Galleria Theme- An Ideal Method for Displaying Vast Product Collections

Galleria Theme

Do you want to build a fantastic Shopify online store? If so, you are in the proper location. The Galleria Shopify theme is a gorgeous Shopify design that comes with a tonne of practical and modern features. The Galleria theme for Shopify is distinct from other Shopify themes.


It’s an image-focused theme that performs well for specialised small- and large-scale e-commerce shops. It not only has a lively and exquisite look but is also quite versatile. For the beginning of your online retail business, choose the Galleria Shopify theme.


Online retailers are unable to ignore the enormous mobile commerce sector. Choosing one of the numerous mobile-first themes offered by Shopify is a terrific way to increase sales.


In today’s evaluation of the Galleria Shopify theme, we’ll look closely at the theme’s features, advantages, price, and other factors. Learn more about this fantastic Shopify Galleria theme by reading on.

The In-depth Reviews


Galleria Theme - Shopify

The Galleria theme is a popular Mile High Theme for the arts and entertainment, but it may also be utilised for establishments that offer home furnishings and cosmetics.


Large and medium-sized catalogues will also fit without difficulty. The Galleria Shopify theme is user-friendly and has been optimised for search engines.


Create a distinctive and fashionable website using the elements provided by the theme or by adding your own. As implied by the name, artistic objects in particular can be shown in galleries or a lookbook.


Additionally, it has a slider that customers may use to automatically switch between photos to get a sense of the artwork or product.


The Galleria Shopify theme is a great choice for large product catalogues since, as its name implies, it emphasises graphics to draw in consumers.


One of the greatest mobile-first Shopify themes, Galleria offers a tonne of amazing customization options, including three distinct designs and two alternative menu configurations (choose between a wide horizontal menu or slide-out sidebar menu).


It has several unique features, including a beautiful column slideshow, extensive video support, inventive AJAX product filtering, support for customised mega menus, and many more.

Galleria Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Empire, Boutique, and Showroom

Sitewide feature

Galleria Features Overview; Stunning Gallery; and Unique.

Why choose the Galleria Shopify Theme?

No other Shopify theme provides the functionality that the Galleria Shopify theme delivers, despite the fact that there are many to pick from for your online e-commerce businesses. You have all the resources you need to operate a profitable online business with the Galleria Shopify theme.


The Galleria theme from Shopify is both efficient and effective. You may create a shop using this Shopify theme for practically any sort of goods you can imagine, from clothing and electronics to gardening tools, sports gear, toys, adult novels, and even furniture.


Your wholesale firm may use a lot of Galleria’s features. The first one is an explanation of the Vertical Slideshow feature, which enables you to display several photographs or pieces of material in a sleek, vertical slideshow directly on your homepage.


Customers can focus their search on collection sites by selecting a certain manufacturer or a small number of particular goods. Additionally, to immediately draw in new customers, utilise a big horizontal menu or a multi-level, sliding sidebar menu.


Visit the Advanced Video Support section to create complete video heroes and backdrop videos for your homepage along with videos for company galleries. As a result, many of your items will reach consumers and inspire them to make a purchase. The concept is quite adaptable.


Regardless of whether it is a collection page, product page, or normal page, each page on the website can have its own design (within certain limitations). It saves a tonne of time to be able to list items with a wider selection of photos and text.


This implies that almost any type of online store may be created with the Galleria Shopify theme.

Where to purchase Galleria Theme Shopify

The Galleria Shopify Theme is available for purchase from the Shopify Theme Store. Then, after previewing it, decide how to modify your store to fit this theme.


You have plenty of time to explore and customise with the Galleria Shopify Theme’s unlimited free trial. 

Who is Galleria Theme Shopify for?

For, the Galleria Shopify Theme is perfect. 


  • High-End Clothing Retailers: Galleria’s sophisticated filtering is ideal for perusing a variety of collections of designer items and facilitating clients’ browsing.
  • Antique home decor and furniture shops may emphasise the minute features of their one-of-a-kind products, raising the perceived value, thanks to the theme’s high-resolution picture displays.
  • Electronics Superstores: Galleria is perfect for retailers with a variety of electronics items because of its capacity for managing and categorising big inventory, which streamlines the client shopping experience.
  • Natural Beauty & Skincare Brands: Galleria effectively displays a variety of product lines, allowing the natural components and advantages to shine out and assisting clients in locating certain solutions.
  • Art Galleries and Collectors: Galleria’s high-resolution picture display may assist art galleries and collectors in showcasing the fine details and beauty of their artwork, luring internet visitors in for a deeper appreciation.
  • Speciality Coffee Shops: Galleria’s sophisticated filtering and navigation tools would streamline the consumer discovery process for shops selling a variety of gourmet coffee beans and brewing equipment.
  • High-End Watch Retailers: Galleria’s product display and category management may make it simple for customers to browse collections and styles at stores that sell a wide variety of luxury timepieces.
  • Vegan and organic food retailers may use Galleria to clearly present their product ranges, which will make it simpler for clients to identify things with a focus on their health.
  • Craft Supply businesses: Galleria’s classification and filtering tools would be beneficial for craft businesses with big stocks of a variety of products, enhancing DIY aficionados’ purchasing experiences.
  • Retailers selling sportswear and exercise equipment should use Galleria since it makes it easier for clients to locate what they’re looking for thanks to its huge picture displays and simple navigation.
  • Premium Liquor Stores: Galleria can highlight the elegance and quality of a wide range of premium wines and spirits, improving the shopping experience for aficionados. Galleria’s simple design and high-resolution picture displays can do this.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Galleria Theme



The design philosophy of Galleria encourages clarity, minimalism, and cleverness. merchants of fashion and apparel may benefit from this to gracefully portray their numerous styles and trends, while merchants of beauty and skincare can make good use of the topic to highlight their varied product lines.

Steep price: For start-ups or small firms, the initial investment may be a large one, possibly taking funds away from other crucial areas.

Variety of colours: The ability for colour modification enables companies to keep their branding uniform. Home decor and furniture companies, recognised for their exquisite designs, may improve the visual appeal of their online storefront.

High levels of customisation come with steep learning curves, which can be problematic for people without technical backgrounds. The learning curve might take a long time, especially for companies in sectors like Beauty & Skincare or Electronics where fast product turnover necessitates frequent website upgrades.

Large headers: These let sellers of electronics capture customers’ attention to important items right away by highlighting their featured products, new arrivals, or specials.

This theme is pretty expensive.

The high degree of customization: Galleria provides a high level of customisation, enabling any company to customise their store to their unique needs and target market.

Fast and dependable tech support: Problems are quickly resolved, minimising possible downtime and guaranteeing a positive shopping experience for your clients.

Updates and bug fixes ongoing: Regular upgrades provide a safe, bug-free shop and give companies access to the newest features and enhancements.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Galleria Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Galleria Theme Presets

Another image-focused theme that functions well for retailers with huge inventory is the Galleria theme. The Empire, Boutique, and Showroom are three different designs included in this theme.


Galleria Theme - Home 1

The Empire style of the Galleria theme, which exudes a feeling of high-fashion refinement, is an ideal platform for Fashion and Apparel businesses. Customers may browse with ease and easily move through a variety of product ranges and fashions thanks to the powerful filtering and navigation tools it offers. Your online store becomes a virtual exhibition thanks to the seamless fusion of clever functionality and crisp aesthetics that appeal to the consumer who is fashion-forward.


Galleria Theme - Home 2

The Galleria theme’s boutique is another appealing design that caters to the fashion, beauty, and skincare industries. The trendy, minimalist layout gives a visually appealing display for a variety of product lines. Boutique enhances each product with its simple, uncomplicated design, making it easier for clients to browse and improving their ability to locate what they’re looking for.


Galleria Theme - Home 3

The Showroom style of the Galleria theme, which exemplifies the beauty of simplicity, is advantageous for both sellers of electronics and home furnishings and decor. Every minute aspect of your products is displayed in its expansive, high-resolution picture displays, and the theme’s capacity for handling big inventories makes it possible to efficiently categorise and display a wide range of products. Every item, from the simplest device to the most elaborate piece of furniture, shines out in Showroom’s smooth, streamlined browsing experience.

Galleria Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The Galleria Shopify theme comes with a tonne of helpful tools. Below, we go into further detail about a few of the important features.

Design that is fully responsive

Galleria Theme - Mobile

The Galleria Shopify theme has a completely responsive style and is compatible with all current browsers. Customers may easily shop on your Shopify site from any device as a consequence.


Galleria Theme - Home 1

For your homepage, the Galleria theme offers a staggering seventeen distinct widget places. They can be added several times if necessary, and in any sequence, on the home page.

SEO-friendly coding

Your eCommerce site may rank better in search engine results thanks to SEO-friendly coding in the Galleria Shopify theme.


In turn, this will boost the online visibility that your business or brand receives and attract more clients.

Features of the Masonry Gallery & Lookbook (Galleria 2.0+)

On the homepage and the brand-new “Lookbook” page of Galleria 2.0, there are some fantastic new options to arrange the images in your gallery.


Due to their similar functionality and simple installation, the two places may start benefiting right away.

Most recent Shopify features

Utilising the most latest Shopify features, such as aesthetically stunning galleries and creative column presentations, is the Galleria Shopify theme.

A FAQ page

Galleria Theme - faq

A built-in FAQ page is included with the Galleria Shopify theme, which you can use to display commonly asked questions on your website to assist your clients in making the best decision possible.

Integration of social media

You and your clients will be able to post items that are for sale on your website through the various social media channels since it features built-in social media integration.


Integrating social media is a feature that you definitely must have if you want to see an increase in the number of clients who make purchases from you.

Product Evaluations

With the help of this function, you’ll be able to show different product reviews that come from a range of sources on your e-commerce website.

Advertising Banners

Place banner advertisements on the homepage of your Shopify business. This is a great selling point if you are conducting a promotion or sale since it will give your consumers the impression that they are the ones who are winning.


When you arrive at the website, either a full-screen video will begin playing immediately, or a full-screen background picture with a play button will be shown.


Additionally, your site may open with a custom video. This may be achieved by including a “Video” and occasionally a “Video with text” section at the top of your webpage. 


Either a hero picture with a play button is presented or a movie can begin playing instantly (autoplay). You may extend it to encompass the full screen, just like with a slideshow. Vimeo and YouTube videos work together.

Hero Picture

The use of a hero image is an additional choice. a picture with writing on top that is incredibly high resolution. 


This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of photos and prioritise your site’s load time over anything else.

Pop-up ads

Galleria Theme - Popup

A number of goods and services may be promoted via pop-up windows. This keeps your audience engaged and increases the likelihood that they will return to your website frequently to take advantage of your discounts and special offers.

Filtering by Products Groups

Galleria Theme - Filter

Filtering is supported on the Shopify shop with Galleria versions 3.0 and higher. By tag group, Galleria releases may all be filtered.


With the assistance of this theme, there are several options to filter goods on your collection pages. Customers may use storefront filtering to focus their product searches on a range of factors, such as price, availability, and personalization choices like colour and size.


You may use the tag group filtering option to limit your search by just about any parameter by giving goods tags.


If you sell a large range of things and want clients to arrange them into manageable groupings, this creative feature is great. This feature is included in each of our themes, and when it is enabled, they all function in the same way.

Suitable Products

It enables you to show your consumers a variety of items that are recommended based on their prior purchases.

Different Cart Options

Numerous distinct shopping cart functionalities are offered by the Galleria Shopify theme. having the opportunity to customise your online store to express the uniqueness of your business.


The success of your business depends on your ability to adapt to changing market conditions, and the variety of cart options available to you may help you accomplish exactly that.

Announcement Bar

Every page of your website has an announcement bar, which is a short, colourful strip that may or may not include content.


For maximum impact, a sale announcement or other promotional content can be shown here. You can input text and choose a background colour in the space provided at the conclusion of the Header section options.

Image Galleries

High-resolution picture galleries, the centrepiece of the Galleria theme, are essential to enhance the shopping experience. These galleries are essential for firms involved in furniture and home décor. They give their items plenty of room to showcase every aspect of them, from the pattern of a rug to the grain of a wooden table. Making every design element apparent and pleasing to the customer’s keen eye will increase engagement and, eventually, purchases.

Infinite Scroll

The Galleria theme’s infinite scroll function provides a continuous and smooth browsing experience. Retailers in the fashion and apparel industry who deal with a diverse range of goods and fashions would particularly benefit from this feature. With infinite scroll, clients can easily navigate between styles and collections, which encourages them to stay on the site longer and increases the possibility that they will make a purchase.

Recommended Products

Galleria Theme - Recommend Products

A tool called Recommended Products streamlines and personalises the process of product discovery. By recommending related or complimentary products, beauty and skincare stores may broaden their clientele. Customers seeking a certain skincare item, for instance, can be introduced to a fresh moisturiser or serum to complete their skincare regimen. By making pertinent recommendations, this cross-selling tactic not only boosts sales but also enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

Stock Counter

The Stock Counter feature of the Galleria theme may be quite useful for electronic stores that deal with a wide variety of items, from little accessories to huge appliances. Customers are alerted about the availability of desired items thanks to this real-time inventory visibility technology. It’s not just about openness; it also instils a feeling of urgency for goods with a limited supply, maybe prompting earlier purchases.

Product Reviews

Galleria Theme - Review

Product reviews are crucial to promoting openness and trust between a company and its customers. This function is especially useful in sectors like beauty and skincare, where consumer reviews have a big impact on purchasing choices. Readers of reviews can get certainty and trust in the products by reading about other people’s experiences.

Swatches of colour

Galleria Theme - Color

The Colour Swatches feature, which gives customers a quick overview of the colours that are available for each item, improves the buying experience, especially for merchants of clothing and accessories. Customers’ decision-making is made simpler and more pleasurable when they can immediately visualise the colour possibilities for each item.

Galleria Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The developer is prepared to handle any problems that may arise after properly installing a theme and to answer questions. For further information, view the scope page and their support policies.


Before filing a support request, please read the Mile High Help Center’s other articles and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. After looking over our website, get in touch with the team if you still have queries.


One of the numerous benefits of the Galleria Shopify theme is its capacity to support the visual storytelling of your products.


It’s one of the top Shopify themes for companies that experience high daily traffic and sales. It may also be customised to meet any demand and just needs a short amount of time to set up.


The Galleria Shopify theme’s contemporary, necessary features will make your online business stand out from the competition and provide your consumers with a satisfying shopping experience.


Once you make the decision to open an online store, you have access to a wide range of e-commerce options. Shopify is now one of the best systems, especially if you expect that many of your customers will reach your site via mobile devices.