Icon Theme – Ideal for visually appealing companies with content that focuses on images


The largest benefit Shopify provides its merchants is the lack of technical knowledge needed to launch an online store using Shopify. The Shopify Themes shop offers over a hundred themes with a variety of built-in tools for quick and simple creation. This is true even for the design element. As a newcomer to the world of eCommerce, this can help you save a lot of money.

You are likely to blend in with the crowd because there are so many themes to pick from. And if you are currently perusing the most well-liked Shopify themes, you have probably previously seen the Shopify Icon theme. Though many people like it because of its contemporary style, is it the best option for your store? Let’s find out!

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Icon Theme - Shopify

A large selection of top-notch, expert icon themes are available for your business at the Icon Theme Shopify professional icon theme store. Icon Theme Shopify offers a variety of icon themes, from straightforward single-icon themes to sophisticated multi-category icon libraries. Additionally, our staff of professionals is always available to assist you in finding the ideal icon set for your company.

You should certainly think about adopting the Icon Theme for Shopify if you own a business and want to enhance the design of your website. With a lot of features that may make running your company more productive, this theme was created with business owners in mind.

First of all, Icon Theme Shopify has a fantastic collection of features that make customising your website simple. You don’t need to know any code or use any difficult tools to alter the colours, fonts, or even the layout of your website.

The capability of this theme to be used in folios is just another fantastic feature. This enables you to create a website portfolio area where you can showcase all of your most recent work. Potential clients will be able to see exactly the kind of work you are capable of generating, and you will also have the chance to further advertise your services.

The Icon Theme for Shopify is an all-around highly potent theme that may assist companies of all sizes in enhancing their effectiveness and look. Visit the website right now if you’re interested in giving it a try.

Icon Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Dolce, Christian, Yves, and Vera

Sitewide feature

Upsell & Cross-sell, filter & refine, and fast & accessible.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

The Icon Shopify Theme seamlessly enhances items that require huge graphics for display. Fashion & Clothing, Kidswear, Swimwear, Foods & Drinks, Arts & Crafts, Custom Products, Home Decor, Kitchenware, Books & Comics, Digital Products, Cosmetics, Health & Wellness, and others are a few of the categories that best fit this topic. One of the top Shopify themes for fashion and clothing companies, Icon, has a tonne of ready-made choices and layouts.

Attempting to use Print On Demand Icon is the best theme to test out for drop shipping! Other Shopify themes for Print on Demand are available.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

Ideal for shops with medium-sized to large inventories. Vera and Christian demos for the Icon theme may be readily adjusted to meet the requirements of single-product stores.

Who Created Shopify Icon Theme?

We are Underground, a Shopify theme development firm, that developed the Icon theme for Shopify. The Icon theme is one of their eight Shopify themes, and it is also one of the most well-liked ones. We are Underground’s Shopify themes are incredibly customizable, allowing you to perfectly match the appearance and feel of the themes to your business.

You don’t have to worry about buying a theme and then not having the most recent version because all of the themes include free support and upgrades.

Who is it for?

It’s time to answer the big question, “Is it for you?” now that you have a bit more knowledge about the Shopify Icon theme than you had previously. Any shop that handles a lot of transactions should use the Shopify Icon theme. This theme is made especially for dropshippers and small businesses that wish to utilise their store to convey a story via images.

Although your store must be the former, i.e., have more sales, in order to benefit the most from this and discover and use its full advantages. We are Underground has made it simple for you, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time setting up the theme and developing your business.

Want to launch the Icon theme right away? The Shopify theme is available here: Shopify Icon theme.

An unlimited free trial is available for the whole collection of themes from We are Underground. So you don’t have to invest any money to test the theme’s compatibility with your brand’s aesthetic and offerings.

You must make a one-time payment of $280 whenever you decide to publish the shop pages using the theme. The Icon theme may seem a little pricey at first, but if you’re a business owner looking for a theme that offers your store a high-end appeal, it may be this one.

To ensure that you don’t lose any of your mobile customers, the theme is conversion-focused and mobile-optimized. Additionally, the free lifetime upgrades and support are unquestionably a bonus.


An icon theme can be the best option if you want to give your Shopify business a little more flair. Icon themes may be quite inexpensive and are intended to give your store a more professional image. Only $280 USD.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Icon Theme

Any firm seeking to have a distinctive appearance and feel should consider the aesthetically attractive Icon Shopify Theme. You may build a genuinely distinctive online store using the theme’s numerous features and customization possibilities. However, before making a purchase decision, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the theme in question.



The Icon theme allows for a lot of customization. To fit the appearance and feel of your brand, you may alter practically every component of the design.

If you aren’t familiar with Shopify’s code editor, setting up the Icon theme may prove to be a bit of a challenge. If dealing with coding doesn’t come naturally to you, we suggest hiring a Shopify Expert to assist you in setting up the theme.

The theme is responsive, so it will look amazing on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices alike.

You’ll need to install additional applications to add these capabilities to your business because the Icon theme doesn’t come with many built-in features (like social network integration or a contact form).

With the built-in blog area of the Icon theme, adding blog material to your business is simple.

Icon Theme Presets

The Shopify Icon theme is adaptable and achieves the ideal colour harmony, making it a desirable option for a distinctive eCommerce website. With the theme’s sufficient versatility and well-designed blocks for adding your photographs, items, and videos, you can easily construct an eCommerce site without having to deal with any hassles as a store owner.

The Shopify Icon theme’s parallax scrolling galleries, elegant design with a variety of collections, and product selections for a faultless and seamless buying experience for your consumers are just some of the reasons it is a popular choice for visually appealing companies.

Let’s talk about the variety of aesthetics the Icon theme offers before we analyse its features.


Icon Theme - Home 1

The Dolce design of the Icon theme offers a full-width header, a promo banner, and many more characteristics to distinguish the business. It has a warm and welcoming colour scheme. The theme is best suited for fashion brand retailers since it loads quickly and is easily accessible.


Icon Theme - Home 2

The Christian style is perfect for stores that like to keep their UI/UX basic with a minimal and contemporary look and feel since it has a darker colour palette and stronger font. It has every feature that the Icon Shopify theme has to offer, such as a sticky header, double promo banner, and multi-column navigation.


Icon Theme - Home 3

The Yves style, in contrast to the other styles in this theme, emphasises items boldly via the use of white space, contrasting graphics, and colours. It offers all the advantages that the other designs provide, making it a simple choice for anybody who wishes to create a monochrome atmosphere in their shop.


Icon Theme - Home 4

With its contrasted colour scheme, the Vera style theme has a fairly energising appearance. Keep the product variants to a minimum in order to get the most out of this design; for a larger inventory, this specific style may result in a congested look.

Icon Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Unquestionably, Icon is one of the top Shopify themes designed to meet the requirements of contemporary shopping practices. The style of the theme is quite futuristic, and it is incredibly customizable. There are 4 incredible preset/demo choices for the theme, each with a stunning look and features that increase conversions. Dolce, Yves, Christian, and Vera are some of the settings available. Along with a great appearance, the theme offers a wide variety of capabilities for modern shopping occasions.

Product Pickup Availability Display

This function of the Icon theme may be useful if you operate both a physical store and an online business. You may give your clients the choice to pick up their orders from your physical shop right away following an online purchase. This will be shown alongside the product details, assisting you in generating sales both online and offline.

Quick View or Shop Modal

Icon Theme - Quick View

Customers may see the items more closely with this option without fully opening them. This helpful feature is shown in the bottom-right corner of the product listing and, when clicked, will open in a smaller window similar to the one seen above. Your consumers may examine all the product photos, view product variants and sizes, and instantly add items to their basket from this page.

Add to Cart

Icon Theme - Cart

When you purchase online and are constantly being sent to the cart page, it might get bothersome. To continue shopping, you will need to go all the way back, and it frequently doesn’t start up where you left off. The Ajax add-to-cart modal in the Icon theme of Shopify has a popup window that typically displays the added product on the side.

The consumer will also be able to complete their purchase from that point on by selecting the “Check out” button or going to their basket to examine all the items they have added and their costs. Additionally, you have the option of including tax and shipping information on the basket page or in a pop-up window.

Parallax Scrolling Images

Want to draw customers’ attention to your banner picture or desktop background? What you require is parallax scrolling picture functionality. You may use text overlays with the Icon Shopify theme to give your backgrounds or banner pictures vivid visual effects.

The banner picture will move more slowly than the other images in this visual effect, providing a dynamic immersion for maximum interaction.

Sticky Header

On the home page of an online store, you frequently notice a navigation menu in the sticky header. With this function, the menu listing and the header—which may include your brand’s name or logo—remain at the top when the user scrolls down. The customer may access the menu and go to their desired area without having to scroll all the way up thanks to this useful feature.

Navigation Mega Menu

Icon Theme - Menu

Displaying your goods in more extensive groupings might draw clients right away. You may show product groupings in bigger blocks with CTAs for sending your visitors to the appropriate page or some of your bestsellers separately using the mega menu navigation feature of the Icon theme.

Product Image Enlarge

With this function, customers may click to enlarge and magnify the product image and view it in high resolution. When things, like jewellery or apparel, have exquisite features or patterns, this function is extremely helpful. Your customers will have a better understanding of the product’s appearance and potential fit as a result.

In addition to these features, the Icon theme also provides adjustable layouts for personalising according to your brand demands, faceted product filtering, an email subscription popup, product videos, augmented reality, and many more. You won’t run out of features with the Icon theme to provide your consumers with an excellent shopping experience.

Is Icon a Good Shopify Theme?

If you’ve ever had to speak with customer service for your company, you know how annoying it can be. Nowadays, with so many people utilising the internet and social media, it is understandable why businesses are finding it difficult to stay afloat. Icon theme Shopify does, however, have a customer support staff that is accessible around the clock to assist you with any concerns or problems you might encounter.

For online retailers, Icon’s simple, minimalist style is ideal. On the site, there is a sizable hero image with room for you to promote your goods or services. Additionally, there are areas for blog entries, highlighted goods, and reviews. All devices will display this theme beautifully because it is totally responsive

Icon’s abundance of potent features to aid in the expansion of your organisation is one of its greatest qualities. Customers may add things to their shopping cart using the theme’s Ajax cart, for instance, without having to reload the page. Additionally, there is a built-in currency converter so that clients may shop in the currency of their choice. Additionally, Icon offers support for both physical and digital products if you need to sell both sorts of things.

Icon Theme Shopify - Customer Support

You can rely on the Shopify Icon theme development team for prompt, committed, and expert assistance when you pick this theme. They pledge to offer prompt service and strive to respond to any questions or problems you might have within 24 hours. Please be aware, though, that response times might occasionally change for a variety of reasons.

Be prepared for a lengthy wait if you need help with your Icon Theme Shopify installation or customer support. The Icon Theme Shopify staff is enthusiastic about what they do, but they also have a sizable and engaged user community to serve.

First, be prepared for a lengthy phone wait. Shopify’s support staff is occupied assisting clients with their problems. Second, while interacting with customer service, be kind and patient. Although they are there to assist you, they might not immediately know the solution to your problem. Third, be prepared to explain your situation in as much detail as you can. The support team will be better able to comprehend it and resolve it as a result. Fourth, if customer support is unable to resolve your issue, don’t be hesitant to seek assistance from other community members. Problems frequently have solutions that the support staff has not yet found.


Any online shop may benefit from the adaptable, fashionable Icon theme. The Icon theme is a fantastic option for anybody wishing to build a professional online business because of its simple design and user-friendly features. For anybody searching for a straightforward yet fashionable theme for their online business, we heartily recommend the Icon theme.