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Label Theme

An appealing, feature-rich alternative with upselling capabilities to increase sales is the Shopify Label theme. Additionally, your store will stand out if your homepage has video and music players.


There are several businesses that fall into the entertainment category. Undoubtedly, music is important—possibly even the most important factor—but it’s only one. Possibly one of these categories also fits your company!


It’s critical to stand out due to the magnitude of the entertainment business. With the aid of our Label Shopify theme review, we want to guide you in selecting the ideal theme for your online store.


The Label is the best Shopify theme for businesses in the publishing, music, or fashion sectors.

The In-depth Reviews


Label Theme - Shopify

The Label Shopify theme is designed with contemporary designers in mind who are creating self-assured identities for their labels. It works best for creators who want to advertise just one piece or one event. On your site, you may insert details about upcoming performances and other activities.


The Label Shopify theme was created by Switch with retailers of goods for the arts and entertainment markets in mind.


You may anticipate that it will look fantastic and function without a hitch because it is packed with features and has undergone speed testing. The Label Shopify theme is perfect for selling virtual products like concert tickets online.


You may add an audio or video player to your product pages and homepage if you sell music or just want to make a bold statement.


Another Shopify theme with a small company focus is The Label. It’s one of the best Shopify themes for companies with little inventory. For vendors with a little inventory, this theme works effectively. 


The mobile style of the Label Shopify theme makes it usable on a number of portable devices. Additionally, it contains a pull-out sidebar menu to aid clients in navigating the store.


Furthermore, you may utilise the pre-made colour schemes to create websites with whatever colour scheme you choose. Create a unique homepage in Label by including high-resolution images of any size.


Whether you’re a writer, publisher, or reader, the Label Shopify theme makes it simple to sell your creations. The structure of this theme offers a tidy, uncomplicated area in which to promote the sale of either printed books or digital books.


To put it briefly, the Label Shopify theme enables you to prominently display a single product on your site to draw in potential consumers.

Label Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Music, Fashion, and Books

Sitewide feature

Add Shopping; Be as Spec as You Like; and Amplify Your Page.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

The Label Shopify theme is uncomplicated and unequipped with features. Selling anything, even real goods and services works amazingly well.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

Label Theme was created specifically for retailers who provide medium-sized to enormous catalogue sizes. The choices for the theme, including Fashion, Beauty, and Electronics, may be altered to suit the requirements of Shopify stores with low inventories, even those that only offer one item.

Label Theme Pricing

The cost of the Shopify Label theme is $320 for a one-time transaction. Upon payment, businesses have lifelong access to the theme, all upcoming upgrades, and continuous developer support.


You may thoroughly explore and assess the theme to determine whether it satisfies your needs and expectations before making any financial commitments with the Label Shopify theme because it offers an unlimited free trial. When you are ready to publish it, you simply need to pay for the theme. This enables you to decide for yourself whether the theme is appropriate for your store.

Where can I purchase the Label Shopify Theme?

When looking for a theme for your Shopify business, the Shopify Theme Store is a wonderful place to start. Either the Shopify website or your admin dashboard lets you directly visit the store. 


The Label theme is also available on the developer’s website if that’s something you’re interested in. You may access the theme’s page in the Shopify Theme Store by clicking the “Preview theme” button.

Who is Shopify Lable Theme for?

Due to its powerful features and captivating aesthetics, the theme is ideal for:


  • Businesses in the music industry, such as record stores, concert halls, music labels, and music stores, are all working to develop an engaging online community for music fans.
  • Any company in the book industry wants to build a spick-and-span and up-to-date online presence for book enthusiasts, including bookstores, independent booksellers, educational institutions, literary publishers, ebooks, and enterprises in the book sector.
  • Any company in the fashion sector looking for a visually attractive and modern web presence, including fashion boutiques, clothes stores, accessory merchants, shoe stores, etc.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Label Theme



Eye-catching bold, and modern in design.

There are a few issues with certain characters being shown.

Response on mobile devices.

Limited advanced customisation.

There are numerous options for customization.

For some business owners, the cost is high.

Innovative Product Display.

No live chat assistance.

Friendly user interface.

Excellent technical support.

Flexibility Customise.

For digital products only.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, such as New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that are compatible with the majority of businesses are offered by Label Theme. Badges usually feature slogans and brief, simple sentences.


But with Product Labels – ShineTrust, you can quickly and easily personalise product badges for your goods. You are free to upload whatever kind of badge you like, and ShineTrust has hundreds of pictures and dozens of text badges available.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Label Theme Presets

Three alternative settings are available for the Label Shopify theme: music, fashion, and books. By selecting a predetermined choice from the list below, you may select the style that you like most.

Let’s examine each of them separately.


Label Theme - Music

The Music preset was designed with the needs of enterprises in the music industry in mind. It has vivid colours, eye-catching typography, and seamless audio and video blending. The layout is intended to draw attention to music albums, performers, and artists, providing an engaging environment for music lovers. 


The Music preset improves how music businesses show their products by including a full-featured audio player and tracklist on product pages or product videos in a full-width layout, encouraging customers to explore and experience the world of music.


Label Theme - Fashion

For businesses focused on fashion, the Shopify Label Theme’s Fashion default provides a hip atmosphere. With its sharp font, full-width layouts, and high-resolution photos, it has a clean, contemporary appearance. 


Fashion businesses may showcase their newest collections in a fashionable and effective way thanks to this design’s attention-grabbing features. The Fashion preset improves the shopping experience for customers by offering settings for the lookbook and gallery pages, product picture slideshows on grid items, and complete-the-look upsell on product pages. This encourages users to browse and make trendy purchases.


Label Theme - Books

The Book preset has a traditional and academic atmosphere that is perfect for companies in the book sector. It has a sleek, contemporary style that places a focus on gorgeous full-width layouts and high-resolution photos. 


The use of a sophisticated colour scheme and typography sets the scene for the newest book releases and writers to shine. A great experience for book lovers and readers is provided by the integration possibilities for the lookbook and gallery pages, product picture slideshows on grid items, and complete-the-look upsell on product pages.

Label Shopify Theme Design - Features and Customization

Collection List

Label Theme - Collection List

You may set up this segment to display a certain collection or collections in your store’s Collection List section. Using this list, you can categorise and promote your collections.


On the page below, you can see an illustration of a wish list from a shopping website. This Part includes a Clothing Collection and an Accessory Collection.


Each “collection” or “block” contains a “Shop now” button that directs you to the relevant collection website.

FAQ page

Use this place to respond to frequently asked questions from your shop’s consumers. You may save time by answering frequent queries from website visitors by having a frequently asked questions section.


An informative, frequently asked questions website could draw in new clients. The frequently asked questions list for this area is shown in a single column when this option is disabled.


For usage with desktop displays, this preference is. You’ll discover how to build a FAQ page for your online store in this article.


Label Theme - Lookbook

A potent tool that helps fashion retailers exhibit their items in an alluring and aesthetically appealing way is the Lookbook feature in the Label Theme. It enables retailers to create carefully chosen collections with adaptable layouts, giving customers an engaging shopping experience.


Customers may effortlessly explore various pages or parts of the Lookbook with dynamic and seamless navigation. Customers may click on the goods they are interested in to learn more about them or to make an easy purchase by going to the product page connected to each item listed in the Lookbook.


You may set up your store’s newsletter section here to allow consumers to subscribe to it right from the site.


You may notify your readers of the most recent events at your shop in your newsletter. Customers who sign up for your newsletter will automatically acquire a Shopify account.


To draw buyers’ attention, you may display a slideshow of images on a product page. The section’s default settings have been kept, and there are now picture slides (blocks) in the slideshow.


The checkout and gift card pages are the only ones that cannot have the slideshow component. To insert a slideshow into the current page, select the Add section from the menu at the top of the page, then select Slideshow.

Events and Travel

Label Theme - Events

In this section, you will set up the Tours and Events section of your business and offer details about forthcoming sporting events and musical performances. Either on a separate page or the main page, use the area to advertise forthcoming performances and tours.

Future events, including live concerts, book signings, fashion shows, and movie screenings, might be advertised in this area.


Videos may be used to introduce your company, demonstrate your products, welcome customers, and more.


The video is accessible through a YouTube link. As chosen in the Cover Image option, a still picture will be displayed in this section until the movie begins. The video will be cut down if you choose Cinema in the aspect ratio menu.


You may put the video part anywhere in the Label Shopify theme, with the exception of the Checkout and Gift Card pages. To add a video to the current page, select Add section > Video from the menu.

Features - Products Video

Here is where you may add a video to the product page. The first product video will be added to the area as soon as you enable it for a product with video media.

By choosing the topic you wish to change and clicking on it, a product-feature video segment may be created. Using the dropdown menu towards the top of the page, you may discover templates that have a product-feature video section.


The area is only used by the Preorder, Fashion, Music, and Default product page styles.

Product Suggestions

Label Theme - Product Suggestions

When a customer selects a product from your store, related products are displayed in the product suggestions section. Showcase your store’s merchandise in this area.


Create a “Recommendations” section on your website by selecting “Customise theme” from the menu. Choosing a design with a section for product ideas may be done using the menu at the top of the page.


Use the Products settings and, for instance, choose the Default product. The tab is included in the templates for presale, music, books, and fashion sites.

Search Page

Label Theme - Search

Customers may utilise a search bar on your website to hunt for certain phrases or terms throughout your company if one is put up. By changing the parameters, you may restrict searches to only particular categories or goods.


Items from the shop’s Products and Collections that match the search criteria are shown.


You may find instructions for modifying your shop’s breadcrumb navigation in the Theme settings by accessing the Breadcrumbs menu. The breadcrumb trail allows users to always see the page of the shop they are currently on.


Breadcrumbs will be shown if “Enable breadcrumbs” is chosen in “Theme Options > “Breadcrumbs.”

Publicity Banner

A new text area is provided by the promotion banner so that you may inform clients of deals and discounts. You will be sent to a website where you can select from a number of discounts if you click the Shop Now option within the banner.


You can place the promotional banner section wherever excluding the Checkout. To add an advertisement banner to the current page, select Add section > Promotion banner.

Image for Social Sharing

To change how your shop’s social media links display in the Share list for items and articles, adjust the following: Go to Settings > Social > Theme to change the options for sharing your theme.


When you input the URLs of your accounts, the theme incorporates social media connections throughout your store. You can specifically request that navigational links to the places you offer appear in the store’s header or footer.

Sidebar Menu

You may set up the sidebar menu portion of your online store in this area to provide clients with a menu to access different parts of your site.


On the left side of the website, the sidebar menu for the store is consistently in the same place. The image below shows an example of a menu bar that may be seen on the side of a store’s main page.


New arrivals and Sale collection thumbnails may now be visible in the sidebar thanks to the option to feature second-tier links inside the area.

Announcement Bar

Here, you may customise your shop’s announcement bar, which serves as a place for consumers to see announcements. You may advertise future sales, discounts, and new products by using space.


The homepage announcement bar of a store is seen in the next image. The ad banner has the words “View new arrivals” on it.


Within the section, the link option is selected. If the option to connect to that page is chosen, the New Arrivals collection section loads when a visitor hits the text in the announcement bar.


Label Theme - Popup

You may configure the popup area to display a temporary window over the pages of your online store. In order to draw clients, advertisements and promotions are routinely shown in the popup window.

Complete support for digital products

Digital goods like albums and songs, e-books, and other similar items are frequently sold at music stores or bookstores. These digital items are fully supported by the Label Theme. On the product page, a full-featured audio player with a tracklist enables buyers to simply preview and listen to music samples before buying. 


Additionally, music retailers may engage customers more with visual material by displaying product videos in a full-width layout, enhancing the immersive and interactive nature of the purchasing experience.

Image Galleries

The Image Galleries feature of The Label Theme improves the aesthetic appeal of fashion, music, and bookshops by showing high-quality photographs in an engaging and structured way. 


  • High-Resolution Display: The Label Theme’s Image Galleries provide a high-resolution display of photographs, ensuring that the goods and graphics seem appealing and sharp to customers.


  • Product Linking: You may connect any image in the Gallery straight to the corresponding product page. By streamlining the customer’s journey, this connecting feature makes it simple for them to browse and buy.


  • Visual Storytelling: Online retailers may utilise image galleries to produce visual storytelling that reaches customers on a deeper level by sharing brand storylines, product narratives, or behind-the-scenes glances.

Rich Product Description

Label Theme - Product Description

The Label Shopify theme has features that let retailers give their consumers detailed and extensive product information. These features improve the way that product information is displayed, resulting in a more educational and interesting buying experience.


  • Product Descriptions that are Detailed: The Label Theme enables retailers to provide thorough and instructive product descriptions for each item. Customers may then fully comprehend the characteristics, advantages, and specs of the product, which helps them make wise buying selections.


  • Author Biographies and Book Details: The Label Theme gives booksellers the option to display author biographies, book summaries, and other pertinent information. Customers may pick books that suit their interests by learning about the writers and getting a preview of the book’s content.


  • Genre Categorization: The Label Theme makes it simple to categorise items by genre, which is very useful for music and book businesses. This function makes it easier for customers to browse and search for certain genres, making it simple for them to locate items within their favourite categories.

Product Evaluations

With the help of the Label theme’s powerful Product Reviews feature, businesses in the fashion, book, or music industries may take advantage of consumer reviews and win over prospective customers.


  • Customer Comments: The function that allows consumers to make comments, reviews, and ratings for items they’ve purchased. Both retailers and other customers can benefit from the insights offered by this user-generated information.
  • Rating system: A star-based rating system is used by customers to provide ratings for items. Potential customers may immediately determine the amount of overall satisfaction with a product based on its average rating, thanks to this straightforward and useful visual depiction.
  • Written evaluations: In addition to rating items, buyers may write evaluations outlining their personal impressions of them. These written evaluations give other consumers in-depth information and support them in making wise judgements.

Label Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The Label Shopify theme provides a variety of customer service methods to help retailers with their questions and issues. Here is a list of the support options the theme offers:


  • Documentation: Theme installation, setting, and customization are all covered in great detail in the theme’s extensive documentation. For detailed instructions and answers to frequent problems, merchants can consult the manual.


  • Frequently Asked Inquiries (FAQs) Pages: The theme includes FAQ pages to answer popular inquiries and concerns. Through these sites, merchants may rapidly obtain crucial information and solve frequent problems.


  • Feedback Portal: By submitting a support form on the Feedback Portal, merchants may get in touch with the theme’s support staff. This enables merchants to submit detailed questions or technical issues, and the support staff will reply.


Although the developer theme promises a 24-hour response time, the theme does not provide live chat assistance.


The customer service staff for The Label Theme helps merchants with questions and problems relating to the theme. Through the comments section of the Label theme, you may ask for new features, vote on current feature requests, and modify your theme.


It’s simple to keep track of tour dates and event details on the homepage thanks to the Label Shopify theme’s area for dates and events. Since people can learn about new items in real-time, this can help you interact with customers through events and tours.


Publishing firms would greatly benefit from the Label Shopify theme’s versatility in advertising products and events while also featuring the author’s artwork.


The design of a business may make or break its capacity to sell a certain item. Therefore, a well-designed company may bring in a large number of customers and retain them there for a longer period of time. I assume that’s advantageous for business.


Therefore, if you want to locate the best Shopify theme for limited stock, you are making the proper decision.