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Introducing New Feature: Buy X Get Y – Increase AOV with the same traffic

Introducing New Feature: Buy X Get Y – Increase AOV with the same traffic

Proudly introduce our brand new feature: Buy X get X!

By giving customers free products or discounts, you can keep them stay longer at your store, and increase the change of earning more. 

This article is going to walk you through some highlights of this new feature. 

Let’s take a look!

What is "Buy X get Y"?

Buy X get Y means when customers pay for X, they will get Y in return. This kind of promotion can come in 2 methods: Providing a product discount or a FREE item. 

The main goal is to encourage customers to buy more products by providing additional value or savings. Buy X get Y usually applies to similar products, collections, same brand or related items. 

2 Promotion Types Supported

Firstly, go enable the functionality – it ranks 6th in the feature list. 

The settings comes with super easy to use interface. You can choose from 2 types of promotion: 

– Discount

– Free Gift


Imagine you are preparing for the Black Friday sales. You have many Commodo shoes inventory. With this feature, you can sell both jacket & shoes faster. 

Select the Discount option, then set the Discount Value (by Percent). 

And you can set up Messages for you customers like below. 

Free Gift

Giving free gift will never get old. People like free things. And they are even happier if the things are incredibly valueable. This method of promotion will not only help increase AOV, but also build trust between you & your customers. 

And, to set up promotion like below, you need to select Free Gift Option. Choose the main product(s) and the gift item(s). 

Don’t forget to set up the Messages to fit your sale campaign. 

3 Positions Supported

You can place Buy X Get Y section anywhere you want, using 1 of following 3 options: 

– Bellow Add To Cart Button

– Block (Freely place the Buy X Get Y section anywhere in your Theme Builder) 

– Custom CSS (You can use CSS selector to place Buy X Get Y anywhere in your store) 

Ex: How Buy X Get Y section looks in the storefront (Bellow Add To Cart Position) 

Buy X Get Y helps increase your AOV & performance

Customers love rewards

A gift or a discount as a reward for dedicated customers when the purchase goal is reached. You can even give them more than 1 gift. Another way to say “thank you”. This make a strong relationship between your brand and customers.

Incredibly easy to configure

It will take only 2 to 5 minutes setting up all the configurations. Set up your own conditions. Give the section Buy X get Y a name. Then choose the promotion type. Define the Messages which will be sent to customers. Then, set the position and hit Save. Such a piece of cake!

Freely Customization

Everything from Typography to Background Color & Border Radius can be easily configured. Make sure the messages match your brand identity. 

In A Nutshell

The “Buy X Get Y” campaign can be a great opportunity for online sellers to generate engagement and increase sales. And, this new feature promises to take your sale performance to the next level. 



Heidi is a content writer originally from Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Law University but found her interest in writing. Having 4 years of experience in the E-commerce field, she embarked upon a career as a Shopify content planner. She loves to help clients expand their online presence and mushroom fictional business ideas.

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