Symmetry Theme – Your Perfect Answer for a Great Online Store!


Anyone seeking a simple and contemporary style may consider the Symmetry Shopify Theme. It’s ideal for online shops that offer clothes, jewellery, or other things that need to seem fashionable. The theme has a tonne of features that will let you build your store exactly as you want it, including responsive design, support for numerous currencies, multiple layout choices, and more. Additionally, you can get started quickly with the Symmetry Shopify Theme’s outstanding documentation and ease of use.

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Symmetry Theme - Shopify

The Symmetry Theme is a Shopify theme made to assist you in building an online store with a polished appearance. A drag and drop interface, pre-designed websites, and support for several languages are just a few of the features that make it simple to get started. On the Shopify website, you can also discover a variety of useful tutorials that will guide you through the process of setting up your store and utilising the Symmetry Theme.

The Symmetry Theme’s main features are as follows:

  • Slideshow
  • Long-form home page
  • Multiple-level menu
  • Reorderable home page rows
  • Quick Buy
  • Multiple-column menu


Symmetry Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Beatnik, Chantilly, Duke, and Salt Yard

Sitewide feature

Top Selling Theme; Make an Impact – Drive Sales; and Help Buyers Convert

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

Symmetry The Shopify theme was made to succeed. It is simply industry neutral, honed flawlessly across all crucial aspects of eCommerce sites, and suitable for practically all items. The theme works well for fashion (clothing, accessories, footwear, watches, bags, jewellery, and others), home decor, sunglasses, electronics, outdoor & sports, winterwear, tools & accessories, kidswear, food & beverages, kitchenware, custom products, specialised products, and other items.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

Symmetry was created specifically for retailers with medium to large catalogue sizes. However, the Duke and Salt Yard settings of the theme may be customised to meet the requirements of Shopify businesses with low inventory levels, even those with just one product.

Symmetry Shopify Theme Pricing

The price structure for the Symmetry Theme for Shopify enables you to thoroughly explore and assess the theme before buying.

You have plenty of time to decide whether the Shopify theme satisfies your needs and expectations because it comes with an unlimited free trial. When you launch your online store, that’s when you simply need to pay for the theme. 

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Symmetry Theme

The Symmetry theme is a fantastic selection for Shopify users. It’s ideal for online retailers thanks to its simple, elegant appearance. Before buying the theme, there are a few things to keep in mind.



Extremely contemporary design and typography choices.

At $340 for a single use, the price is a tad on the high side.

Includes all necessary features for creating a cutting-edge, conversion-focused eCommerce store.

Lacks elements like the Countdown timer and Sales notifications

Valid for page load times and performs astonishingly well.

One of the best Shopify themes for shops with a focus on fashion.

Ideal subject matter for a visual narrative.

Unlimited FREE trials and FREE theme updates are supported.

Symmetry Theme Presets

There are four primary variations of the Symmetry theme for Shopify: Beatnik, Chantilly, Duke, and Salt Yard. You may select the look and feel that best represents your brand because each type has a distinctive appearance.


Symmetry Theme - Home 1

The Symmetry Beatnik theme style captures a sense of class and refinement for your online fashion business by being the pinnacle of clean and minimalist design. This design provides a clean and contemporary vibe that appeals to fashion-conscious customers with its concentration on product photos and neutral colour palette.

For fashion boutiques, home décor shops, and lifestyle companies, the Beatnik aesthetic is perfect for exhibiting visually attractive and clean items. By letting your fashion collections stand out and making a lasting impact on style-conscious clients, their understated yet sophisticated design enhances the overall appearance of your business.

Additionally, the Beatnik theme configuration enables you to showcase your items with panache and charm, luring discriminating fashion fans and differentiating your shop.


Symmetry Theme - Home 2

The Chantilly theme design emanates a feeling of contemporary refinement and elegance. Visitors are left with a lasting impression of this online store’s slick and sophisticated design features. Chantilly exudes a modern, premium atmosphere because of its sleek lines, simple design, and elegant colour scheme.

Businesses that appreciate a modern, polished appearance, such as high-end apparel merchants, luxury home goods stores, and skincare and beauty enterprises, can use this approach. Additionally, Chantilly gives your online business a sense of sophistication that makes it stand out and leave a positive impression on your clients.


Symmetry Theme - Home 3

Making a forceful statement and sticking out from the crowd are key components of the Duke theme style. Duke gives off a rebellious and adventurous atmosphere that grabs attention and makes a lasting impact because of its striking design components.

The theme has edgy and unusual layouts, eye-catching typeface selections, and an attention-grabbing colour scheme.

For companies that wish to stand out and convey their identities, Duke is the ideal choice. It works effectively for brands that seek to deviate from conventional norms, creative sectors, and specialised markets.

Duke gives you the ideal platform to show off your ideas and have a significant influence, whether you’re a streetwear company, a music festival director, or an avant-garde artist.

Salt Yard

Symmetry Theme - Home 4

Visitors to your online store will have a warm and engaging experience thanks to the Salt Yard theme style. It exudes a cosy, inviting atmosphere that grabs interest and piques curiosity right away. Salt Yard attracts customers in and leads them through your items and information with its seamless blend of eye-catching aesthetics and simple navigation.

It’s ideal for companies that want to make an impact and deeply engage with their audience. Whether you’re in the food and beverage sector, tourism and hospitality, or any other company that wishes to create a sense of adventure and discovery, Salt Yard provides the perfect platform. 

Symmetry Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

One of the Shopify themes with the most flexibility for modification is Symmetry. The template has four exceptionally adaptable and distinctive presets and offers settings to develop breathtakingly wonderful stores across a variety of specialisations. The theme also includes some of the most high-end eCommerce capabilities, making it simple to construct a futuristic store that can also be a lethal selling machine. Any capability you can think of will be shown in front of you with the Symmetry theme.


Symmetry Theme - Home 1
  • The Symmetry theme incorporates elements of modern buying habits and has several gorgeously designed home page layouts.
  • It has a full-width header section with room for the hero graphics or video, and supporting CTAs.
  • Contains a portion of the menu that is noticeably contemporary, backed by a giant menu (inside menu promotions), a search bar, an announcement bar with CTAs, clever menu titles, and social and account symbols.
  • Featuring strong message & connecting possibilities, supports many divisions to highlight prominent collections and goods.
  • There are many places to put featured goods, high-resolution images to accompany them, listing style, colour swatches, hover effects, product & sale badges, discount information, quick buy, quick view, and other things.
  • Included a variety of product videos and graphic parts for brand marketing and instruction.
  • Includes beautifully designed blog pages that encourage conversion for efficient content marketing.
  • Provides distinct sections on the main page for blogs and their highlighted high-resolution photographs.
  • Has a sophisticated footer area that facilitates in-store pickups, map integration, branding, fast links, currency & nation selection, email signups, highlighted collections, and more.

Collection Pages

Symmetry Theme - Collection
  • The Harmony One of the most cutting-edge sets of Collection pages is available in the Shopify theme.
  • Each collection page features a header section that is accompanied by images, videos, and strong call-to-actions.
  • A variety of grid-based product listing formats (from compact to wide).
  • Supports the most sophisticated filters and sorters needed for the best possible product discovery.
  • High-resolution photos, transitional effects, product pages, sales badges, trust badges, fast buy, and other features are all included in the product listing.
  • Additionally, each product listing offers product zoom, product rollover, and a picture slide show.
  • Specialised quick-buy page design with slide-out modern product page.

Product Pages

Symmetry Theme - Product
  • The product page layout for the Symmetry theme on the market demonstrates its advantages in terms of conversion.
  • The theme features a collection of product page layouts that are very contemporary.
  • The page has beautiful product photography and typography, as well as organised highlighted photos and videos with thumbnails in contrast.
  • Supports a wide range of variation choices, including sizing charts, brand links, colour and text samples, and variant selections.
  • Contains sections for accordion-based product tabs, product descriptions, similar goods (with colour swatches), and more.
  • The Symmetry theme also supports prescription-only items.
  • There are many spaces for banner ads and movies on the product page layouts.
  • Stock counters, discount information, blue light filtering, shopping icons, and other features are among the additional functions.


A dynamic slideshow function is included in the Shopify Symmetry theme, giving fashion retailers a strong tool to attract their audience. By showing several aesthetically beautiful product or brand photographs on the homepage, the slideshow fascinates visitors as soon as they land on the website.

In the quick-changing world of fashion, aesthetic appeal is crucial. Fashion firms may present their most recent collections, cutting-edge designs, and brand graphics in an eye-catching way using the slideshow feature of the Symmetry theme. Visitors are compelled to explore and learn more about the brand as a result of the powerful images, which make a lasting impact.

Your brand will become more recognisable as dependable and customer-focused with genuine feedback and pleasant customer experiences. By including these reviews at various locations along the scroll, you can make sure that visitors always see social proof of your brand’s superiority.

For fashion firms to stand out in a crowded market, they need to have a distinctive brand identity. The slideshow function highlights the distinctive aesthetics, styles, and values of each company. Fashion brands may reinforce their identity and create a lasting impression on their audience by tailoring the slideshow material to be in line with the brand’s goal.

Multi-level menu

Symmetry Theme - Menu

A game-changer for fashion firms, the multi-level drop-down menu improves the browsing experience for your trend-conscious clientele. This dynamic feature easily leads customers through the variety of categories and subcategories in your business, assuring simple navigation and easy discovery.

The multi-level menu offers an accessible approach to presenting and accessing these goods for fashion firms with varied collections or seasonal lines. Customers’ purchasing experiences are improved, and they are encouraged to discover unusual fashion items when they can instantly access exclusive collections or limited-edition releases from the drop-down menu.

The functionality for multi-level menus enables Shopify sellers to display their style inspirations and manuals. You may provide clients with more value and encourage them to explore and purchase entire fashion combinations by including style inspiration right in the menu.

You can show off fascinating material, banner ads, and high-resolution photographs using the multi-level design’s mega menus. With the help of these enormous menus, you may clients’ attention to new arrivals, best-sellers, or special collaborations, enticing them to learn more about your fashion selection.

Reorderable home page rows

Display your goods, blog entries, or promotional material exactly how you want to, with the flexibility to alter the row orders on your home page. Easily promote particular collections, highlight new arrivals, or adapt to seasonal trends.

You may instantly change your store’s layout to highlight the most recent fashion trends with reorderable home page rows. You may reorganise and change the home page rows to suit the current fashion season and accommodate your consumers’ changing tastes, whether it be for summer basics or Christmas party attire.

Blog entries may be seamlessly integrated on the home page thanks to the reorderable home page rows. To engage your fashion-conscious clients and educate them on your most recent content, include fashion advice, style guides, and behind-the-scenes information.

In the quick-moving fashion market, maintaining a dynamic and new online store is crucial. You may periodically refresh the layout of your business using the reorderable home page rows, giving returning consumers a fresh and interesting buying experience each time they come in.

Quick Buy

Symmetry Theme - Quick Buy

With the help of the Quick Buy function, customers can quickly and conveniently make purchases by streamlining the shopping process and enabling them to add things to their basket without leaving the current page.

Customers want rapid gratification in the fast-paced fashion industry. With the help of the fast buy option, they can quickly add the clothes they want to their shopping basket without having to load other pages or navigate elsewhere. Their need to swiftly get the fashionable items they adore is satisfied by this speedy method, increasing client pleasure and loyalty.

The fast buy option makes for a simple and hassle-free mobile buying experience as more and more fashion customers turn to their mobile devices. Mobile customers may easily add stylish products to their basket by minimising clicks and page loads, which makes the entire experience effective and pleasurable on smaller displays.

Quick Buy helps your fashion business achieve greater conversion rates by streamlining the purchasing process. Additionally, it eliminates possible purchasing obstacles like drawn-out checkout procedures, lowers cart abandonment, and promotes more successful purchases. The end result is a more prosperous and successful fashion e-commerce endeavour.


Symmetry Theme - Mobile

The responsive design of the Symmetry theme is one of its outstanding qualities. This means that, whether it’s being seen on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your business will adjust to whatever screen size is being used. Given that more and more consumers are shopping online using their mobile devices, this is increasingly crucial for every online business.

The changeable design of the Symmetry theme is yet another fantastic feature. Your store’s layout, fonts, and colours may all be altered to exactly reflect your brand. Additionally, you can add a huge variety of plugins and apps to your shop to further personalise it.

The Symmetry theme is definitely worth looking at if you’re searching for a highly configurable, mobile-friendly Shopify theme.


If you manage an online business, you are aware that optimising your website for search engines is one of the most crucial things you can do to assure success. After all, clients won’t be able to purchase your goods if they can’t locate your website! The Symmetry Shopify theme, fortunately, was created with SEO in mind. In this blog article, we’ll look at a few of the elements that make Symmetry an excellent option for individuals trying to raise their store’s search engine rating.

You’ll probably notice Symmetry’s use of clear, semantic code right away. This indicates that indexing the content of your website by search engine crawlers won’t be a problem. The layout of the theme is also designed to be simple to understand by both people and computers, increasing the likelihood that your website will rank well in search results.

Symmetry has clear code, an intuitive layout, and built-in support for well-known SEO plugins. Without having to install any extra plugins or code snippets, this makes it simple to make sure that your site is appropriately optimised for search engines.

Ease of Use

One of the simplest Shopify themes to utilise is Symmetry. Because of how user-friendly it is, even newcomers can easily navigate the theme. The general layout is simple and minimalistic, and the interface is incredibly user-friendly. You have a lot of possibilities for customising the theme, so you can truly make it your own. Overall, individuals searching for a simple-to-use Shopify theme with lots of customization possibilities may choose the Symmetry theme.

Who is Shopify Symmetry Theme For?

The Shopify Symmetry theme is a preferred option for many global fashion merchants. This theme, which was created with fashion companies in mind, works great for online shops with substantial fashion inventory.

You can create a sophisticated and expert online store with the Symmetry theme thanks to its comprehensive functionality and design possibilities. Present your fashion items in an attractive and captivating way to draw in more people and boost sales.

Symmetry Theme Shopify - Customer Support

Find out what kind of assistance is provided and how the team can assist you with theme-related questions and configuration.

  • What outlets it offers: LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Time to respond: Monday through Friday, 09:30 to 17:00 GMT (excluding public holidays in the UK).
  • Assistance with theme functionality and features.
  • Help customise the theme settings.
  • What they avoid dealing with 
  • Changes and tweaks to themes.
  • Solving problems brought on by bespoke or third-party software.


Businesses searching for a professional yet economical theme might choose the Symmetry Shopify Theme. It is a fantastic option for individuals who want to build a distinctive online store because it has a broad variety of features and is simple to customise. Even the pickiest clients will be satisfied by the Symmetry Shopify Theme’s simple layout and responsive design. So be sure to check out the Symmetry Shopify Theme if you’re seeking a new Shopify theme.