Envy Theme – A simple design perfect for ongoing promotions and highlighted goods


Themes from Shopify are well known for their creative and adaptable looks as well as their flexibility to be totally altered to meet the needs of your online business. Using Shopify themes to customise your store has no learning curve because they are all straightforward.

One of the greatest Shopify themes available, the Envy theme allows you to drag and drop parts and blocks to build custom pages for your company. With the help of various styles, you can create a versatile and engaging interface for your website.

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Envy Theme - Shopify

Envy is a premium Shopify theme that has an amazing style and was created for bold and enthusiastic companies. This theme is for you if you’re seeking a design choice that may make your store come to life while forcing the same on your store visitors.

The Envy Shopify theme offers simple, contemporary design options that are enhanced by many design and conversion-boosting features. In order to give your consumers the information they want across pages, the theme addition is supported by several information sections.

Envy Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Gothenburg

Sitewide feature

Choose from 4 designs, highlight your product offers, and provide prominent product options.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

Ideal for stores with products pertaining to Fashion, Health & Beauty – Cosmetics, Clothing, Luxury goods, Jewellery, Shoes, Watches, Accessories, Home Décor, etc.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

The Envy Shopify theme works well for businesses with modest to medium inventories that fall into many categories, such as collections, brands, and others.

Who Created Shopify Envy Theme?

The theme for Shopify Envy A UK-based company called Eight Themes creates Shopify themes. They sought to give business owners simple-to-use templates that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, improving customers’ online purchasing experiences. Their themes are mobile-friendly, have clear layouts, and were created with the user experience in mind. 

Shopify themes from Eight Themes are well known for helping to increase sales and distinguish your items and shop. The theme is a perennial favourite among Shopify retailers and supports premium features. 


The cost of the Envy theme is $350 as a one-time payment. You may preview the theme from this page before making your final decision by clicking “Try theme” and signing up using the details from your Shopify account.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Envy Theme

Every theme has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages that change from retailer to store. Here are a couple of the Shopify Envy theme’s benefits and drawbacks.



Design that is extremely conversion-friendly and has features built in to facilitate it.

Lacks usage/shipping/delivery information area on product pages as well as Quick view capability on product listings.

Design for mobile devices that perfectly displays the store on all current screen sizes.

The theme is more expensive. a little pricey for novices.

Impressive layouts and stylistic possibilities are complemented by contemporary, clear typography.

Complies with the requirements of Online Store 2.0.

Envy Theme Presets

A great method to liven up your website is to use the Envy theme. Thanks to the four various types that are offered and the numerous customization options, you can establish your business rapidly. The Envy Shopify theme has four unique variations: Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. For a distinct, contemporary look that stands out from other Shopify Themes, pick one of the four choices that most closely matches your tastes.

Let’s examine each of them separately.


Envy Theme - Home 1

The Shopify Envy theme’s Stockholm design offers a sleek and sophisticated look perfect for eCommerce fashion and luxury businesses. This style’s understated beauty communicates a feeling of professionalism.


Envy Theme - Home 2

The Oslo style from Envy is a fantastic all-purpose pre-set. It is a modern theme that is streamlined and elegant and looks excellent for fashion and lifestyle firms. It’s a fantastic option if you want to build a really contemporary and simple website.


Envy Theme - Home 3

The Copenhagen theme from Envy for Shopify guarantees that your items receive the maximum amount of attention and exposure. It offers a clean, functional layout that will make your consumers happy.


Envy Theme - Home 4

Envy Gothenburg is a Shopify theme designed to work across all platforms. The theme for Envy Gothenburg prioritises SEO. It promises the quickest page load speed, regardless of how many articles or goods are loaded concurrently on the website. Envy Gothenburg is easy to use even if you have no programming or website design knowledge.

Envy Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Almost everything a company owner may possibly need to build a well-optimised store that could increase conversions is included in the Envy theme. If you’re unsure of how to make use of these features, you may find some helpful videos and advice online. 


Symmetry Theme - Home 1
  • Full-width header section with a modern, above-the-fold hero section backed with slideshows or hero videos as well as potent CTAs & Textual Content (Overlay).
  • Integrated menu area with a modern mega menu, search bar, announcement bar, currency and country selection, and more.
  • Layouts that are grid-based, simple, and clean to display featured items include rollover image effects, product badges, sale badges, picture swatches, rapid add-to-cart buttons, and other features.
  • Layouts for highlighted collections that are heavily reliant on images include a text overlay that can be positioned on any page of the website.
  • Sections with full-width display brand identities and messaging, accompanied by videos, photos, and text overlays.
  • includes a section dedicated to showcasing logos for hosted items
  • Perfect blog designs and featured blogs for simple and successful content marketing.
  • There are many different promotional components, including promotional banners, promo tiles and popups, image galleries, hotspots, slideshows, and product films.

Collection Pages

Envy Theme - Collection
  • Large product graphics supported by full-width collection pages with little white space
  • Clear, grid-based product selection is enhanced with hover effects, badges, swatches, discount information, and more.
  • Page navigation and a strong set of dropdown filters and sorters are used to support collection pages.
  • includes areas for showcasing blogs, items, collections, marketing materials, media relating to brands, etc.

Product Pages

Envy Theme - Product
  • Streamlined product page designs with all the important information to boost conversion rates.
  • Enables slideshows with organised picture thumbnails and huge images with hover-based zoom.
  • Contains sections that highlight product reviews, colour swatches, variations, product tabs, product videos, similar items, etc.
  • Multiple areas for showcasing goods, banners, tiles, collections, blogs, FAQ pages, testimonials, and other things are available.

Multi-level Menu

Envy Theme - Menu

When your shop sells a wide variety of items, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The Multi-Level Shopify Theme Envy provides a state-of-the-art multi-level menu system that helps customers choose what they want from a wide range of options, making site navigation more accessible and useful than before.

Promotional Pop-ups

Envy Theme - Popup

Pop-up windows make it simple to communicate. Pop-up window design and creation are made easier with the window theme offered by the Envy Shopify theme. When customers land on your website, this feature of the Envy Shopify theme enables you to create a pop-up window that displays promotional content, such as discounts or other important information. 


The slideshow is a fantastic technique to attract new customers to your website while keeping them there. A slideshow section is a fantastic way to highlight your brand’s most current products, deals, and promotions. Slideshows may be swiped, moved about, and started automatically. In accordance with your tastes, you may also add more pictures or videos. With this Shopify slideshow, customers can easily check what’s fresh without leaving their current page.

Product Image Zoom

A beautiful and attention-grabbing product photo might be one that has been zoomed in. By utilising the zoom function of the Shopify Envy Theme, prospective customers may more easily see the product image. The most important details of the item are also highlighted.

Promotional Banner

Your shop can stand out by using the Envy Shopify Theme. Every customer’s home page header must be crammed with offers, discounts, and bargains they can take advantage of right away. Using this advertising banner might help you get more consumers into your shop.

Mobile-First Design

Envy Theme - Mobile

The Envy theme was primarily developed with the mobile user in mind. The design will be clean and well-organized, making it simple to start up an online company using different devices.

Social Integration

The Envy Shopify theme makes it simple to integrate social media into your business, allowing your customers to share the items on their wishlists with friends.

Product Reviews

Envy Theme - Review

Due to the fact that many customers take the time to read reviews before making a purchase, having a website for reviews might be essential in closing the deal. With the Shopify Envy theme, you can maximise the advantages of customer reviews to increase sales and conversion rates. With the assistance of this theme, you are able to prominently display positive client testimonials on the product page, increasing buyer confidence.

Add to Cart Action

The Shopify Envy theme gives you control over how your product page reacts when a customer clicks the “Add to Cart” button. You may choose to send consumers to the basket page, show a drawer, or show a success message informing them that the products have been added.

Out-of-Stock Mail

You may notify your customers that the items they’ve chosen are still available by using the Out-of-Stock email function of the Shopify Envy theme. As a consequence, you can make sure that customers enjoy a wonderful shopping experience and never miss out on anything they’re eager to purchase.

Cart & Checkout

Envy Theme - Cart

Use the Shopify Envy theme to enhance your customers’ shopping and checkout experiences. Using the cart notes feature, your customers may include special delivery requests or other instructions, such as gift messages, in their orders. Additionally, by providing your customers with the convenience of picking up their purchases in person, you may help them save time and money on shipping. 

The fast buy function of the theme enables adding things to the cart without leaving the product page. Additionally, without interrupting their browsing, your customers can quickly track and alter their orders using the slide-out cart.

Marketing & Conversion

The Envy theme comes with a wide range of effective conversion and marketing features. It is possible for retailers offering prohibited products to add age verification. Additionally, by developing SEO-optimized blogs that highlight your thought leadership in your sector, you may increase the likelihood that your website will show up on search engine results pages.

Businesses can utilise the “recommended products” sections of their online store to highlight profitable and pertinent products. Additionally, there are several methods to integrate promotions into your store, from designing banners and in-menu promotions to developing simplified promo tiles and promotional pop-ups. This implies that, wherever you are, you can constantly draw them in with your most recent offers and discounts.

You may highlight your most recent honours and achievements in the press coverage sections and modules. In order to demonstrate your trustworthiness through social evidence gathered from your target market, you may also make use of product reviews on your pages. Even better, listings can have product pages added to them that highlight their credentials or qualifications.

The Envy theme also has cross-selling features to raise your average order value (AOV) and a back-in-stock alert feature to encourage visitors to return to your website as soon as a product is restocked.

Envy Theme Shopify - Customer Support

You can rely on the Shopify Envy theme development team for prompt, committed, and expert assistance when you pick this theme. They pledge to offer prompt service and strive to respond to any questions or problems you might have within 24 hours. Please be aware, though, that response times might occasionally change for a variety of reasons. 

If you need assistance with the theme, just submit a ticket to the Envy theme support team, which is exclusively accessible through the ticketing system. They will be happy to help. 


Several variables will determine whether or not the Shopify Envy theme will meet your demands for your online business. If you want a theme that boosts conversion rates and increases traffic, using one like Envy might be beneficial. 

Customers ultimately want a website that enables hassle-free and speedy order placement. This includes being able to simply discover the things they want and have a quick checkout. To learn how much it can align with and enhance your store’s needs, we advise attempting the free trial. Envy can be the best option for you if you want to expand your product-based online store.