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Spotlight Theme

You are a person with little aptitude for design or coding. In terms of design, you don’t ask for much either. Find a theme that is both straightforward and cost-free.

Use the best free Shopify themes that the platform itself has to offer to stay ahead of the competition.

Never underestimate how crucial it is to pick the ideal Shopify theme for your online store!

The fastest way to create a unique, practical, and user-friendly e-commerce website is to start with a template that reflects the aesthetic of your brand and the functioning of your company.

So don’t ignore this article; we will introduce you to a theme that you can capture at first sight – Spotlight Theme.

The In-depth Reviews



Known for its streamlined, conversion-friendly design and speedy go-live, Spotlight is a free Shopify theme. Additionally, the Spotlight Shopify theme is the only one that is absolutely free and has outstanding features compared to some of the more expensive themes on the market. The theme guarantees a huge number of premium features to turn your store into a mean-selling machine despite its simple look.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to wait for your business to grow before spending money on a premium Shopify theme, Spotlight is the theme for you.

Spotlight Shopify Theme Highlights





Design elements include

The simple modular building block is optimised for you to be ready to publish a short brand.

Ideal For

Fashion & Clothing, Accessories, Electronics, Cosmetics & Health, Home Decor & furnishings, and more

Best Suited for Niches

Spotlight Shopify theme is best suited for stores with small to medium catalogue sizes, thus making it ideal for the following niches – Fashion & Clothing, Accessories, Electronics, Cosmetics & Health, Home Decor & furnishings, and more.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

eCommerce stores with small to medium size categories. The theme is not recommended for single-product stores without variants.

Spotlight Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



Simple, Clean, and Efficient Design

Misses out on premium features that boost conversion – Popups, Countdown timer, Banners, etc.

Showcases premium features, including – Stock counter, Mega menu, Powerful product filters, Image zoom, Cross-selling, FAQ pages, Quick buy, and many more.

Impressive numbers on performance scores, a near-perfect 99% on Structure and 97% on Performance scores.

It’s FREE! And comes with an Unlimited trial.

Spotlight Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Spotlight Shopify theme provides impressive & flexible design options accompanied by advanced customizations and settings. With this template, you can build simple yet stunningly looking eCommerce stores within minutes.


Spotlight Theme - Homepage
  • Full-width web design with a modern, minimalistic colour scheme and whimsical font.
  • Mega menu, announcement bar, retail symbols, and social media icons are all present in the minimalist menu section.
  • supports a sticky header with a logo portion in the centre.
  • A quick view feature, a slide-out basket, product recommendations, various image effects, product tabs, and more are important design elements.
  • Improved search, strong filters, product videos, a lookbook, high-resolution photos, FAQ pages, promotional banners, in-store pickups, quick buys, and more can increase conversions.
  • Modern blog design for supremacy in content marketing.
  • advertisements that fill the whole width of the Home, Collection, and Product pages.
  • With emotive photos and videos, variant choices, sizing charts, product tabs, brand information, highlighted blogs, similar items, and more, the product page layout has been optimised for greater sales.
  • A neat footer section includes quick connections, brand information, newsletter sign-up forms, social media symbols, and more.

Product Pages

Spotlight Theme - Product Pages
  • Images are displayed in slideshow format.
  • The title, price, large buttons, and product information section are displayed simply and clearly.
  • Collection page header with split media space and full width.



The shopping cart design on your website is modifiable. A customer’s shopping cart may appear as a page, a drawer, or a pop-up notification after they add an item to their wish list.


When a product’s price reduces or the quantity in stock reaches zero, badges that read “Sale” or “Sold Out” will be applied to the corresponding product photos. To fit your demands, you can move, resize, and alter the badge’s colour.

You can modify the badges to meet your needs. Below is a list of the steps to configure and change your badge. To change the theme, simply navigate to Online Store > Themes on the Shopify admin page and select Customise.

You may change the theme’s settings by clicking the options icon. Next, determine which badge you’ll wear.

To alter where your badge displays on product cards, use the menu that is presented. An alternative to the conventional bottom left is the top right.

To give your badges a distinctive appearance, pick a background image and colour scheme. For items that are not currently in stock, you can select a different colour scheme. If you want to keep your modifications, choose Save.

Using Social Media

In your articles and items, you can put share buttons and connections to your social media accounts. At the bottom of your website, there will be links to your social media profiles.

Set the social network settings to suit your tastes. To add content to your social network profiles, type links in the slots beneath the Account title. To paste the complete URL, copy it.

Other Features

Additional features of the Spotlight Shopify theme include a Stock counter, Cart notes, Press coverage, Image effects (rollover, zoom, galleries), Product options, Slide shows, etc.


One of the quickest FREE Shopify themes in the theme marketplace is Spotlight. It completely complies with Online Store 2.0 requirements, providing top performance. On the homepage of the Origin theme, we performed extensive tests to gauge page loading times and mobile compatibility.

Spotlight Shopify theme support

Making use of a free Shopify theme? With minor customizations, Shopify support might be able to assist you. Free design support is provided for Shopify users with a Basic subscription or higher in blocks of 15 minutes.

Consult the Spotlight theme’s documentation or get in touch with the developer directly if you need help.


The theme is free. Everyone should give it a try, especially those who are just beginning their online business.