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What to Know About Singles’ Day 2023 – The World’s Biggest eCommerce Day

What to Know About Singles’ Day 2023 – The World’s Biggest eCommerce Day

Singles’ Day has gradually gained prominence, being dubbed the “World’s Biggest E-Commerce Day”. Originating in China, this annual event has transcended borders, attracting shoppers worldwide with its huge sales, exclusive offers, and unique appeal. But what exactly is Singles’ Day and why should you know about it? In this post, we’ll explore the essence of this shopping event and discover what you need to know.

The Origin Of Singles' Day

The Origin Of Singles' Day

Singles’ Day, also known as “Double 11,” started in China as a celebration of singlehood. It falls on November 11th, which is written as 11/11 and symbolizes unpaired individuals. Initially, it was a day for singles to embrace their status and treat themselves. 


The concept of Singles’ Day started in the 1990s at Nanjing University, China. Students there began celebrating their single status, organizing events and activities to enjoy the idea of being independent and unattached. The holiday has gained attention and popularity, mainly among young people, who see it as an opportunity to celebrate their individuality and indulge in self-indulgence.


Over time, it transformed into a massive shopping event, with Alibaba playing a significant role in popularizing it. Now, it’s no longer limited to China and has become a global shopping phenomenon.

Singles Day Trends

Singles' Day Trends

As Singles Day has continued to evolve and gain worldwide recognition, it has attracted an increasing number of global brands. These brands are now actively participating in the event, extending their discounts and promotions across various territories. Additionally, Singles Day provides a unique opportunity for Western brands to reach Chinese shoppers who are living and working outside of China.


For example, brands like Kate Spade and Coach are extending Singles’ Day deals to US shoppers, recognizing the potential for global growth and increased revenue. This expansion allows them to reach a broader customer base, setting the stage for the subsequent shopping events, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


In 2021, Alibaba’s Singles Day sale set a staggering record by generating over $84 billion in sales. Additionally, during the first two weeks of November in the same year, a remarkable 900 million Singles Day shoppers collectively spent a jaw-dropping $132.6 billion. 


This outstanding performance easily surpasses the combined sales figures of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Singles Day has indeed become an impressive retail phenomenon, outshining its Western counterparts in terms of sales and scale.

Singles' Day Statistics

Singles' Day Statistics

Singles’ Day has seen a continuous rise in sales and global popularity. In the previous year, 900 million Chinese shoppers engaged in e-commerce, exploring products from 290,000 brands. featured over 6,000 new apparel brands, while Alibaba introduced 1.3 million new products from 29,000 global companies, including 2,800 newcomers.


Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, played a significant role in Singles Day, accounting for 31% of total spending in 2021. They not only increased spending but also engaged in pre-event discussions on social media about brands and products. 


Luxury and pet-related items saw substantial sales growth, and within seconds, shoppers spent $15 million on Apple smartphones. Apparel sales rose by 4%, while lifestyle products experienced a remarkable 22% year-over-year increase.

A Platform for E-commerce Innovation

A Platform for E-commerce Innovation

Singles’ Day isn’t just about massive sales; it’s a platform for e-commerce innovation. Retailers see this as an opportunity to showcase their creativity and test new strategies. This is where they introduce cutting-edge products, experiment with unique marketing tactics, and offer interactive shopping experiences.


It’s a day when consumers can look forward to not just discounts but also novel and exciting ways of engaging with their favorite brands. Expect to see flash sales, exclusive items, and a wealth of other innovations that keep Singles’ Day fresh and enticing for shoppers.

Beyond China

Beyond China

While Singles’ Day has its origins in China, it has transcended its borders. In 2021, the United Kingdom reported Singles’ Day sales worth an astonishing £1.72 billion. The phenomenon is not limited to the UK; Europe as a whole is experiencing a surge in Singles’ Day popularity.


Countries like Italy, Spain, and France are witnessing substantial sales growth. This international expansion signifies the global appeal of Singles’ Day, and it’s not just a shopping event for China; it’s embraced by consumers and retailers worldwide.

A Key Date for Shoppers

A Key Date for Shoppers

Singles’ Day has firmly established itself as a pivotal date on the calendar for shoppers. It’s a day when consumers eagerly anticipate incredible deals and exclusive products across various categories. Whether you’re in the market for new electronics, fashion items, beauty products, or essential household goods, Singles’ Day offers a wealth of options. 


This is a day when you can fulfill your shopping desires, and with the global reach of the event, shoppers from all around the world can take advantage of this shopping extravaganza. So, mark November 11th and get ready for a shopping experience like no other.

How Does Singles Day Compare To Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all significant shopping events, but they differ in several key aspects:




  • Singles’ Day: November 11th.
  • Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving in the United States, typically the fourth Friday in November.
  • Cyber Monday: The Monday following Thanksgiving, typically the first Monday in December.


Target Audience:


  • Singles’ Day is specifically aimed at individuals who are single and takes on a celebratory tone for them.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are more inclusive, targeting a broad range of shoppers.




  • Singles’ Day emphasizes mobile shopping and often incorporates gamified experiences.
  • Black Friday combines in-person and online shopping, typically with traditional marketing campaigns.
  • Cyber Monday focuses on online-exclusive promotions.




Singles’ Day generates more sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. In 2021, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sale alone generated over $84 billion in sales, while Black Friday and Cyber Monday collectively generated $75 billion.

Why Does Singles Day beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

How Does Singles' Day Compare To Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Singles’ Day has surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday in several aspects, making it the world’s most significant shopping event. Here are the key reasons why Singles’ Day has outperformed these Western shopping holidays:

Global reach

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are largely Western phenomena, Singles’ Day has global appeal. Shoppers and retailers around the world actively participate in Singles’ Day, expanding its reach to a diverse international audience.

Mobile Commerce Emphasis

Singles’ Day emphasizes mobile commerce. It is a shopping event that seamlessly integrates mobile technology and gaming experiences, satisfying the modern consumer’s preference for smartphone shopping. In contrast, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have traditionally taken a more casual approach, focusing on in-person and online shopping, respectively.

Innovative Marketing

Singles’ Day serves as a platform for e-commerce innovation. Retailers use the event to introduce new products, test marketing strategies, and provide interactive shopping experiences. Flash sales, exclusive items, and creative marketing tactics keep consumers engaged and excited.

Unique Origin and Theme

Singles’ Day has a unique origin and theme that resonates with consumers. It celebrates singlehood and the idea of treating yourself. The concept of Singles’ Day has a distinct cultural appeal that sets it apart from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Extended Duration

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically one-day events, Singles’ Day typically lasts over a longer period of time, sometimes up to two weeks. This extended period allows consumers to enjoy long-term discounts and promotions, enhancing its appeal.

Global Brand Participation

Many international brands and retailers actively participate in Singles’ Day, offering exclusive offers and promotions to cater to the growing international audience of singles. These partnerships with global brands enhance the reach and appeal of Singles’ Day.

Wrapping Up

All in all, Singles’ Day is no longer just a day to celebrate Chinese singlehood; it has become the world’s most important e-commerce day. With its global reach, remarkable sales figures, and retail innovation platform, this is an event that both shoppers and e-commerce businesses must know well. As November 11th approaches, prepare yourself for a day of incredible deals and unique shopping experiences that Singles’ Day has to offer.



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