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Marketing Tactics On Labor Day 2023 For Your Ecommerce Business

Marketing Tactics On Labor Day 2023 For Your Ecommerce Business

Labor Day isn’t a relaxing three-day weekend with family and friends. From a business perspective, it can be time for your business to enhance its brand by connecting with customers through some marketing tactics. 

What is Labor Day?


Labor Day is a national holiday in the USA. It’s time for people to remember the work of those in the labor movement who fought hard for workers’ rights. It always takes place on the first Monday in September; that’s why the date changes every year.


Before we come to some marketing tips for this Labor Day, we need to understand the behaviors of consumers through the activities they usually do on this day.

What are the common activities on Labor Day?

Parades – To celebrate Labor Day, parades are held in numerous cities and towns. You might even see homes dressed out in Labor Day decorations. The parade may even be part of a larger Labor Day event the area hosts.


Picnic – Many people would love to pack a picnic and eat outside with family, friends, or loved ones if the weather is nice enough on Labor Day.


Barbecues – Grilled food is always the best choice for eating outside. Many people will spend the day grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, and other side dishes at barbecues and outdoor parties.


Travel – Labor Day is one of the most popular times to travel; some people will go to places like lakes for fishing or mountains for camping.


Storing white clothing – It is widely accepted that white should not be worn after Labour Day; as a result, some people store their white clothes until the following year.


It’s usual to see folks cover their swimming pools or store their boats after Labour Day weekend because many people view this holiday as the unofficial end of summer.

Opportunities Of Labor Day With Marketing


If your business sells things that support the common activities of consumers on Labor Day, congratulations! This is a good opportunity for you to boost your sales. Let’s use email marketing as a way to introduce your products or promotions to both new and old potential customers.


On the other hand, if you are not selling products for use during a picnic, barbecue party, or travel experience, you can remind your customers about your brand awareness by connecting with them through greetings.

Why is Labor Day an opportunity?

Labor Day is a great time to show your appreciation to customers, and this is an opportunity to encourage customer loyalty and make them feel cared for and important. Besides, there will be a lot of competitors, so you need to do something different and outstanding to gain the attention of your customers.


Increase brand awareness through Labor Day, a campaign that helps your business connect with customers through marketing channels. An easy and simple way is to send greeting e-cards through email marketing, social media, and blogs.

Typical types of Labor Day greetings


Traditional Greetings – This type of greeting is focused on being simple, genuine, and respectful. 


Funny Greetings – If your brand’s tone is funny, this type of greeting is for you. There’s nothing better than receiving a funny greeting card after a tiring working day. This will bring a smile to your readers’ faces and make them remember your brand. 


Patriotic Greetings – This is the most common type of Labor Greetings. You can highlight American history and the significance of the nation’s workers and their contributions to the progress of the country. These messages often contain inspiring words from prominent labor numbers, patriotic colors and symbols, and relevant imagery.


These patriotic Labour Day greetings highlight the value of understanding and appreciating tradition and history while also inspiring feelings of pride and solidarity among the audience.

Some Examples Of Labor Day Greetings


Aurate sends an email in celebration of Labour Day to thank the skilled craftspeople who put in so much effort to make priceless diamonds.



The website Huckberry, which sells equipment for various hobbies, makes it clear in its copy that both its staff and consumers will be away from work over the holidays. The business encourages customers to purchase early using that method.


It’s a clever strategy that creates a sense of urgency and a fear of losing out. Orders placed after Monday will not be delivered in time for the Labour Day weekend. 


Huckberry offers a delivery guarantee for the holiday in an effort to boost sales. Last but not least, the large “Shop Now” call to action (CTA) button adds to the sense of urgency.



One of the most popular ecommerce advertising strategies is to offer discounts before and during holidays, and emails are no exception. Casper, though, chooses a different path in this email.


Casper guarantees a free sailboat to anyone who purchases a mattress during the Labour Day weekend, rather than a discount on its mattresses. Naturally, this email’s copy piques the recipient’s interest. 


The Muse

The platform doesn’t advertise any sales or products in the email. Instead, they highlight a few articles about careers that they hand-pick for their subscribers.


Many of their subscribers won’t mind their offering career advice throughout the holiday season, despite what some people may think. The email copy is amusing and direct in its message.


Even though The Muse isn’t specifically looking to sell anything in this email, it is a means for it to interact with its readers and create an excellent connection.


Art Naturals

An e-commerce website called Art Naturals offers skincare, body beauty, and essential oil goods. A selfie competition for women is organized by Art Naturals to celebrate Labour Day weekend.


Art Naturals advertises a limited-time discount for their men’s grooming items in addition to the sweepstakes. The fact that this deal is only available for one day may persuade many customers to make a purchase.


In Conclusion

While creating your holiday greetings for holidays like Labor Day, there are many things you may learn from the above examples. Remember to get insight into customer behavior on Labor Day, then choose a type of greeting and make it unique.



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