Flow Theme – Unlock the power of image-focused design and super flexible layouts


A strong Shopify theme created for conversion through minimalism is called Flow. The theme offers the excellent design layouts necessary for contemporary eCommerce stores and comes with 3 distinctive styling options that give you access to an infinite number of design options.

One thing the flow theme ensures is envy from your rivals, particularly for the aesthetics of your store.

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Flow Theme - Shopify

The well-designed and cutting-edge eCommerce theme Flow Theme is ideal for launching your own online store. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, a tonne of features and options, and a supportive support staff.

The Flow Theme ought to be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a flexible and excellent eCommerce theme.

Flow Shopify Theme Highlights



Great for

Fashion, Food & Beverages, Home Décor, Arts & Crafts, Accessories, Cosmetics, Health, Shoes, Electronics & Appliances, etc.

Theme Style

Cannes, Byron, and Queenstown


a one-time cost of $350

Ideal For

Eight Theme

Best Suited for Niches

Fashion, Food & Beverages, Home Décor, Arts & Crafts, Accessories, Cosmetics, Health, Shoes, Electronics & Appliances, etc. are just a few of the industries and niches in which the Flow Theme excels.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

For medium- to high-volume eCommerce stores, the Flow theme is ideal. This theme has been used by numerous Shopify stores for their single-product stores.

Flow Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



A complete set of capabilities and possibilities for layout.

Have fewer customization options than some other Shopify themes. A different theme, such as the Streamline Shopify Theme or the Prestige Shopify Theme, may be preferable if you want to really customise your store.

Practically all contemporary elements are displayed for improved store conversion and shopping experiences.

When compared to other themes, the cost of the Flow theme is on the higher end.

A distinctive selection of defaults that may be tailored to almost any mix of design and functional needs.

Rapid page load times and simple navigation.

There are several parts to visual storytelling.

Contains effective blog templates for dominating content marketing – Highly configurable and flexible parts – Inventory size agnostic design – Meets the needs of single product stores as well.


Flow Theme Presets

The Flow Shopify theme is undoubtedly quite advanced in terms of design, customizability, and features that increase conversions. The Flow Shopify theme offers three lovely layout options:


Flow Theme - Homepage 3

The Flow Shopify theme is undoubtedly quite advanced in terms of design, customizability, and features that increase conversions. The Flow Shopify theme offers three lovely layout options:


Flow Theme - Homepage 1

For those who want to more prominently display their photos or videos, the Byron style is ideal. Your content will be presented in a grid format in the sidebar, making it simple to browse and navigate.


Flow Theme - Homepage 2

For those who want their shop to make a strong statement, the Queenstown design is ideal. This theme enables you to make your content the main attraction of your page by displaying it in a single column.

Flow Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Anyone looking to create a chic and contemporary online store should consider using the Flow Theme. The responsive design, drag-and-drop editing, and robust theme options panel included with this theme make it simple to set up and customise your shop.

The Flow Theme’s responsive design is one of its standout qualities. This implies that all devices, including desktop computers and mobile phones, will display your store beautifully. The theme also comes with a number of pre-built layouts that you can use to get going right away, or you can use the drag-and-drop editor to make your own unique layouts.

The theme options panel is yet another fantastic element of the Flow Theme. With just a few clicks, you can quickly alter the colours, fonts, and other settings to completely change the look and feel of your store. A built-in live preview is also available in the options panel, so you can see how changes will impact your store before publishing them.

The Flow Theme is a fantastic choice to take into consideration if you’re looking for a contemporary and stylish Shopify theme.


Flow Theme - Homepages
  • Full-width home page header with a menu section that blends in with the hero images or videos
  • Important menu sub-sections, such as the mega menu, currency selector, social media icons, account-related icons, etc., are located on either side of the central logo space.
  • A prominent announcement bar is located directly above the menu.
  • Full-width sections for brand and product images and videos with various CTA options
  • Contains a number of sections for Featured Products, Featured Collections, Product stories, Featured blogs, Galleries, Slide shows, and more.
  • Multiple imagery effects and animations, including image rollover, image zoom, image slideshows, and others, are available on product and collection listings.
  • The Flow theme has a unique and adaptable footer section with all necessary informational subsections.

Collection Pages

Flow Theme - Collection
  • Images for the collection pages’ full-width headers that have several promotional sections
  • The grid layout for product listings is neatly laid out
  • On the collection pages, there are robust dropdown filters and sorters (on the left side of the page)
  • Zoom, rollover, slide show, and other product image effects
  • Supports the use of trust, product, and discount badges on product listings.
  • Supports a section for logos that displays all of the retailers’ brands
  • Sections with highlighted blogs on the collections

Product Pages

Flow Theme - Product pages
  • The Flow Shopify theme includes a thorough product page with nearly all the necessary sections for a sales boost.
  • Includes a section with strong imagery and thumbnails of videos
  • Zoom and rollover effects for products
  • Contain information on the product title, description, tabs, ratings, and variations (sizes, colour swatches, etc.).
  • Includes a section with product recommendations and related product listings.
  • Supports customer reviews, banners, featured blogs, trust badges, and other features.


Flow Theme - About

A simple About page with graphics and useful shop information was made by Flow.

Without writing a single line of code, you can totally modify the appearance and feel of your e-commerce website, with the added ability to use sections and blocks to arrange the content of your store.

Parallax Effect

This article has previously referenced the “parallax effect” several times. This scrolling effect will give your online business a modern, recognised look.

It’s impossible for even your consumers to look away from your website. However, all business owners share the desire to increase audience engagement.

Due to the ubiquitous parallax effect in website design, background visuals on web pages and other information move more quickly or more slowly than other material.

Your website will seem three-dimensional if you use parallax scrolling. You may do this to leave a positive impression on your customers and earn their loyalty to your company.


Flow Theme - Popup

An email popup is a useful tool to encourage users to subscribe to your email marketing. It is seen as an extra instrument for inspiring action.

You may always activate or deactivate the popup window by visiting the page for basic theme adjustments. You may benefit from an integrated email registration popup in Flow.

A word of advice: By forming a gender group based on the first and last names you collect, you may tailor your email marketing approach if you use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp.


Flow Theme - Blog

To emphasise particular blog articles, you may insert a Blog post segment in your Shopify store. An extract from each blog post is displayed in the website’s Blog Posts section.

Cart and Checkout

Flow Theme - Cart

By offering various payment conveniences, including cart notes, in-store pickup choices, and a Quick Buy function that helps you reduce the number of steps your clients must take to complete their purchases, the Flow theme for Shopify enables you to optimise checkout. To provide a tailored consumer experience, you may change your add-to-cart buttons and add text to your checkout page.

Social networks

Flow Theme - Social Media

You may include share buttons and links to your social network profiles in your articles and goods. Links to your social media profiles will be accessible at the bottom of your webpage.

Customise the social network settings to your preferences. Put URLs in the blanks under “Account” to add content to your social network profiles. It’s simple to copy and paste the entire URL.

Sign up for email

Flow Theme - Subscribes

Include a place where clients may submit their email addresses to subscribe to your newsletter and promotional communications.

Shopify automatically creates a new customer profile on the backend when new subscribers sign up.

Video Content

If you choose the Parallax theme, you may show movies on your homepage and product pages. Videos are a great way to demonstrate your items in use and the way of life your brand stands for. 

Menus with Multiple Levels

Flow Theme - Multi level Menu

The multi-level drop-down menus on your website make it easy for users to navigate. For people to quickly locate what they’re searching for on a website, the navigation must be straightforward. Some customers will undoubtedly shop at another store if you don’t provide this.

What Sort of Businesses Use the Flow Shopify Theme?

Businesses that want to offer their customers a streamlined, simple-to-use shopping experience should use the Flow Theme.

This theme is intended to aid companies in boosting their sales and conversion rates. The Flow Theme is a fantastic option to think about if you’re looking for a theme that will aid in the expansion of your business.

How do I manage a Flow Shopify shop?

If you manage a Shopify store, you are aware of how crucial organisation is. It’s the same with a Flow Shopify store. We’ll provide you with some advice in this blog post on how to run a successful Flow shop.

You must, first and foremost, check the organisation of your products. This entails writing precise and succinct product descriptions, utilising top-notch images, and properly categorising your products. This will facilitate the purchase process and make it simpler for customers to find what they’re looking for.

You’ll need to organise your products in addition to monitoring your inventory levels. Always keep an eye on your stock levels and place reorders as necessary. You can avoid running out of popular items and disappointing customers by keeping an eye on your inventory.

Last but not least, spread the word about your Flow shop! Use email marketing, social media, and other channels to spread the word about your company. You can draw in new clients and keep your current ones coming back for more by spreading the word.

Is Flow a Good Shopify Theme?

You might be unsure of the Flow theme’s suitability if you’re considering using it for your store. We’ll examine the Flow theme’s features in this review and talk about whether or not it’s a good fit for your store after looking at its features.

For stores that want a simple, contemporary look, the Flow theme is a fantastic option. The theme includes several features that make it simple to set up and modify your store, such as:

  • A responsive layout that looks fantastic across all platforms
  • Easy use drag and drop page builder for making custom pages
  • A built-in blog that enables you to tell customers about your experience
  • A variety of customization options to aid you in developing a distinctive look for your store

Overall, the Flow theme is a fantastic option for shops looking for a simple-to-use theme with lots of customization possibilities. Consider Flow if you’re looking for a Shopify theme that can assist you in building a stunning store.


Because it is so excellently conversion-friendly, Flow is one of the few Shopify themes that some of the top eCommerce owners prefer. Top international Drop shippers also favour this theme as one of their top choices.

Flow Shopify theme support

You should find out what kind of assistance is provided before changing your theme. Support is offered if the developer’s documentation does not sufficiently explain to users how to make simple changes to already-existing features.

As a result, it is not recommended to add new functionality to the theme for free. If there is something that would enhance your store and should be included in the theme, please feel free to submit a feature request.


Overall, we believe that the Flow Shopify Theme is a fantastic option for any company seeking a sleek and contemporary look. The support team is always available to assist you if you need it, and the theme is brimming with features and options that make it simple to customise. We strongly advise trying Flow if you’re looking for a new Shopify theme.