Ella Theme – A Theme with Lots of Features for Your Store

Ella Theme

Ella theme is a flexible Shopify theme that makes it simple to build several websites with distinct layouts. Its various uses make it adaptable for every kind of business and make the installation process simple—it only requires one click! 


A professional website design is essential for showing your items to potential customers and impressing them with slick features, regardless of the sector you are in.


Thankfully, Ella does not let you down! You can create your website ideal for any niche and increase your sales like a pro with the help of attractive banners and product blocks spread throughout 17 homepage layouts, 7 gorgeous shopping pages, and 9 product pages.


Additionally, you are guaranteed to discover the layout style that appeals to all tastes thanks to the numerous configurable headers and footers.

The In-depth Reviews


Ella Theme - Themeforest

As you are aware, Halotheme is the Power Elite Author of the market and offers a variety of themes with affordable costs and top-notch features. With several themes, plugins, modules, etc., its themes are specialised for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.


One of Themeforest’s most popular themes is Ella Shopify. The theme was created in 2014, and committed developers update it often. The Shopify Ella theme is one of the top 3 most popular eCommerce themes on a weekly basis.


The theme comes with a variety of layouts, styles, and cutting-edge features, allowing users to easily construct stunning websites. Ella has a responsive layout with UI/UX and a mobile-optimized design that works with any device. Additionally, Ella is renowned for being flexible with the Bootstrap 4.x framework and compatible with a wide range of well-known browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and others.


Since its debut, the Ella theme has received more than 22 homepage and skin layouts, more than 9 original shopping pages, 12 different product layout possibilities, and several headers and footers. More than 17000 company owners have utilised the theme, and the majority of them are happy with the advantages and results Ella produces.

Ella Shopify Theme Highlights

Why you should choose Ella for your online business

Store owners may choose between free themes from the Shopify Theme Store and premium themes from Shopify Premium or other marketplaces when choosing a theme. Free themes, however, provide fewer customization options, making them only suited for small organisations. Themes from Shopify Premium are also prohibitively pricey for certain retailers. Because of this, you should pick a theme from a marketplace like Themeforest or MOJO, which provides reasonably priced themes with lots of high-end functionality.


Ella Shopify Theme appears to be one of the better options among those available on markets for Shopify themes. This is due to Ella’s many useful features, which allow her to satisfy any needs you may have. The theme is also simple to utilise. With the Shopify Ella theme, creating a striking website simply takes a few minutes.


Simple to use, lovely designs, wonderful colour schemes, responsive pages, and many incredible features. For your online store, you ought to choose the Ella Shopify theme.

Who would use the Shopify Ella theme?

We recognise that choosing a theme relies on aspects like brand, personal taste, and many more, but the Ella theme is better suited for:


  • Those who need a theme but are still on a tight budget and want one with more customization options than a typical free theme. You may spend less money since you don’t need to install as many Shopify applications to your store with greater functionality.
  • Traders are interested in the variety a subject might provide.
  • Those whose expectations require a multi-featured theme.


Ella costs $89, and is available now. It is neither the greatest nor lowest sum that is visible on Themeforest. It is, as we all know, just a little bit more expensive than the going rate. 


Let’s examine the primary layouts and features the theme may provide for you at this cost:

  • Homepage Layout 17+
  • The package contains 16+ child themes (or theme styles) for various companies.
  • 07+ Category page layouts
  • 10+ Product page layouts
  • Layouts for Collection Pages 05
  • The following custom pages are supported: About Us, Lookbook, FAQs, Contact Us, and so on.


You could now wonder why the Ella theme’s pricing is lower if it can offer as many features and advantages as many Shopify Premium themes.


We must consider the following in order to respond to this:


The support service comes first. You can only receive help for 6 months with the ordinary licence ($89), and it is only available via email rather than chat. Merchants must pay an additional $27.75 charge to extend the time frame to 12 months.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Ella Theme

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to the Ella Shopify Theme, but a few stand out:



Elly is ideal for every device because it can be totally customised and looks fantastic on any screen size.

You must buy the theme entirely in order to use Elly as there is no free trial available.

There aren’t many Layout choices, which may be too much for certain people.

You have complete control over the design and feel of your online business because of its wealth of features and possibilities.

This Shopify theme is user-friendly and simple to use.

Beginners may need some time to get acclimated to Elly’s complexity and all its features and settings.

Simple to use and get started with.

Service period of only six months

No need to download additional apps due to the abundance of built-in capabilities

Users must rely on a third-party page builder programme to obtain a more sophisticated customization.

Editing the theme options and customising the template is a simple

Confusing backend interface.

Priced affordably at just $79

Duplicate sections overburden the theme settings.

Flexible gallery

The lengthy editor.

High-quality design

Sometimes gets bug issues.

Wonderful hover effect

No chat assistance. Sometimes it takes a while for emails to be answered.

Mobile device responsive designs. 

The Ella Shopify theme bundle includes support files and thorough documentation. 

Lazy loading

Getting access to custom pages such as FAQs, landing pages, about pages, and more. 


In conclusion, Ella Shopify Theme is the best option for anyone wishing to build a reputable online business.


Product Badges

Only a few badges, like New, Sold Out, Sale, etc., that work with most businesses are available from Ella Theme. Slogans and brief, basic phrases are frequently included on badges.


However, Product Labels – ShineTrust allows you to swiftly and simply entirely customise product badges for your items. You may upload whatever badge you like, and ShineTrust offers you dozens of text badges and more than a thousand image badges.


Refer to The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges.

Ella Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

22+ Stunning Homepage Layout

Ella theme - layout

You may select from 22+ homepage layouts offered by the theme. By including elements like a navigation bar, blog section, highlighted goods, a collection, Instagram, etc., you may further personalize your homepage

6 Blog Page Layouts

You may use the many blog pages in the Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme to help you convey the narrative of your shop on various subjects. By selecting one of the six blog page themes, you can add a fantastic and professional blog page to your company to increase engagement and provide visitors with some reading material.

12+ Product Page Layouts

Any online business must have a product page, which must be designed to draw people in. It goes far beyond simply being an item description. It’s a chance to promote your company and show consumers why they should pick up a certain item!


There are more than 12 product pages created here, and they all differ significantly in terms of layout and design, such as the Wide Image Gallery Design and Modern Style Product Detail Layout.

9+ Layouts Options for Category Page

This theme comes with a variety of pre-configured category layouts. The basic layout includes a thumbnail image of the product, the section’s title, the number of items in each category, links leading to the store page, etc.


They are quite helpful in organizing your goods more effectively and making it simple for customers to browse and buy them.

Fast Loading Speed

The Ella Shopify Theme is a thin theme with a lightning-quick loading time. It is designed on Bootstrap, contains only the necessities, and loads swiftly on all browsers and devices (PC, tablet, and mobile). It received a very high rating from GTMetrix for speed performance. Ella is a good option to consider if you’re seeking one of the most dependable, quickly-loading Shopify themes available. 

Multiple Headers & Footers, Multiple Mobile Headers

The Ella Shopify theme offers several footer, header, and mobile header options. There are 10 different options for headers, 9 for footers, and 3 for mobile headers. Your store’s headers will stand out because of the lovely font, icons, and menus.


Additionally, you may modify it to reflect the decisions that are best for you! The footers may be customized to display a pop-up newsletter, links to significant sites, and social media feeds.


Using the configurable options, you may also choose to remove any area from your footers that you don’t require, such as any logos, photographs, or colors. The theme’s mobile header is purposefully made to make it simple for visitors using mobile devices to browse and discover what they need.

Upsell Bundled Products

Do you have a collection of goods in your inventory that you want to be bought all at once? If so, this function will benefit you in the best way possible without the need for an additional app! For as many goods and collections as you desire, create product bundles!


When a customer examines a product, bundled goods will be shown beneath it, showing how much money he would save by buying combined products. The whole product kit’s “add to cart” button will also be available. The combined items may be placed in the shopping basket with only one click!

Numerous Custom Pages

Ella provides you with all the necessary custom pages so you can build a profitable online store on Shopify. Lookbook is one of the many features that this amazing multipurpose Shopify theme offers. It also has FAQs, Contact Us, Landing Pages, Brands layout A-Z, Portfolios, About Us, 404 pages, Shop Instagram, and more.

8 Advanced Mega menu layouts

Theme selection is crucial if you want your website to be user-friendly. Look for a theme with a visually appealing mega menu. It might be challenging to locate the ideal location during a product search, particularly if you have a huge website with many categories and subcategories.


However, Ella Theme features 8 distinctively beautiful mega menus that are sure to guide visitors in the right direction!

Quick Shop

Ella Theme - Quick shop

Reducing the time it takes for clients to add things to their cart is one of the main objectives of online commerce. By using Quick View/Quick Shop, a website may eliminate several barriers, including clicks, and enable users to start their orders quickly and easily.


Visitors may quickly access your product preview while stating important facts like price, product size, etc. using the powerful Quick Shop capability in the Ella Shopify theme without having to open the product page. This cutting-edge Quick Shop capability doesn’t require any other apps!

Multiple Languages

You can make your online business available to clients who speak various languages with to the theme’s built-in support for many languages. If your customer base includes people who speak languages other than English, this capability is useful.

Express Order Module

With the help of the Express Order Module, your clients can easily place orders by viewing all the variations (such as size and color) of a single product on a single page. It is ideal for companies who want an effective means of controlling their orders from beginning to end.


Customers will be instantly sent to this module when they place an order through your website, where they can finish it all in one spot.

One-Click Checkout

One-Click Checkout is a fantastic module that gives your clients a simple checkout experience. With this turned on, it only takes one click to speed up the purchasing process!

Advanced Size Chart

You may show the size charts for the products you offer while using the Ella theme. You may provide a wide selection of things in different sizes in your online store. With the help of this option, customers may browse items of various sizes.


Using a product type, a product vendor, a separate size chart for each product, or the same size chart for all items are the four ways size charts may be shown.

Custom Product Tabs

You may display up to five different product tabs with Ella. The tab’s content may be the same for every item or different depending on which one it is.

GDPR Cookie Popups

Ella Theme - Popup

GDPR Cookie Popups are incredibly useful for making sure you are in compliance with EU law regarding privacy protection and staying current with the state of the eCommerce industry at the same time. 

Sticky Add to Cart

The sticky add-to-cart feature turns out to be helpful if you want your Add to Cart to remain visible as visitors scroll down. It’s wonderful for increasing the effectiveness of your store. By incorporating a feature like this in your business, you can display a summary of the items customers have put into their shopping carts while they continue to browse the rest of the page. All users will quickly find the checkout procedure to be simple!

Ajax Popup For Login & Registration

You can build AJAX Popups with Ella to guarantee a seamless registration and login process, allowing users to log in or register for your website without leaving the page they’re on right now.

Automatic Image Resize

Your most beautiful photographs can dazzle visitors when you use the automatic Image resize option. It will automatically and flawlessly square up the product photos, giving them a distinctive appearance to increase sales. Any Shopify store owner who wishes to improve their business’s performance should utilize this auto-resize feature, which is effective but simple to use!

Ajax Infinite Scroll module & Pagination/ Product Count

For product sites, the Ajax Infinite Scroll module may be enabled so that as the user scrolls down, new products continue to load automatically. You may divide goods, blog posts, and search results across many pages with Pagination/ Product Counts, a dynamic and flexible Shopify Theme feature.

Advanced Product Swatches

A popular alternative for internet retailers is the swapping of product images. Customers may directly experience the product’s colors and various appearances thanks to this functionality. Ella enables immediate product picture swapping.


Additionally, the theme provides sophisticated product swatches in place of the standard drop-down menu of your color variants. If you sell things that come in many color options, having this choice available is really essential.  


As you can simply build bespoke product collections with the Ella Shopify theme, you can construct lookbooks to keep your buyers interested in your items. This is a marketing tool that is ideal for displaying pictures of the many items on sale in a captivating manner.


The Lookbook default and Lookbook custom page layouts are the two different types.

Builder Sections on Homepage

With the help of Shopify Sections, you can design a number of homepage layouts with this Shopify theme. With Ella, you can present collections and other items in an intuitive way by using a grid layout or a timeline style where each item has its own separate area.


You may decide whether specific portions should be sticky so that they remain at the top of the screen when people navigate through their browsers using the Homepage Layout Builder.


The number of columns that are displayed on the front page of your website is also within your control! Additionally, these panels can be easily customized with our drag-and-drop builder tool, which enables you to change any text and picture content with ease.

Video Slider

You have a choice between using an MP4 or a Youtube video to include video in your Slider.

New Wishlist Module


You can set the maximum number of items a user can have in their wishlist and choose whether they should be able to add items from any category on your store with Ella’s Wishlist feature.

Instagram Gallery

This function gives your business a chic and classy Instagram area so that customers may browse your best goods. Your Instagram gallery, which is shown on the front page, may hold any number of photographs. You don’t need to worry about whether or not your visitors are seeing the widget on a mobile device because it is totally responsive.

Bought Together with Discount

With this theme, you can create groups of items depending on the size, color, and number of the products, and then add every single one of them to the cart on a single page! You won’t need a different Shopify app for this. Discounts may also be used when buying multiple things at once.

Brands Page by using Alphabet

If your Shopify store has a brand page, you can rapidly show visitors the goods from various brands in your inventory and see which brands your consumers prefer. With the Ella theme, you can display all of your brands in an accessible A-Z manner on a single page.

Recent Sales Popup Notifications

The purpose of the Recent Sales popups is to inform customers about the most recent purchases, fostering social proof and building customer trust.

Ajax Cart popup/ Ajax Sidebar Cart

You can now manage the items in your online store with greater convenience thanks to the Ajax Shopping Cart popup and sidebar. Without having to reload the page, your clients will be able to instantly alter amounts while browsing and add things to the shopping basket!


The usability and user experience will gradually improve as customers browse your online store to purchase their items. 

Easy Custom logo, Favicon Uploading

Ella is a powerful, multifunctional Shopify section theme that is completely customizable. With the help of the cutting-edge UI, uploading a unique logo and favicon has never been simpler, making it simple for any new user with some fundamental knowledge. 

Newsletter Signup Popup

You may use Ella’s newsletter popup on your website to attract subscribers. Ella offers you the option of using a professional newsletter popup to draw attention to your website.

Upsell features

The Ella Shopify theme’s Upsell functionality is ideal for leading your consumers along a road toward making further purchases from you. Tempting your clients to buy the updated version of the product they are already purchasing is a strong sales strategy. 

Custom Product Badges

To draw clients’ attention right away, you can put a custom label on the items (such as New, Sales, Trending, etc.). You may increase sales by giving your items more visibility by adding the proper labels on the correct products.

Multiple Currencies, Auto currency by GEO location

As a business owner, you do not need to be concerned about altering or displaying pricing in various currencies throughout your product pages since the Ella Shopify theme automatically detects GEO location and changes currency in accordance with it.


You may enable this built-in functionality of the Ella Shopify theme to let clients from various geolocations view the item pricing in their local currencies.

Hover Effect for Product Images

The theme debuts picture hover effects.  As a result, when a user mouses over an image on your website, it enlarges and has appealing animations that don’t interfere with looking at other items or information.

Static Header

The header of the Ella Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme is fixed.  As a result, the header stays in place at the top rather than scrolling along with the rest of your website.

Ella Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The Ella Shopify theme has three options for providing help, including:


  • The documentation for the Ella Shopify Theme contains all the information you want on the theme’s functionality. Users may easily search and find answers to their questions in the Ella theme’s documentation.
  • In the Ella Shopify Theme download bundle, there are support files.
  • Email assistance.

When it comes to Ella theme support, there have been some concerns concerning the absence of chat help and the delayed email answers. This is also one of the theme’s only shortcomings. Today’s support staff, however, are incredibly active and helpful. To prevent any issues with their help, the quality is being improved.


As you can see, the Ella Shopify theme costs only $89 and offers a number of useful features. The theme is flexible, attractive, responsive on mobile devices, and simple to use. Most significantly, it offers you a variety of capabilities, from simple to complex. The Ella Theme is still worth your money even when there are a few glitches, interface settings, or customer service concerns. There aren’t any themes that have all benefits and no downsides. We wholeheartedly urge you to check out this theme given its low cost.


In order for you to decide whether or not to use the Ella Theme for Shopify, hopefully, this post has provided you with enough information about it. Remember to share this content with your friends and return to our site for more if you found it useful.