Empire Theme – The Best Choice For High-Volume Stores


There are many options available these days when it comes to Shopify themes. It might be challenging to decide which theme is best for your business with so many alternatives and resources available online.

As a result, we’ll examine the Empire Shopify Theme review in this post and let you know whether or not we think it’s the best theme for your store.

The high-end appearance and feel of your store are intended by this theme. It has a tonne of features that are designed to improve the professionalism and usability of your store. The post has features like a unique header and footer and a completely responsive design to ensure that it looks fantastic on all devices.

Utilising this theme has a lot of advantages, one of which is how simple it is to set up. Without spending a lot of time learning how to use it, you can utilise it right away. Additionally, the theme has a tonne of built-in features, so you won’t need to bother about adding extra plugins or extensions.

The In-depth Reviews


Empire Theme - Shopify

Any business may benefit from The Empire Theme, a robust eCommerce theme. Its contemporary style makes it ideal for any type of organisation.

If you want a modern, business-like theme, this one is a fantastic choice. Additionally, it has a modern style that is incredibly intriguing and looks amazing in any store.

The Empire Shopify Theme’s potential for complexity in setup is one drawback. It could be challenging to get the theme set up how you want it if you are unfamiliar with Shopify themes.

Additionally, this theme has built-in options like slide-out carts, fast buys, and cart notes. You can also completely customise it thanks to its extensive customization options.

Empire Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Supply, Graphic, Industrial, and Depot

Sitewide feature

Colossal capacity, above-average order value, and industry acrobat

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

Built for shops with medium to large volume inventory sizes, the Empire Shopify theme. Because of this, the theme is perfect for shops selling items related to fashion and clothing, automobiles, tools, home and outdoor decor, food and drink, kitchenware, beauty goods, children’s clothing and toys, video games, gardening tools, electronics, and other items.

One of the top Shopify themes for dropshipping and businesses that offer print-on-demand is Empire.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

The Empire theme is ideal for retailers with medium catalogue volumes and variations from several different brands.

Who Created Shopify Empire Theme?

An eCommerce-focused design firm is called Pixel Union. You may select from a wide variety of themes, so you’re sure to discover one that properly complements your company.

Usability and performance are prioritised in the design of each theme. You may simply make adjustments and tweaks to the item to produce one that exactly represents your company.

The Pixel Union team is also a fantastic creative firm that can produce a wide range of gorgeous websites for your company or online store. They have years of expertise in this industry and can effectively represent your company as a result.

Additionally, Pixel Union provides top-notch service. Their service can assist you if you ever have any concerns or issues with your theme. All you need to do is submit a request on their official website, along with the data shown in the accompanying image. 


This premium Empire Shopify theme has numerous features and choices for both individuals and corporations. It has a drag-and-drop builder that is simple to use and intuitive, which makes customising your website a snap.

The theme also offers a tonne of features that can aid in business expansion. For instance, it features a strong eCommerce platform that makes it simple to sell online. Additionally, you can utilise Empire Shopify’s design to establish an online store and online portfolio. 

Overall, this theme is among the best ones on the market. It is jam-packed with options and features to make it simple for you to expand your business. 

It does, however, have a higher price because it is a premium theme. If you decide to publish the content in your store, you must make a one-time payment of $340.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Empire Theme

For those seeking a clear and straightforward style, the Shopify Empire Theme is a fantastic choice. The theme has many modification possibilities and is simple to use. However, utilising the Shopify Empire Theme has several disadvantages. Pros and Cons of utilising the Shopify Empire Theme are listed below:



With lots of modification possibilities, it is a very adaptable Shopify theme for promoting your items.

Several traits fall short of others’ breadth.

On all devices, it is snappy and looks amazing.

The theme lacks some of the more advanced features of some of the other alternatives on the market.

The theme offers an unlimited free trial.

It could be challenging to locate assistance when you need it.

The theme provides excellent customer service and free theme updates that include bug fixes and new features.

In comparison to other themes available on the market, the pricing model is a little costly.

It is a great choice for a neat, straightforward, yet expert design.

All types of companies can use the Empire Shopify theme.

Animations, pre-orders, and product comparisons are just a few of the amazing features and capabilities it possesses.

Empire Theme Presets

Supply, Graphic, Industrial, and Depot are the four major designs available for the Empire theme on Shopify. Each places a varied emphasis on energies, emotions, and vibes, making it appropriate for a range of businesses and retail settings.


Empire Theme - Home 1

Large eCommerce companies that wish to project an Amazon-like atmosphere should choose the Supply setting. Customers may browse a variety of items quickly because of its welcoming colour scheme and simple navigation.

Its simple and beautiful design makes it the ideal choice for skin care and beauty retailers, companies that specialise in minimalist home goods and décor, and fashion and accessory firms wanting a clean and modern appearance.


Empire Theme - Home 2

The engaging and innovative way that the Graphic style highlights content is well known. A single backdrop image may be used to display a number of items, giving buyers a striking presentation that stands out.

The clothes, jewellery, and artisanal craft businesses are searching for something that portrays a retro and nostalgic yet tidy and professional ambience.


Empire Theme - Home 3

The Industrial preset’s sturdy and assertive style is evocative of places like Best Buy. It features a large layout with plenty of blocks to exhibit different items, which successfully highlights the wide variety offered.

This design is ideal for stores that specialise in selling bulky, high-tech items, such as establishments that sell tools, equipment, automobiles, and outdoor and adventure gear.


Empire Theme - Home 4

Your online business may have an urban feel if you use the Depot style. It adopts a distinctive, dark look that has a significant visual effect.

For Shopify companies that want to make a big statement and create a lasting impact on their audience, this look is ideal. The following businesses or sectors can benefit the most from this fashion: art & illustration, music, gaming, and entertainment.

Empire Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

You won’t need to worry about including that extra step in your checkout process because the Empire Theme already includes a built-in Shopify checkout procedure in addition to many other features that company owners adore.

Additionally, you don’t need any specialised code to construct customised pages for your business by dragging and dropping parts and blocks. For photos, goods, videos, quotations, and more, Empire Theme features adaptable, well-designed partnerships.

In addition, it is mobile responsive, so it looks great on any device. Additionally, the Empire Theme team provides email support if you want additional assistance setting up your business.

It is ideal for product discovery, cart and checkout, merchandising, marketing, and conversion.

Clean & Professional Design

The Shopify Empire theme’s four presets each have a modern, polished look that’s been specifically created to fit the needs of high-volume retailers.

The Shopify Empire theme’s clean appearance exudes authority and expertise, laying the groundwork for an excellent shopping experience. High-volume store owners may exhibit their enormous product catalogues with the utmost clarity and accuracy thanks to this design’s emphasis on aesthetically appealing product showcases that are also easy to browse.

Customers can trust the theme’s well-organized layout because it reflects the expertise and attention to detail that high-volume retailers work to uphold. It also serves to emphasise the brand’s dedication to quality.

The theme contains fade-in effects on items that emerge when visitors browse through the homepage area, providing your webshop with an added degree of professionalism and creativity. This is one of the first impacts merchants will notice.

Empire Theme - Design 1

Additionally, it has enhanced the functionality of the search bar. In order to bring attention to the search results and make it simpler for visitors to find the needed items or information, the theme emphasises the pertinent search results while softly darkening the site backdrop.

Empire Theme - Design 2

Extensive Product Catalogues Showcase Enhancement

The Mega Menu and Slider features of the Shopify Empire theme substantially aid high-volume companies in properly exhibiting their extensive product catalogues.

Store owners may design a thorough navigation system using the Mega Menu that makes it simple for customers to browse through multiple product categories and subcategories. Additionally, the Mega Menu offers promotional Custom Image Blocks, giving store owners the opportunity to draw attention to certain discounts or featured goods, increasing conversions.

Empire Theme - Showcase

On the other hand, the Slider feature takes up the majority of the store’s main page and offers a powerful platform for showcasing the most recent sales and best-selling items. Store managers may use both still photographs and moving pictures to draw in clients and keep them engaged in a visually stimulating way.

The Shopify Empire theme’s Quick Buy functionality completely transforms how clients shop on your website. Customers may quickly and simply add items to their shopping basket without leaving the current page with only a few clicks.

Empire Theme - Showcase 2

Customers frequently want to make fast judgements when making purchases, thus this feature is especially useful. High-volume retailers are able to meet the quick-paced needs of their consumers and increase conversion rates thanks to this accelerated checkout process.

The Shopify Empire theme’s appealing animations may help keep visitors on the site, lower bounce rates, and boost overall customer engagement for high-volume companies coping with a massive influx of consumers.

Simple Navigation Across All Collections

Large catalogues from high-volume retailers are frequently available, and consumers may find them difficult to navigate, particularly on mobile. The Empire Shopify theme has a “live” search feature, which means that as soon as a user types in a term, it starts suggesting items from your catalogue that match, negating the need for tedious searching. This helps consumers find certain things quickly and saves time.

The theme’s collection pages also include sophisticated filtering tools to help users focus their search to meet their precise requirements. Various filter choices, including price, size, brand, colour, and category-specific characteristics, can be listed on product tags by merchants.

Empire Theme - Filter

A store that sells photographic gear, for instance, can have filters like megapixels, magnification levels, and lens mounts. In contrast, a retailer of sleeping bags could emphasise ratings for weight, material, and temperature.

Customers may compare several items side by side to acquire important insights into selecting the best products for their requirements using the Product Comparison feature of the Shopify Empire theme.

This feature streamlines the decision-making process for high-volume retailers with a vast selection of items by offering a concise summary of the main characteristics, details, and costs of each item. By removing the need for consumers to switch back and forth between product pages, reducing returns, and doing away with the need for extra apps, not only improves the customer experience but also saves time.

Empire Theme - Compare

Influential Product Hype Production

For high-volume retailers, generating buzz and building anticipation around new product introductions may be extremely difficult.

With the customisable promotion tiles offered by the Shopify Empire theme, retailers have three ways to successfully display their sales and promotions: a percentage, a cash number, or a traditional “sale” sticker. You may use these tiles to show off eye-catching sale badges on reduced goods.

Empire Theme - Quick Shop

High-volume retailers may generate excitement by giving consumers the chance to reserve their purchases in advance, even before items are created or refilled, using the Shopify Empire theme.

Whether a sale is being conducted, special discounts are being offered, or imminent product releases are being promoted, the blogging countdown timer can bring an exciting and engaging aspect to Shopify online businesses. Customers are driven to act right away before time runs out by this limited-time offer strategy’s instillation of a fear of losing out.

Management of Stock Levels Effortlessly

Running out of stock is a big danger that high-volume retail retailers frequently encounter. Fortunately, the Inventory Status feature of the Shopify Empire theme provides a strong fix.

The Empire theme smoothly integrates with Shopify’s inventory management tool, retrieving stock information in real-time from the Products admin and prominently displaying it on the storefront. Customers are notified about the items’ availability thanks to this.

The Empire theme gives Shopify store owners even more control by enabling them to change the low stock threshold and apply unique labels, such as “Only 3 left!” to items that are running short in supply.

This openness not only aids in controlling consumer expectations but intentionally adds a feeling of urgency to orders, encouraging customers to decide on purchases more quickly.

Efficient Order Fulfilment

Owners of large-volume shops frequently struggle with effectively managing order fulfilment. This issue is addressed by the Shopify Empire theme, which provides a potent capability called In-Store Pickup.

With the option for consumers to pick up their products in-store, Shopify store owners can easily handle a high number of orders while lowering shipping costs and delivery times. This allows store owners to seamlessly combine their online and offline operations.

High-volume retailers may improve customer happiness, encourage quicker order processing, and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience by providing the convenience of in-store pickup. High-volume shops looking to optimise their order fulfilment processes and satisfy the needs of their expanding client base will find the In-Store Pickup option of the Shopify Empire theme to be a priceless resource.

Flexible Customise Ability

High-volume retailers must have a distinctive and powerful brand identity. The Empire Shopify theme provides comprehensive customization options to change layouts, colours, fonts, and other design aspects, enabling merchants to build a genuinely unique and aesthetically attractive shop.

High-volume retailers can provide a visually appealing and branded experience because of this flexibility, which improves client recognition and loyalty.

Seamless Apps Integration

High-volume retailers frequently need to improve their store’s functionality by connecting with other applications in order to satisfy unique business objectives. The Empire theme enables seamless interaction with thousands of applications available in the Shopify App Store, providing a wide range of services that enable store owners to develop and improve their online shops.

This connection enables store owners to build feature-rich shops that exactly match their company goals, increase their exposure to new audiences, and provide great customer service.


Empire Theme - Mobile

The Empire Shopify theme is a remarkable option for high-volume companies because of its excellent reactivity. With this theme, Shopify stores are built to adjust their layout and design to many screen sizes without losing any of their functionality or aesthetic appeal, independent of the browsing device.

The theme ensures a uniform and user-friendly experience regardless of whether clients are shopping on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting conversions.

Multi-Languages Translation

Reaching out to clients with different language backgrounds is crucial for boosting sales for high-volume shops in a world where trade is becoming more and more globalised.

By translating their storefront content into languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, French, German, Hindi, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese (simplified), and Italian, company owners can simply create a multilingual shopping experience with the Shopify Empire theme.

High-volume retailers are able to tap into new markets and capture development possibilities thanks to the flexibility of language support.


Empire is unquestionably a multifaceted Shopify theme and achieves nearly ideal results across all important performance criteria for online retailers. Therefore, Empire is the one to choose if you want to portray your media in a way that is contemporary, scalable, and consistent for a huge catalogue-size business. Test it out. You won’t regret doing it.