Porto Theme – A great UI and UX Shopify theme that is responsive

Porrto Theme

The Shopify PortoTheme is a contemporary, responsive theme that has been tailored for Shopify’s most recent releases. Whether you are just starting out or already have a successful business, it is tailored to your needs. This article will present the Porto theme for Shopify and explain how it may increase conversion rates for your business.


The Porto Shopify theme is a simple, streamlined design that can be used by any kind of business owner. It contains a lot of features, including a visually appealing header and navigation bar, a quick and fluid layout, endless colour combinations, and simple customization options.


If you’re seeking a method to update your online business, the Porto Shopify theme is a fantastic option. Your audience will be able to explore the website with ease and locate the things they’re looking for quickly and effectively, thanks to its straightforward design. Numerous styles and widgets that may be utilised on each website page are among the amazing characteristics of the Porto theme Shopify. We are talking about the numerous features and functionality that this fantastic theme offers in this unique Porto Theme review.

The In-depth Reviews


Porrto Theme - themeForest

You may get a wide range of ready-made demos in Porto for every kind of eCommerce business you could want. Porto has something to meet your demands, whether you need a corporate homepage or an agency website. It provides an incredible array of distinct Porto theme demo versions. The demos are intended to assist you in swiftly launching your website since they provide a variety of designs and layouts that should satisfy any requirements you may have for an online presence.


Because it offers a big selection of choices for setting up an online store, Porto stands out from the competition among multipurpose themes. You can be certain to discover anything ideal in the choices of this adaptable theme, Porto, given its variety of features.

Porto Shopify Theme Highlights


PortoThemes – P-Themes


$99 For the 1-store licence with 6 months of support, add another $31.5 for a complete year of support.

Quality and Support

9.5 of 10

Features and Ease of Use

9 of 10

Design and Flexibility

9.5 of 10

Value for Money

9 of 10


9 of 10

Porto Theme Pricing

The Shopify Porto theme is available for a one-time fee of $99 and includes six months of maintenance.


When you buy the theme, you may pay an additional $31.5 for six more months of support.

How is the Shopify Porto theme different?

The Porto theme stands out from other Shopify themes in three ways in particular:


1 – Porto Has a High Rating and Is One of The Best-Sellers


The Porto theme is one of the top ten Shopify themes available on the Theme Forest marketplace. It has received hundreds of user evaluations and an impressive aggregate rating of 4.8 stars in such a crowded market.


2 – Ample Room for Customization


The Porto theme provides you with a lot of layout choices for the many parts and pages, including the header, sidebars, product page, category page, home page, etc., so you may add customization to your Shopify store.


Additionally, Porto has a tonne of skins that are tailored for shops in several markets, which may save you time when you first start up.


3 – A Variety of Features That May Benefit Your Business


Premium Shopify themes have several built-in capabilities in addition to frequent updates and developer support. These features would otherwise require you to utilise additional, typically pricey apps in order to use them to improve the odds of your business being successful.


In addition, the Porto theme has many of these capabilities that can help you save money over time rather than utilising a lot of expensive premium applications that would increase your costs and slow down your Shopify store, which would reduce conversions.

Who is the Shopify Porto theme for?

Shopify store owners in various genres that want a highly configurable theme with a lot of features that increase sales may choose the Porto theme.


I don’t like that you have to keep paying to receive the most.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Porto Theme



The setting panel and design of Porto are strong.

It takes a lot of time to customise because it has many functions.

It offers over 31 examples and layouts.

The cost is a little bit high.

Compatible with All Devices

Unlike some of the options in the review’s preceding section, you must continue paying for support and updates.

It is one of the top sellers in the online store where it is offered.

There is no free trial.

High rating from real users.

No refund policy is in place.

There are several beneficial aspects that might increase sales and profit for your shop.

Lacks some essential features like the upsell pop-up and the “buy-it-now” button.



Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Porto Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Porto Theme Preset

The Porto Shopify theme has several ready-to-use skins or templates that are tailored to match ecommerce shops in specific niches and sectors. By selecting the one that fits your store and brand the best, you can save time and continue customising it from there.


These skins could be utilised in sectors like:

  • Fashion.
  • Tech products and electronics
  • Gaming.
  • Sports.
  • Car parts and tools
  • Furniture.
  • Bikes.
  • And more.

Vendy Pro Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Through a range of customization tools, choices, and settings offered by Porto, you may get total control over your website. You’ll be able to release your own creativity as a result. Therefore, by personalising the style of your website, you can express your creativity. With tools like Porto, there are no restrictions or bounds to worry about while creating a visually stunning site that will catch people’s attention anywhere.


You may customise nearly every aspect of your website with the help of the comprehensive theme options control panel. All of this is made possible by a set of visual controls that enable simple use and rapid updates without the requirement for technical website operating skills.

Dark Mode

The Porto Shopify theme’s coolest feature is its ability to add a dark mode for your store, which may work better for some markets and clientele than the white colour or light mode, such as the gaming market, the Gothic market, some sports markets, etc.


One of the earliest Shopify themes I am aware of to provide this functionality is this one.

Various Product Detail Page Configurations

With the help of this function, you can alter the layout of the product page, including its appearance, number of columns, informational sections, how product images are arranged, etc.


Even the product image ratio is customizable.


This makes it easier for you to display the items and their information in a way that works for every business.

Product Related By Tags and Collections

You may configure your product pages to display products that are connected to the one a customer is now seeing, giving them more alternatives to add to their basket and raising the average purchase value.


The Porto theme is great because it enables you to achieve this on your Shopify store by instructing it to display comparable products based on the same category or tags that are applied to the product itself.

Best-Seller Recommendations

Similar to the feature mentioned above, this one displays the best-selling items from your business on the product page a customer is exploring, independent of their categories or tags, which increases sales by promoting tried-and-true goods.

Tabs on product pages

Porrto Theme - Tab

These are tabs that may be added to the product page to organise the information in a way that makes it simple to read and quick to discover the precise detail the customer is searching for, making the lives of the store’s visitors much simpler and assisting them in making a choice.

Comprehensive Filter Collection

With the help of the various filters you may display in the left sidebar, your customers will be able to find the items that meet all of their needs in terms of brand, size, colour, and material, among other criteria.


Rather than browsing through every product page to read its description, this makes it easier to discover things quickly.

Add to Cart in Ajax

Porrto Theme - Cart

When a customer hits the cart symbol in the top bar of your Shopify site, a brief pop-up displays the cart with everything in it. This Porto theme features


Without seeing the real cart page, they can modify it, go to the checkout page from there, or return to continue shopping.

Wishlist for Ajax

Porrto Theme - Wishlist

The Porto theme’s wishlist function, which enables customers to add things they like but aren’t sure if they want to buy just yet to this list so they can return to it to make a final decision, is another fantastic feature that saves time and makes it easier to shop on your site.

Compare Features of Products

Porrto Theme - Compare

With this feature, customers can add two goods to a comparison table and examine all of their details in one place, making it simple for them to choose which one is best for them and purchase it.

Buttons for Quick View and ATC

Porrto Theme - Quick Buy

These two features make it possible to shop more quickly and provide a means to gradually increase the value of the cart.


The “quick view” button, which appears when a customer hovers over a product cart, enables them to read the product’s details without having to visit the product’s website, and the “ATC” button enables them to add the item straight to their cart.

Multiple Languages and Currencies

These two Porto elements aid in boosting customer trust and familiarity with your store since many online customers feel more at ease when they can browse a website in their native tongue and when the pricing is displayed in the money they often use to make purchases.

Vertical and Horizontal Mega Menu Options

The mega menu is a menu that allows customers to browse all of the collections and sub-collections at once rather than having to click through each item on the main menu.


Instead of going to Amazon, where it is simple to locate anything, this makes the whole experience a lot more pleasant and makes it faster to find the things they are searching for.

Search Ajax

The Porto search tool lets customers discover what they’re searching for faster, so they can add it to their basket and go to checkout while they’re still typing in the search bar on your Shopify shop. It also shows the items’ photos at the same time.


This is a popular feature that has lately begun to emerge in many other themes, like the Wokiee and Ella Shopify themes.

Shipment Estimator

Instead of being shocked by the total amount on the checkout page and abandoning the transaction, the consumer may use the calculator on the cart page to see how much it would cost to ship the items in their basket to their location and amend their cart appropriately.

Pop-Up Email

Porrto Theme - Popup

With the use of this pop-up, you may obtain visitors’ email addresses before they leave your business, perhaps in return for a discount coupon, to entice them to place their first order so that you can subsequently contact them through email without spending money on advertisements.

A product page video

Videos may boost traffic to your business, demonstrate how things function or seem in real life, and generally raise conversion rates.


Additionally, the Porto theme makes it simple to include videos on the product pages of your shop.

Performance Speed

The ideal Shopify theme for anybody wishing to build a quick, responsive website is Porto. The Porto Shopify theme provides you with everything you need to quickly launch your business. The demands of today’s entrepreneurs are catered for in this theme. Porto will get your store up and running with all the features you need for success in no time, all at a low cost. It also has a simple installation process.

Template builder

Porrto Theme - Home

With the use of template builders, website owners may create a whole webpage without writing any code. According to your needs and the sort of site it will be used on, you may pick from a wide variety of varieties. Additionally, Shopify’s Porto theme provides you with some incredible template-building features.  


For specific product pages or sections within a whole shop, you may also use the template builder’s Block Builder, Header, and Footer Builders capabilities. In addition, the distinctive Shopify theme Porto features a single Product builder that enables you to create a single page with different content in each column depending on your needs, a popup window that displays extra information when users hover over particular items on the screen, and pricing templates designed especially for those products.


Porrto Theme - Mobile

The theme of Porto Shopify is the best option for all of your site traffic requirements since it works with all sizes of smartphones and tablets. A global user interface must be considered while designing a website for a business. This makes it one of the best Shopify themes since it works flawlessly on all platforms, including laptops, desktop computers, and even smartphones and tablets, with no problems at all.


Overall, Porto has everything you require, so it is aware of how to make things appear fantastic while making sure they never feel monotonous or repetitive. A sophisticated content management system that enables you to edit the site’s navigation, content, and graphics will give you complete control over the whole website. The premium Shopify theme Porto is ideal for any kind of shop.

Mega vertical menu

The Porto Shopify theme provides a cutting-edge vertical mega menu with space for many product pages, making it simpler to explore and giving your visitors alternatives. This product is ideal for you if you want to increase your online sales. Porto Theme Shopify offers a lot of customization options and keeps putting emphasis on providing a wonderful user experience with simple navigation through several menus or header images.

Porto Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The Shopify Porto Theme also comes with user-friendly documentation that offers a variety of useful resources for users’ convenience, including FAQs, a knowledge base, tutorials, etc. Check out the documentation for the Shopify Porto theme if you run into any problems utilising it for quick fixes.


One of the top Shopify themes available for your online business is the Porto theme. Because it was created with conversion optimisation in mind, it is ideal for any company trying to boost sales. The Porto Shopify theme enables customers to quickly and easily set up an online business.


The capabilities of Porto make it simple for you to customise your website and provide clients with the best experience possible. You may save time and money by using the numerous built-in eCommerce capabilities, including shipping, payments, and inventory management.