Stockholm Theme – A Clean and Minimalist Shopify Theme

Stockholm Theme

If you’re searching for a Shopify expert to assist you with setting up your store with the Stockholm theme, you’ve come to the right spot. You’ve already made significant progress towards creating your online store by using the Stockholm Shopify Theme. There will be no trouble after this.

If the samples you saw when installing Stockholm were impressive and you want to make your site stand out from the competition, this is the place to be.

Use the Shopify Stockholm theme to display your brand and catalogue distinctively. An asymmetrical product grid and parallax vertical slider are two design-centric layouts that can help you elevate your brand’s creative presentation and improve customer engagement.

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Stockholm Theme - Shopify

Stockholm is a neat, simple, and feature-rich Shopify theme that will increase conversion rates. The Stockholm Shopify theme was thoughtfully created to make it simple and quick to launch an appealing store. The theme is thin and provides excellent mobile responsiveness and page loading times.

Additionally, the theme includes a variety of aesthetically appealing layouts and sections to provide the best possible purchasing experience. filled to the brim with several time-based advertising portions that offer excellent message and CTA choices.

Stockholm Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Default, Beauty, Style, Accessories, and Crafts

Sitewide feature

Unleash version 2.0 power, ease of set up and configuration, and signature features.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

Fashion & Clothing, Beauty & Cosmetics, Health & Wellness, Home Decor, Swimwear & Lingerie, Sportswear & Outdoor, Arts and Crafts, Jewellery, Watches & Sunglasses, Footwear, Bags & Purses, and many other specialities are perfect for the Stockholm Shopify theme.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

Shopify Stockholm Theme is made for retailers with medium to big brand and category catalogue sizes.

Stockholm Theme Pricing

The Shopify Stockholm theme costs $320 USD as a one-time payment and is available for purchase on the theme website. 


In addition, the theme provides a limitless free trial, allowing you to properly examine and assess its features and make sure they meet your needs and expectations without having to make a purchase. 


You have the freedom and confidence to invest in the theme at your own pace because you don’t have to pay for it until you decide to publish your store.

Who is the Shopify Stockholm Theme For?

The Shopify Stockholm theme is made for companies that place great value on simplicity and elegance, especially those that sell high-end goods. 


Its clear, streamlined appearance and adjustable features make it the perfect option for a variety of sectors looking to present their high-end products in an elegant and professional way. Here are some particular company categories that stand to gain a lot from the Stockholm theme:


  • Fashion Boutiques: The Stockholm theme offers a chic backdrop for presenting your fashion-forward goods, whether you specialise in high-end accessories, designer footwear, or luxury garments. 
  • Beauty and Cosmetics: The sleek and modern design of the Stockholm theme matches the elegance of your items, whether you own a beauty company or a cosmetics shop that sells high-quality skincare, makeup, or scents. 
  • Jewellery Shops: The Stockholm theme is a great option for jewellery stores since it provides a clean, sophisticated setting in which to display wonderful jewels. 
  • Home décor and interior design: The Stockholm theme offers the ideal backdrop for showcasing your distinctive items for companies that specialise in high-end home decor and interior design.
  • Artisanal and Handcrafted Goods: If your company specialises in selling artisanal and handcrafted goods, the minimalist design of the Stockholm theme lets the fine craftsmanship and complex details of your products take centre stage. 
  • Gourmet Food and Fine Dining: Companies in the gourmet food and fine dining sectors may find the Stockholm theme to be appropriate.
  • High-end Technological and Gadgets: The sleek and contemporary appearance of the Stockholm theme might be advantageous for companies that sell high-end technological goods like cutting-edge gadgets, smart devices, or luxury equipment. It produces an aesthetically pleasing setting that complements the complexity and ingenuity of these items.


The Shopify Stockholm theme, in general, is designed for companies in a wide range of sectors that prioritise simplicity and sell high-end goods. Due to its sophisticated and simple design as well as its adjustable capabilities, it enables businesses to build online stores that are visually appealing and accurately represent the calibre and complexity of their products.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Stockholm Theme

Every theme has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages that change from retailer to store. Here are a couple of the Shopify Stockholm theme’s benefits and drawbacks.



A simple, minimalistic design that improves your store’s appearance.

Lack of several essential liquid features, such as picture carousels and dynamic image positioning.

Your store will appear excellent across all devices thanks to the responsive layout.

The layout of the product page is poorly designed, especially for mobile devices.

Sections that may be customised make branding and personalization simple.

There are a few possibilities for customising the background colours in each section block.

Reaching a larger audience is made easier with multilingual support.

Promotional banners draw attention to exclusive deals or updates.

Amazing and quick-to-responding customer service team.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from the Shopify Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Stockholm Theme Presets

Five preset styles are available in the Stockholm Shopify theme, each with its own distinct design and feel. Let’s investigate them.


Stockholm Theme - Default

The Shopify Startup theme’s Default setting features a simple yet adaptable design. It offers a sleek and contemporary design with its minimalist approach, making it appropriate for a variety of industries. 


Its simple yet sophisticated design gives it a polished and professional online impression. This preset is perfect for retailers selling skincare and beauty goods who want to highlight their selection with a touch of elegance, fashion and accessory firms who value simplicity and refinement, and stores that specialise in minimalist home furnishings and décor.


Stockholm Theme - Beauty

The grace and appeal of the Beauty preset are apparent. It excellently fits companies in the beauty and cosmetics sector because of its elegant font, delicate colour scheme, and delicate design components. 


This preset is perfect for skincare and cosmetics companies that want to provide their customers with an elegant and alluring web experience. It works for fragrance companies that want to inspire a sense of elegance and sensuality, wellness shops that emphasise self-care and pampering, and beauty salons and spas looking for a calm and welcoming digital presence.


Stockholm Theme - Style

A strong and modern atmosphere may be found in the Style setting. It draws attention with its dynamic layouts, captivating graphics, and lively colour choices. 


This preset is ideal for fashion-forward firms that want their online store to stand out. It is appropriate for clothing businesses that specialise in trendy clothing, accessory shops that provide distinctive and stylish things, and lifestyle companies that wish to attract customers who are fashion-conscious and interested in the newest trends.


Stockholm Theme - Accessories

The Accessories preset exudes a feeling of refinement and elegance. It is designed especially for companies that specialise in accessories and jewellery thanks to its delicate font, subdued colour scheme, and sophisticated embellishments. 


This preset is ideal for jewellery shops that wish to showcase the fine craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal of their offerings. It serves accessory manufacturers that specialise in high-end, classic items, gift stores that compile a selection of fashionable accessories, and watch brands looking to establish a refined and upmarket internet presence.


Stockholm Theme - Crafts

The Crafts preset celebrates a cosy and handcrafted look. It conveys a feeling of originality and inventiveness because of its earthy tones, hand-drawn details, and rustic textures.


This preset is ideal for companies that provide handcrafted and artisanal goods. It is ideal for boutique shops that compile a selection of one-of-a-kind and customised goods, craft stores that aim to highlight the creativity and workmanship behind their handcrafted goods, and home décor companies that emphasise artisanal designs and natural materials.

Stockholm Shopify Theme Design - Features and Customization

The Stockholm theme was expertly created with excellent design options and conversion drivers to assist you in dominating sales. The theme includes five gorgeously designed pre-built stores for inspiration, in addition to more than 30 highly adaptable functional and graphic components.


Some of the significant features presented by the Stockholm Shopify theme include – Image drawer-based sections with powerful CTAs & text blocks for header sections, featured collections & promo banners; Age verifier, Countdown timers, Breadcrumbs, Colour swatches, Animations, Before/After Image sliders, Mega menu, In-menu promos, Promo banners, Promo tiles, Promo popups, Product tabs, Infinite scroll, Back-to-Top button and many more.


Stockholm Theme - Homepage
  • The Stockholm Shopify theme has a futuristic header area with slideshows based on picture drawers that include dramatic buttons and inlay text.
  • All of the pages in the theme have a distinctly condensed layout with lots of white space for aesthetic contrast.
  • The mega menu, in-menu section, sticky header, announcement bar, drop-down search bar with in-menu promotions, information blocks with icons, language & currency pickers, and other features complement the modern and minimalistic menu section.
  • Displays grids and modular layouts for the displayed goods and collections.
  • High-resolution images, colour swatches, section sliders, product badges, product reviews, transition effects, discount badges, and more are all used to assist product listings.
  • includes a wide range of promotional options, such as product videos, pop-ups, before/after picture sliders, slideshows, image galleries, and image drawers for promotional banners and tiles.
  • Supports animations depending on clicks and hovers across parts for a better visual experience.

Collection Pages

Stockholm Theme - Collection
  • Design collection pages that are simple and uncomplicated, with a header picture and text blocks.
  • Grid-based product listing with drop-down sorters and filters that take product counts into account.
  • High-resolution images, colour swatches, section sliders, product badges, product reviews, transition effects, discount badges, and more are all used to assist product listings.
  • Supports several promotional section placeholders.

Product Pages

Stockholm Theme - Product
  • Templates for product pages that are elegant and visually attractive and use huge graphics, transition effects, and thumbnails.
  • Product reviews, colour swatches, countdown clocks, stock counters, product tabs, use and shipping/delivery information drawers, customer reviews with product details, etc. are examples of functional features.
  • Other features include newsletter signups, social media integration, related items, promo banners, promo tiles, popups, product videos, featured collections, and blogs.

Simple to Install and Configure

The Stockholm theme’s rapid setup and configuration are a time-saving benefit for businesses, especially physical retailers looking to increase their online presence. Merchants may quickly establish their Shopify site and begin selling without delay by reducing the number of setup processes needed. 


By easing the move into the digital world and enabling them to concentrate on providing a uniform shopping experience across online and offline channels, this feature helps both high-volume retailers and physical stores.

High-resolution Visual Animation

The Stockholm theme increases the aesthetic attractiveness of the Shopify site with motion and high-resolution graphic capabilities, increasing consumer engagement and promoting conversions. High-volume retailers may attract their audience by using animations and high-quality photos, especially when presenting expensive or detailed items.


For instance, a high-volume business that sells expensive jewellery might make use of these attributes to highlight the artistry and brightness of its products, luring clients to make confident purchases.

Multiple Languages

The Stockholm theme’s support for many languages enables companies to provide a variety of clientele and broaden their geographic reach. Having content, product descriptions, and checkout procedures available in many languages allows businesses to interact with customers from a variety of geographic areas. 


This feature is especially helpful for high-volume retailers aiming for global markets since it makes cross-border transactions easy and personalises the shopping experience for customers all around the world.

Quick Buy

Stockholm Theme - Quick Buy

Customers’ purchase processes are streamlined with the Quick Buy function, which enables users to add products to their shopping carts and complete transactions in just a few simple clicks. This feature makes purchasing easier and causes less friction, which is a big benefit for high-volume shops with large stocks. 


The rapid Buy feature increases conversion rates and raises customer satisfaction by enabling consumers to make rapid purchasing decisions. For instance, a high-volume electronics shop may make use of this functionality to let consumers quickly add items to their carts and then proceed with a simple checkout, boosting sales and patronage.

Promotion Banners

Stockholm Theme - Banner

The Stockholm theme’s integrated banner choices for promotions enable retailers to successfully promote sales, limited-time deals, and seasonal promotions. High-volume retailers can increase sales by drawing customers’ attention to these deals by putting them on prominent display. 


A high-volume business holding a Black Friday sale, for example, may use the promotion banner feature to highlight the reduced goods, fostering a sense of urgency and enticing customers to take advantage of the time-limited deals. The store’s promotional powers are greatly improved by this feature, increasing the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Infinite scrolling and back-to-top button

The Shopify store’s browsing and navigation are improved by the infinite scroll and back-to-top buttons. High-volume retailers may guarantee that visitors can easily browse their vast product collections without pagination by introducing infinite scrolling. 


Customers may easily return to the top of the page with the help of the back-to-top button, which enhances user-friendliness and navigation in general. These characteristics contribute to a smooth and enjoyable purchasing experience, which lessens consumer annoyance, lengthens time spent on the website, and eventually boosts conversion rates.

Stockholm Theme Shopify - Customer Support

It is useful to look into the assistance offered for the Empire theme while discussing customer care for the Stockholm theme (created by the same developer as the Empire theme). Let’s look at the ways to contact customer service, how quickly they respond, and what areas they cover:

Channels Provided

The Stockholm theme offers support through a number of channels to help retailers use and modify the theme efficiently. The available support options are as follows:


  • Documentation: The theme has thorough documentation that is a useful tool for retailers. The documentation offers tutorials, best practices, and step-by-step directions for installing, tweaking, and modifying the theme.
  • FAQs Pages: The Stockholm theme’s features, functionality, and customizability choices are covered in the FAQs pages. These pages provide retailers with a self-help tool to swiftly discover solutions to their questions.
  • Ticket Support: Merchants may send a ticket or complete a support form to get in touch with the support staff. This approach enables individualised support and assists in resolving particular problems or questions around the Stockholm topic.


It’s significant to notice that the Stockholm theme does not provide live chat assistance.

Response Time

Depending on the resources and workload of the developer, the response time for support requests may change. To provide a seamless experience for users of the Stockholm theme, rapid responses to queries are often the goal. The developer makes an effort to respond to support requests and queries in a timely manner, although an exact response time may not always be provided.

They Handle and Do Not Handle

Technical problems, bug patches, and questions concerning the Stockholm theme’s features and functionality are typically handled by the developer. They offer assistance with theme modifications and problems. This includes answering merchants’ inquiries concerning the installation, setup, and use of the theme.


It’s crucial to remember that the developer’s assistance cannot extend to bespoke work or adjustments that go beyond the theme’s basic features. The help offered might not cover customizations that call for a lot of code or changes to the theme’s essential features.


For assistance with routine customising chores, it is advised that you go to the manual and FAQ pages. Merchants can file a support ticket for individualised support if they need further help or run across problems unique to the Stockholm theme. In order to make sure you get the most correct and recent information, keep in mind to check the special support resources offered for the Stockholm theme.


The quality and clean style of the Stockholm Shopify theme enables companies to present their products in an elegant and aesthetically appealing way. It offers the ideal platform for showcasing high-end items because of its configurable capabilities and emphasis on high-quality pictures. Leverage the Stockholm theme to embrace simplicity and improve your online appearance.