Vendy Pro Theme – Innovative Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0

Vendy Pro Theme

To make a website seem attractive, there are plenty of designs and templates accessible on the market.


The capacity of a website to be understood and used by its readers is its most important attribute.


The idea is to make it easier for customers to find what they want more quickly and without encountering too many obstacles that can prolong the purchasing process.


On the other side, a vendor faces intense rivalry due to the existence of hundreds of websites.


You may set your websites apart from others by offering shopping preferences and various filters.


So check out Vendy Pro, a versatile Shopify theme for fashion, if you have a business established on Shopify and are seeking a theme or want to alter your present theme.

The In-depth Reviews


Vendy Pro Theme

One of the top designers of Shopify themes, ZEMEZ, is highly known. Any of their items will satisfy your needs. Today, though, we’re concentrating on Vendy Pro, a brand-new Shopify theme for online fashion boutiques. However, although targeted towards fashion firms, this theme is suitable for almost every kind of online store, including start-ups that may not yet have a clear focus. 


Vendy Pro theme is intentionally simple and uncluttered so that you may promote items in the best way possible. Your brand’s colours pop against the generous white background where your clothing, accessories, and other products are tastefully displayed. With its ease of use and simplicity, it honours the user experience.


The main advantage of this theme is that, due to its modern style, it will continue to look stunning ten years from now. 


The best part is that Vendy Pro is one of the most reasonably priced premium themes available, and like other ZEMEZ goods, it has undergone Envato’s quality control. Additionally, it is thoroughly documented and contains all upcoming updates. Pretty neat, right?

Vendy Pro Shopify Theme Highlights

Elegant Layouts for Modern Needs

The versatile Vendy Pro Shopify theme for fashion provides you with ten or more gorgeous homepage layouts. You can tell by the designs that each of these homepage layouts was created by pros. Your site will give you a truly premium look with everything organised, regardless of the layout you select.


The Vendy Pro layouts’ creators kept everything to a minimum while maintaining high standards of excellence. You won’t have to build anything from scratch again thanks to these readymade templates. Your website will be available when you complete the little changes required.


Don’t forget to add your material and photos after that. Add your prices as well, and feel free to utilise stock images. Your website’s additions will have an impact on your sales. Keep a backup of the prior layout and load a fresh demo into Vendy Pro if you ever wish to change your shop type or layout.


Then, with a little magic, your website will be properly prepared for your new company. You won’t need to know any coding to use any layout or modify the theme. Even a novice can launch his business using the Vendy Pro theme because the choices are so simple to utilise.

Powered by the Best eCommerce Platform

One of the most well-known eCommerce systems is Shopify. Due to the SaaS platform’s extreme flexibility, even a novice may easily create their own shop using Shopify. When Shopify Visual Builder powers the Vendy Pro theme, this is made simpler.


By allowing anybody to edit page templates by drag and drop, all website construction challenges are reduced. The versatile Vendy Pro theme, which was created in accordance with the finest Shopify practices, can aid in your company’s speedier growth. You have complete control over your product pages, lookbook fashion, website traffic, client information, and anything else.


If you decide to add more to your website in the future, you may do so without worrying because Vendy Pro pledges to update often.


At this time, a normal licence for Vendy Pro costs $58 on ThemeForest. Early bird pricing for Vendy Pro is $16.50; however, this deal is only available for a limited period. Customer service from ZEMEZ is provided for six months. For an extra $1.50, you may increase this assistance to a 12-month commitment. The ordinary licence allows you to use Vendy Pro in a single store.

What’s Good About the Vendy Pro Shopify Theme?

  • This Shopify theme is very flexible in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and user experience and comes with a tonne of layout options by default. With Vendy Pro, you can quickly change your store’s colour, backdrop, fonts, and other features.
  • Maintaining your website’s content is quite simple. The theme update icon must be clicked to get the constantly appearing updates.
  • Vendy Pro is multifunctional and offers extensive customizability without coding.
  • Additionally, this Shopify theme is incredibly mobile-friendly and is viewable on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Additionally, everything in Vendy Pro is created and engineered to help your online business grow while saving you time and money.


Product Badges

Vendy Pro Theme only provides a few badges, such as New, Sold Out, and Sale, that are suitable for the majority of businesses. Badges typically include slogans and short, basic words.


Product Labels – ShineTrust, on the other hand, allows you to swiftly and simply customise product badges for your items. You are free to upload whatever type of badge you like, and ShineTrust offers hundreds of images and dozens of text badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Vendy Pro Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

You undoubtedly want to launch your internet business as soon as you can. How do you do that? Make sure you choose the appropriate eCommerce platform before anything else. Second, select a theme from a reputable vendor that is packed with plenty of features to make your job easier.


Shopify has thus far proven to be highly attention-worthy. As of right now, a large group of people recognise it as the best eCommerce option. Additionally, Shopify works with all payment methods and different currencies with ease. It offers adaptable wishlists, shopping carts, and product filters that enable anybody to customise stores as they see fit. Additionally, this platform is helpful to Houzz, Amazon, eBay, etc.


Additionally, the Shopify Builder for visual page editing is compatible with the versatile Vendy Pro fashion theme. By enabling website customization without touching a line of code, this tool may help beginners and even seasoned web designers save time. By dragging the parts you need and placing them in the appropriate locations on a page, you may, for instance, complete the process of setting up and maintaining a website.


Vendy Pro has a number of built-in connectors, much like many top-tier premium Shopify themes, making it simpler to increase the functionality of your business.


Floatton is the first integration it makes. Hura created this floating button app. Sticky floating link buttons may be made to increase website users’ access to your content and social media accounts. The basic appearance of Vendy Pro and its emphasis on use are well complemented by this functionality.


Second, Vendy Pro connects the Facebook chat widget with your store by integrating with Hura’s FB Messenger app. You can receive messages from website visitors, and you’ll find them in your Facebook Messenger Inbox.


Naturally, Vendy Pro also interfaces with all the big payment processors, such as Amazon, eBay, and Houzz, as well as all the major social networks and contemporary browsers.

Fully Responsive

Vendy Pro is totally responsive, just like every other Shopify theme worth its salt. As a result, you and the users of your website may see your online store in all its splendour and with great usability on every platform or device.


It’s compatible with all the main web browsers, as we’ve already said, and it’s light enough to load rapidly on both computers and mobile devices. In reality, Vendy Pro received an A in both tests, scoring 91 on PageSpeed and 93 on GTmetric.


This theme’s responsiveness also enables you to build retina-ready shops!

The Design

Vendy pro Theme - Homepage

Without a doubt, choosing the finest Shopify theme for your shop requires careful consideration of design. 


We’ve already spoken about how adaptable the Vendy Pro theme is. Any fashion brand may present its items successfully and beautifully. You don’t need to know how to code to customise Vendy Pro to suit your company’s needs because it leverages the Shopify Visual Builder.


Vendy Pro also offers a selection of ready-made templates and layouts, which you may browse and utilise as needed to expand its design choices.


These consist of:

  • Keep an eye out for that! There are ten pre-made homepage layouts, with more to come! Each webpage was created with general-purpose eCommerce retailers like clothing and accessory shops in mind.
  • A collection of preset stock images that have been carefully chosen to represent the fashion industry.
  • Five templates for listing pages
  • Five layouts for product pages
  • Two examples of an About Us page
  • Two templates for collection pages
  • Three different pop-up newsletter designs
  • Pages on fashion blogs
  • A stylish lookbook page. Visitors may focus on certain aspects of your product photographs with this stunningly contemporary and minimalist template. Consider the fashionable jacket your model is donning!


As you can tell from this list, the theme offers individualised pop-ups that urge users to:


  • Add-to-cart
  • A shopping cart
  • Sign up for your newsletters.
  • View the product quickly

SEO and Speed optimisation

The Vendy Pro theme is a beautiful work of art. You might be concerned that witnessing Vendy Pro’s beauty would make your page load more slowly. But fear not; Vendy Pro claims to load quicker on every device and ensures reliable performance despite the numerous adjustments. Your website won’t take a long time to load for your visitors.


Vendy Pro’s theme developers have maintained well-organized code from the start. The entire theme has been designed to provide you with the most SEO advantages possible. With a little work, this theme will help your website rank higher.

10 Ready-Made Homepages

Vendy pro Theme - Home

Additionally, you may utilise the Vendy Pro Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion, which comes with 10 homepage templates. Each of them features a high-end, minimalistic style with limitless formatting choices. The best part is that they not only work with basic clothing and accessory stores but also with any general-purpose eCommerce speciality. Additionally, their numbers will grow.


You may substantially reduce your time investment while setting up a business thanks to these pre-styled home pages. Simply pick the one you like the best and add your items to make it your own. After that, don’t forget to add eye-catching pictures and clear captions to liven things up. Add pricing as well. Additionally, feel free to utilise the standard stock images. Each one has been chosen with care to capture the spirit of fashion.

Mobile-First Design

Vendy pro Theme - Mobile

Forget having separate mobile site versions. Save time and money right away by forgoing further mobile designs and expansions. Identify the finest Shopify theme that is responsive to mobile devices. Better yet, take a closer look at what we have to offer. 


Vendy Pro, however, is an alternative Shopify fashion theme with a retina-ready, responsive design. By relying on it, you’ll avoid several issues and obtain a seamless, adaptable design. As a consequence, everyone who visits your website may make a purchase there. Furthermore, it will continue to be appealing regardless of the gadgets people like. On every screen, the goods or services you’re selling will seem like what you’d want. Additionally, your eCommerce site’s pages will load quickly on all contemporary devices.

Listings of products and grids

Vendy Pro offers a selection of pre-made product listings and product pages. The inclusion of size-chart popups and pages that let you show your apparel measurements is Vendy Pro’s most distinguishing feature. Customers can now find the ideal size with ease thanks to this. Additionally, it needs to lower the quantity of client returns.


Vendy pro Theme - Blog

You may utilise a variety of readymade layouts from Blogging Vendy Pro for your blog entries. Simply select the layout you like, then enter the information. It’s that easy! The best location to share news about your business, staff, and goods is on your blog. Every blog design adheres to the same basic, contemporary Vendy Pro aesthetic.

Modern MegaMenu

Vendy pro Theme - Menu

Any menu may be handled with Vendy Pro. Vendy Pro can design intricate mega menus with several connections and product categories, enabling users to discover what they’re searching for in a flash. Your menus can incorporate banner ads for discounts, featured goods, and photos.

Ajax Live Search

Vendy Pro has Ajax Live Search, which enables customers to look for items, blog entries, and ideas instantly from the convenience of their homepage.

Wishlist Function

Vendy pro Theme - Wishlist

A customer may indicate their intent to buy but not really complete the transaction. A customer may also find a product fascinating and want to learn more about it later.


Users may store a list of these goods on their wish lists so they can discover them quickly the next time they visit your website.


Your business website has to offer a variety of versions for various regions and language options so that users may move between languages. And this is what makes it unique compared to other websites.

Risk Reducers

The icing on the cake will be to tempt potential customers and offer a few solid risk reducers at this stage, including free shipping and return incentives.

Symbols for Various Payment Systems

Typically, payment service icons are present at the page’s bottom. This quickly alerts your clients to the payment options you offer. For the convenience of the consumer, every payment option is listed.


Vendy Pro boasts of having time-saving features built right in because it is based on Shopify Visual Builder. It is completely drag-and-drop, to start. Second, you don’t have to search for numerous widgets and apps because they are available. You may use these tools to create slideshows, side panels, contact forms, social networking connections, and a range of other features that users might find helpful.

Sitemap, Privacy Policy, and Conditions

The standard documents and the sitemap could be listed at the page’s bottom. It will constantly safeguard your data and shield you from security lapses.

Live Chat Option

Live chat services are now available on many e-commerce websites. However, competent management and skills are required for live chat deployment and upkeep.

Vendy ProTheme Shopify - Customer Support

Never assume you are alone in trouble if you ever experience it. In order to prevent confusion, the Vendy Pro multipurpose Shopify theme includes thorough documentation. You may count on help from the Zemez technical team if that is insufficient. All of your questions on how to do it will be answered for free.


You immediately receive six months of assistance when you buy Vendy Pro. You must contribute $1.50 to get assistance for an additional year. For what you receive, the pricing is quite inexpensive.


Vendy Pro is a versatile, simple Shopify theme that can be used for a wide range of shops. The most recent fashion trends and content-rich themes are all available with this attractive theme. The Vendy Pro Shopify Theme offers a tonne of customization possibilities, so you may personalise your website as you wish.


Additionally, it gives you a tonne of features at a very low cost. Vendy Pro is unquestionably a theme that is worth checking out at $19 in pricing. You will adore it, I’m willing to bet. What do you think, then? Please tell us which aspect of Vendy Pro caught your eye.