatest designs and is one of the best stores overall.


Velasca, created by Enrico Casati and Jacopo Sebastio as a direct-to-consumer method that reduces the number of layers of handcrafted leather shoes in order to provide them at more competitive costs, comes in second on the list of top Shopify stores. The company’s products serve as a showcase for Italian shoemaking, and it is committed to giving the Marche area’s central region of Marche jobs. Over ten families of shoemakers are now employed by Velasca, which additionally owns more than a dozen retail locations across Europe.

Food & Drink Ecommerce Stores


Denise Woodard created Partake Foods because she was unable to find healthy snacks for her daughter Vivane, who has allergies. Partake, another of the top Shopify stores, sells school-safe cookies without the top eight allergens, artificial colors, preservatives, or chemicals that come from genetically modified organisms. Flavors include chocolate chip, birthday cake, and ginger snaps.


The way Flourist displays each of its grains, beans, and freshly milled flours reminds one of a lovely flower shop. Flourist sells freshly made, 100% traceable flours and dry foods and has pages on its website dedicated to highlighting the farmers it works with. Baking fans will find one of the top Shopify websites to be a haven as sourcing ingredients from Flourist highlights the distinction between freshly milled flours and heritage grains.

Beauty & Health Ecommerce Stores


Lauren Singer, the creator and CEO of Package Free, is on a mission to sell beauty and home goods that are packaged-free in order to lessen the trash in the world. Lauren leads a waste-free lifestyle and has made it her life’s work to promote less wasteful purchasing habits. Millions of people saw her 2015 Tedx talk on living a zero-waste lifestyle, which featured a 16-ounce Mason jar she had filled with three years’ worth of trash.


The founder of Soko Glam and curator of skincare and beauty, Charlotte Cho, thought it was time to launch her own brand of skin care goods. The concept of “Jeong”—the emotion of sympathy and love for people, places, and things—is celebrated in the movie Then I Met You. The free animal testing skin care product line, created by top Korean scientists and producers, was launched after ten years of research and offers people transformative experiences.

Baby Ecommerce Stores


Mom of three Izabela Erşahin is the founder and designer of Bebemoss, a Turkey-based sustainable children’s toy company. Stay-at-home mothers are joyfully employed by Beemoss, which also pays fairly. The majority of the mothers it employs are Syrian refugees trying to start over in Turkey. Each item, including the beautiful lions, unicorns, and rabbits, is produced by mothers who work to support their families.


After a walk through spotlight ecommerce online stores, have you found one that inspired you? Create your store with Shopify and start your business today!



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