Boost Theme – A fun and potent premium theme designed to increase purchases!

Boost Theme

Selecting between more than 100 premium and free Shopify layouts may be somewhat difficult. It can even be more complex for individuals looking to choose the ideal theme for their online store. The Clean Canvas Boost Theme is one of the premium themes available on Shopify.


Is your Shopify store best suited for this theme? 


There’s just one way to learn the answer. We will examine the Boost theme’s features and functions in greater detail in this post, but more importantly, we will determine whether or not it is worth the money.

The In-depth Reviews


Boost Theme - Shopify

The UK-based web developers Clean Canvas, who specialise in Shopify template creation, are the creators of the Boost theme. You may discover that they also created additional eye-catching themes like Alchemy, Masonry, and Symmetry by visiting their website.


Clean Canvas designed the three themes described above, and they have received 84% to 100% good ratings. Alchemy is noteworthy as its users have only great things to say about it.


It is reasonable to conclude that these developers have sufficient expertise in creating templates that will meet the needs of their clients. 

Boost Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Spark, Flourish, Bloom, and Inspire

Sitewide feature

Interact with your customers; Compete with big retailers; and have 10+ years of experience.

Boost Theme Pricing

The Boost theme is in the mid-to-high price range for Shopify themes. Themes range in price from $180 for the least costly to $350 for the most expensive. 


It is indisputable that the $320 cost of the Boost theme is still extremely high for a Shopify theme. The price alone deters an internet business on a tight budget from purchasing it.


When selecting a template, though, pricing shouldn’t be the only consideration. Rather, it should be the features, the assortment of tools, and the adaptability it offers your shop.


Shopify’s advantage is that you can test-drive all of its templates—even the premium ones—before purchasing them. As a result, you can decide for yourself whether or not it will be worthwhile using your budget.

Speed Test using PageSpeed insights

The speed at which a website loads has a significant impact on the bounce rate. Therefore, you should optimise your website such that the load time is under the permitted level if you want potential clients to stay in your business longer.

"...the highest ecommerce conversion rates occur on pages with load times between 0-2 seconds. With each additional second of load time, website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42%..."

It is reasonable to assume that even for businesses with a lot of merchandise, the Boost theme is quick, reliable, and responsive enough.


Indeed, the mobile version’s performance ratings are quite lacking. We were pondering as well. We used our phones to check the two real websites for that reason, and both times we had a great experience with no problems with speed or responsiveness.


The speed at which your website loads will be significantly impacted by the theme you choose for your online store. However, as the aforementioned findings show, load times differ for different websites. This is due to the fact that there are other factors to consider while creating a quick website than the theme. There are alternatives available to you.


To find out more about load speed and how to increase it, follow this article.

Should You Make Use of the Boost Theme?

The four (4) settings of Boost indicate that businesses specialising in apparel, pet supplies, lifestyle, fitness, and stuffed toys are the main targets.


But one may counter that the Boost theme’s design language works well for other companies, like:


  • Craft and the arts
  • Cosmetics and items for beauty
  • Grooming for men
  • Succulents for men


Do not worry if your company is not on the list. Like most other Shopify themes, the Shopify Boost theme is fully customizable to fit your identity and company plan. 


The Boost theme is actually extremely appealing because it has a lot of features up its sleeve. See what we mean by looking at the parts that follow.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Boost Theme



Simple to use: Boost theme customization is so easy that even a beginner can accomplish it. Everything in your Shopify store’s back end is neatly organised. It is therefore quite simple to alter. 

Restrains creativity: It’s easy to merely follow Boost’s built-in framework because everything is so clearly put out. This is advantageous if you’re looking for a simple web design procedure. However, it severely restricts your inventiveness. There is, of course, yet another approach to enhance your website’s creativity.

Flexibility: The template’s ability to manage a sizable number of goods and collections gives it flexibility for new online retailers. Additionally, Shopify businesses with fewer than ten goods in stock are able to use it. Therefore, the Boost theme will enable you to curate your website with fewer goods if you are just starting off. Nonetheless, the giant menu on your website will still make it incredibly simple to navigate even if you eventually need to increase your inventory.

Possibly not in line with the brand image: The Boost theme offers four distinct stylings that differ from one another in terms of typeface and colour scheme, as was seen in the blog’s earlier parts. Everything about the execution is almost the same, other than that. The reason for this is that the Shopify Boost theme is made to accommodate the widest range of company formats. It doesn’t possess any specific expertise. This also applies to a large number of other Shopify themes. 

Stranger aspects: We adore the scrolling banner and in-section scrolling. It’s encouraging to see capabilities like these in templates, which enable users to easily add additional customisation to their business.

Hard to stand out: Online pet stores like to use the Shopify Boost theme. With the exception of the customization you will add to your own store, your store will seem identical to every other pet store using the same template if you want to offer the same items. However, there will still be similarities in the structure itself.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Boost Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Boost Theme Presets

Boost features four primary theme styles: Inspire, Flourish, Bloom, and Spark. Every style has a distinct appearance and vibe.


Boost Theme - Bloom

For companies that like to maintain a classic, uncluttered appearance for their website or web page, the Bloom design is ideal. The information is not overpowered by the clean, uncomplicated lines and white space of this professional yet user-friendly style. The site can maintain its professionalism while maintaining an exquisite image thanks to the current design, which balances out the old aesthetic. The user experience is made pleasant and serene by the well-balanced colours and easily readable typefaces. Visitors may also easily locate and retrieve the information they want thanks to the simple and easy navigation. Businesses may use Bloom to make sure their website maintains the desired classic design while looking clean, professional, and current.


Boost Theme - Inspire

The Inspire design style is ideal for companies seeking a modern, clean appearance. Any organisation may benefit from this contemporary and fashionable look for a distinctive edge. The Inspire style’s organised components and clear lines make it simple to establish a polished atmosphere. In addition, the design’s deft use of negative space makes it possible to highlight important components while maintaining a sense of openness. Additionally, the accessible minimalist colour schemes produce a simpler, brighter, and more aesthetically pleasant ambience. Additionally, there are several choices available for organising material and adding unique components thanks to the different text styles. Because of this, companies who choose an Inspire style project may quickly establish an exquisite and polished space that sets them apart from their competitors.


Boost Theme - Spark

It is composed of many components that come together to give your room a modern appearance. In order to create a timeless style, the colours are typically strong and lively but also integrate more subdued tones. Any area may be given a distinctive touch by incorporating textures geometric forms and patterns into the design. Smooth edges and curves are typical of furniture components to provide a sleek, contemporary look. Metal accents are popular because they give a room a polished look and increase its attractiveness. All things considered, the Spark style is a fantastic way to add flair and trendiness to any area.


The Spark design is ideal for companies trying to project a stylish, current image. Though subdued tones can sometimes be used for a classic look, the colours are usually bright and strong. The room is made more distinctive with the use of supporting design elements such as geometric forms and patterns. In order to achieve a modern appearance, furniture items in the Spark design typically feature rounded corners and smooth surfaces. Metal accents are frequently employed to give a space a shiny feel and increase its appeal. These different components come together flawlessly to produce a striking, modern aesthetic that will make any place pop. In conclusion, companies wishing to create a chic and elegant ambience will find that the Spark style is a perfect option.


Boost Theme - Flourish

If your firm wants to seem simple and clean, the Flourish design is ideal for you. The goal of this style is to simplify the design and get rid of any clutter and complication. Its simplicity, along with its polished, contemporary appearance, evokes a certain kind of elegance. While adding a refined appearance, flourish does not take away from the features or information. Flourish optimises the user experience on the website by using the fundamentals of web design. It draws attention to key information while highlighting its usefulness and clarity. The majority of colour schemes are neutral, emphasising soft tones, natural colours, and delicate gradients. Flourish emphasises readability and simplicity above complexity, which is why it makes use of large letter sizes and line heights. It maintains the UI simple and uncluttered by utilising thin lines, subtle shadows, and elegant gradients. Additionally, users may traverse the website with ease and clarity since page components flow into one another without interruption. Flourish’s sleek and simple style makes it ideal for companies that value a contemporary, clean appearance.

Boost Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The Shopify Boost theme is attractive to employ in e-commerce sites because of its overall well-curated aesthetic. Here, Clean Canvas completed their task and provided a plethora of customization choices to help you get the exact appearance you want. Highlights of the topic are listed below.

Easy to use

Displaying social proof, emphasising deals, and showcasing highlighted goods are all made simple by the completely customisable homepage. Additionally, you may alter the product page to highlight the qualities and advantages of your offerings. With the theme, you can also design a simple, safe checkout procedure that accepts a variety of payment methods. To encourage people to buy your stuff, you may also make promo codes. With the complete mobile responsiveness of the Boost theme, your store will look fantastic on all screens. Additionally, it includes automated SEO optimisation to raise your search engine ranking. This theme is ideal for any kind of business, regardless of technical expertise, thanks to all these characteristics.


You may alter the appearance and feel of your store using the theme’s drag-and-drop design editor. A multitude of fonts, colours, and photos, together with various page layouts and backgrounds, are available for selection. Along with a tonne of features and customization choices, the Boost Shopify theme will also assist you in managing and marketing your business in an efficient manner. You may alter the appearance and feel of your website, add items, and encourage purchases. The theme also lets you handle orders, set up shipping and payment methods, and provide discounts and promotions. You can relax knowing that your business is optimised for the greatest possible consumer experience when you use the Boost Shopify theme. The Boost Shopify theme may help you grow your store, regardless of the kind of business you own.

Responsive design

Boost Theme - Mobile

The goal of the Boost Shopify theme is to make your online business user-friendly and visually appealing for everyone. Because of its adaptable layout design, the theme will adapt to the screen size of any device that views it. This implies that your business will appear fantastic whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, the theme makes use of cutting-edge technology like HTML5 and CSS3 to guarantee optimal performance. Together, these elements provide an online business that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple for customers to utilise. Additionally, because the theme is so adjustable, you can make sure it’s ideal for your needs and that it reflects your own brand image. For best results, the Boost Shopify theme is a terrific option whether you’re planning to start a new store or need to give your current one a modern makeover.


Crafted to help you get noticed in search engines like Google, the Boost Shopify theme is optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO) and is intended for online retailers. The design of this theme prioritises SEO requirements, quick page loads, and user-friendliness. The Boost Shopify theme’s integrated features, which include optimised page structure, sitemaps, meta tags, and other tools, can help you rank well on Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search results. The design aims to generate visually appealing and readily understandable pages for search engines. You can be certain that you are providing the greatest browsing and buying experience for your clients when you partner with Boost. Additionally, you can be sure that your shop will continue to use the most recent SEO best practices. You can make sure you’re optimised for optimum visibility in the search engines with features like product suggestions, sorting by collections, rich snippets, and more.

Sticky header

You can choose to include a “sticky header” that is always visible on your website when creating your Shopify store using the Boost theme. As you navigate down the website, this sticky header will remain at the top of your browser window, making it easier for users to access key components of the buying experience, such as the contact, search, navigation, and logo. Customers will find it more convenient as a result of not having to physically scroll all the way back to the top of the page in order to access these crucial elements, which will also speed up and simplify their navigation of your website. You may also make a smooth transition for the consumer from one page to the next by placing a sticky header. It’s a fantastic method to guarantee that users may swiftly and effortlessly find what they need on your website while maintaining a unified style and feel across the board.

Adaptable width for logos

Size counts when it comes to logos. Some retailers like their logos to be big and bright so they stand out from the competition. Others choose more understated, elegant, and discrete designs. With a width slider, you can select the ideal logo size for your store based on your preferences. You may quickly change a logo’s size and experiment with other design aspects using a width slider. To further create a screen experience that complements the aesthetic of your business, you may also change the font’s weight and size. Proper size may have a big impact on your store’s identity, whether you want a big, bold logo or a tiny, understated one. A width slider allows you to select the ideal size for both your brand and your company.

Announcement Bar

An announcement bar is a vital tool for online businesses to reach out to clients as soon as they visit your website with important information. It may be used to promote any type of exclusive deals, discounts, blog entries, or other material you’d like to draw attention to. It’s a fantastic method to let clients know what you have to offer right now and boost website performance at the same time. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more potential clients.


There are several applications for the announcement bar. For instance, you may utilise the announcement bar to showcase any deals or limited-time offers you are doing in order to attract clients. In a similar vein, you may utilise this page to draw readers’ attention to a recently published blog article. Furthermore, it is an excellent means of informing your clientele about any planned events or changes.


The announcement bar’s greatest feature is that it doesn’t require a lot of resources and is simple to build. Just make the page and provide a link to it in the main menu. Along with all the information your clients want, you may also include call-to-actions that encourage them to perform certain activities, like registering for an offer, following you on the blog, or making a purchase.


To sum up, the announcement bar is a really useful resource for Internet businesses. It provides you with the chance to communicate with clients as soon as they land on your page and utilise it to advertise sales, feature fresh blog entries, or even make announcements about events that are coming up. It offers you the ability to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract visitors, and greatly boost your website’s efficacy.

Mega Menu

Boost Theme - Menu

For online retailers trying to improve consumer navigation, the Shopify Boost theme is a fantastic resource. Users may swiftly and simply access all of the store’s sections at once to locate what they’re looking for, thanks to its sophisticated feature of mega menus. Customers may explore the store’s product offers, collections, specials, and more in one easy-to-access location with the Mega Menu. Customers will find it easier to locate what they need as a result of not having to wade through lengthy listings of goods and services or search through several menus. Mega menus also aid in on-site SEO by increasing the likelihood that the store’s content will show up on search engine results pages and making it simpler for customers to locate. Store owners can also effortlessly customise their storefront and update their menu items in accordance with current discounts or deals by utilising the Mega Menu’s drag-and-drop capability. The Shopify Boost Theme Mega Menu streamlines consumer navigation while enabling business owners to keep their clients informed and their websites organised.

Images in the drop-down menu

Unlike other themes, Boost allows you to use pictures in your menu. When you want to add store links to your best-selling goods, this might be really helpful. Customers will find it easy to see your photographs, which will prompt them to buy quickly and increase your overall sales. Additionally, you may alter your navigation menu to highlight any product and provide customers with a distinctive experience. Boost allows you to easily alter product descriptions and information in the navigation menu, making it simpler than ever for consumers to locate and purchase the items they want. With the help of store links and Boost, you can harness the power of pictures all from inside a handy navigation menu.

Scrolling within sections

The Shopify Boost theme prioritises items over all other content. And it accomplishes this in a very special way.


A feature that adds that “wow” factor is scrolling within a section. This is an excellent way to display several goods without having to add new sections or columns. Rather, it allows you to browse across the segment by aligning prominent goods, collections, or blogs.

Scrolling Banner

Your website gains an additional marketing option with a scrolling banner. Similar to the announcement bar, it allows you to send vital messages, but it does so in a more visually beautiful and engaging manner. You may simply accomplish this with Boost by clicking a button on your dashboard.


This is what you will receive as a prize for entering your announcement (below). Even your logo and additional icons may be included in the scrolling banner.

Video Segment

Use your website’s video area to effectively tell the narrative of your brand. All you have to do is upload your file and add a video section. Just make sure that it is related to your customers and of a good calibre.


The video area is not limited to your home page. It may be featured as a video on different pages of your website.

How Good of a Shopify Theme Is Boost?

You may be wondering if Boost is a smart choice if you’re searching for a Shopify theme that will assist in raising sales for your business. We’ll examine Boost’s features and how they may benefit your shop in this review.


The Shopify theme Boost has a number of features that might help you increase the efficiency of your shop. Among the standout features is the integrated blog. This might enhance your SEO and bring in more visitors to your website. Additionally, you can easily customise the blog area to match the logo of your shop.


Support for product videos is just another fantastic feature of Boost. This may be a fantastic method to present your goods and pique the curiosity of possible buyers. You may improve your SEO by using videos as well.


All things considered, Boost is a fantastic Shopify theme that may enhance the functionality of your shop. Boost is a theme worth taking into consideration if you’re searching for one with support for product videos and blogging integrated right in.


All things considered, the Boost Shopify Theme is a fantastic choice for anybody searching for a highly configurable and user-friendly theme. Its cost and ease of use more than makeup for its lack of features compared to some of the other alternatives available on the market. The Boost Shopify Theme is unquestionably something to think about if you’re searching for one of the greatest Shopify themes that won’t break the budget.