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Compare Shopify Pricing Plans

Compare Shopify Pricing Plans

For new users using Shopify as their first platform to launch an e-commerce web store, the Shopify Pricing Plans are always the most worrying aspect. Shopify offers a variety of price plans this year that are appropriate for both individuals and corporations, in addition to free trial periods. To determine which pricing option is best for your company, read this blog post.

Shopify Pricing Plans For Business

Shopify is one of the most common e-commerce platforms to start selling online without any technical knowledge. Before we go through the differences between each plan, here are all the things we will receive when picking a plan from Shopify:
  • Shareable product pages
  • Unlimited products
  • 24/7 support
  • Fraud analysis
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Manual order creation
  • Sales channels
  • Fast and reliable checkout
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Sell in over 133 countries
  • App ecosystem with 4,100+ apps
  • Gift cards
  • Marketing automation means Shopify offer to send an automated email with a template or custom workflow,
  • Customer segmentation is where Shopify filters and groups customers into an unlimited amount of segments.
  • Unlimited contacts
Shopify Pricing Plans For Business

So, let’s find the most suitable pricing plan for you!


A Starter Plan is the most suitable if you are working alone to start your own business. Usually, you will need to pay $5 per month, however, now you only need to pay $1 for the first three months of the Shopify Pricing offer.

Starter Plan

In this plan, you only get shareable product pages in features and have to pay 5% transaction fees for all payment providers. A disadvantage of this plan is that it does not include things that are available on other plans:

  • Online Store where you can create an e-commerce website, publish a blog, and sell your products.
  • Shopify POS Lite accepts casual, in-person payments at markets, fairs, pop-ups, and more.
  • Can upgrade to POS Pro, which means you can run a brick-and-mortar business.


The basic Package is the most popular and most suitable for an individual or 2 members if you are collaborating with someone else. In this package, you need to pay $25 per month or $228 per year ($19/month). However, after the free-trial days, Shopify offers you to try a plan for $1 in the next three months.

Basic Plan

With the Basic Plan, you will pay fewer transaction fees for all payment providers than with the Starter Plan by a lot – 2%. Starting with the Basic Plan, you can also receive reports from Shopify, however, it is just a basic report, including an analytics page, finance reports, live view, acquisition reports, inventory reports, behaviour reports, marketing reports, and product analytics.


If you want to level up your business with professional reporting and more staff accounts for a medium size team – up to 5 staff members, this is the most suitable plan for you!

Shopify Plan

Another more advanced feature than the Basic Plan you can get in the Shopify Plan is professional reports. In professional reports, you will get an analytics page, a finances report (including taxes and payments), product analytics, a live view, acquisition reports, inventory reports, behaviour reports, marketing reports, order reports, sales reports, retail sales reports, profit reports, and customer reports.


With this plan, you need to pay $65 per month or $588 per year ($49/month), and the transaction fees for all payment providers will be 1%.


The Advance Plan costs $399 per month, or you can pay a yearly fee of $3,588, which means $299/month. The highest price plan is also the best of Shopify, with advanced features, and the lowest transaction fee is 0.5%.

Advance Plan

By choosing the Advanced Plan, you can use this plan for a medium or large team that can have up to 15 staff members who have access accounts. This plan is suitable for an international business because there is a lot of support from Shopify, like international pricing, duties, and import taxes.

Shopify Pricing Plans For Plus

Besides standard plans for the business. Shopify offers more alternative solutions for your business with Shopify Plus and Commerce Components.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an all-in-one commerce platform that is trusted by a lot of brands. If your business is planning to expand into international markets, Shopify Plus is the best option for you!

Shopify Plus

From DTC to retail, B2B to social media, and selling across every channel and market, Shopify Plus makes everything into one dynamic platform. With the support of Shopify Plus, you will have centralised data and powerful customer insights across every part of your business.


However, you need to consider a little bit about the price that you need to pay to get Shopify Plus. You need to pay at least $2000 per month, depending on your business’s growth strategy.

Commerce Components is a plan that allows retailers to offer end-to-end logistics, including inventory tracking tools, inbounding, order management, returns, and a Shipping Label API. This plan does not have a fixed cost, which means you need to contact the Shopify Sales team for a request.

Commerce Components

Which Shopify Plan Is Best For Me?

Shopify is a complete platform that can help set up a brand new e-commerce store for people who have non-coding skills. That means each plan is suitable for one type of audience. Here are our suggestions for which plan you should choose depending on your business.


Starter – Individuals that are just starting and sell to customers through social media platforms or messaging apps with a simplified online store.


Basic – Individuals or Small Teams who want to sell products on a fully functional online store with unlimited products. This is also suitable if your website maintenance budget is quite low.


Shopify – Small and Medium Team that wants to level up the business with more professional reports from Shopify data. 


Advanced – Big Team or Company that wants to expand the business to international markets. With this plan, you can set the prices for individual products to suit a particular country’s market.


Shopify Plus – the highest price plan, which means they offer the highest offers for businesses. Choose this plan if your business needs advice from Shopify experts on each strategy.


Commerce Components – This plan allows you to use their technology if you or your team prefer, as you will own the custom software for your business. The price for this plan is up to your request.


Which Shopify Plan Is Best For Me?

In Conclusion

The information about pricing plans above will help you to know basically how many plans Shopify offers, their prices, and their roles. Hope you can find the most suitable plan to start and grow your business with Shopify.

If you are still not sure, please check and get more useful information in two blog posts: Shopify vs. Shopify Plus (2023 Comparison) or Which Shopify Plan Should I Choose? 



shineapps is a content writer originally from Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Law University but found her interest in writing. Having 4 years of experience in the E-commerce field, she embarked upon a career as a Shopify content planner. She loves to help clients expand their online presence and mushroom fictional business ideas.

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