Taste Theme – Ideal For Unique Items And Striking Branding

Taste Theme

A fantastic tool for promoting your bottled food and beverage products is the Taste Shopify theme. This free Shopify theme is perfect for you if your business deals in the distribution of delicious beverages and colourful foods.

Aspects like an image slider and social networking icons add to the design’s modern and chic appearance.

Creating a web storefront is a great way to increase both your customer base and the visibility of your brand. But it’s not simple to find a lovely theme to build your website with.

For those who work in the food and beverage industries and want to launch an online store, the new Taste Shopify theme is ideal. A brand-new and free Shopify theme called The Online Store 2.0 makes features available that weren’t previously available on the platform.

The Taste Shopify theme is a great option if your store is on a tighter budget but you still want to give customers a lively environment and draw their attention to specific products.

We’ll discuss the theme’s product highlights, flaws, and pricing in our Taste Shopify theme review.

The In-depth Reviews



Shopify has released a special theme called the Taste Shopify theme that was created especially for the food and beverage industry with their new free Online Store 2.0 theme.

A sleek, contemporary theme with lots of customization options is the Taste Shopify theme. You can add eye-catching flourishes to your product descriptions using the Taste Shopify theme, such as bold headlines, industrial typefaces, thin strokes, and contrasting colour schemes.

Such care for the little things can make your products stand out in a crowded market. The good news is that you can benefit from these cutting-edge features without knowing how to code.

Compared to other free themes, it uploads products a lot faster. Each template contains 25 editable placeholders, giving you lots of room to produce original designs. Books, beverages, pet supplies, games, and toys all fit this theme well.

Despite the fact that the blog section of the Taste Shopify theme doesn’t offer many features, it is still one of the better free theme options due to its bold, straightforward appearance and simplicity of use.

The Taste Shopify theme makes use of a broad layout to call attention to the highlighted content. Use this area to draw attention to the products solely through stunning visual design, or add some in-depth explanations to the products.

The benefits Taste can offer your online store include the following:

  • Customers will feel more secure in their purchases if product cards are bigger, have special interest features, and are customised.
  • To catch the attention of customers who are on the go, use high-contrast colours, thin lines, and business-like fonts.

Taste Shopify Theme – Key Characteristics:

  • created especially for clear, crisp photos;
  • Customization of style and layout;
  • Enhanced for editorial use;
  • Proved to be fast and reliable.

Taste Shopify Theme Highlights





Ideal For

Food and beverages, restaurant

Best Suited for Niches

The Refresh Shopify theme is simple and has few features for Food and beverages, or restaurants.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

eCommerce stores with any size categories

Taste Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



Flexible and roomy layout

It can be challenging to modify your checkout process

Style and layout choices that are malleable

Show that your product is high-quality


Taste Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

If you select the Taste Shopify theme, your online store will have a chic and modern appearance.

It has a tonne of helpful features, such as user-defined navigation, mobile friendliness, and a simple setup. E-commerce statistics and integration with the Shopify checkout system are features of the theme.

However, there have been complaints about Taste’s customer service. The Taste Shopify theme is still a wise choice for small and new businesses.

Taste is a stunning, feature-rich, and incredibly customizable theme. It has been considered by various types of stores. The full-screen slider, search auto-completion, and other innovative features will astound your customers.

Email Signup

A place where visitors can enter their email addresses and sign up for your newsletter or marketing emails should be included. In the back end of your Shopify store, a new account is created for each new subscriber when they sign up.

Where the desktop version of the banner to register for emails will appear is up to you. You have the choice of going up, down, to the middle, or to the left, right, or centre.

Some of the images are hidden in the text box’s desktop version. The caption is displayed below the image in the mobile layout.

Contact Form

Taste Theme - Contact

The customer’s email address connected to your store will receive all submissions made through your contact form. You can change the sender’s address on the Store information page in the Shopify admin.

Comment, Email (required), Name, and Phone are the fields on the form.


Taste Theme - Recipes

You can use the free Taste Shopify theme if you own a company that sells food or beverages. This colourful Shopify layout is perfect for telling a story with images.

Although you can write about anything there, the blog space is intended for posts about food.

Taste offers a straightforward yet flexible platform for publishing blog posts, whether they are how-to manuals, autobiographical tales, or product descriptions. You can easily add products to your article by using the add-to-cart and instant purchase buttons.

Product FAQ

You can better explain your product to potential customers and distinguish it from the competition by including a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your website.

By responding to frequently asked questions and concerns, you can inform website visitors about the benefits of your product and persuade them to buy from you.

This is particularly important when marketing novel or feature-rich products to the general public. Answering frequently asked questions will help customers understand your product and determine whether it’s a good fit for them.

About Us

Taste Theme - About

An “About Us” section is a great way to humanise your business and establish rapport with customers through the content of your online store.

Include information about the people who will be purchasing from you in your “About Us” section if you want people to use your services.

The “About Us” page doesn’t have to contain every detail about your business, but you should consider including the following.


You can create collections to make it easier for customers to find particular products. When you have assembled a collection, you can display it on your e-commerce website by designing a specific webpage for it that includes a gallery showing every item that is part of the collection.

Your customers can then click on an individual product’s image on the collection page to be directed to that item’s page.

It’s a great idea to include a navigation menu with links directly to collections to make it simpler for customers to browse through various categories. The collection page layout and structure are entirely dependent on the selected theme.

Product Pages

Taste Theme - Product Pages

Every product page by default includes a section with Product recommendations and Product information.

Select the side of the product media that will be displayed. For mobile devices, the content position is already optimised; this change only affects desktop browsers.

Engaging Cart

Taste Theme - Cart

A small shopping cart page descends from the top of the screen when a customer adds something to their cart.

The items in the mini cart are listed here, along with their prices and a “compare at price” button, the sum, and a text box where you can enter any information you want customers to read while they shop.

The mini cart allows your customers to browse and purchase simultaneously without leaving the page. The cart will also open when you move the mouse pointer over the shopping cart icon.

Predict Search

The Taste Shopify theme includes a number of noteworthy features. One of these widgets is predictive search. You might already be familiar with how this widget works. Here is the answer to your question about what the heck it does.

Your customers will value the streamlined experience that this feature offers by quickly narrowing their options.

The widget makes your website more user-friendly and professional-looking, two features that visitors will unquestionably appreciate.

Outlining what they should look for saves your customers time, which improves engagement and lowers bounce rates.

Product Filtering

Customers can specify various parameters for their product search, such as category, price, popularity, and more.

In the demo store, colour swatches can be used as a filtering tool.

Default Menus

Customers can always access the header and footer menus of your online store. You can add, remove, or modify any of the menu items in the default menus of your online store.

Main Menu

The primary navigation bar for the online store is displayed consistently throughout the website. Usually, the main menu will be displayed as a vertical list in a sidebar or as a horizontal list spanning the height of the header.

A submenu can be added to any of the main menu items. A drop-down menu is a list of choices that can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding item in the main menu.

To categorise related content like articles, posts, policies, goods, and collections, use drop-down menus.

You can organise your products into collections if you have a lot of them, and you can access those collections from a drop-down menu on the homepage if you have a lot of products. This can help a shopper quickly find the ideal products for their needs.

The Footer Menu

Usually, a horizontal list of links makes up the footer menu. Customers will probably use the footer menu to search if they want to learn more about your return policy or how to contact you.


With a variety of design options and customization options, the Taste Shopify theme gives you the flexibility to modify its appearance to meet the preferences and needs of your business.

Add or remove sections and blocks to customise the appearance to your liking.

Since the release of version 2.0 of the online store, the appearance of the shop’s themes can now be changed without having to modify the code.

The inclusion of sections and blocks is one of Shopify 2.0’s main advantages. You can alter the design of the pages in your store to better suit your requirements by including the appropriate sections and blocks.

Theme Pricing And Updates

Taste is a free Shopify theme that costs nothing. It was made by Shopify. It’s an adaptable Shopify theme that works well for both new companies and well-known brands.

Shopify Theme Support

If you’re setting up an online business for the first time, you’ll have a lot of questions. It is best to have support available in case you have any trouble with the theme.

To contact support for a store, sign into your Shopify account.

To keep your shop running effectively, it’s also crucial to deal with problems as soon as they appear. Therefore, the quality of the developer’s Refresh theme support service is equally vital when selecting a free Shopify theme.


The aesthetic appeal and practical layout of your Shopify store will be key factors in determining its success. It is what sets your store apart from the many others that potential customers peruse each day.

This means that in order for your Shopify storefront to appear polished and professional, you must give it the attention it requires. It’s a widespread misconception that, in order to operate a profitable online store, you must spend a small fortune on a premium Shopify theme. Frequently, the opposite is true!

One of Shopify’s other well-liked free themes, Taste, adopts a minimalist design aesthetic, but one that is perhaps more daring and colourful. 

By using bold, eye-catching typefaces and contrasting colours, stores can use this technique to draw customers’ attention to specific products.