Highlight Theme – Display notable items in a fun and interesting way

Highlight Theme

Only the Highlight theme enables you to express your creativity while promoting conversions. Tiny enterprises may emphasise their items and their features effectively and captivatingly with the help of the theme, which is designed for tiny catalogues.


As of version 2.0, which is compliant with Shopify Online Store 2.0, the theme is completely customisable from the home page through the collection, product, and cart pages.


We have a thorough grasp of theme features and how to use them in conjunction with adjustments to promote growth and create cutting-edge functionality after extensively examining the Highlight theme.


To provide you with more details about the Highlight theme and how it might benefit your company, we produced this in-depth Shopify theme assessment.

The In-depth Reviews


Highlight Theme - Shopify

KrownThemes, a group of support professionals with extensive experience in building premium Shopify themes that are conversion-focused and OS 2.0-optimized, developed and maintained the theme.


The Highlight theme also offers common features like photo rollover, product reviews, image zoom, advertising banners, and others to enhance the user experience.


In order to help you boost conversions, the theme also contains other powerful features like enhanced search options, trust badges, a stock counter, and others.


The Shopify Highlight theme is perfect for small catalogue businesses since it contains a number of features that may boost engagement and sales.

Highlight Shopify Theme Highlights

You must spend $300 if you choose to publish the Shopify Highlight theme. The free trial period for this Shopify theme is unlimited until you publish.


Due to the theme’s compliance with Shopify Online Store 2.0, users will continue to gain outstanding value from it.


Due to the Shopify theme developers’ focus on enhancing the e-commerce experience for all sorts of businesses, you will also be able to see the improved quality and increased usability and functionality of the theme.

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Modern, Single, and Art

Sitewide feature

Parallax Vertical Slider; Asymmetrical Product Grid; and Additional Product  Information.

Fast Setup

Theme setup processes have been made simpler to facilitate speedy setup.

Editorial Content

It has been designed for longer-form text pieces in order to encourage brand storytelling.

Visual Storytelling

Graphics that assist visual brand storytelling and are intended for display.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

The Shopify theme from Highlight is simple and underpowered. Selling anything, including real goods and services, is highly effective.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

The Highlight Theme was created primarily for retailers who provide medium- to large-sized catalogue formats. The theme’s choices, including Electronics, Fashion, and Beauty, may be altered to suit the requirements of Shopify stores with limited inventories, even those that only offer one item.

Highlight Theme Pricing

The Highlight Theme Shopify is available for $300 with free lifetime upgrades and developer support.


The theme also provides an Unlimited free trial, allowing you to completely test and evaluate the theme’s fit for your needs and tastes before committing money. Only when you choose to publish the theme do you need to pay for it.  

About the Highlight Theme Developer

The firm KrownThemes, which is entirely dedicated to creating Shopify themes that empower you to express your creativity, is the creator of the Highlight theme.


The designers of the eCommerce website template Highlight have produced two new Shopify templates to cater to medium and large catalogue companies.

Where can I buy the Highlight Shopify theme?

For themes for your Shopify store, a popular place to shop is the Shopify Theme Store. Either straight from your Shopify admin panel or by going to the Shopify website are your two alternatives for getting to the shop.


Alternatively, you may locate the Krown Themes’ Highlight theme there if you’re especially seeking it. Simply click the “Try for free” button, and the Shopify Theme Store’s page for the Highlight theme will be shown.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Highlight Theme



A quick website load time.

There are no options for rapid viewing or buying.

A longer form of content design.

Only suited for small stores

Flexibility in design with OS 2.0 compatibility.

Only email and social media are used for support.

The checkout and cart include more choices, such as the sticky cart and in-pickups.


Product Badges

Highlight Theme only offers a small selection of badges, such as New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that are compatible with the majority of businesses. Badges typically have slogans and short, simple words on them.


Product Labels – ShineTrust, on the other hand, enables you to quickly and easily completely customise product badges for your merchandise. You are free to upload whatever badge you choose, and ShineTrust provides you with hundreds of picture badges in addition to dozens of text badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Highlight Theme Presets

Let’s examine each of them separately.


Highlight Theme - Modern

Shopify’s Highlight theme’s Modern theme style has a clean, modern feel to it. It delivers a refined and minimalist design because of its black-and-white colour scheme, sharp lines, and straightforward layout. 


Businesses in the fashion sector, such as those selling boutique-type apparel and high-end, upscale home and food goods, can benefit most from using this theme design. 


Highlight Theme - Single

The Highlight theme’s Single theme style has a dark green colour palette that has a natural and vintage feel to it. The layout is elegant, fluently blending typographic fluency with visual imagery. 


Businesses that provide analogue starting kits, travel accessories, and other things with a retro appeal would do well to use this theme design. It offers clients who value a vintage-inspired design a visually appealing and smooth browsing experience while elegantly showcasing your items.


Highlight Theme - Art

The Highlight theme’s Art theme style is ideal for companies that emphasise visual inventiveness. It allows you to highlight your artwork, photographs, or other visually appealing information by emphasising photos with text overlays. A flexible picture gallery is part of the design, and depending on how many blocks you have, the photos are randomly scaled and placed inside the gallery. 


Businesses in the art field, such as galleries or artists selling oil paintings on canvas, would benefit most from using this theme style since it will let them present their artistic creations in an engaging and aesthetically attractive way.

Highlight Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0

KrownThemes developers added new features to the Highlight theme in response to Shopify’s announcement so that companies might benefit from Shopify Online Store 2.0.


This implies that you may either switch your company over to the Highlight theme 2.0 or incorporate features from Shopify Online Store 2.0 into your current theme.

Built For Small Catalogues

The theme’s elements and features are meant to both emphasise the product and let you showcase your products in a unique way.


The theme’s ability to be completely customised makes it ideal for small stock retailers.

Optimised Collection List

Highlight Theme - Collection List

By enabling you to show your product categories or collection list in a clear, succinct manner that is user- and merchant-friendly, the enhanced collection view feature of the Highlight theme will add a splash of extra spice to them.


No matter how excellent the functionality is, you still need a theme that will entice visitors to stay within a short amount of time. Shopify’s Highlight theme scores 99% on desktop and 80% on mobile, indicating that shop performance is crucial.


This is crucial if you want to boost your store’s performance over the benchmark score or get tested CRO strategies that provide exceptional conversion rates for your eCommerce sites or SEO management.

FAQ page

Highlight Theme - FAQ

By creating a FAQ page that answers all of the customer’s queries regarding the product and reduces return rates, the Highlight theme improves consumer decision-making.

Attract Using Large Images

The theme lets you display high-resolution product photos without slowing down the page’s load time.


This helps store visitors learn more about the product more quickly, which boosts conversion rates for each visitor.

Language Support

If you want to expand your business or sell in additional locations, you’re in luck. The Highlight theme template supports many languages and currency conversion tools.

Social Media

If you opt to add social networking buttons to your business, they will appear in the bottom or sidebar menu.


You may add connections to the various social networks where you have accounts in the General Settings section of this section.

Advanced Search

Highlight Theme - Search

Predictive search is a feature of the Highlight theme; if your online store supports it, make use of it. Make sure to check the Show Vendor and Show Price boxes if you want them to appear in your search results.


Please be aware that not all languages are supported by Shopify’s predictive search feature, in which case a conventional search will be used by default (notice that clicking the search menu button leads users to the search page rather than opening a search drawer).

Featured collection

A specific collection is featured in this section. The layout, a title, a caption, and links to the collection page are all options. Two alternatives exist:


The asymmetrical layout results in a crooked grid with unevenly placed and expanded product items. The parallax effect is also quite great. This grid may be used to highlight particular goods on your site.


On a PC, the typical grid is a simple three-column layout with evenly spaced items.


It might be used for a collection that is even longer, or if your site has more than one collection, you could employ several layouts to break up the flow and pull visitors in.


The promotional block, which is the last one, allows you to add call-to-action buttons and provide a brief description of your collection.

Featured Products

Highlight Theme - Featured Product

This is an easy location to showcase particular featured items on the homepage since all selections are derived from the Product Page.


The difference is that this one has a link to the exact product, where you may browse the entire listing rather than just product information.

(MP4) Background Video

You can include a background video with text that automatically plays in this section.


Remember to include a “fallback image”, especially for mobile devices that don’t support autoplay (the availability of automated video playback depends on the internet connection, phone settings, battery life, and mobile browser).


You may watch a video from Vimeo or YouTube by clicking on a small section with an image and a sizable play button. Ensure that the whole URL for the supplied videos is embedded.


A straightforward image gallery with style options, where the size and placement of the photos are determined at random by the number of blocks you have.


A parallax effect and animations

You can quickly grab visitors’ attention and increase interaction by using the Shopify theme’s parallax effects, dynamic pictures, and text.

Display Enhancement: Product Grid

The asymmetrical product grid makes it simple to draw attention to your best-featured product; alternatively, you may choose to show your items using the traditional grid option.

Text Rich Segment

Nothing is more crucial than helping your customer remember your brand with a clever comment, therefore, take advantage of the customer moment with potent remarks utilising this theme’s Rich text section feature.


This simple text section may be used to separate parts or as a call to action.  It also gives the option to include minute visuals that will float below the text.


Up to 6 things from a selected blog can be shown here. If your blog has pictures, make sure the Show Post Image option is checked. There will be pictures from the featured articles. If not, the title and snippet will be shown.


The theme does not show excerpts when there are photographs, preventing a crowded layout.

Email Sign-Up

A straightforward newsletter sign-up form for retailers. In the Customers area of your Shopify dashboard, all emails are kept on file.

Text and Image

This section can be used to display images with subtitles. You may choose the image’s placement, so if you have numerous portions only for the desktop, you might want to reposition the image.


Additionally, you may alter the size of the headers (lower sizes for more content, and vice versa).

Artistic Design

The Shopify Highlight Theme offers a creative and eye-catching style that is particularly made for art galleries. Three pre-set alternatives are available to you, so you may pick one that precisely matches your aesthetic and artistic preferences. To draw clients in and leave a lasting impression, the theme combines clashing colours.


The Shopify Highlight Theme’s animation function adds a dynamic and engaging aspect to your art gallery. These understated yet powerful animations may draw attention to important pieces of art, provide visual intrigue, and keep customers interested as they browse your business. They help your artwork stand out and improve the browsing experience.


You can present your artwork in a compelling and distinctive way with the Parallax Vertical Slider function. The parallax effect gives the appearance of depth as customers navigate around your business, bringing your artwork to life. This interactive feature makes your art pieces more interactive and significantly improves their aesthetic impact.


The asymmetrical product grid of the Shopify Highlight Theme provides a contemporary and unorthodox structure for showcasing your artwork. This unconventional grid layout removes homogeneity and gives your business a creative flair. It enables you to present your artwork in a visually appealing and engaging way, drawing clients and creating a really unforgettable shopping experience.


Highlight Theme - Checkout

Customers may use the fast buy function to make a purchase without leaving the current page, which lowers friction and increases convenience. To assist customers in making knowledgeable purchase decisions, enriched product descriptions provide artists the opportunity to include comprehensive information about their artwork, including the medium, dimensions, and inspiration. 


Customers can quickly access and see the cart throughout their browsing experience thanks to the slide-out and sticky cart capabilities. Customers can include individualised remarks or specific instructions in the cart notes section of their orders. The cart notes functionality, for instance, may be used by an art gallery that sells bespoke paintings to enable consumers to specify precise customization information for their ordered pieces of art.

Mobile Responsiveness

Highlight Theme - Mobile

Because the Shopify Highlight theme is responsively built, your work will look great on a variety of screens and devices. The theme dynamically adapts the layout and picture sizes to deliver the best viewing experience regardless of whether customers are browsing your business on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Regardless of the device they use, art aficionados may enjoy your work with the same degree of detail and intensity because of its responsiveness.

Successfully Display Your Art

With the ability to display high-resolution photographs, the Shopify Highlight theme enables art galleries to present their works in exquisite detail. Customers can enjoy the fine details, textures, and colours of your artwork with clear and sharp images, creating an immersive and captivating browsing experience.


The Highlight theme permits the insertion of videos in addition to static graphics. Because it lets artists demonstrate their creative process, share behind-the-scenes glances, or display art installations, this function is very advantageous for art galleries and retailers. Videos bring a dynamic and engaging aspect to your business that draws customers in and gives them a better knowledge of and connection to your art.


The Shopify Highlight theme’s Slide Show feature enables art galleries to produce compelling visual stories. You are able to tell a fascinating tale that evokes feelings and draws viewers into your artistic world because of the option to customise transitions, timing, and subtitles.


The Lookbooks feature in the Highlight theme is essential for art galleries that sell collections or series of pieces. You may use this capability to make aesthetically appealing catalogues or lookbooks that highlight related artwork. Enhancing the overall visual impact, encouraging exploration, and allowing clients to find complimentary items within your collection are all made possible by presenting your artworks in a unified and curated way.

Highlight Theme Shopify - Customer Support

Through social media and email, KrownThemes provides support and help to customers. For inquiries, email them at contact@krownthemes.com.


Support for KrownThemes is only offered for minor issues and bugs. Keep in mind that the theme is purchased “as-is” and that the developer does not promote the features.


It is regarded as a custom request as a result. Please get assistance from the developer if you encounter a bug or have a query about a very minor style change.


The setup (installation) of third-party plugins, themes, or problems resulting from custom work made by someone other than the developer are not supported.


From Monday through Friday, the support team will react to your queries. However, it will take a maximum of 24 hours to examine and respond to your issue.


Before reporting a ticket, make sure you’ve read the pertinent articles in the knowledge base and the Shopify official documentation.


If you’re attempting to develop a Shopify store creatively, the Shopify Highlight theme allows you a lot of flexibility to change the site to reflect your brand voice.


Retailers looking to promote their limited-edition items in an original way might use the Highlight theme.


Reviews have revealed that the theme provides more value than the majority of companies require. Because of the theme’s flexibility and design possibilities, it is straightforward.


The versatility and design options of the theme make it simple to produce unique experiences. If you own a small inventory store and want to creatively represent your business, you should think about using this theme.


You may do that by utilising the Shopify Highlight theme’s unlimited trial period and exploring it.