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Make Plans For The 2023 International Men’s Day

Make Plans For The 2023 International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19, 2023, a Sunday, each year. Many of them plan events and unique activities for the day’s precursor, middle, and end.

What Is International Men's Day?


Every year on November 19th, which falls on a Sunday in 2023, people celebrate International Men’s Day. A lot of individuals organize events and special activities leading up to, during, and following the day.


While some opt to honor men with a one-time event like a lunch, barbecue, or discussion, others organize a series of related events (frequent walks, meet-ups), while still, others choose to fundraise for the entire month.


Men from a variety of backgrounds in Australia and throughout the world deal with numerous issues of their livelihood, health, and general well-being.


On International Men’s Day, we have the chance to raise awareness of these societal challenges, promote gender parity, diversity, and inclusivity, honor men as role models, and highlight the wonderful efforts being made locally to make the world a safer place for everybody. Above all, the day serves as an occasion to celebrate mateship and have fun together.


The largest source of information on men’s health in Australia, the Australian Men’s Health Forum, is instrumental in establishing the theme and offering tools to assist others in organizing their International Men’s Day celebrations.


Nothing compares to being prepared!

History Of International Men's Day


Although there has been an International Women’s Day since 1909, men have been calling for an International Men’s Day since 1969. Last but not least, Trinidadian physician Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh relaunched International Men’s Day in 1999. In celebration of his father’s birthday, he chose November 19th.

Why Celebrate International Men's Day

  1. It is a time for celebrating the lives, successes, and contributions of boys and men, especially about their roles in the family, marriage, community, union, country, and childcare.


  1. The event’s overarching goal is to raise general awareness of men’s issues. As a result, this day is celebrated every year to raise awareness of all the problems that men worldwide quietly confront.


  1. According to Dr. Teelucksingh, the purpose of International Men’s Day was to examine and start talks about taboo subjects including men’s mental health, in addition to addressing issues that affect men and boys.


  1. Men are encouraged as well by International Men’s Day to impart to the boys in their lives the virtues, character, and responsibilities of manhood. As Mahatma Gandhi once remarked, “We have to be the change we wish to see.” The only way we can build a just and secure society where everyone has the chance to thrive is if we all men and women equally lead by example.


  1. To put it briefly, it is a day dedicated to celebrating men and their roles in the home, community, and global community. ‘Better health for men and boys’ is this year’s topic for the day, which aims to improve men’s health and well-being practically.

Five Suggestions For Celebrating International Men's Day


Something physical

Perhaps you already participate in a group for sports, fitness, or exercise. On the day, invite others to join your group. Use our website to advertise your event.

Something cultural

Plan a group excursion to a non-physical location. A movie, a band, a new restaurant. Give it to people in your neighborhood and invite them to come to meet new people. Use our website to advertise your event.

Do a spiritual thing

Organize a yoga or meditation class in support of men’s health. Find someone in the community who could lead a session if you don’t know how; many are willing to volunteer their time. You may always play a podcast or watch a YouTube video about the subject if you cannot locate somebody.

Hold a get-together

Organize a get-together for tea in the morning, lunch, and dinner. There is nothing more to be done, but consider raising a glass to the males in the room or recognizing specific people.

Invite a speaker to share their story

This might take place at a community center, a meet-up spot, or any other location suitable for a small (or large) gathering. Once more, there could be only one person in this queue, or two, three, or more. Use our website to advertise your event.

Some Examples Of How Business Promote Their Brands

The Man Company: #GentleMenInYou


The men’s grooming brand got an upper hand over its competitors this International Men’s Day by launching its campaign much before the others—helping it stand out in the clutter and get noticed.


As the brand ambassador of men’s grooming essentials brand The Man Company (TMC), Ayushmaan Khurana was seen delivering a heartfelt poem against gender stereotyping, urging viewers to recognize the gentleman in their lives. The campaign garnered more than six million views on Instagram.

Gillette: #ShavingStereotypes & #ManEnough


Gillette has been continuously challenging stereotypes about men, most recently with its #BarbershopGirls campaign. In its latest campaign on #ShavingStereotypes launched around Men’s Day, Gillette asks a question — Why don’t men show their tears? 


The brand has challenged the enduring stereotype of why men are taught not to show their vulnerability, not to show their emotions and not to cry because it makes them weak. Through a heartfelt story of Lt Col Manoj Kumar Sinha, SM (Retd), Gillette, with its second edition of #ShavingStereotypes, says that it is okay for men to cry. Men expressing vulnerability through tears is being #ManEnough, the campaign says.


The brand has launched a film as part of the campaign and brought on board several influencers to promote the campaign. The brand has also utilized radio and newspapers to promote it.

Celio: the #MenMeanMore campaign


During its #MenMeanMore campaign, the apparel brand featured male influencers who discussed their personal lives outside of their careers. The brand encouraged men to discuss things other than their typical activities, such as their hobbies, traits, and elements of life.

In Conclusion

If your target customers of your business are men or boys, let’s make a plan and prepare for the International Men’s Day campaign from now on!



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