Retina Theme – Top Choice for Your Shopify Store


Check out the most recent Retina Shopify theme if you want to create an eCommerce site and have the best experience possible. It has a tonne of features that will make managing a store much easier for you, and it looks fantastic on all devices. For this reason, if you’re prepared to expand your business, be sure to look into the Retina Shopify theme. If you want to get the most interest from customers using an eCommerce site like Shopify, you’ll need the right themes to take your site to the desired level.

A theme can significantly enhance the appearance of your storefront, which is important for the overall success of your company. Your online store’s appearance can be greatly enhanced with a theme, which is essential to the kind of attention you draw.

Find one that fits your style and provides a solid platform for building your brand.

Let’s define the Shopify Retina theme before we begin.

The In-depth Reviews


Retina Theme - Shopify-min

The Retina theme was developed by the Out of the Sandbox team, which also maintains it. Its initial objective is to help you highlight your products using eye-catching photos and posh styling. This award-winning theme was created as a result of a competition, which was the catalyst for everything.

Because of its chic vibe and neutral colour schemes, the Retina Shopify theme is ideal for fashion businesses. Retina displays offer the best symbiosis of usability, adaptability, and aesthetics.

There are four different design options for this theme, all of which prioritise photos and look fantastic. Retina is one of the most important marketing themes.

Its design includes a variety of blog layout options, social media icons, and image galleries. Even though you can no longer include your Instagram feed, you can embed a Twitter account.

For your blog, Disqus comments can also be enabled. Additionally, the Retina Shopify theme makes it simple to add banners and pop-up ads for promotions to your homepage.

You can use this theme to create original promotions for your shop. You could use text and graphics to inform customers about sales, promotions, or new products.

The store can also easily be altered to suit your needs. You can arrange your content blocks and change the sidebar components, like menus and search fields, with Retina.

The Retina Shopify theme was created with a focus on your customers as well as on making things easier for you.

Users can view a product’s details and quickly add it to their basket without leaving the current page thanks to the theme’s “Quick Shop” feature. It is therefore mobile-responsive.

Retina Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Amsterdam, Melbourne, Montreal, and Austin

Sitewide feature

Seamless video integration

Store categories

Stores that offer in-person sales, high-volume stores, and support brand storytelling

Who Is the Retina Shopify Theme Designed For?

For Shopify businesses that want to quickly brand their stores and increase their profits using the features offered by this theme, the Retina Shopify theme is a great substitute.

If you believe Retina is a fantastic option for your online store and that one of the four templates or designs mentioned earlier can be effective for the products or marketing strategy for your store, then you can move forward.

Retina Theme Pricing

The one-time price for the lifetime licence for a single store for the Shopify Retina theme is $220.

You can move the theme to another store without incurring any additional costs if you decide to close the first one for which you purchased it.

In contrast to other paid Shopify themes from independent developers that charge yearly fees, Retina offers lifetime manual updates for a single cost.

How to Install the Retina Shopify Theme

Log in to your Shopify account first, then go to the Themes section. The Shopify themes that are available are listed. Scroll down to the Retina Shopify theme and click it to access the theme’s options.

This theme is easy to install and has a tonne of features that will make your store look amazing.

  • Be sure to keep the most recent version of your Shopify account updated. You need Shopify’s most recent version to install the Retina Shopify theme.
  • Find the Retina Shopify theme next by going to the Shopify themes page. By clicking the link, the theme can be downloaded. After downloading, open the file by clicking the “Install” button. 
  • The Shopify admin dashboard will then require your login information. Choose “Themes” from the top menu bar, then choose “Activate Themes”.

Enter your password if prompted (be sure to write it down so you can use it again to log in). Apply the Retina theme by selecting the “Activate” button next to its name after logging in.

Retina Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



Top-notch theme

Without a guarantee of a refund.

Simple to use

Numerous useful features exist that can increase sales in your store.

Excellent value, as there is no need to purchase additional apps.

Using fewer apps keeps your company safe and quick

Design flexibility is made possible by the four pre-made styles and numerous header options.

Retina Theme Presets

Do you want your business to have better customer relations? You can choose one of Retina’s four pre-made theme designs based on the sector, area of expertise, or merchandise in your store. These designs are made to help you get the best look for your online store, which converts better depending on what you sell. These theme designs are primarily intended to give your eCommerce store a stylish appearance so that you can sell apparel, footwear, home goods, and skincare products. The four varieties of the Retina theme are as follows:

  • Amsterdam for clothing retailers;
  • Austin for stores that sell shoes;
  • Montreal for online retailers of household goods;
  • Melbourne for skincare product retailers. 

Retina Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The next-generation Shopify theme, Retina, comes with a wealth of fantastic features:

Dismissable Promotional Banner

You’ll see that a dismissable promo banner contains the fixed content that is present in dismissible notifications.

It can be discovered, for instance, in news, new tools, and many other places. These features will enable you to showcase your most recent promotion, sale, or discount at the top of the store’s page.

Multi-level Menu

Retina Theme - Menu

A multi-level menu will reveal its submenus in their context to save space for display and use.

This theme will make it easier for customers to find your store due to the drop-down menu it has for you.

Customer Testimonials

Retina Theme - Testimonial

Customer endorsements are statements made by contented customers in support of the value of a product or service. Similar to influencer marketing, it might involve paid endorsements.

Given that customer testimonials are combined with compelling messaging, deft sales techniques, and focused marketing, consumers will act as brand ambassadors, and you will experience an increase in sales as a result of having customer testimonials.

Retina focuses on promoting your products by posting customer reviews and quotes on your website.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The stores customers check out must look stunning and load quickly on those devices as more people shop online using their mobile devices in order to keep their customers there and persuade them to make a purchase.

As a result, Google search results will send more free traffic to your Shopify store.

The Retina Shopify theme is also completely optimised to look great and work correctly on mobile device displays, which should boost traffic and conversion rates for your store.

Multiple Header Styles

Your brand’s confidence and audience connection will grow as a result of your ability to modify your online store and give it a unique design, which will boost your store’s conversion rate.

You also have a variety of menu and header style options with the Retina Shopify theme.

Slide-Out Cart

Retina Theme - Cart

Visitors to your business can access their cart from any page within your store without leaving the one they’re currently on by using this feature.

Customers can access the checkout page more quickly without first going to the cart page thanks to this quick and simple user experience, which boosts conversion rates.

Quick Shop

Retina Theme - Quick Shop

Your website’s visitors can quickly and easily check a product’s details from the cart page by adding the Quick Shop button.

Because of this, they can even add items to your basket while it is still open.

Product Filtering

As you may already be aware, the purpose of the Product filtering tool was to enable users to filter search results based on various criteria, including price, size, colour, and reviews.

As a result, your customers can now filter the products in your store by price, best sellers, and product type.

Predictive Search

Retina Theme - Search

Customers will find it simpler and stay on your website longer thanks to this search feature, which also helps to improve the user experience of your store.

Retina’s predictive search is also intriguing because, in contrast to Amazon’s, it shows product photos in addition to product titles.

Product Zoom

Using the Product Zoom function, you can select from a range of magnifiers and set them for your product photographs.

You can boost sales in your store by letting customers get a closer look at your product and making that image more visible as they hover over it.

Related Products

Retina Theme - Related Products

You should concentrate on providing recommendations for related products, which is true for the majority of eCommerce stores, to encourage customers to buy other items from your site so they can find the item they’re looking for more easily.

Fortunately, Retina makes it simpler for you to draw attention to products from the same collection on your product pages, which will increase sales by incentivizing customers to buy more.

Versatile Sidebar

By using this theme, you can have a sidebar that is both beautiful and adaptable. You can add your menus, a search bar, or other content in a toggleable sidebar for collections and blog pages.

Google Maps

Using this Retina Shopify theme will enable you to show the location of your business for customers to see. You may be familiar with how Google Maps functions.

As a result, customers can use Google Maps to quickly browse and learn more about the location of your store.

Special Page Templates

Retina offers four distinct styles with its one-of-a-kind page templates, so you can pick and choose what to include on your website.

Because of its customizable content and unique layouts, Retina enables you to customise both your product details and information pages.

FAQ page

Retina Theme - FAQ

When they visit the website of a particular online retailer, many website visitors pay close attention to the FAQ section.

You can use this section, which is accessible on Retina, to help you create a personalised FAQ page that tells customers about your company or product FAQs.

Award-Winning Theme

Retina was named a winner in the Shopify eCommerce Design Award Competition, a prestigious competition for theme designers and developers working on the Shopify platform. After that, Retina develops into a masterfully designed theme for the upcoming eCommerce market. This theme gains popularity over time and continues to receive frequent updates that include many exceptional features.

Extensive Resource

There is a thorough Theme Help Centre that can give you a lot of detailed information, documentation, and answers to frequently asked questions about installing and customising your theme. There is also a tonne of video tutorials that include step-by-step instructions for installing and customising any theme.

Great Support

Additionally, there are numerous Retina-specific support articles included in the Theme Help Centre to assist users in resolving their issues using the FAQ sections, How to Setup the Retina Home Page, etc. However, if you have any specific questions about any of the theme’s sections and would like to speak with the support team directly, just get in touch with them. They will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

Retina Shopify theme support

For the first year, the Retina Shopify theme’s creator offers no-cost customer support.

Additionally, manual updates are free as long as the licence is active; however, the paid option allows for automatic updates.

Support for the Out of the Sandbox themes is primarily offered via email, and they promise to respond to your inquiries within 24 hours.


The Retina Shopify theme is a worthwhile investment for your Shopify store if you want to gain features that will boost sales and save you money over time.

Tens of thousands of Shopify stores’ growth and success, as well as the creation of a sizable number of devoted customers, can be directly attributed to Retina.

The Retina theme guarantees simple navigation throughout your online store while offering the best user experience.

It’s critical to carry out research and decide which features are necessary for your store before investing in a theme.