Pipeline Theme – A stylish theme with lots of features created for luxury brands


Everybody wants their online shops to look good. This is a fact.

Others favour a minimalist look, while some want their stores to be dynamic with many features and unique sections. If you want to offer visitors to your store a traditional and straightforward scrolling experience, the Shopify Pipeline Theme is an option, especially for DIY store owners.

It provides you with both basic and sufficiently sophisticated features to make your store “charming.” Simplicity can be alluring at times.

Pipeline’s key features and the setup instructions for your Shopify store must first be thoroughly examined in order to determine whether Pipeline is the right theme for your company. In today’s article, we’re going to walk you through how to do that.

The In-depth Reviews


Pipeline Theme - Shopify

Shopify’s Pipeline theme was created to make running your online business more efficient. It is compatible with Shopify merchants who sell both physical and digital goods, and it is brimming with features to make managing your online store simpler than ever.

Pipeline is unquestionably a theme worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a comprehensive one that will boost your sales and reduce your costs. For a thorough analysis of this well-liked Shopify theme, keep reading.

Pipeline is a great option for any online store owner looking for a flexible theme that can be customised to various retail settings because it is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. One main column for product listings is included in the design.

Pipeline Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Bright, Dark, Light, and Clean

Sitewide feature

Subcollections and filters, sections everywhere, and made for mobile.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

Best suited for businesses that need to tell their stories through media-rich layouts, some of the niches include fashion, high-end and luxury goods, jewellery, watches, shoes, home furnishings, cosmetics, beauty products, health and wellness, sunglasses, and eyewear.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

Ideal for stores that carry Small, Medium, and Large catalogue sizes. However, the latter two, i.e., Small & Medium, fit the theme perfectly.

Who Created Shopify Envy Theme?

The Pipeline Shopify theme is appropriate for companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors, but it works especially well for those who want to build an attractive and straightforward online store. Here are some specific instances of people who ought to think about utilising the Pipeline Shopify theme:

  • Online shops with a sizable selection of goods. Businesses with a large product catalogue will find the Pipeline theme to be a great fit thanks to its sophisticated product filtering options. Customers can easily find the products they need thanks to the ability to search and filter products based on particular criteria, which enhances their overall shopping experience.
  • Stores with a content marketing emphasis. The Pipeline theme’s content sections on the product page can be an asset if your company places a high priority on content marketing. You can display product reviews, related items, and thorough product descriptions in these sections, giving customers more information to help them make educated purchasing decisions.
  • E-commerce companies are seeking adaptability. Businesses can alter and rearrange various sections of the homepage of the Pipeline theme to suit their particular brand and goods. Due to its adaptability, it is a fantastic option for companies seeking a high level of customization and control over the look and feel of their website.


You can decide to delay making the $360 one-time payment for the Pipeline Shopify Theme. The theme offers an UNLIMITED free trial period that lets you try out all of its advanced features without spending any money.

The best part, though? Only when you’re ready to publish the theme do you need to make a payment? So why not incorporate the Pipeline theme right away and discover its potential in your Shopify store theme editor? 

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Pipeline Theme

Shopify’s Pipeline theme is ideal for eCommerce companies. It is simple to customise and has a contemporary appearance. But you should be aware that Pipeline has some disadvantages.



Although it is contemporary, the design is clear and understated.

They only offer email help (no chat support), which makes it difficult to receive a response right away when you need quick assistance.

The theme is mobile-responsive and features a layout.

In the editor, there ought to be more choices for mobile responsiveness.

They have excellent supporting documentation. They also include images and video tutorials that show how to build up a section. 

There are no options for customising the cart.

Both the FAQ page and the Lookbook page may be built using the Pipeline theme.

Theme’s versatile editing capabilities for the content parts are lacking.

Pipeline Theme Presets

Look no further than Pipeline if you’re seeking a Shopify theme to simplify your online business. There are three primary variations of this theme, each with a unique set of benefits and features.


Pipeline Theme - Home 1

Bright is really easier than the preceding style if you pay great attention. A slideshow of personalised banners and highlighted goods is located beneath the full-width hero picture. A “news” section and a few unique information blocks are located at the homepage’s bottom.

The colour palette of Bright is more vibrant than that of Light, and the overlay header gives the site a contemporary yet straightforward appearance.


Pipeline Theme - Home 2

The Pipeline Shopify theme’s Dark preset is distinguished by its dark background colour, sticky navigation, and video banner, which gives your Shopify store a daring and exciting appearance. The layout is clutter-free thanks to the modular content pieces in the design, which continue to be clean and well-organized.


Pipeline Theme - Home 3

An illustration of a simple, light design is the Light style. Basic menu items with dropdown options are located on the top right, with the logo on the left. When there is a full-width, product-focused header picture, then collection listings, and finally a highlighted collection, it is simple. This can assist visitors in understanding the nature of your company in just five seconds of browsing.

Additionally, the light grey “ITC Johnston” – Serif text font on a white backdrop theme gives off a respectable impression of a clean and traditional retail layout.


Pipeline Theme - Home 4

The Shopify Pipeline Clean template exudes professionalism and high-end quality by emphasising neutral colours and an easy-to-use layout. It is sleek and contemporary. The goods’ basic design gives them an exquisite appearance.

Pipeline Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Pipeline offers some gorgeous design layouts complemented with complimentary typography that may breathe new life into your store. The theme has layouts for daring and adventurous firms and is best suited to marketing premium goods. Along with remarkable conversion and shopping experience-enhancing capabilities, the Pipeline Shopify theme also has an exceptional design. From simple product discovery to smooth navigation, the theme provides benefits for everyone.

Let’s talk about some of the other key aspects of this topic from the perspective of the page.

Mega Menu

Pipeline Theme - Menu

For Shopify businesses with big menus and catalogues, the Pipeline theme is a game-changer. The multi-column menu and aesthetically pleasing design make it simple for visitors to click on product collections right from the navigation.

Parallax Effect

The Pipeline Shopify theme is designed to display items in high resolution using huge photos and videos. It has a stunning parallax effect that, when users scroll down the page, produces a 3D depth motion. The homepage of the shop will have a distinctive edge and visual fascination thanks to this unusual scrolling design.

Shopify store owners who use the Pipeline theme may activate this effect to improve the browsing experience and increase customer engagement.

Optimised for Large Images

The Pipeline theme is designed to display huge photos of your store’s high-resolution product photography. The multi-column menu option may be used to show the collection that your potential clients find most appealing.

Full-width Instagram Feed

By streamlining organic conversions, customers may share their favourite products via Instagram’s full-width feed.

Modular-style Homepage

In order to keep the business appearing organised while presenting the brand and information, the Shopify Pipeline theme has a modular and fashionable home page with several well-designed blocks and sections.

Its striking full-width header, which allows slideshows and videos, enables Shopify merchants to present their goods in an interesting manner. It is ideal for showcasing fresh or seasonal merchandise and holding sales.

Shop the Look

Pipeline Theme - Shop the look

Customers may examine product information and make purchases with the Quick Shop feature of the Shopify Pipeline theme without leaving their current page. By streamlining the purchasing process, this function boosts revenue and client pleasure.

Advanced filters and extensive description

On collection pages where goods are organised by tags like brand, colour, size, or product type, store owners can show a sidebar menu using the Shopify Pipeline theme.

Pipeline Theme - Filter

Additionally, the Pipeline theme from Shopify provides a way to sell things with in-depth descriptions. Shopify shop owners have the ability to organise the information provided about each product.

Pipeline Theme - Description

Auto-complete Search

Pipeline Theme - Search

Customers may rapidly obtain the most pertinent search results by inputting only a few letters in the Shopify Pipeline theme’s search tool thanks to an auto-completion feature. It may greatly increase the effectiveness and speed of the search process, making it easier for consumers to locate what they’re looking for.

Mobile-First Design

Pipeline Theme - Mobile

Today’s online sales are significantly influenced by mobile traffic, making it essential for online retailers to have a mobile-responsive tool. The Shopify Pipeline theme, fortunately, is exquisitely created for mobile commerce and offers customers a smooth experience regardless of the device they use.

Additionally, it supports retina screens with high quality, guaranteeing that pictures and movies seem clear and sharp on all gadgets. It’s crucial for businesses that heavily rely on aesthetic appeal, like those that offer photography or fine art.

Slide-out Cart

Pipeline Theme - Cart

Customers can add extra instructions or comments to their orders using the cart notes feature during the checkout process, which is useful for goods that need unique modifications or delivery instructions.

Customers can inspect their cart and make any required edits with the slide-out visual brand storytelling cart without leaving the page they’re now on.

Theme Customization Package

You may customise the Shopify Pipeline theme so that it looks exactly the way you want it to by purchasing the theme customization package. The package includes personalised pages, fonts, colours, and styles, as well as functionalities like pop-ups and announcement bars that let you design a unique and alluring buying experience.

Optimised for Speed

Slow site performance is one of the most important conversion-killing factors. When compared to other Shopify Themes, the Pipeline Shopify theme by Group Thought is ranked #30 for speed. If you choose a Pipeline theme, your viewers will enjoy lightning-fast loading.

The Shopify Pipeline theme is a fantastic way to get started with a straightforward theme that covers the fundamentals for most online companies. You can make changes on the Shopify Pipeline theme’s product page if you believe that certain tweaks are essential for functionality. Your Shopify Pipeline logo’s size, typefaces, colour scheme, and other website elements may all be customised to your specifications.

Search engine optimisation is crucial since your industry is competitive. Customers should be able to find your store among the top results of a straightforward search and check it out.  The Pipeline Shopify theme enables you to make the required adjustments to your store’s optimisation for better search engine results.

Additionally, the Shopify Pipeline theme samples demonstrate how adjustments may be made to fit a mobile device. The site’s navigation panels, text size, and images are modified to accommodate your customers’ electronic devices.

The Shopify theme Pipeline makes it possible to engage with customers via social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter without having to learn complicated code. As all of this information is necessary for your customers to understand you, you may place it in the footer area along with your refund policy, information about us, and shipping policy information.

Pipeline Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The Shopify Pipeline Theme comes with comprehensive instructions to help you set it up. You may contact the theme developer’s support team by email or the Helpdesk online form if you require extra help or have any queries. To contact us, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Online Store > Themes in the Shopify admin.
  • Click Customise after locating the theme you wish to change.
  • Tap Theme Actions.
  • Click Get Support or View Documentation.

Integrations with other applications or the installation of new themes are not covered by the theme support, though. We advise engaging a Shopify Expert if you need help with these components or need help customising your theme.


Consider reading our evaluation of the Pipeline Shopify theme if you’re looking for a new theme but aren’t sure where to begin. This theme is ideal for companies seeking a user-friendly and cutting-edge buying experience. Additionally, it has a tonne of features that will simplify your job as a shop owner. So be sure to check out Pipeline if you’re prepared to grow your company.