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Run a VIP Customer Sale To Boost Revenue In Your VIP Customer Group

Run a VIP Customer Sale To Boost Revenue In Your VIP Customer Group

Nurturing customer relationships has become an important element of a business plan. An effective way to combine gratitude and maximize profits is to plan a VIP Customer Sale. We’ll learn about how this program works and the positive effects it can have on strengthening customer loyalty and driving business growth.

What Are “VIP Customers”?

What Are “VIP Customers”

VIP customers are people or organizations that are particularly valuable to your customer list. These are those who have regularly bought or used your product/service and showed loyalty to your brand. VIP customers not only have the ability to make a big purchase but also have the ability to contribute to the growth of your business by spreading positive information about your product or service.


A study from KPMG shows that:


  • 86% are likely to suggest a company to their friends and family
  • 66% tend to leave a favorable online review following a positive experience
  • 46% are prone to maintain their loyalty even after encountering a negative experience.

Combined together, all those elements that VIPs have a big impact on your profit.

Why Are VIP Customers So Valuable?

Why Are VIP Customers So Valuable

VIP customers are important because they contribute many positive aspects to the growth and success of the business. Here are some key reasons that VIP customers bring:


  • Enhance Loyalty: VIP customers often have already established a strong relationship with your brand. This loyalty helps keep eels engaged and reduces the risk of them switching to a competitor.
  • Increase Revenue: VIP customers often shop more often and spend more than regular customers. This contributes strongly to your sales and revenue.
  • Be a Strong Advocate: VIP customers are often strong advocates for your brand. They can recommend your products and services to friends, relatives, and colleagues, creating great advertising effects for free.
  • Contribute to a Positive Brand Image: VIP customer support creates a positive image of your brand. This strengthens your reputation and builds trust with potential people.
  • Valuable Feedback: VIP customers often have quality opinions and feedback about your product or service. This information can help you improve quality and tailor it to your customers’ needs.

How to Identify VIP Customers

How to Identify VIP Customers

Identifying VIP customers requires you to identify the particularly valuable people on your customer list. Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Frequent Purchase Behavior: Consider how many times customers have shopped at your store. Those who make purchases regularly can be VIP customers.
  • Total Amount Spent: Check the total amount customers have spent. Those who have spent a lot can be considered as VIPs.
  • Social Media Interactions: Track customer interactions on social networks. People who regularly comment, share, or show support for your brand can be VIP customers.
  • Positive Reviews: Look for positive reviews left by customers. Those who consistently provide positive feedback might be VIP customers.
  • Direct Interactions: Pay attention to feedback and requests from customers through direct conversations or emails. These individuals may be VIP customers who need special attention.

Why Need To Run a VIP Customer Sale?

Why Need To Run a VIP Customer Sale

Running a VIP customer sale involves creating a special marketing campaign or promotion targeting your most valued customers. The goal of this program is to reward these customers for their loyalty and encourage them to make additional purchases, thereby boosting overall sales. 


This approach acknowledges their importance, makes them feel valued, and fosters a deeper connection with your brand. To successfully execute a VIP customer sale, businesses often employ strategies such as personalized offers, exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or invitations to exclusive events. Such promotions contribute to customer retention, brand advocacy, and revenue growth.

How To Add VIP Customer Sale Badge

Having understood the essential steps involved in running a VIP Customer Sale, let’s now delve into another important aspect: adding a VIP Customer Sale badge to your promotions. This badge serves as a visual cue that instantly communicates the exclusivity and benefits of the sale to your valued customers.


By incorporating this badge effectively, you can enhance the appeal of your VIP Customer Sale and further engage your target audience. Let’s explore how to run this element seamlessly and make your VIP sale even more compelling.

  1. Design the Badge: Create a visually appealing badge that clearly conveys the VIP status of the sale. The badge should be attention-grabbing and feature elements that symbolize exclusivity, such as stars, crowns, or “VIP” text.
  2. Choose Placement: Decide where to place the badge in your promotional materials. It’s typically positioned in a visible location, such as product images, banners, or email headers.
  3. Consider Color Scheme: Align the badge’s color scheme with your brand’s colors for consistency. Consider using bold and contrasting colors to make the badge stand out.
  4. Badge Size: Ensure that the badge is of an appropriate size—large enough to be noticed but not so large that it overwhelms other content.
  5. Clear Messaging: Include a concise and compelling message alongside the badge. This could be a call-to-action like “Exclusive VIP Sale” or “Limited-Time VIP Offer.”
  6. Highlight Benefits: Consider adding a brief description of the benefits of the VIP sale near the badge. This reinforces the value of the offer.

Create A Discount For Your Customers

Offering discounts is a powerful incentive that encourages purchases and drives customer engagement. Integrate product badges and product labels such as “Sale,” “Special Offer,” or “VIP Discount” alongside the product information. These badges draw attention to the products at reduced prices.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively add a product badge using the Shinetrust app:

Step 1: Install and Open the ShineTrust App

Install the ShineTrust app on your Shopify store. Open the ShineTrust app from the Apps section of your Shopify dashboard.

Install and Open the ShineTrust App

Step 2: Access the ShineTrust App Dashboard

Inside the ShineTrust app, you’ll be directed to the dashboard. Here, you’ll find various options to configure and customize your product badges.

Access the ShineTrust App Dashboard

Step 3: Select Badge Design

In the dashboard, navigate to the badge design or template section. ShineTrust provides a range of pre-designed badge styles for you to choose from.


For your VIP Customer Sale, consider designs like “Special Offer,” “Sale 50%,” or “Best Value.”

Select Badge Design

Step 4: Choose Display Position

Move to the Display Position settings. Here, you can decide where your Product Badge will appear on your products.


You have two positions to choose from: “Inside Product Image” or “In Product Info Area.”

Choose Display Position

Step 5: Customize Badge Appearance

Proceed to the customization section. Customize the appearance of your badges to align with your store’s brand and design.


Choose colors, shapes, icons, and text styles that resonate with your brand identity.

Step 6: Save and Apply Changes

Once you’re satisfied with your badge configuration, save your settings.


With these steps, you’ll seamlessly integrate attractive product badges using the ShineTrust app. These badges will catch your customers’ attention and add an extra layer of appeal to your VIP Customer Sale, boosting engagement and encouraging purchases.


Promotions exclusively for VIP customers are a powerful strategy to reward and promote business growth. By creating exclusive offers and using attractive bagges, we not only create a fun shopping event but also strengthen customer loyalty. When executed thoughtfully, a VIP Customer Sale can be a win-win scenario, enhancing customer relationships while propelling your business toward long-term success.



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