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Modular Theme

If you’re considering opening an online store, you’ll want to pick the best platform —  one that’s user-friendly, packed with features, and adaptable to your particular brand. The Modular Shopify theme is one of the platform’s most popular themes. In this post, we’ll examine it in more detail.

The In-depth Reviews


Modular Theme - Shopify

The Modular Theme, the most recent theme from Shopify, is a significant shift from their previous themes. The Modular Theme has a number of new features that let you truly make your business stand out and is made to be far more versatile and adjustable than any of Shopify’s other themes.

The “blocks” concept of the Modular Theme is one of its most noticeable aspects. You may add blocks to your shop pages as essentially modular parts, and you can customise them to show any content you want. This gives you the ability to design entirely original pages for your business, which is ideal if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The Modular Theme’s integrated support for Shopify’s new app architecture is yet another fantastic feature. As a result, you may add third-party applications to your shop without having to worry about compatibility issues or code collisions. This saves a tonne of time and makes adding effective features to your business simpler than before.

All things considered, the Modular Theme is a really strong and adaptable tool that allows you total control over the appearance and feel of your business. This theme is perfect for you if you’re searching for a method to make your Shopify store stand out.

Modular Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Mayfair, Hoxton, and Chelsea

Sitewide feature

Make your store a work of art, sales conversion focused, and start selling products quickly

How much does Modular Theme Shopify cost?

At a cost of $300, the Shopify Modular Theme may be purchased. This premium theme has a variety of features and a distinctive feel that will improve the aesthetics and usability of your online business.

Before committing to a purchase, you have the option to completely investigate and evaluate the theme’s fit for your needs and expectations with its Unlimited free trial.

Without any time restrictions, you may try out all of its features and functions. You won’t have to pay for the theme until you’re ready to launch your business. 

Where to buy Modular Shopify Theme?

The Shopify Theme Store is the best place to look when you need a theme for your Shopify store. The shop provides a large selection of themes and is accessible through your Shopify admin dashboard or the official Shopify website.

Alternatively, you may find the Modular theme created by Presidio Creative on their website if that’s what you’re especially looking for. You may access the Shopify Theme Store’s Modular theme page by simply clicking the “Try for free” button.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Modular Theme

The Modular Theme is attractive, lightweight, and simple to modify, among other things. However, you should think about a few potential downsides before making your buy.
The Modular Theme is attractive, lightweight, and simple to modify, among other things. However, you should think about a few potential downsides before making your buy.
Overall, for those seeking a straightforward, lightweight theme that’s simple to customise, the Modular Theme is a wonderful option. Just keep in mind that if you want to add a blog section to your website, you’ll need to install a new plugin or use a different theme.



Various customization options for layout, colors, and fonts.

Comparatively few features compared to other Shopify themes.

An integrated blog for simple content management and interaction.

Comparatively pricey for startups.

Design that is responsive, contemporary, simple, logical, and useful.

Translation issues happen to some users.

Fantastic support group.

Easy to use, with detailed instructions for setup.

Unlimited free trial.

Modular Theme Presets

Mayfair, Hoxton, and Chelsea are the three primary theme categories available on the Shopify Modular Theme. The most popular neighbourhoods are Mayfair, Hoxton, and Chelsea. Each fashion has certain qualities and advantages of its own.


Modular Theme - Home 1

The most common and adaptable choice is the Mayfair design. It has a left sidebar for straightforward navigation and a sizable core space for content presentation. For general-purpose stores or those who want to highlight important material, this design is ideal.

The simplicity and organisation of the Mayfair design make it a great option for fashion retailers, especially those that specialise in women’s goods.


Modular Theme - Home 2

The Hoxton design was created for stores with vast amounts of information that is organised into categories. It features a left sidebar for simple navigation and a roomy middle section for content presentation.

The Modular Shopify theme is a great option for companies that specialise in women’s clothes and apparel since it is especially well-suited for retailers that prioritise content organisation. This theme offers a user-friendly method of grouping different components, making sure that the content of your business is efficiently presented and simple to navigate.


Modular Theme - Home 3

The Chelsea design is the ideal option for individuals looking to make a strong statement with their store. Without a sidebar, it has a sizable centre space for information that keeps the attention on your blog or other prominent material. 

For companies that want to make their blog the centre of attention while still providing a visually appealing and interesting experience, the Chelsea style is perfect. It is especially appropriate for the beauty industry, where aesthetics are important.

Modular Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

For those searching for a shop theme that is simple to customise, the Modular Shopify Theme is a fantastic option. With the help of the many capabilities offered by this theme, you can customise the appearance and feel of your business to better reflect your brand. This theme’s modular layout is one of its standout qualities. With this layout, adding or removing sections from your business is simple and doesn’t require changing the code. This makes it simple to modify your store to suit your unique demands.

The responsive design of the Modular Theme is yet another fantastic feature. This implies that all platforms, including desktop computers and mobile phones, will display your store beautifully. This is crucial since it guarantees that your consumers can browse your store regardless of how they visit it.

The Modular Theme also comes with a variety of convenient built-in features that make it simple to utilise. A product search, a contact form, and a shopping cart are some of them. With these capabilities, it’s simple to launch your shop and begin selling goods right immediately

Fun & Energising Design

Modular Theme - Design

The Shopify Modular Theme is the ideal alternative for Shopify art companies since it provides a variety of eye-catching design options with attractive layouts, big photos, and subtle animations.

With the theme’s dynamic design, pictures exhibit colourful images or aesthetically attractive artwork. The layouts are particularly designed to draw attention to the aesthetic components of your items and hold it. 

For instance, you may use the theme’s eye-catching layouts to display a selection of images on your site if you own a Shopify art store that specialises in digital illustrations. Your consumers will have an immersive and visually fascinating experience thanks to the eye-catching design components, which will encourage them to explore and enjoy your artwork.

Easy to Setup

With the Modular Theme, setting up your Shopify art store is a breeze. The theme includes stunning default layouts and styles that are simply adaptable to match your branding.

You may easily alter the colour schemes, fonts, and general aesthetics to fit your art store’s own style with only a few clicks. 

For instance, you might easily modify the theme to match the minimalist black-and-white graphics that your art gallery specialises in. 

You may create a consistent and visually appealing online presence that appeals to your target audience thanks to the simplicity of setup and modification.

Conversion-focused features

Shopify art shops may tremendously benefit from the features of the Modular Theme that are designed to increase sales conversions. The “Quick Buy” feature streamlines and reduces friction in the purchasing process by allowing users to make purchases right from the product listing page. 

Additionally, you may give comprehensive information about each piece of art, including its inspiration, the methods employed, and the background of the artist, using the enhanced product description tool. This gives potential customers the power to decide with knowledge and to appreciate the creative worth of your goods. 

Customers may simply add goods to their basket while perusing your artwork thanks to the slide-out and sticky cart features of the theme. This makes for a simple and convenient buying experience. 

Additionally, offering a fast view, back-in-stock alerts, and colour samples improves the browsing experience and motivates visitors to interact with your artwork.

Tell Your Brand's Story Effectively

Storytelling is a potent technique for Shopify art stores to engage customers more deeply.

The Modular Theme has features that enable you to successfully tell the story of your company. You may share behind-the-scenes information, creative ideas, and artist spotlights with the built-in blog capability. With the help of this platform, you can interact with your audience, provide insights into your creative process, and establish a strong sense of your brand.

Customers may also contact you directly thanks to the customisable contact form function, which promotes a feeling of intimacy. A press coverage area displays any media recognition or partnerships, giving your company more legitimacy and enticing potential customers. Including a FAQ page aids in answering frequent questions and concerns.

Mobile Adaptivity

Modular Theme - Mobile

Any Shopify art business must have a mobile-responsive website due to the increasing use of mobile devices. Your online store will look great and work perfectly on smartphones and tablets thanks to the Modular Theme. Customers can now conveniently explore and enjoy your artwork on their mobile devices, whether they’re at a gallery, at an art event, or just out and about.

No matter the platform, the responsive design adjusts fluidly to various screen sizes, optimising the viewing experience and letting your art stand out. By paying attention to mobile responsiveness, you may reach a larger audience and provide art lovers who choose to interact with your business on their mobile devices with a great browsing experience.

Who is the Shopify Modular Theme for?

  • E-commerce start-ups: a new business E-commerce venture.
  • Small and medium-sized companies are small businesses that require an internet store to start making sales right away, such as a boutique or speciality store.
  • Professionals in the arts, such as photographers, designers, and artists.
  • Fashion and leisure companies that sell apparel, furniture, and home furnishings.
  • Niche speciality shops, such as those that provide fine foods, exercise gear, or pet supplies.

How fast is Shopify Modular Theme?

Among the 83 Shopify themes examined, the Presidio Creative Shopify Modular Theme comes in at number 32 in terms of speed. Its average Speed Index, which gauges how quickly visible portions of the website are shown, is 4510 ms.

The Shopify Modular Theme nonetheless provides a sufficient level of speed for a seamless surfing experience, even if it might not be the quickest theme out there.

Final Thoughts

The first step, assuming you’re starting from scratch, is to buy a Shopify theme. The Modular Theme is a fantastic choice because it’s simple to use and very flexible. You may begin adding your goods, pages, and blog articles after installing the theme.

Utilising the Modular Theme’s customisation features is crucial for getting the most out of it. For instance, you may alter your store’s layout, typefaces, and colour palette to better reflect your brand. To make your business more appealing, you may also include features like slideshows and social media links.

Take a look at Shopify’s documentation on the Modular Theme if you’re not sure where to begin. It has comprehensive instructions on how to use each element of the theme. Additionally, Shopify’s YouTube channel has useful tutorials that you can access. You can easily transform your business into an online store that displays your own brand identity and has a professional appearance.