Impulse Theme – Shopify theme with powerful promotion tools, video support, and mobile shopping optimization


Themes for Shopify are an effective tool for companies looking to expand their brands online with eye-catching storefronts. They avoided having to create page layouts from scratch, which saved them a tonne of time when setting up an online store.

Impulse by Archetype Themes is one such Shopify theme that has made it simpler for so many brands to create alluring storefronts.

Brands in the Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, and Jewelry and Accessories industries are the focus of the Impulse theme.

We have put together a thorough review for you after working with the theme ourselves several times and with the assistance of our Shopify theme developers and experts. 

If the Impulse theme has been selected as one of your shortlisted designs for the store, this article contains all the information you need to know about it!  

The In-depth Reviews


Impulse Theme - Shopify

A Shopify theme created for e-commerce websites is called The Impulse Theme. Its contemporary, minimalist style is ideal for online stores that sell products.

Custom posts and pages, unique taxonomies, and metadata tracking are just a few of the many features that come with the simple-to-use Impulse Theme. Additionally, it has a built-in shop page that makes it simple and quick to sell goods.

The Impulse theme is a fantastic choice for eCommerce websites overall. It has a sleek, user-friendly design and a tonne of features to get you started with online product sales.

Impulse Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Modern, Bold, and Clean

Sitewide feature

High-volume content, Visual storytelling, and Physical stores

Store categories

High-end fashion and luxury brands

Shopify Theme Pricing

The Impulse Shopify theme is one of the more expensive options in the Shopify Theme Store with a $350 USD price tag. The theme does, however, come with an unlimited free trial that lets you test it out with your own products, brand colours, and customizations. When you’re ready to publish the theme to your live store, that’s when you’ll need to make a payment.

Who would use Impulse Theme?

  • Merchants that run a huge store and want a theme to complement their giant menu (often fashion retailers, megastores, and large inventory stores).
  • Luxury brands seeking a sleek and professional vibe.
  • Those looking for a theme with a lot of customization options.
  • Those looking for a mobile-first theme.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Impulse Theme



Beautifully presented – This Shopify theme is created to best display your items. Your online store will appear expert and captivating because of its high-quality photos, animations, and parallax effects.

One of the most costly themes offered on Shopify costs $350 USD for a single purchase. Some online business owners who are operating on a restricted budget may find this to be a challenge.

The high degree of flexibility – The theme provides a variety of customization possibilities, including colour schemes, font selections, and layout settings. This enables you to design a distinctive and customised store that represents your business.

There is no live chat for customer service; instead, a form must be used to get in touch with the personnel.

Features that come with the theme include a giant menu, options for sorting and filtering products, and fast view choices. These features can enhance user experience and boost revenue.

The theme is entirely responsive, so it operates without a hitch on mobile devices. This is a crucial feature because more and more customers are making purchases on their mobile devices.

Impulse Theme Presets

Developed by Archetype Themes, Impulse is a Shopify theme. The theme’s creators built it with the knowledge that Shopify is a platform for companies with a wide range of inventories. As a result, this theme’s design layouts are simple, and clean, and offer greater customization flexibility.  

The theme focuses on giving brands from various industries the power to stand out through personalised promotions, videos, animations, and other strong features. 


Impulse Theme - Home 1

The Modern preset might be ideal if you want your Shopify store to have a modern, sophisticated look. This fashion exudes a moody aura that is connected to pricey designer stores. On a central page with headers, a multilevel menu, big banner graphics, and cool parallax graphics, it has the company’s iconic logo. To aid in boosting conversions, large promotional tiles with alluring discounts, gift cards, and CTA buttons are also present.

The Modern theme preset’s strategy is visually focused, which is one of its most notable qualities. Large inventory stores with numerous collections and catalogues, especially clothing stores, work best with this design. You can showcase your products in exquisite detail and provide an engaging shopping experience for your customers by using high-resolution images and image galleries.


Impulse Theme - Home 2

The Bold theme preset might be the ideal choice if you want your Shopify store to stand out. This design has striking graphics, bold typography, and eye-catching colour schemes that are sure to catch the attention of your target audience. The design of the layout includes interactive components like before/after image sliders and animations to make it dynamic and captivating.

For businesses that want to stand out in a crowded market, the Bold style option is ideal. This theme has everything you need to stand out, whether you’re selling unusual goods or just want to make a strong visual impression. It works especially well for companies that want to attract a younger, more fashionable clientele.


Impulse Theme - Home 3

The Clean theme preset might be the best option for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. This design aims to offer a clutter-free, user-friendly shopping experience. The simplicity of the header and menu puts emphasis on your collections and products. This attractive theme includes a classy slideshow that showcases your best-selling products or recent additions.

This theme’s adaptability is one of its advantages. It can be used for a variety of ecommerce stores, including those selling electronics, home goods, and everything in between. For companies that want to project a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, its clear and concise design is ideal.

Impulse Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The Archetype team conducted extensive research on Fortune 500 retailers to develop the Impulse theme in order to identify and present the best features of an online store that promote sales.

The features offered by Impulse are robust for an eCommerce store. What are the actual factors that this theme can help with when it comes to increasing sales? Let’s examine its main characteristics:

Mega Menu

Impulse Theme - Menu

This theme includes mega menu support for stores with a large selection and numerous collections. To make the menu easier for customers to browse, it can be divided into several condensed layers. Additionally, you can add images above each sub-collection to give visitors more context and highlight your best goods. Additionally, if you’re using sub-collections, a customer can see them by clicking on the collection’s main menu in the navigation bar.

Edge-to-edge Hero Banners

Be honest for a moment. The majority of you would adore large, high-resolution banners because they are incredibly compelling and give a website a great deal of credibility. With the Impulse theme, retailers are free to add large, full-width slideshows to the homepage, include large images with text, set up parallax effects, and designate specific images as banner focal points.

Fear the responsiveness of mobile devices? To ensure that the mobile version of your site has a high conversion rate, Impulse gives merchants the option to select separate slideshow images for desktop and mobile. On both devices, there are numerous options for changing image height.

Promotion Customization

This feature sets Impulse apart from competitors and is a real sales driver. To support your marketing campaigns, Impulse can help you create eye-catching promotion banners with CTA buttons. 

Because they provide promotion features that merchants can use in practically every area of their stores, Archetype did a fantastic job designing this theme. Promotion grids, banner ads, large images with text boxes, and even footer promotions can all be seen on the homepage, collection pages, and product pages.

People may not even hesitate to make their impulsive purchases if you can strategically place these promotion tiles on your website.

Colour Swatch

Impulse Theme - Colour Swatch

A common element that you can find in many Shopify themes are colour swatches. The user experience is enhanced as a result. Visitors may be helped by adding colour options to product pages with alternative images that change depending on the chosen colour.

You can decide to enable “colour swatches” with Impulse on product or collection pages.

Product Page Content Sections

This is one of the Impulse theme’s strong points. The theme helps you with a variety of cool content sections if you want to “spice up” your product page and make it a more compelling destination for visitors. 

Merchants can flexibly add and place sections on the product page to give customers a more engaging browsing experience, including images with text, image hero, video hero, text column with images, testimonials, and many more.

Collections within Collections

Impulse Theme - Collection wwithin Collection

When users click on a collection’s main menu if you choose to display this option, the sub-collections that you have configured in the navigation section will be displayed. Visitors’ engagement with your online store may rise as a result of making it simple for them to access other collections.

Advanced Collection Filtering

Impulse Theme - Filter

A strong collection filter is required for a responsive collection page with a large inventory store. Both sidebar and pop-out filter options are available in Impulse. Use a pop-out filter to give your product more room to shine if you want to emphasise products on the collection page. Having a sidebar menu is a wise choice for those who want customers to find their products quickly.

Video features

Utilizing the Impulse theme gives you a variety of options for a stunning web design. Why? They provide you with a wide variety of video options, including video heroes at the top of the homepage, video sections on the homepage and product pages, and even video in product media.

You can increase the appeal of your website to visitors and the interaction between them and your store by adding animated content sections.

Impressive design

You can customise the Shopify Impulse theme to wow your clients with your beautiful website. In order to highlight your products, it also has a balance between the layout, photo arrangement, and numerous video effects, animations, etc.

Recommended products

Impulse Theme - Recommended products

Additionally, the Shopify Impulse theme offers product recommendations, such as top-rated or discounted items, to assist customers in making initial product selections and purchases.

Optimized for mobile devices

Today, mobile phones are a common form of business and payment for retail businesses. As a result, the Shopify Impulse Theme is mobile-friendly and comes with a number of tailored layouts for smartphones and tablets. On mobile devices, images are nicely compressed, and single display panes are the ideal size for phones. Computer features and utilities are created to be compatible with mobile devices. 

Marketing and conversion features

The Shopify Impulse theme includes a number of features to improve conversion rates and boost sales. With automated translation from the EU, you can expand your company beyond national boundaries (to Italian, French, German, and Spanish). A FAQ page, press coverage, product badges, product reviews, and other features are available to help customers access the store’s products more easily.

Cart and checkout feature

Impulse Theme - Cart

This section displays products that are similar to the one being viewed, haBusinesses and customers using the Impulse theme will be able to make payments more easily thanks to the cart and checkout features with the following components: cart notes, in-store pickups, quick buy, and slide-out similar descriptions and are frequently purchased.

Optimized for large images

Large image display is made easier by the design layouts used in the Impulse Shopify theme. This is one of the reasons we suggest this Shopify theme to clothing, cosmetics, and fashion brands. They can use large, lifestyle images to display their products. 

Customizable content sections on the homepage

Each brand has a unique identity, as do its prospective customers. Because of this, your homepage must address the requirements of your target market, disseminating all the information they require and directing their purchasing process. You can accomplish this using the homepage content sections that are fully customizable with the Impulse theme.

Collection page promotions

The Impulse theme allows you to create unique promotional content for collection pages thanks to its powerful built-in features. This makes it simple for you to promote ongoing sales, discounts, and deals while creating internal links to the appropriate sales pages.

Custom promotion times

By scheduling particular promotional times on your home page, product pages, or collection pages, you can easily promote sales, discounts, and featured products.

FAQ pages

Impulse Theme - FAQ

The majority of online buyers experience pre-purchase anxiety. Not only do they have inquiries about the product, but also about the laws governing shipping, returns, refunds, and exchanges, among other things. You can respond to all of these questions in one place using the FAQs template that is included with the Impulse theme. You can also add FAQs as a module to your product pages with a little customization to answer specific questions.  

What type of brands can use the Impulse theme?

Many Shopify themes were created with a specific brand, business, or industry in mind. This affects the theme developer’s choice of design aesthetic and the page layouts they use.

Any industry and size of inventory can use the Impulse theme. It has features and page layouts that can be adjusted to fit any type of business. 

However, fashion and apparel, as well as health and beauty brands, should use the Impulse theme, according to our Shopify design and development experts. The reason is that the Shopify theme offers a simple layout that draws attention to these kinds of products, allowing customers to read the information offered alongside them and assisting them in making an informed purchase decision.


The Impulse theme is very adaptable and lets you alter a lot of things if necessary. We advise limiting your changes to those that actually improve your branding. 

However, we also frequently make some adjustments to the Impulse Shopify theme’s features and layouts to assist brands in creating conversion-focused storefronts.

Build a cross-sell functionality in the cart page/drawer

Most online customers go to a store in search of a specific item. There is a good chance they won’t browse your other products; they’ll likely just add the item to their cart and proceed to the checkout. We encourage Shopify stores using the Impulse theme to add a cross-sell feature to the cart page or drawer because of this. By doing this, you can maximise each customer’s time at your storefront and guarantee higher-value sales. 

Create a reorder functionality on the account page

Spending increases by 33% between new and repeat customers. They are easier to persuade to make another purchase because they already have a positive experience with your brand, understand the value you provide, and already trust it. But things become even more straightforward if you make it easier to reorder items. This is why adding a reorder feature to your account page is advised by our Shopify developers. This is crucial for businesses that sell goods that customers might need repeatedly. 

Add a separate quantity selector for each variant

Make them easier to purchase if your fashion and apparel brand offers items in various variations that might appeal to a potential customer. Your customers might do the same thing that you and I do from time to time, like buy a bunch of white T-shirts to use for the next few days or buy our favourite T-shirts in all colours. So make sure that in addition to a variant selector, you also provide the option to add the quantity of each variant separately.

Add a sticky add-to-cart button that appears on the scroll

Sometimes it takes more than a gentle prod to convince a visitor to add an item to their shopping cart. Make your add-to-cart button sticky if you have a lengthy product page that contains all the information about it. In order to avoid having to scroll all the way up in the event that the visitor is persuaded to make the purchase, a button is conveniently placed in front of them. 

Include a quantity and add to cart button on collection pages

Regardless of the size of your inventory, make sure your collection pages also have a quantity field and an add to cart button. This will eliminate the need for customers to visit the individual product pages within a collection in order to add items from particular collections to their shopping carts.

Is the Impulse theme right for you?

The design is most appropriate for:

  • Owners of large stores who must deal with huge levels of people and transactions. The theme’s speed optimisation guarantees that your site loads swiftly even when there is a high volume of visitors.
  • Businesses in visual storytelling industries like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle use it because it has configurable features that allow them to showcase their products in a visually attractive manner.
  • Businesses seeking a premium ecommerce theme with a modern style, easy-to-use interface, and adjustable features.

7 Tips for making the most of the Impulse Shopify theme

Take into account the following advice to maximise the features of the theme:

  • Make use of the hero slideshow: One of the theme’s standout features is the edge-to-edge hero slideshow. To give your customers an immersive and interesting experience, use high-quality images and make use of the parallax effect.
  • Create a customised mega menu: The mega menu is a fantastic way to give a succinct and clear overview of your product categories. Adapt it to your requirements and draw attention to the most important or well-liked categories.
  • Use product badges and reviews: Product badges and reviews may help you create trust with your consumers and persuade them to buy. Use these elements inside the theme to promote favourable reviews and popular or limited-edition products.
  • Optimise your product pages: The Impulse theme has a number of product page options, including picture galleries, product videos, and product tabs. Utilise these features to present your items in the best light possible and to offer your consumers all of the information they require to make a purchase.
  • Use promotional tools: The theme includes a number of promotional tools, including as promo banners, promo popups, and promo tiles. Use these methods to inform your consumers about deals, promotions, and new goods.
  • Use merchandising features: This Shopify theme’s merchandising tools, like colour swatches, picture hotspots, and before/after image sliders, may help buyers better understand your items and make more educated purchase decisions.
  • Optimise for mobile: With more and more people buying on their mobile devices, it’s critical that your website be mobile-friendly. The Impulse theme is mobile-responsive, so make sure to test how your website looks on different devices to ensure your clients have a consistent experience.

Shopify Impulse Theme Documentation

Archetypethemes makes it quick and simple to find documentation for the Shopify Impulse Theme.

You need the following helpful advice:

  • The backing of Online Store 2.0
  • Make personalised pages with sections
  • Construct a mega-menu.
  • Add a FAQ section.


The theme, in the opinion of our in-house Shopify design experts, provides a polished and modern look for your storefront. It has a tonne of features that can be used to alter the way your Shopify store looks and feels. 

The Impulse Shopify theme is a favourite among our staff members because it offers flexible header and footer options as well as multiple promo sections with different layout options. The theme is able to keep up with all the different requirements, whether we’re designing a site for desktop shoppers or for an audience that uses mobile more frequently!