Testament Theme – The Supreme Shopify Theme for Stores Seeking a High-End Look


It is thought that selecting the ideal Shopify theme for the website will increase its chances of success. The fact that the first impression matters whenever we visit a website serves as evidence that they are correct. The owner must leave a lasting impression on the client in order to capture their interest. According to reports, 38% of online shoppers will leave a website immediately if it is too ugly. Therefore, online website owners constantly work to improve the website’s appearance in order to improve the user experience.

As a result, the Shopify Theme Store offers 73 exquisitely created themes. This also applies to the 1.75 million owners of Shopify eCommerce stores. You can also use other resources, like ThemeForest, to get the theme you want. However, selecting a theme from these sources that best fits your website can be challenging.

One of the top Shopify themes, Testament, is what we’ll be introducing to you on this topic. Scroll down to find out what it is!

The In-depth Reviews


Testament Theme - Shopify

One of the most well-known and popular Shopify themes is called Testament. With a straightforward setup that enables you to instantly enable or disable any required segment, this template provides a variety of options for many businesses in any industry. This ECommerce template also offers a wide variety of customization options.

You can choose from 4 presets in the Testament Shopify theme, each with a unique vibe. By modifying the theme, and then selecting the presets section of your store admin, you can easily buy it and switch it.

As with any Shopify theme, the simplicity of code modification for those with little experience may result in some amazing designs and layouts so that they can make adjustments that are unique to them and in line with their goals and styles, which are not central to the theme.

Testament Shopify Theme Highlights



Great for

Fashion industry

Theme Style

Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, and Deliverance



Ideal For

We are Underground

Who is Testament for?

The fashion sector, which makes up the majority of the 12,000 Shopify businesses utilising Testament, benefits the most from elegance.

As was already noted, Testament gives the store’s aesthetics a lot of attention. Therefore, Testament is for you if you need to convey a tale visually, have a vast collection, or want to showcase your items from the finest perspectives. Additional examples of niches that work well with this premium theme are shown below:

  • Clothing and jewellery
  • Agencies for interior design
  • Art museums
  • The print-on-demand industry
  • Authentic artisanal works
  • Green shops
  • Home Furnishings
  • Gardening

Shopify Theme Pricing

Testament is currently priced at $300.

Testament Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



This theme features an excellent and contemporary design.

Unlimited free trial period, but you must make a one-time payment.

The excellent performance of this Shopify theme’s quickness is evident.

The configuration of this theme’s limitless features may take some time.

As indicated earlier, Testament is appropriate for a range of online shops.

Clear and comprehensive directions.

Dependable customer service staff.

There are several themes with features and functions.

Testament Shopify Theme Presets

The Testament Theme for Shopify comes with four styles to choose from, giving you a spotless and modern style that contrasts with most of the other Shopify themes.

The Shopify theme Testament offers four different style options, giving you a clean, contemporary look that stands out from the majority of the other Shopify themes. 

  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Revelation
  • Deliverance


Testament Theme - Home 1

With a precise combination of products that allows you to spend less time categorising the products, the Testament’s Genesis theme style is a dependable theme for the fashion industry.  


Testament Theme - Home 2

The Exodus theme style from Testament was created with retailers who need a conversion-focused Shopify store in mind.


Testament Theme - Home 3

A brand-new and stylish swimwear Shopify theme with outstanding features and classic styling is available under the Testament’s Revelation theme style.


Testament Theme - Home 4

There are many different ways to customise the Deliverance theme style from Testament for Shopify stores.

Testament Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The Shopify theme Testament provides users with a host of advantages. Create an online store using Shopify, which is highly customizable and enables you to align the look and feel of your store with your brand, to get started. Additionally, Testament has a built-in sales page builder that makes it simple to make pages that convert well.

Additionally, the Testament Shopify Theme has a tonne of features like social media integration and a responsive design that are intended to boost traffic and conversion rates. In the end, Testament is a seriously potent Shopify theme that can assist you in expanding your company.

The Testament Shopify theme’s most notable features are described in more detail below.

100% Responsive Design

  • Testament is a simple, contemporary Shopify theme that is completely responsive. This means that it will display well on every screen, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Tonnes of Features and Functionalities

There are several features and functionalities included in Testament. It comes with a built-in Testament Customizer, which enables you to completely alter your Testament theme to meet your brand. Additionally, it has the Testament Page Builder, which makes constructing lovely Shopify theme store pages simple and enjoyable.

And if that weren’t enough, the theme Shopify also comes with a Mega Menu that lets you easily design beautiful menus. Therefore, Testament is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking a theme that includes all the features you need to build a stunning Shopify business.

Notes cart on a slide

Testament Theme - Cart

A successful business, both online and offline, is built on an increasing conversion rate. Therefore, you should give the checkout process top priority.

Did you know that up to 69.82% of carts are abandoned at the last step? 17% of those who do this do so because the checkout process is simply too difficult, 13% do so as a result of website errors, and up to 24% do so because they simply wanted to make a purchase without creating an account.

For their Shopify stores, merchants can now easily design a simple, streamlined checkout process using Testament. Customers can view their purchases using the slide-out cart without leaving the collection page or opening a new tab; they simply need to check the cart briefly, click to hide it, and then carry on browsing.

Customers can also add messages for you to the cart. Offering product adjustments or being flexible with shipment is quite advantageous in the eyes of the customer.

Multi-Column Menu

Testament Theme - Menu

One of the most well-liked Shopify themes available right now is Testament and for good reason. The multi-column dropdown menu is among its many essential features. It is very simple to use. Customers are more likely to locate what they’re looking for and make a purchase when using this convenient menu to explore your business.

Product Page

Testament Theme - Product

You have several options for how to show product variations on your product page and highlight product sections when using the Testament Shopify theme. Additionally, you may decide whether to show a dropdown menu or swatch buttons. On your Shopify store, you can also change the colour swatch’s visibility to show colour-specific iconography or the colour’s name in the text. 

Additionally, you may decide whether the colour swatches should be round, square, or rectangular. Therefore, the Testament theme may display your product versions however you choose.

Social Media Integration

A strong Shopify theme called Testament makes it simple to promote and sell your items on social media. With built-in compatibility for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the Testament Shopify shop theme makes it simple to share your items with your fans. Additionally, you can use Testament to design stunning product pages that showcase your goods in all their splendour. 

End-to-end support

The Testament includes voluminous documents as well as entertaining animations and video tutorials.

One of the most crucial factors in selecting a suitable Shopify theme is the developer’s support.

And this is not just a theme from the Old Testament. If you believe We Are Underground, you can find a few general guides for every theme they have created.

Designed with a huge picture and collection display in mind

Testament Theme - huge pic

This might be considered the key component of the Testament theme. Testament effectively displays crisp product images across your business. For a more dynamic and colourful vibe, you can use a full-width banner or arrange photographs side by side.

Additionally, you can adjust the picture sizes and apply space between photos more effectively display items because it is designed for Shopify businesses with large collections. Of course, placing too many images in a row will make it appear crowded, especially when viewed on a mobile device.

Quick shop

Testament Theme - Quick shop

A website visitor must have a positive user experience (UX) in order to become a paying customer. Not everybody has a lot of free time. Sometimes a visitor already knows what they want, so all they need is a quick online shopping experience to select the product that looks the best.

Additionally, “quick shop” is a fantastic tool for facilitating this browsing behaviour. The Testament theme will offer a little “Quick shop” button when your mouse hovers over a specific item. Clicking on this button will take you to a sidebar that pulls out to reveal the item’s main picture, along with a colour swatch, quantity customization, and an “Add to Cart” button. Everything needed to make a purchase is available.

Customers have the option to click to access more information, including product descriptions, policies, and other suggestions, should their brief glance at the item catch their attention.

Cross-selling and recommendations

Testament Theme - Recomm

You may encourage customers to make more purchases by making recommendations. The theme will display relevant goods when a visitor is checking out an item, as was just explained before.

Set the social network settings to suit your tastes. To add content to your social media accounts, type links in the spaces under the Account heading. The whole URL can be easily copied and pasted.


You can display your high-quality photographs all around your Shopify store using Testament’s many themes. You may showcase a full-width slideshow of your collections on the homepage.

A parallax scrolling effect can make subsequent scrolling a more enjoyable browsing experience.

To give a sense of fullness to your business, you may also include image galleries. If you have a blog to help with promotion, you can connect those photos to your posts or put them directly on the main page for faster access.

Last but not least, you can add a tonne of effects to your photos, like zoom on hover and rollover. That will undoubtedly give your Shopify store design new energy.

Collection Bar

Use the sidebar to enable the collection-specific information showcase on your collection page.

Sticky Navigation

As you navigate to the top of your website, your navigation panel is connected. When online buyers wish to move to another section without scrolling up, it is convenient.

Colour swatches

Testament Theme - color

It will assist in highlighting available products by displaying colour swatches on your product items and collection pages.

Specialised product filtration

Testament Theme - Filter

One of the standout features is the option for shoppers to sort goods by brand, type, colour, or size on the collection page.

Collection Bar

By selecting a YouTube or Vimeo video, you can see how your tale is told.

Is Testament a Good Shopify Theme?

If you’re searching for a new Shopify theme, you might be considering Testament. Here is what we had to say about the Testament Shopify theme.


For companies like fashion or jewellery shops that sell items with plenty of photos, the Testament Shopify theme is a fantastic option. Customers will find it simple to explore and buy your items because of the theme’s clear, minimalist style. It also has a number of features, including an integrated order form and support for product reviews that may boost conversions.

The Testament Shopify theme’s lack of an integrated blog is one drawback. As a result, you’ll either need to install a separate blogging programme or use Shopify’s blogging platform if you want to add a blog to your business. However, given that it gives you greater control over the look and feel of your site, this isn’t always a negative thing.

Overall, we believe that shops selling goods with plenty of photographs should consider using the Testament Shopify theme. However, you might want to pick a different alternative if you’re searching for a theme with a blog already built in.

Paper Shopify Theme Support

You should find out what type of help is provided before altering your theme. Support is offered if the developer’s documentation does not sufficiently explain to users how to make simple adjustments to already-existing features.

As a result, it is not recommended (for free) to add additional features to the theme. If there is something that will enhance your store and should be included in the theme, please feel free to submit a feature request.


One of the most well-liked Shopify themes is Testament. It is quite adaptable, has a simple layout, and is simple to use. With additional features like a built-in blog, social media connections, and support for different languages, the Testament Shopify Theme is a great option for online retailers. Overall, Testament is a fantastic option for any business owner using Shopify who wants a strong and user-friendly theme.