Universe Theme – A Complete Multi-Purpose Solution

Universe Theme

Having an online presence has become imperative for businesses in the digital age. In this field, Shopify has become a leader by providing a strong platform to assist companies in building beautiful online stores. Additionally, Shopify provides a wide range of themes, with the Universe theme standing out as a comprehensive, multifunctional option. Due to its adaptability, excellent appearance, and simplicity of use, this theme has grown in popularity among business owners.


Shopify’s Universe theme offers a number of useful modules, a robust design library, and other advantages. Pre-made designs in the design library may be readily altered to meet the requirements of a company. Furthermore, the useful components make the process of designing and modifying a design simpler. Additionally, this platform is simple to use, and any concerns or problems may be swiftly resolved by the customer care staff.


Additionally, the Universe concept has strong marketing and promotion elements. Businesses may utilise its integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools to evaluate the performance of their websites and apply the insights gained to improve their search engine rankings. This theme also works with social networking platforms, making it simple for companies to share their goods and services with a larger audience.


The Universe theme is also very dependable and safe. A safe connection is necessary for all e-commerce websites, and Shopify Universe offers one with SSL security certifications and a secure payment gate. The business is dependable and trustworthy because of these security measures, which guarantee the confidentiality of all consumer payment information.


All things considered, the Shopify Universe theme provides a comprehensive solution that is ideal for business owners wishing to open an online store. This theme has been instrumental in helping companies establish a strong online presence because of its robust design library, practical modules, adaptable features, and safe payment gateway. The Universe theme is a fantastic option for businesses of all sizes due to its excellent design and simplicity of usage.

The In-depth Reviews


Universe Theme - Web

You really only need the Universe theme to start your own wildly popular online business. It’s the only theme that gives you total control over your layout and design and enables you to rapidly build, customise, and manage every aspect of a profitable e-commerce website. Every element, including the checkout process and the user experience on the product pages, has been carefully considered, starting with the homepage slider. Customising your business is a snap with the user-friendly back-end and the live preview guarantees that your adjustments appear precisely as planned. Additionally, you may select from a variety of contemporary fonts and colours to fit the style and tone of your business or store. The Universe theme gives you access to all the robust features of a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, all neatly packaged in an intuitive user interface. Along with managing and selling your goods, you can also examine orders and clients, take payments, and learn from a variety of integrated analytics tools. The best part is that you can accomplish all of this while your store is automatically search engine and device optimised. Use the Universe theme to get started on your path to success right now!

Universe Shopify Theme Highlights

Universe Theme Pricing

Pricing decisions are an essential part of running any business, and the Universe Shopify Theme is no exception. To help customers get the most out of their digital commerce activities, this amazing digital platform provides them with an extensive feature set. With everything you need to achieve your eCommerce goals, this theme has integrated back-end automation capabilities for inventory and shop administration, as well as eye-catching graphics and a clean layout.


As your company expands, you can easily add more features thanks to its user-friendly navigation system, and you can always maintain all of your store’s assets in one location. Additionally, you can use Facebook Pixel integration, mobile-friendly checkout, and a tonne of other connected marketing tools to optimise your business for mobile. The Universe Shopify Theme, with all of its features and capabilities, is offered for a very affordable price of just USD 180. The same features and capabilities available to larger stores are guaranteed to be accessible to small and medium-sized eCommerce enterprises thanks to this price structure.


You will receive complete access to the theme’s source code with this one-time purchase. This implies that you may quickly change and tailor the theme to suit your requirements. Additionally, the group of knowledgeable Shopify-certified advisers and developers provides you with all the help and direction you want for establishing, modifying, and managing your store. Additionally, you will always be qualified for bug fixes and future upgrades. Because of all of this, the Universe Shopify Theme is the ideal option for companies looking to establish themselves online.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Universe Theme



You may swap between several layouts for the inner page or the main page using the three preset styles (Jupiter, Mars, and Earth).

A free trial is not offered.

This theme has a sophisticated Shopify section with sophisticated customization options.

Reselling the theme is prohibited.


Product Badges

In the realm of e-commerce, product badges serve as essential visual cues which help highlight certain aspects of a product and catch the attention of potential customers. Universe Theme presents a selection of versatile badges such as “New,” “Sold Out,” and “Sale” that can seamlessly integrate into various types of businesses. These badges often feature catchy slogans and concise phrases to swiftly convey important information. 


However, if you desire a more tailored approach, Product Labels – ShineTrust grants you the ability to effortlessly customize product badges according to your preferences. Within this convenient platform, you have the freedom to upload any badge design you desire. Additionally, ShineTrust offers a wide array of options, including dozens of text badges and over a thousand image badges, enabling you to choose the most suitable one for your products.

If you are seeking comprehensive guidance on the utilization of Shopify product badges, I strongly recommend The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges, which will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to enhance your online store’s visual appeal and attract more customers.

Universe Shopify Theme Design - Features and Customization

For individuals who want a sleek and contemporary style, the Universe Shopify theme is ideal. Custom colour schemes, Google fonts, a drag-and-drop page builder, pre-built page templates, parallax scrolling, adjustable headers, footers, and slideshow, off-canvas sidebars, translation readiness, and RTL compatibility are just a few of the many unique features that are packed into this package. It even comes with CSS3 animation, and you can give each page in your store a different look or alter the layout and design aspects. Customers may easily and quickly preview the items thanks to the support for QuickView technology. In order to blend in with the shop design, the theme also includes a number of predefined style presets and an optimised checkout procedure.


Additionally, it offers you a plethora of choices to adjust the layout to suit mobile devices and is mobile-ready. It also offers you ready-made product choices, such as inventory management, upsells and cross-sells, related items, rating systems, colours, and sizes. You may even add unique tabs with style and structural information. Lastly, it supports Google Analytics and lets you add tracking coding. All things considered, the Universe Shopify theme is brimming with a wealth of modern and unique features that enable you to effortlessly customise and personalise your Shopify store, giving it a distinctive appearance.

Complete Multi-purpose Ecommerce Solution

Universe Theme - Home

A full e-commerce solution is provided by the outstanding multipurpose Shopify theme, Universe. With its extensive feature set, ease of use, and high degree of customization, you can rapidly create and launch stunning online businesses. You are able to customise certain aspects of your store, like layout, branding, and more, with a sophisticated design system. The appearance and feel of your store may be easily and rapidly changed to make it uniquely yours. You may design a unique aesthetic and feel for your store with the wide range of themes available. Many robust e-commerce capabilities, including various payment methods, loyalty programmes, automated sales and product administration, and sophisticated product filtering and searching, are available with the Universe Shopify Theme.


The site also offers a variety of marketing tools to let you easily connect and interact with your target audience. All of this guarantees that you can immediately start selling and accomplish your company objectives. For both aspiring and seasoned business owners, the Universe Shopify Theme is the best choice due to its unmatched ease, simple installation method, and first-rate support.

Advanced Shopify sections

With the help of the robust e-commerce website design tool, Universe Shopify theme, customers can easily customise their websites. It has a tonne of incredible prebuilt sophisticated Shopify sections that let customers customise the style of their shop, improving the appearance and feel of their e-commerce websites. These sections provide exceptional versatility and proficiency. They are not only simple to modify but also responsive, ensuring that your website looks fantastic on any type of device. These feature-rich prebuilt sections allow you to easily modify the layout of your website using drag-and-drop functionality, which greatly streamlines and eases the customising process.


Numerous completely adjustable e-commerce features, such as a shopping cart, payment processing, a range of additional exclusive offers, free delivery, and contact forms, are also included with the Universe Shopify theme. This theme’s beauty and adaptability will set you apart from the competition, regardless of your level of development expertise. With so many incredible features at your disposal, you may give your e-commerce website a distinctive and eye-catching design. So, make the most of the Universe Shopify theme and be set to add a totally distinctive and lovely design to your e-commerce website.

Complete e-commerce solution

Additionally, a variety of layouts, picture zoom effects, animation, and gallery styles may be applied to any kind of product page. The end-to-end administration method that comes with this theme relieves clients of the burden of managing the intricacies of maintaining an online store. This theme offers a smooth and seamless shopping experience with its search optimisation features, product categorization, product review/rating options, and social network integration. The theme also includes features for all device displays and mobile-friendly design options. Customers will be able to quickly and simply locate what they’re searching for and acquire the goods they want with this theme in just a few clicks. Customers are guaranteed an excellent customer experience with customer service features including live chats, online chat boxes, automated customer support, and online assistance tabs. This theme also includes SEO optimisation elements including dynamic SEO content, JavaScript-based SEO tools, and auto-generated meta tags. This guarantees that customers have access to the best SEO strategies to raise the position of their goods in search engine rankings. It is simple to understand why this Shopify theme is the preferred option for establishing an online business with all of its features.

Mobile Friendly

Universe Theme - Mobile

Providing our clients with the greatest possible purchasing experience is our top concern. For this reason, we have ensured that our website is completely responsive and operates lightning-fast and flawlessly on all mobile devices. This guarantees that, regardless of the kind of mobile device they use, customers will have a seamless, pleasurable, and stress-free online shopping experience. With no latency or difficulty, customers can explore, choose, and buy products from our wide selection using our mobile-friendly site. Additionally, customers may feel confident knowing that their transactions and data are secured with our safe and secure payment system. 


In the end, our website offers users a flawless mobile shopping experience, enabling them to buy without difficulty and letting them enjoy their purchase without worrying.

Powerful Mega Menu & Dropdown Menu

Universe Theme - Menu

Your consumers will have a pleasant browsing experience with this theme. Its robust and user-friendly drop-down menu choices and giant menu make navigating your business a breeze. You don’t need to be concerned about the user experience because everything is made to facilitate and ease your consumers’ navigation of your store. With this theme, creating a wide range of Shopify stores is simple. Simple yet attractive designs are pre-built into it, and you may adjust and modify them to suit your needs. You will be able to change the layout at any time with the use of technologies like Shopify sections. 


Additionally, you have a plethora of display choices at your disposal, including multi-level menus, showcases of prominent goods on the home page, and other options for product pages that let you promote your products in a way that best fits your business. The theme also has a robust search engine so that users can quickly and simply locate what they’re looking for. Additionally, it supports a number of payment methods, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Authorize.NET, and Stripe. All things considered, this theme is a great choice if you want to build a polished online Shopify store with outstanding navigation and user experience.

Fully Customisable

Shopify business owners who wish to create a lasting impression online may customise the Universe Shopify theme to the fullest extent possible. Without requiring any technical expertise, business owners can easily customise the homepage and internal pages thanks to the drag-and-drop settings and user-friendly interface. With only a few clicks, store owners may activate the pre-built design types Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, giving them three different designs to select from for a distinctive online business. To give each design a distinct look and feel, other customization options include adding custom fonts, background pictures, and colour schemes.


Furthermore, the theme features an entirely adjustable mobile mode that allows you to rearrange parts and content for optimal efficiency. Overall, for any online company looking to differentiate itself from the competition, the Universe theme is a strong and dependable option.

Feature-Friendly for SEO

Furthermore, SEO pushes you to produce content that effectively speaks to the wants and interests of the customers who are most likely to visit your establishment. You may see an increase in traffic and a better ranking in search engine search results when you produce excellent content for your website that successfully communicates with the target audience and provides solutions to pertinent issues. With the aid of SEO services, you can make sure that your website is as search-engine-friendly as possible by implementing the necessary technical elements and creating a solid SEO plan for your company. Technical and content-related elements should be incorporated into a thorough SEO plan, along with competition analysis to evaluate their online presence. 


By working with an SEO agency, you can make sure that your website is optimised and that you create content that successfully appeals to your target audience. By using an SEO plan correctly, you may witness a significant boost in your website’s organic search engine position and user experience, which will ultimately lead to an increase in organic traffic.

Better Choices for Product Display

Universe Theme - Product

You may display your things in a variety of ways with the Universe theme. Use eye-catching pictures to highlight your products on your product page if you want to make a statement. Additionally, you may arrange your pieces in your gallery using a grid structure, which will make it easier for visitors to go through them quickly. You may also include more information on the products on the product pages, which will aid clients in selecting which goods to purchase. Finally, you can ensure that certain items stand out from the competitors by utilising the numerous customizable options included with the Universe theme. Regardless of the features you select, the Universe theme lets you design stunning and useful product pages for your online business.

Smooth Interaction with Outside Applications

An easy-to-use and effective Shopify theme, Universe may improve your online company in a number of ways. The theme contains several apps that boost the productivity of your online business in addition to a vast array of design and customization options that make it simple to build and customise commercial websites. The Universe theme provides you with an abundance of possibilities to enhance the functionality of your business operations by seamlessly integrating with a wide range of Shopify apps. Strong apps may be used to simplify complicated job management, improve customer relations through email marketing, let clients connect with you on well-known social media platforms, and even monitor the success of your online business using analytics tools. The Universe theme makes it simple to find and use the proper programmes for your online company, regardless of the kind of software you need. This enables you to easily manage, monitor, and optimise your website.

Lightweight and Flexible

The Universe theme was created with performance in mind, trying to provide your consumers with the greatest possible experience. Because it’s among the lightest themes out there, your shop won’t lag when it comes time to launch your website. Universe’s lightweight design keeps it quick and responsive even in situations with a lot of traffic. It also guarantees that your clients will have a smooth, delightful surfing experience without any lags or loading delays. Furthermore, Universe is quite flexible, giving you a variety of design choices to let you customise the appearance of your business. The Universe theme has you covered with a range of themes and total creative freedom with HTML and CSS. The Universe theme will adjust to your demands regardless of the size of your company, enabling you to build the ideal online store. Most significantly, the Universe theme ensures that your business will load quickly, improving both your bottom line and client pleasure with its remarkable features and lightweight design.


To sum up, the Shopify Universe theme is a comprehensive solution designed to captivate consumers, hold their attention, and entice them to investigate the products and services offered by online retailers. It is the perfect option for companies of all sizes because of its elegant design and SEO-friendly features, which enable them to present themselves professionally and appealingly regardless of their size. In addition, the responsive design guarantees that users can effortlessly navigate the website on any device, and the improved product display choices facilitate customers’ search for what they’re searching for. The Universe theme will help you draw in new clients and present your goods in the best possible light, all the while providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Why then wait? Make use of the Shopify Universe theme’s full potential by getting started right away!