Maker Theme – An Editorial-inspired Design Made for Big and Bold Imagery

Maker Theme

Customers are not drawn to a dull and uninspired online business, which results in poor sales and revenue.


Even if you want to construct an online store similar to the bigger, more well-known businesses already out there, the price and the level of knowledge needed to do so are important concerns, especially if you are new to the eCommerce industry.


By making the process of launching your own online store simple, Shopify has become more and more popular in the eCommerce industry. 


With the help of the Shopify Themes shop, you can create a website that looks absolutely stunning without having any coding or design experience. 

Although the theme shop has quite a few themes for all types of businesses, some stand out, such as the Maker Shopify theme. You have come to the correct site if you have been attempting to decide if it is a good option for your online business. 


In this article, we’ll examine the Maker Shopify theme in-depth, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, and decide whether it’s the finest Shopify theme for your online business. Let’s start!

The In-depth Reviews


Maker Theme - Shopify

For a variety of factors, including their expert designs, mobile responsiveness, user-friendliness, SEO-friendliness, and of course the ability to integrate with a wide range of third-party Shopify apps for providing a seamless experience to your customers, Shopify themes are at the top of the market. 


With its inviting and warm design features and simple drag-and-drop blocks and sections to customise pages in your online store without any specific coding, the Maker Shopify theme is no exception.


This Shopify theme may make creating stores for you a breeze with its adjustable product and collection page layouts, well-designed blocks for photos, text, items, and much more.

Maker Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Luna, Bloom, and Fashion

Sitewide feature

Designed to stand out; Powerful promotional features; and Editorial blogging features.

Is the Maker Shopify Theme for everyone?

Let’s face it, not every theme works for every type of company. And here is the answer to your question about whether the Maker Shopify theme will work for the kind of goods you are selling.


Following our discussion of the Maker theme styles, we now see that it is unquestionably appropriate for companies in the fashion sector, such as retailers of apparel, jewellery, personal or skincare products, cosmetics, shoes, etc.  


The Shopify Maker theme is also perfect for high-volume stores with a focus on image and text-based content that processes a lot of transactions quickly, as its editorially inspired design can go very well with the store’s blogs and other content and even supports a visual brand storytelling approach. 


For instance, this theme will work for you whether you run a meal prep and delivery business, sell kitchen crockery, or make your own plates and mugs with the goal of attracting more customers who are interested in both reading and purchasing your material. 


Therefore, the Maker Shopify theme can be a fantastic fit for your business if you fall into any of the aforementioned categories.

Maker Shopify Theme’s Pricing

The cost is a significant factor in determining whether or not the Maker Shopify theme is suitable for everyone. The Maker theme is a premium Shopify theme with an unlimited free trial that costs $320. 


Although the pricing is on the higher end, certain developing brands could find it suitable, but not all. 


Before making a choice, the free trial is very helpful to determine whether the theme is compatible with your brand’s style and the way the business looks. Only if the theme is appropriate for your store, and if you choose to publish the store pages using the theme will you be required to pay for it. However, because it also includes free infinite theme upgrades, this amount can be considered a one-time investment. This provides you with a perpetual licence to use the Maker theme on your shop for as long as you desire, as well as all future additions and updates Troop Themes adds to it without charging any further fees.

Who created the Maker Shopify Theme?

Four of the top Shopify themes—Beyond theme, Maker theme, Emerge theme, and Blockshop theme—were produced by the Troop Themes, a talented design group located in Canada. The goal of every theme designed and developed by Troop Themes is to give retailers the greatest possible eCommerce experience. 


For creative business owners who wish to present their products in an original way and utilise them to convey stories visually, the Maker Shopify theme is a wonderful solution. The clean and streamlined appearance complements the extensive customisation choices of your brand. 

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Maker Theme

Before buying the theme, you should be aware of the following points (pros and cons):



It is simple to add colours of your choosing to various areas and design pages as needed thanks to the pre-built styles and colour palettes. 

The theme is more expensive than average. Even if it provides a lot of personalization options and features, the price may still seem excessive, especially for a new business that won’t be using all the capabilities. 

The web pages have a dramatic and engaging appeal thanks to the full-width banner pictures and headers.

You may always get in touch with their help if you have any worries. There is no live chat option, so don’t anticipate a prompt answer. Email replies should arrive within 24 hours, but occasionally they take longer. 

The multi-level drop-down menu makes it simple for consumers to navigate and allows them to examine a wide range of items.

The three distinct designs that the Maker Shopify theme offers are adaptable and scalable, making them a fantastic choice for many sorts of enterprises.

Journaling and blogging are made simple by the editorial-style blog function, which is also a terrific method to draw in new readers. 

To guarantee that its clients can utilise all of the features for the price they are paying, the theme offers supplementary support materials for many of them.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Maker Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Maker Theme Presets

Online business owners may easily design a distinctive and polished storefront with the Shopify Maker theme. The Maker theme may suit a brand’s requirement to exhibit its products and services in a fairly engaging but distinctive way by placing a lot more emphasis on minimalism, simplicity, and utility.


And the Maker Shopify theme’s three separate style options make this feasible. To assist you in selecting the right one for your online business, let’s examine each of them.


Maker Theme - Luna

The Luna style has a similar appearance to the other two types, with only a hint of melancholy that contributes to a visually striking contrast while shopping. The Luna style is characterised by high-quality photography, warm and strong accent colours, and edgy typography. With extensive modification choices, the layout is comparable to the other two types. 


Reimagined grids and strong design settings are included with the Maker Shopify theme and all of its variants, allowing you to modify and personalise your store’s appearance to reflect your brand. We’ll examine its major components in the area that follows to clarify how these components and choices might elevate your business. 


Maker Theme - Bloom

The Bloom style has a much more feminine and beautiful appearance, making it a wonderful choice for businesses that sell upscale, refined, and understated goods like cosmetics, toiletries, or even home décor. 


When someone visits your online store, the Bloom style of the Maker Shopify theme gives them an airy and peaceful feeling with gentler colour hues and delicate yet bold typefaces, encouraging them to effortlessly browse your website and make purchases. 


In order to exhibit your items in the best possible light, this design also offers a variety of homepage layouts from which to pick based on your products and brand style. You can see a choice for the promo banner, full-width banner picture, and header in each of the three layouts.


Maker Theme - Fashion

The Fashion design, as its name implies, is better suited for a fashion-related eCommerce company that wishes to draw clients in with attention-grabbing graphics accompanied by lots of white space. 


To emphasise your brand’s most recent collection or deals, you may customise the homepage’s full-width banner picture and header. 


Although the general design may be altered by changing the colours, font, and design blocks, the fashion-inspired, subdued use of colour combined with eye-catching photographs can bring out the essence of each product and stun buyers. 

Maker Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Brand Video Banners

The Maker Shopify theme has brand video banners that let store owners like you highlight their items and company history through top-notch movies. This feature will improve the entire watching experience and connect and interact with customers in a memorable way. It has adaptable video sections for showcasing your newest seasonal collections or a new campaign. When the banner is set to autoplay with or without music, it may be resized to match the page and be shown in full length, like in the example above.

Predictive Live Search

Maker Theme - Search

When users directly type what they are searching for in the search box, this feature makes it simple for them to swiftly search for and discover their items. 


In contrast to the predictive text option, though, this one improves discoverability by showing search-related material swiftly and effectively, saving the client time and effort and enhancing their entire interaction with the shop. 


Products, websites, and blog posts may all use the functionality.

Blogs Inspired by Editorials

The Maker Shopify theme has a blog layout that is editorially inspired, allowing store owners and merchants to publish interesting content about their brand or products to draw in new audiences who are interested in learning more about your product niche rather than making a purchase. 


A devoted audience base like this one, drawn in by your interesting and intriguing material, has the potential to develop into a future clientele. Long-form material becomes more interactive and engaging because of the configurable parts and layouts, making it a useful tool and a creative choice for emerging and new companies. 

Mega Menu

To make navigating simple, Shopify shop owners may use the Maker Shopify theme to create a customised mega menu utilising several drop-downs that show product groupings or subcategories of the product directly from the homepage. 


When directing consumers to product pages, the menu may be customised with different fonts, colours, and other features. If the product selection is small, high-quality photos can also be utilised.


To differentiate themselves from the competition, fashion firms must have this attribute. With inspiration for chicly mixing one or more goods for a standout appearance, the lookbook function enables one to promote their products through shoppable galleries or collections. 


These lookbooks may be quickly added to your product page, collection page, or even home page and can be built using high-quality photographs or videos.

Include Ingredients or Nutritional Data

Do you sell speciality foods, beauty items, or nutritional supplements online? Then you will undoubtedly find this function useful. On the product pages for your goods, you can easily add components, nutritional data, allergy data, and more. 


Particularly when dealing with healthcare or food-related items that cater to a certain client base, this kind of in-depth information is required for both transparency and the development of customer confidence. 

Grid Layouts That Are Fluid or Flexible

Due to their distinctive and dynamic portrayal, flexible and fluid grid layouts may help you stand out from other regular-grid websites. You may design and customise grids in accordance with your promotions or campaigns to attract customers with the redefined grids in the Maker Shopify theme.


You may include these grids in the parts you like while giving the website a tidy and organised appearance thanks to the design options that are fully configurable. Additionally, this aids in the attractive display of the items and product lines, boosting the possibility of a sale.

Performance of the Maker Shopify Theme in a Nutshell

Let’s examine one more crucial component of a theme—its performance—before we finish. Many themes may appear nice, but they can negatively impact the performance of your business, causing a delay in loading, a failure to display the images on time, a bad mobile experience, and so on. 


In order to better appreciate the performance the Maker Shopify theme offers, we will examine the performance of a store that employs it.


On the other hand, the theme’s performance on mobile devices doesn’t seem to be as good, despite the fact that other important aspects like accessibility and SEO are at their best. The performance, however, varies from brand to brand, and the theme is 100% mobile responsive. So make sure your theme offers the greatest results by checking all the boxes and optimising it.


The key question is: “Is Maker Shopify Theme the Ideal Choice for Your Online Store?” as the blog’s title indicates. If you meet the requirements outlined in this post, then yes. 


But does it work for everyone? Perhaps not. When selecting a theme, make sure you can make use of its design elements to improve both the appearance and functionality of your shop. The Maker Shopify theme complies with the aforementioned standards and adds an unusual touch to the stores created using the theme.