Shella Theme – A Premium and Responsive Fashion Shopify Theme

Shella Theme

The Shopify Shella Theme was developed with the sole purpose of making your website appealing. With this theme, your site will be exceptionally responsive on any device or browser without sacrificing performance, differentiating it from other Shopify eCommerce sites.


A high-end, stylish Shopify store with all the features you would expect is the Shella theme. With appealing styles and advanced tools for customising your websites, like genuine collection filters and a fashion icon builder, this responsive Shopify theme has a lot to offer. 


A variety of enterprises were considered when it was developed. Visitors to the Shopify eCommerce website will browse to see more due to the stunning and alluring appearance of this featured Shopify theme. You can easily create using its complex design components and user-friendly user interface.

The In-depth Reviews


Shella Theme - ThemeForest

The dedication of Shella Shopify Theme to providing a great user experience is what actually sets it apart. Entrepreneurs of all experience levels may easily browse the theme’s many customisation possibilities thanks to its simple and user-friendly layout. Shella enables companies to build a website that complements their corporate identity, from modifying colour palettes to fine-tuning layout components.


Businesses across various sectors and specialties can benefit from the Shella Shopify Theme. Shella has the adaptability to improve your online presence and create a lasting impression on your clients, whether you’re an electronics retailer looking for user-friendliness, a home décor store aiming for modernism, or a fashion boutique seeking elegance. Use Shella’s capabilities to open up a world of opportunities for your online business.

Shella Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight



$69 for the 1-store licence with 6 months of support, $20.25 with a complete year of support



Quality & Support

9 of 10

Features & Ease of Use

9.5 of 10

Design & Flexibility

9.5 of 10

Value for Money

9 of 10

Shella Theme Pricing

There are two licence keys for the Shella Shopify theme: The cost of a regular licence is $69; the cost of an extended licence is $9999.

How to easily add Shella Shopify theme to your Shopify store

Adding the Shella Shopify Theme to your Shopify store is simple, provided you have it saved on your computer as a ZIP file. What you must do is as follows:


  • Go to “Online Store” first in your Shopify admin, then “Themes.”
  • Click “Add theme” and then “Upload zip file” in the “Theme library” section.
  • You may then select the ZIP file of the Shella Shopify theme from your computer in the popup that appears. To upload a ZIP file, click “Choose File” and then locate the file.
  • After choosing the file, just click “Upload.”


All done! All is OK now. You can now easily start customising and building your ideal online store because the Shella theme has been introduced to the Shopify admin’s Themes tab. Enjoy your sales!

Who is Shella Shopify Theme for?

Like a superpower, the Shella Shopify theme is appropriate for a wide range of enterprises and sectors, such as:


  • Fashion Boutiques: Shella’s jaw-dropping design possibilities and user-friendly customization can make your online store a stunner if you run a sophisticated and fashionable fashion boutique.
  • Stores for Home Decor: Attention, home décor fans! Shella’s modern design and adaptable features will attractively present your products, whether they are gorgeous furniture or stylish décor items.
  • Electronics merchants: Calling all fans of technology! Your gadgets and electronics will have a contemporary and expert online presentation thanks to Shella’s mobile responsiveness and elegant design.
  • Beauty and cosmetics stores: Give in to Shella’s attraction! With Shella’s numerous customization choices, beauty and cosmetics retailers may create a visually attractive online presence.
  • Tech and Devices E-commerce: This one is also for you IT experts! The adaptable layout and clear, straightforward design of Shella make it the ideal platform for showcasing your cutting-edge goods.
  • Jewellery shops: Dress up your jewellery in style! You may showcase your magnificent products in a way that is both aesthetically arresting and intriguing, thanks to Shella’s smart design components.
  • Retailers of furniture: Open your doors in elegance! Furniture shops will find it simple to display their high-quality collections and provide a smooth browsing experience thanks to Shella’s variety of design choices.
  • Shops selling arts and crafts: use Shella to channel your creativity! Businesses in the arts and crafts may create a distinctive and eye-catching online store that highlights the creative appeal of their goods.
  • Health and Wellness Brands: Promote a Zen attitude! Through Shella’s aesthetically appealing layout, health and wellness companies can engage their audience and provide a relaxing and welcoming purchasing experience.
  • Pet supply shops: Don’t forget about our four-legged pals! Pet supply retailers will be able to develop a platform that is enticing for pet lovers to browse and buy their items with the aid of Shella’s user-friendly interface and gorgeous aesthetics.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Shella Theme



Beautiful Visuals: Customers adore the Shella Shopify Theme for its striking visuals that help their online businesses stand out from the competition.

The number of options in Shella may feel overwhelming for basic online companies, with certain functions going underused.

User-Friendly Customization: Users enjoy how simple it is to customise their websites using Shella. The theme’s user-friendly interface makes customization simple.

No free trial.

A smooth browsing experience across a variety of devices is made possible by the theme’s responsive design, pleasing both businesses and their clients.

There is no money-back guarantee.

SEO optimisation capabilities integrated into Shella are praised for enhancing website ranks and bringing in more organic visitors.

To continue receiving updates and assistance, you must continue to pay.

Flexibility in design is thanks to the assortment of home page and product page layouts and skins.

Some important components, including the pop-up upsell and cross-sell, are missing.

Low price.

Excellent reviews on the Theme Forest store.

Best-selling Shopify theme.

Many beneficial features might increase sales and profit for your shop.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Shella Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Shella Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Ecommerce business owners may save a large sum of money by using Shella’s all-in-one theme, which can then be used for other steps in establishing a prosperous company.


Regarding dropshipping for e-commerce, popular dropshipping applications like Shopzie, Gooten, Printify, Privy, Printful, Aliexpress Review Importer, Ali Reviews, Dropified, and Dripshipper are compatible with the Shella theme. 


With the Shella theme, proprietors of online stores may easily match consumers’ expectations at practically every stage of the purchasing process.

Shella Theme

Adding different well-known payment methods besides PayPal

As a consequence, people from all walks of life may easily place an order. This is the first and most important step in making your ecommerce company global. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Shopify Pay, Dwolla, JCB, American Express, After Pay, Diners Club International, Ideal, Sofortüberweisung, Klarna, Discover, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are the most widely used payment methods.

Allowing several currencies on the checkout page

With Shopify Payments, users of the Shella theme may accept payments in up to 133 different currencies, including the US dollar, Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, Danish krone, Euro, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, and so on.

Full support

The right-to-left writing systems of Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, and Urdu are among those that are supported.

Built-in translations for themes

German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Japanese are the available languages. These features of Shella demonstrate that it is a universal concept that links customers and dealers everywhere. 

Optimised for SEO

In order to assist companies in increasing their online presence and search results, Shella Shopify Theme takes search engine optimisation seriously. Shella makes sure that your website is optimised to perform at its best in search engine results by integrating the Google Rich Snippet Tool and doing consistent tests using the reliable MOZ SEO tool.


Search engines may better comprehend the content of your website by employing relevant meta tags, structured data, and clean code, which increases the likelihood that your website will turn up in pertinent searches. When it comes to driving organic traffic and potential consumers to your online business, this tool is vital. 


You’re one step closer to expanding your audience and expanding your business online with Shella’s SEO optimisation.

Speedy performance

The amazing page loading speed of the Shella Shopify Theme is one of its most notable qualities. Customer happiness and search engine rankings are both strongly impacted by website speed, which is a crucial consideration. Your online store will load quickly thanks to Shella’s optimised code and performance-driven methodology, lowering bounce rates and retaining visitors.


Fast-loading pages not only increase the user experience on your website but also its search engine exposure. Customers like easy navigation that makes it simple for them to go through your offerings. Your online business will provide a seamless and effective shopping experience because of Shella’s emphasis on quick performance, which will eventually result in improved conversion rates and more consumer happiness.


Every second matters in the competitive e-commerce environment of today, and Shella’s dedication to quick performance distinguishes it as a top-tier Shopify theme for companies looking to maximise the effectiveness and success of their website.

Reversible Slider

One of the Revolution Slider’s unique qualities is the Shella Shopify Theme’s ability to enthral and engage website visitors. You may use its excellent slideshow features to present your goods and services in a way that is aesthetically appealing and attention-grabbing. You can construct engaging presentations using the slide builder’s user-friendly interface, even if you lack technical knowledge.


The ideal tool for highlighting new releases, promotions, or exclusive offers is Revolution Slider, which efficiently increases conversions and purchases. While taking advantage of this dynamic and attention-grabbing feature, your website’s aesthetics will stay constant thanks to its seamless integration with the theme. On your Shella-powered online store, use the Revolution Slider to astound your audience and make a lasting impression.

RTL Support

The Shella Shopify Theme’s outstanding support for right-to-left (RTL) writing systems is one of its most notable characteristics. Businesses aiming to reach customers in areas where Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and other RTL languages are commonly spoken can particularly benefit from this feature.


With RTL support, the theme is able to adapt seamlessly to the distinctive writing styles of different languages, preserving the coherence and aesthetic appeal of the website’s layout and design. Shella enables companies to broaden their reach and interact with clients from various language origins by catering to a global audience.


Because of the Shella theme’s smooth integration of RTL support, business owners can confidently market their goods and services to a wider audience, overcoming the language barrier and ensuring that all customers have a positive user experience. 


RTL support from Shella is a useful feature that improves the usability and accessibility of your website, regardless of whether you are situated in a location where RTL languages are often used or you want to reach out to foreign clients.

Unlimited Colours

Shella Theme - Collection

The Shella Shopify Theme’s broad colour customisation is another noteworthy aspect. You have the creative flexibility to choose the colour of each component in your online store thanks to the large number of available colour possibilities. With Shella, you have the freedom to choose the backdrop, fonts, buttons, and other graphic components to create a website that properly reflects your company identity.


The days of being constrained by a set of colours are over. You may design a distinctive and personalised online store that stands out from the competition with Shella’s limitless colour options. Whether you’re going for a clean, contemporary appearance or a colourful, eye-catching design, Shella has the colours to bring your ideas to life. 

Design for mobile devices

Shella Theme - Mobile

The Shella Shopify Theme is proud of its outstanding mobile responsiveness, which makes sure that your online store looks fantastic and runs without a hitch on all devices. It is essential to have a mobile-friendly website in light of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets for online purchasing.


Your website’s style, graphics, and content will automatically resize to fit different screen sizes thanks to Shella’s mobile responsive design. They will have a seamless and simple navigation experience, whether they are surfing on their smartphones or tablets. Shella optimises your site to give the same compelling aesthetics and simple surfing as on a desktop, so you can stop pinching and zooming.


By adopting a mobile-first strategy, Shella increases your chances of drawing in and keeping clients by assisting you in tapping into the rising market of mobile shoppers. So, you can be sure that the Shella Shopify Theme will make your online business shine brilliantly on whatever device your consumers use to browse it.

Clean Catalogue

The Shella Shopify Theme’s Clean Catalogue feature is a game-changer for companies looking to present their items in the best possible light. This feature makes sure that clients can quickly explore your online store and locate what they’re searching for thanks to its clutter-free and well-organized structure.


The Clean Catalogue enables you to showcase your items in an appealing way, emphasising their important qualities without distracting site visitors excessively. A smooth shopping experience is made possible by Shella’s clean, simple design, which also increases consumer engagement and conversion rates.


The days of dense, confusing catalogues that sent away potential customers are long gone. Customers may easily browse your options and choose products that suit their interests thanks to Shella’s Clean Catalogue function, which improves the design of your online store. With Shella Shopify Theme, embrace this crucial function and expand the success of your online business.


Users of Shella love the Wishlist option, and for good reason. Customers may store the things they want for later reference, making it simple for them to revisit and buy items they might not be on the market for right now. 


Along with improving user engagement, this also increases the probability that customers would buy again and raises sales. Customers may create their own personalised shopping lists using the Wishlist function, which keeps them organised and promotes a pleasurable shopping experience.


Since Shella’s Wishlist can be completely customised, businesses may smoothly alter its look to match the design of their store. Store owners may efficiently customise their offers and marketing efforts by gaining insightful information about client preferences and popular product selections.


This feature is a must-have for any e-commerce project utilising the Shella Shopify Theme since it meets the demands of both customers and companies.

Vertical and Horizontal Mega Menu

Shella Theme - Menu

With its robust and adaptable Mega Menu feature, the Shella Shopify Theme offers easy navigation for your online business. The Mega Menu is offered in both horizontal and vertical configurations, providing you the freedom to select the format that best suits the aesthetic of your website.


  • Mega Menu in the Horizontal Position: The Mega Menu in the Horizontal Position is a great option for showing a variety of product categories or collections. This feature enables you to show many menu items in a single row, making it simple for clients to navigate through your selection. This guarantees a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing menu, improving the user experience as a whole.
  • The vertical mega menu is perfect for online shops with a large number of product categories or subcategories. You may design a sidebar menu with appealing visuals that expands as a user hovers over it, displaying all the necessary options. Customers are more likely to locate what they’re searching for thanks to this user-friendly approach, which shortens the time it takes for them to decide whether or not to make a purchase.


The Horizontal and Vertical Mega Menu of the Shella Shopify Theme allows you to optimise your website’s navigation so that customers may browse your items more quickly. Your consumers will remain interested and happy during their visit to your online store because of its clear and well-organized structure, which guarantees a flawless buying experience.

Quick View

Shella Theme - Quick View

The Quick View capability is one of the Shella Shopify Theme’s most notable features. Customers may quickly see product details using QuickView without leaving the current page. This practical feature enhances customers’ overall purchasing experiences by enabling them to have a closer look at the product and its features.


Businesses that sell a variety of items or those that prioritise aesthetics will benefit most from the QuickView function. The ability to easily navigate across various things allows customers to keep track of their current browsing experience. This helps consumers make judgements more quickly, which eventually increases conversion rates for online shops.


Additionally, Shella’s QuickView function offers a wealth of customization options, enabling companies to effortlessly align their corporate identity with the feature’s design. Entrepreneurs are allowed to create a QuickView window that exactly matches the entire theme of their shop, from the layout to the colour palette. Use the Shella Shopify Theme in conjunction with QuickView to enhance the shopping experience for your consumers.

Lookbook and AR

With the aid of these two capabilities, you are able to use the items as if they were actually there, where you would expect them to be.


Instead of being confused and leaving your business, or occasionally buying and then requesting to return the item after purchase, this assists the customers in making the best decision regarding the items and variants that they would want to have.

Quantity Limits & Countdown Timers

These two functions aid in encouraging customers to act quickly and make a purchase out of concern that they could miss out on the current temporary discount or if the supply runs out.

Time Ahead of Delivery

The client may use this tool to find out when the merchandise if they order it now, will arrive at their doorstep.


This will save you a tonne of time instead of having to respond to calls and emails from customers who are interested in purchasing your products, and it will primarily increase the conversion rate on your store since many customers leave when they can’t find everything they’re looking for on your store.

Related Products

Shella Theme - Related Products

By providing customers with additional products that are either complementary to the item they are viewing, alternatives to it, or simply items in the same category as what they are browsing, this feature could help your store’s average cart value rise and increase your revenue while using the same advertising budget.

Shella Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The business that created the Shella Shopify theme, MPIthemes, offers support for it.


You may go through a variety of articles and frequently asked questions on their website, as well as create a ticket and get email support.

Although it is unknown how long it will take for the support service to respond, customer ratings of the team are generally favourable.


In contrast to Veda Builder, which provides a huge selection of Shopify themes, Shella is essentially a single Shopify theme. Utilising Veda Builder, creating a Shopify store is simple. With the help of this fantastic programme, you can easily customise a selection of page and theme templates to create a unique single page or the full store.


The bulk of the functionality found in Shella themes may also be found in Veda Builder themes. Veda has the ability to override Shella as well as any other Shopify themes (such as Kalles, Wokiee, Prestige, etc.). Veda can be used alone or in conjunction with other themes.


All of Veda’s components, sections, pages, and themes are customizable, allowing you to build a distinctive eCommerce store.


Most importantly, Veda is fairly affordable, especially for a start-up with limited resources. A fully functional Shopify shop builder, Veda Builder is a direct rival to other well-known Shopify themes.