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Have A Buy One Get One Sale To Improve Your Sales

Have A Buy One Get One Sale To Improve Your Sales

Who doesn’t love a good deal? When it comes to shopping, there’s something about snagging discounts that really gets our excitement levels up. One such deal that shoppers can’t resist is the “Buy One Get One” (BOGO) sale. Here, we’ll find out the steps to creating a BOGO campaign so that sellers can achieve success.

What is a "Buy One Get One" Sale?

What is a "Buy One Get One" Sale

BOGO, or “Buy One Get One“, is a promotional strategy where customers will receive an extra product for free when they purchase a specific product at the regular price. This strategy can take many different forms, such as “Buy One, Get One Free,” “Buy One Get One 50% Off,” or even “Buy Two Get One Free.” 


The main goal is to encourage customers to buy more products by providing additional value or savings. BOGO usually applies to similar products or the same brand. Customers also find BOGO promotions appealing due to the perception of getting excellent value. Certain buyers go as far as looking for BOGO coupons online before making big purchases!

Benefits of Buy One, Get One

Benefits of Buy One, Get One

The BOGO program benefits both customers and businesses. Let’s find out why businesses choose this advertising strategy:


  • Clear Inventory: The BOGO program is a great way for businesses to clear inventory. If a store has a lot of excess products, offering them in the BOGO program makes it easier to move them off the shelves quickly.
  • Boost Sales Volume: The BOGO promotion is an effective tactic to increase sales. Customers will often buy more products than originally intended due to the preferential value.
  • Attract New Customers: BOGO sales can attract new customers who may be curious about the offer and willing to try the product at a discount.
  • Encourage Larger Purchases: BOGO deals often persuade customers to purchase more than they initially planned. This can result in higher order values and increased revenue for the business.
  • Create Customer Loyalty: By providing BOGO offers, businesses can reward their loyal customers, reinforcing a sense of value and potentially nurturing long-term relationships.
  • Differentiate from Competitors: BOGO program can set a business apart from competitors, especially if the deals are unique or the products offered are appealing to the target audience.
  • Seasonal Marketing: BOGO sales are often used during special occasions, holidays, or clearance events to stimulate buying activity during these periods.
  • Test New Products: Businesses can use BOGO promotions to introduce new products to the market. Offering a deal on a new item can encourage customers to try it without much risk.

5 Types of BOGO Promotions

5 Types of BOGO Promotions

There are five main types of “Buy One, Get One Free” promotions. Each type of BOGO program provides a unique approach to attracting customers and boosting sales, allowing businesses to customize their strategies to meet specific goals and customer preferences.


  1. Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO Free): Customers buy one item at the regular price and get a second item of equal or lesser value for free. This traditional BOGO deal is highly appealing to shoppers.
  2. Buy One, Get One at a Discount (BOGO Discount): Shoppers buy one item at the regular price and receive a discount on a second item of equal or lesser value. This could be a percentage reduction or a fixed amount reduction.
  3. Buy One Get One 50% Off (BOGO 50% Off): Similar to BOGO Discount, but the discount applies to the second item being purchased, usually at 50% off. This entices customers to buy more while saving on the second item.
  4. Buy One, Get One Different Item (BOGO Different Item): Customers purchase a specific item and receive a different item for free or at a discount. This is often used to promote complementary products or introduce new items.
  5. Buy Two Get One Free (BTGO): Shoppers purchase two items and receive a third item for free. This variation encourages larger purchases while rewarding customers with a bonus product.

Tips for Running an Effective BOGO Promotion

Tips for Running an Effective BOGO Promotion

When you decide to run an effective “Buy One, Get One” (BOGO) promotion, there are several tips and tools you can use to create interest and attract customers. Here are some tips to help you successfully implement the BOGO program, combining the use of Product Labels, Product Badges, and Shopify Product Badges:

Utilize Product Labels

Adding labels like “Buy 1 Get 1” or “BOGO Deal” to your products can instantly draw attention to your offer. These labels act as visual cues that help customers easily recognize your BOGO program.

Leverage Product Badges

Integrate special badges onto your products to create a visual focal point for your BOGO offer. You could use badges such as “Free Gift with Purchase” or “BOGO Discount” to create an enticing visual appeal.

Explore Shopify Product Badges

If you use the Shopify platform, take advantage of the Shopify Product Badges feature. These are icons that you can easily add to products to visually display BOGO offers.

Designing Appealing Visuals

When applying a Shopify product label, badge, or badges, make sure that the product image remains vibrant and attractive. The combination of promotional messages and product images will help attract customers’ attention.

Share on Social Media

Once you’ve incorporated labels, badges, or Shopify product badges, remember to share product photos on social networks to announce the BOGO program. This visual representation will stimulate sharing and interaction in the online community.

Clearly Display Information

Make sure all details about your BOGO offer, including its terms, conditions, and duration, are displayed clearly. This clarity ensures that customers understand the offer and can easily participate.

Interact with Customers

If there are questions or comments from customers about the BOGO program, please interact and respond quickly. Dedication and professionalism will make a positive impression.

Monitor The Effectiveness Of The Promotion

Use your sales platform’s tracking or integration tools to track the effectiveness of your BOGO program. This helps you gauge whether your campaign has delivered as expected, so you can make adjustments if needed.


If you are looking for a way to optimize your BOGO program, consider using the ShineTrust app. This is an application that helps businesses implement BOGO programs more easily and effectively. With ShineTrust, you can manage, track, create product labels, product badges, customize your BOGO sales, and provide an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.


In the next part, we’ll guide all of you guys step-by-step to create product labels and BOGO sales in your Shopify store with the ShineTrust app.

How To Add Product Labels to Your Shopify Store

Access the ShineTrust dashboard, scroll down to the Product Badges section, and select “Add Product Badges.” You have three options to add the desired product badge: Text Badge, Image Badge, and Upload Badge.

Method 1: Customize BOGO badges with custom text

On the left-hand side, click on “Text Badge.” Various samples are available for you to choose from. For the BOGO promotion, click choose 50% OFF badges. Select the one that aligns with your store’s style and branding. 

How To Add Product Labels to Your Shopify Store 1 (1)

Method 2: Select BOGO is pre-made

In the “Image Badge” tab, type “Buy 1 Get 1” in the search bar and choose the badges you prefer.

Method 3: BOGO self upload in the "Upload Badge" section

Within this section, you can drag and drop files from your directory or upload your own badges by clicking the “Browse” button. Supported file formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF.

How To Add Product Labels to Your Shopify Store 3

Select one of the three ways you want, then just follow the next steps, and you’re done.

How to Run a BOGO Promotion in An Online Store

Now that you know what a BOGO promotion is and how to best apply it, it’s time for the practical part. To run a successful BOGO promotion in your online business, you must first ensure that your e-commerce platform allows you to provide such discounts.

Step 1: Activate the "Quantity Discount" feature

In the ShineTrust dashboard, activate “Quantity Discount“, and go to the Discount settings.

Active Quantity Discount

Name the Quantity Discount box and set up a compelling Heading.

How to Run a BOGO Promotion in An Online Store 1

Check the box next to the Enable Variations for each item field if your products are adjustable. 

Enable Variations for each item

Step 2: Select Product to display

Then, head to the next section: Select Product to Display. Products can be filtered by collection or product name. Then, tick the product(s) you want to discount.

Select Product to display

Step 3: Save Changes And Publish

Once you’ve added the price tiers, make sure to save the changes. A quantity discount offer for your selected product has been set up and will be visible to customers when they view the product page.

Take it a step further!

Incorporate a countdown timer for that extra sense of urgency.


Implement a minimum purchase requirement to unlock the sale, encouraging larger average order sizes.


Elevate the promotion by transforming it into a Buy X Get Y sale—by increasing the minimum quantity for purchase (X) and/or adjusting the quantity customers receive (Y).

Some Notes for BOGO Promotions

Some Notes for BOGO Promotions

Here are some key points to consider when implementing Buy One Get One promotions:

  • Strategically time your BOGO promotions. Opt for periods like holidays or leading up to significant events such as Black Friday.
  • Provide clear information to customers in advance regarding the terms and conditions of your BOGO deals.
  • Thoughtfully select products that complement each other and resonate with your target audience.
  • Avoid overwhelming customers with too many simultaneous BOGO promotions, as this can lead to confusion.
  • Regularly monitor sales data and adjust your promotions accordingly. If certain products are already selling well, frequent BOGO offers may not be necessary.


The “Buy One Get One” campaign can be a great opportunity for online sellers to generate engagement and increase sales. By following the steps from Shineapps and focusing on the customer experience, you can create a successful BOGO campaign that meets your customers’ expectations. Take this chance to create an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.



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