Expression Theme – Ideal for promotion-focused stores with large inventories

Expression Theme

Utilising the Shopify Expression theme, venture outside of your comfort zone to expand your company and build your brand.


Sophisticated business owners and web designers were the target audience for the Expression theme. It may be modified to suit any purpose without the need for technical skills, thanks to its various features and customization options.


A framework that web designers adore using since it offers so many possibilities right away.

The In-depth Reviews


Expression Theme - Shopify

Experienced business owners and skilled web designers may benefit from the Expression theme by Clean Canvas because it is designed to work seamlessly on all types of devices. With a range of features, like homepage sliders and promos, you may completely change it.


Without knowing any code, you can easily personalise it with features like homepage sliders, marketing highlights, social media sharing, and alternate picture changing.


The Expression theme is designed for businesses with large stocks that emphasise promotions. It offers your consumers fantastic shopping thanks to its cutting-edge features.


Using drag-and-drop sections and blocks, create customised pages for your whole store. Expression consists of flexible, well-designed building components for goods, quotations, photographs, and videos, among other things.

Expression Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Naturale, Oxford, Ocean, and Innovate

Sitewide feature

Flexible content-led design, compete with big retailers, and 10+ years of experience.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

The Expression Shopify theme works well for the following industries: fashion and apparel, jewellery, home decor, health and wellness, food and beverages, arts and crafts, kidswear and toys, bath and beauty, custom products, electronics and mobile phones, etc.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

The Expression theme is specially designed for retailers with medium to large catalogue sizes, emphasising featured content and sales.

Expression Theme Pricing

Get a free trial that lasts forever and includes your products, brand colours, and even modifications. There is a one-time cost of $240 if you choose to add the Expression theme to your shop.


The Expression theme is supported by a group of qualified developers that can assist you with any issues or questions you may have.

Who is Expression Theme Shopify for?

A wide variety of companies and people are catered to by the Expression Theme for Shopify, including:


eCommerce Startups:
  • Startups selling ethically produced, sustainable clothes can benefit the most from the Expression topic. With lovely images of the items and explanations of their environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, the theme’s design may showcase sustainability as its key USP.
  • Startups offering cutting-edge digital items may utilise the Expression theme to emphasise the benefits of each item in a slick, contemporary layout.
Small and Medium-sized Businesses:
  • Local Jewellery Shops: Companies that offer handcrafted jewellery can use the Expression theme to group their items into different groups and provide background information on each piece.
  • Speciality Coffee Shops: The Expression theme would make it easy for a neighbourhood coffee shop to offer its own blends and coffee-related merchandise online.
Niche Market Sellers:
  • Handcrafted Soap Vendors: The Expression theme may be used to build aesthetically appealing product pages that showcase the individuality and excellence of each soap bar for a company that sells artisan, handcrafted soaps.
  • Vegan Cosmetics: A company providing vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics in a specialised market might utilise the Expression theme to highlight both the ethical and practical elements of their offerings.
Creative Professionals:
  • Freelance Photographers: Photographers may sell prints of their work using the Expression theme, showcasing their portfolios in high resolution and even classifying them according to subject, region, etc.
  • Independent Artists: Artists may utilise the theme to sell their works of art online while highlighting the texture and complexity of each item with close-up images and thorough descriptions.
Established Online Retailers:
  • Online Booksellers: A reputable online bookseller may use the Expression theme to categorise their inventory into genres, new releases, bestsellers, and other categories to provide customers with a seamless browsing experience.
  • High-End Electronics Shops: The Expression theme may assist reputable shops that offer high-end electronics in elegantly showcasing the cutting-edge characteristics of their items.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Expression Theme



Impressive Customization: The theme is simple to modify, enabling sellers to easily add their own touches to their online businesses. It provides a variety of choices for adjusting the layout and design.

Font Quality: The theme’s available font selections may be enhanced.

Support that is timely and helpful: The support staff is renowned for their readiness to go above and above to answer questions and swiftly take care of problems. Their support team is praised for being skilled, informed, and committed to providing top-notch service.

The following features are absent: the Mega menu, the Image hotspots, the Countdown timer, the FAQ section, and the In-menu promotions.

Clean and Modern Design: The Expression theme is recognised for its modern look, which makes it a desirable option for developing online storefronts that are aesthetically appealing. The design is defined as professional and bold, providing websites with a polished appearance.

Quick purchase and Quick view on the product listing are missed.

Performance: The theme works efficiently, providing quick loading times and easy navigation. This helps to provide a favourable user experience and may increase conversion rates.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Expression Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Expression Theme Presets

You have the ability to select from four distinctive and fashionable Expression Theme choices to improve the look of your online business. Every theme design has its own distinct mood, which makes shopping aesthetically appealing and interesting. Let’s examine each style in further detail:


Expression Theme - Naturale

The tranquillity and beauty of nature are embodied by the Naturale theme style. Naturale offers a tranquil and harmonious ambience with its delicate colour scheme, gentle textures, and organic features. 


This look is ideal for companies that promote wellness, sustainability, or items that are inspired by nature. Customers looking for a tranquil shopping experience will be drawn to your store by its soothing and welcoming environment.


Expression Theme - Oxford

Expression Theme’s Oxford style emphasises a lovely and straightforward philosophy. Its design concept is based on utilitarian design, simple lines, and a minimalist layout. Oxford’s simplicity improves the entire customer experience by letting your items stand out. 


This design radiates a timeless, classic tone that makes the store aesthetically beautiful and simple to explore. Your online presence will emanate a sense of elegance and simplicity with Oxford.


Expression Theme - Ocean

The Ocean theme design conveys a strong and enduring message. Visitors are drawn into an exciting and energising atmosphere by its brilliant colour schemes, dynamic design, and compelling images. 


Businesses looking to make a lasting impact and foster a spirit of adventure can choose Ocean. With this look, your store will exude assurance and passion and attract clients who value an attractive and captivating online buying experience.


Expression Theme - Innovate

Expression Theme’s Innovate design emits a sophisticated and alluring air. It has a contemporary style, clean lines, and polished components. With its sleek design, Innovate gives your store a little extra refinement. 


The theme gives your consumers a sense of exclusivity and originality while slickly presenting your items. With Innovate, your store will have a refined and charming aura.

Expression Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

A number of amazing features provided by the Expression Theme for Shopify improve both the usability and appearance of your online business. Let’s examine a few of the salient attributes:

Announcement Bar

You may add notifications using this function, which is often shown at the top of your Expression theme page. Here are a few applications for this functionality.

  • Announce a seasonal sale with a time restriction;
  • Specify the recently active promotional code;
  • To urge your readers to read your most recent blog post, include a direct link to it;
  • Declare that all orders receive free delivery.


There is a typical 2 and 3-level drop-down navigation available with the Expression theme.


You don’t even need to alter the theme settings or make any code modifications if you want a menu to appear in this manner. The layout of your navigation section will determine everything. The theme switches to full-width mode each time one of the dropdown menu options is chosen.


The theme requires a dropdown menu to be presented in full-width mode when every link inside it also has a dropdown.


The second tier of double-layer dropdowns will display a separate set of menu options, which is the sole distinction between multi-level dropdowns and them.


This gives you more freedom to provide clients with information and point them in the direction of their chosen destinations.

Promotional Cards

Promo cards are an excellent way to demonstrate your abilities and show off your originality with your subject.


Displaying significant information, such as the introduction of new items, or just a few photographs that offer material for your social network accounts are both acceptable options.

Mobile Version

Expression Theme - Mobile

Although you may have to choose to show photographs as either 1 or even 2 goods/row, the number of products displayed on mobile is the same as those displayed on the desktop.


You won’t see many rows because mobile devices have a small screen size.

Color Swatches

Expression Theme - Color

Swatches may be added to the most recent version of the Expression theme. To make use of this function, go to the following location in the theme editor:


  • Select Product Pages on the left after opening a product in the theme editor. Scroll down until you find the “Theme options” link, then click it.
  • Select Product Pages from the left-hand menu after opening a product in the theme editor. Once you’ve selected “Theme options,” scroll down until you reach “Swatches.” Colour swatches may be activated by clicking.


The name of the colour option you added to the product is shown by the Option name, which you will see. (For illustration, use the words colour, couleur, etc.)


Make sure to type the names accurately because they need to match and are case-sensitive. The system won’t display the samples and won’t be able to identify the colour variant if you don’t.


The Expression theme gives users the choice of one sidebar on the homepage’s left side. If the sidebar is not chosen, the content on the home page will expand automatically to fit the space.


Images, words, pages, blog posts, collections, or suggestions are all options.


Sidebar content will display above the other homepage sections when viewed on a mobile device and might be a great way to advertise new collections or discounts. Each sidebar block can be shown or hidden on a mobile device.

Collection Page

Expression Theme - Collection

You may either access a collection from your theme editor or alter the collection page by choosing it from a dropdown menu at the top.


Your theme must consequently be published in order for your templates to appear as assigned in the “theme template” choice list outside of the theme editing area.


The most current Symmetry versions provide this sub-collection functionality that is controlled through a menu. 


  • Online store > Customise theme should be chosen while visiting Admin. After selecting Collection from the dropdown menu at the top, click on “Default Collection”.
  • By selecting the huge Collection Page text in the menu, you may scroll to the bottom of the “Sub collections” section. Set your main menu to a Sub-collections menu to make sure this functionality operates.


Based on your preset menu, the theme will automatically display collections (up to 4 collections are shown each time). Always save your modifications!

Collection List Section

Expression offers a variety of ways to display and link to live collections. To add links to already-existing collections on your homepage, use the “Mini collection list” and “Collection list” sections.


On the “collection list” pages, you may choose between the “Row” layout and the “Grid” style.


Images from the “Featured collection” will be cropped differently depending on the circumstances and the size of the screen.


  • If you’ve previously published the Expression theme, go to Admin, Online shop, and select Pages >. When you select “Add page,” the choice feature will show up in the page template’s dropdown menu.

Once you select “Add page,” a dropdown menu with a list of the collections should display. Create a menu listing all the collections you wish to display by using the page.

Mini Collection List

The homepage’s tiny collection list area, the mobile menu, and all three sidebars all make use of this functionality.


If there isn’t a featured picture for the collection or it’s not accessible, the Expression theme will download the first product photos from your collection.


Although the amount of photos presented changes depending on the layout, all photographs are centrally cropped.


Use pictures with a central focus or with important content in the centre of the frame for the greatest effects.

Grid Layout

This functionality is available on the collection list page as well as the collection list portion of the home page.


Three photographs are shown in the “grid” format, including the “featured image” for the collection and the first two items.


Add a backup picture in the theme options if your featured collection image isn’t always acceptable (particularly if you’re putting it on a regular collection page). Your featured collection picture will often be a huge image.


When the grid style is used on the site, another choice is to place a subheading beneath the name of your collection.

Translations & Languages

The Expression theme currently only supports the following languages:


  • Among other languages are Portuguese (including Brazil), Danish, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch.


Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and any languages not mentioned above are currently not supported by the theme.

Quick Link

The rapid link tool lets you enter URLs, emails, or phone numbers. When users click them, a popup asking them to call the number or send an email from their favourite email program displays. 


  • Go to Admin and select the Customise theme option under Online Store to configure your fast link. Select “Header”. Ensure that the “Show” button is checked under “Quick link” as well.


Choose your “Link type” from the available options. Use the text you wish to use and a link to fill in the blanks. Save your changes at the conclusion.

Product Reviews

Expression Theme - Review

A useful Product Reviews feature that enables users to contribute their opinions and experiences is included in the Expression Theme. 


You establish credibility and trust with potential customers by allowing product reviews. Customers may read honest feedback from others, which helps them make better purchase selections.


You may use the Lookbooks function to visually present your items. You may produce captivating lookbooks or collections to motivate your clients and provide them with style suggestions. 


You may entice clients to explore additional goods and make assured purchase decisions by offering your products in well-designed sets or ensembles.

Expression Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The developer’s website also has additional resources, such as movies, manuals, and other information.

If you have any more inquiries regarding the Expression theme, head over to the Clean Canvas official website and submit a ticket. An average response time is between 24 and 48 hours. The staff is accessible from Monday through Friday from 09:30 to 17:00 GMT, except for UK federal holidays. Theme help over the phone is not offered by the developer.


To sum up, the Expression Theme Shopify gives users the tools they need to effectively market their goods and services to clients while offering a flexible and rich feature set.