Motion Theme – Shopify theme for brand storytelling, mobile-optimized animation, and video


Do you want your Shopify store to seem amateurish or professional when it launches? The theme on Shopify has a physical storefront feel to it. Customers might decide whether to remain longer to browse more things or depart based on their initial impressions of your store.

Pay special attention to selecting the ideal motif if you want clients to have confidence in your shop. 

In this blog post, we will evaluate the Shopify Motion theme and provide you with our frank opinion. I’ll discuss the theme’s primary attributes, theme aesthetics, and some associated details. Then, you may select whether or not you want to use this theme for your company.   

The In-depth Reviews


Motion Theme - Shopify

One of the most well-liked themes available in the Shopify Theme Store is the Shopify Motion Theme. It was made by Archetype Themes, a prominent designer that more than 60,000 Shopify merchants recommend. 

Online shops that offer both physical and digital items should use Motion. Moreover, it may be used by any size of organisation, from sole proprietorships to international conglomerates like

Just create a free account to begin using the Motion Theme.

You may download the theme and begin modifying it as soon as you create your account.

Some of the characteristics that make MotionShopifyTheme one of the most adaptable and potent themes available are listed below:

  • Design that responds to various screen resolutions without sacrificing quality is known as responsive design.
  • Navigation menus, header bars, and footers are all customizable
  • Several built-in tools, such as product categories and search engines, help you get going right away.
  • Several colour schemes are available.
  • For all devices, including phones and tablets, the design is 100 percent responsive and looks excellent.

Motion Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Classic, Elegant, and Minimal

Sitewide feature

Smooth animations, Showcase evolving collections, and everything you need to succeed

  • Animated Content: From start to finish, this theme is intended to include animation that is fluid and attractive. Animated text will appear on the page.
  • Visual storytelling: You may demonstrate your items in action with the Shopify Motion theme. As you navigate from the homepage to the collections page and choose a product, the screen fades in and out, giving your business a sense of continuity that other themes can’t match. The true magic is when you can show your consumers a variety of product videos as they scroll down the page.
  • Multiple homepage videos: When a visitor first arrives at a product page, it is more stunning to have an animation or video of the product as the main image. It displays the product in use. The Shopify Motion Theme is focused on this.
  • Product Quick View: Without leaving the page you’re on, you can access a synopsis and photographs of a product by hovering over it on the collection page. The browsing process is expedited.
  • Quick Product Filtering: the motion theme will quickly skim between customizable tags or sub-collections based on the query. Simply apply a filter and quick-view the products – save time.

Motion Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



The theme is flexible and straightforward to utilise.

Some users have criticised the theme’s appearance as being too basic or straightforward.

It feels and looks modern.

Motion Theme Shopify Support does not offer live chat; only tickets and emails are accepted.

It has a unique header, menus, and social networking icons.

Motion Theme Presets

The Shopify Motion Theme was created with a focus on visual storytelling. To give your store a more eye-catching appearance, the top section encourages you to add video content. As you scroll through the homepage, you’ll notice that animation and video content are very common. 

This theme aims to demonstrate to visitors who you are as a brand. It’s ideal for almost anything, including clothing, travel, accessories, technology, and other items. You can bring the Shopify Motion Theme to life if you are adept at conveying your brand’s narrative through images, which you are.

  • Enables you to use images and animations to display your brand 
  • Excellent job demonstrating your product in use 
  • A novel approach to building your store 
  • throughout the theme, amazing user experience 

There are three styles of Shopify Motion Theme. 


Motion Theme - Home 1

A large landing page image that fills the entire width of the screen is the first option, known as the Classic style. Visitors will experience an instantaneous category switch as soon as they land on your page, which motivates them to explore your website more thoroughly and frequently.

Additionally, the eye-catching, fluid animations and the auto-playing video will aid in drawing in customers. Additionally, this version offers three hero sections that can be used interchangeably throughout your homepage depending on your ongoing promotions: a large video, a slideshow, and an animated bold statement section. Additionally, switching collections without leaving the page gives you access to instant sub-collections, allowing your customers to browse even more.

Regarding the marketing features in this style specifically and in Motion generally, you can use the 10 modular sections on our new page section template to create an engaging landing page. You can also get the newsletter popup, which helps you collect customer contact information by offering them promotions in a popup as well. Additionally, it is assumed to promote your purchases on our lovely blog design because it has been enhanced for readability and simple commenting.


Motion Theme - Home 2

The Classic style is similar to this Elegant one in most respects. It does, however, have other, thinner font styles. This theme’s dark blue design makes it appropriate for showcasing fashion items like clothing, bags, heels, and other accessories. As a result, you will be able to produce numerous lovely collection collage sections as well as a callout section that incorporates photography into it for you in a single step. These other fantastic features, such as the Animation features, Video features, Collection pages, and so forth, are still guaranteed in this version.


Motion Theme - Home 3

For the two versions above, this one is slightly different. The toolbar is not in the middle of the screen, but rather at the top left. It also includes a section where you can select the country in which your orders will be processed, as well as a button on the top right that takes users to the login page. The other great features, such as the Animation features, Video features, Collection pages, and so on, are still present in this style, and those are the only differences.

Motion Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

A fully responsive eCommerce theme for stores of any size, the Motion Shopify Theme. Creating and running your online store is a cinch thanks to features like unlimited colours and fonts, a drag-and-drop page builder, and an intuitive admin panel. Additionally, you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your needs thanks to its library of themes and plugins, which is continuously updated.

Key Features:

  • On any device or screen size, the fully responsive design looks great.
  • Drag-and-drop page builder – quickly and easily create pages
  • Create the look you want for your shop with unlimited colours and fonts.
  • Manage everything, from your storefront to shipping details, in one place with the help of an intuitive admin panel.

Animated Content

From the beginning to the end, this theme offers fluid animation. Your content, such as banners, product lists, and videos, will be animated into view.

You can transition in a way that best represents your brand. Additionally, the animation will make it a pleasant shopping experience for customers when they switch between pages.

Multiple Homepage Videos

It has been demonstrated that motion graphics are more engaging than still ones because they help potential customers remember your brand. To draw visitors, the homepage must have a variety of product-related videos scattered throughout.

Product Quick View

Motion Theme - Quick View

Product of Shopify Motion Theme Without leaving the home page, Quick View enables users to view the products in greater detail. When customers are simultaneously browsing for collections or related products, it is convenient for them. 

Quick Product Filtering

Motion Theme - Filter

Customers can access filtered products with the Shopify Motion Theme without refreshing the entire collection page. They only need to enter a filter, and the page will instantly display the results. This reduces waiting times significantly and improves the shopping experience.


Motion Theme - mobile

Since mobile devices account for more than 80% of traffic to Shopify stores, a seamless mobile user experience is essential. The theme has been optimised for speed and looks good on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Autocomplete Search with Pictures

Motion Theme - Search

A variety of product images will show up in the autocomplete option bar as customers type in a keyword. The search is completed very quickly and meets all of your customers’ requirements.

Designed by Shopify pros

Former Shopifiers who made the well-liked Debut and Brooklyn themes created the Motion Theme. Years of experience have been poured into this amazing theme by the creators.

Visual storytelling brings your products to life

Using the Shopify Motion Theme, you can demonstrate your products in use. As you navigate from the homepage to the collections page and choose a product, the screen fades in and out, giving your store a sense of continuity that other themes can’t match.

It initially feels comfortable landing on a product page in the Shopify Motion Theme. Along with photos, you are encouraged to use product animations and videos. 

As you continue to scroll down the product page, the real magic starts to happen. 

A variety of product videos, fantastic opportunities to highlight product details, and passages of copy that seamlessly blend in with the eye candy allow you to introduce visitors to your product both orally and visually. 

Is the Motion theme right for you?

Shopify’s Motion theme was created with eCommerce companies in mind. It has many features that a small or medium-sized business would find useful, and it is quick and simple to set up. It might not be the best option for a large or more complicated eCommerce site, though.

Although Motion is well-designed and simple to use, some other themes have more features than it does. Additionally, there aren’t many customization options, so if you want to make any changes, you might need to get in touch with the theme developer. Motion is a strong Shopify theme overall and a good option for companies of all sizes.

How do I customise my Shopify Motion theme?

The purchase and application of the theme in your company are the last steps. $350 is the one-time fee for this theme. The Archetype team will provide you with free updates and technical support. 

When you spend a lot of money on a theme, you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of value in return. The framework for your website is already provided by this Shopify Motion Theme; all you need to do is add the statement, videos, pictures, and collections.

You also receive a lot of benefits from Shopify because you can use them as trial themes in your store. Shopify won’t charge you anything if you don’t publish them.

Log into your Shopify account after purchasing the theme. Visit the “Online Store” page. Go to the Motion Theme under “Themes” and click “Customize.” 

Motion Theme - Customize

Here it is, the Shopify Motion Theme’s user interface.

You might think about hiring a freelance website developer if you want to customise something more than what Archetype’s Motion Theme offers. To meet your needs, they can modify the code. 

If you believe the cost is excessive, you can look into other, less expensive options. Shopify provided a large selection of free themes to test out.  

Note: Shopify Motion Theme is a paid theme, so if you obtain a free version of it, it would be illegal to distribute it and might violate someone’s copyright. 

Additionally, the free theme will not provide you with the most recent developer updates, which may result in serious security and functionality problems for your Shopify store.   


Look no further if you’re looking for a Motion Shopify theme to streamline your business. The Motion theme is a fantastic option for any small, medium-sized, or large business because it is well-designed and simple to use. Additionally, the Motion theme’s creators are always responsive to customer questions and concerns, so you can be sure that if you decide to buy the theme, you’ll be in good hands. If you’re in the market for a new Shopify theme, I’d highly suggest Motion!