Dawn Theme – An Amazing Free eCommerce Theme

Dawn Theme Shopify

Setting the tone for your brand experience is your Shopify theme.

It’s crucial to start with a solid foundation as you build or redesign your Shopify stores; specifically, a theme that complements the aesthetics of your brand and offers the best functionality for your needs as a business.

All new Shopify stores now use the Shopify Dawn theme by default.

Let’s examine some of the theme’s key characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and customization possibilities to get a sense of why.

The In-depth Reviews


Dawn Shopify Theme

The Shopify e-commerce and website-building giant developed the Dawn theme, one of the most well-liked free alternatives to the platform’s default theme. The Dawn theme is a clean, uncluttered, and uncomplicated design option for Shopify stores that has been optimised for Online Store 2.0 (the most recent version of Shopify’s ecommerce platform).

According to Shopify, the theme is ideal for visually-focused brands that want to highlight their products. Large, high-definition images can be added to your product pages using the media-forward product pages that come with the solution.

Additionally, it offers every customization choice a store owner might require. The Dawn theme for Shopify 2.0 gives users access to drag-and-drop blocks and sections so they can easily create unique pages without knowing any code. Dawn comes with a tonne of adaptable, well-designed blocks for things like goods, pictures, videos, quotes, text, and anything else you might need.

Dawn Shopify Theme Highlights





Design elements include

A flexible design, cross-selling parts across the entire website, and media-optimized product pages to increase sales

Ideal For

Clothing & Accessories, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden

Best Suited for Niches

The Shopify Dawn theme is appropriate for businesses that emphasise visual narrative. I particularly suggest this template for fashion and jewellery brands, as well as any other business with outstanding visuals.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

This free Shopify theme is best suited for small to medium-sized catalogue retail stores that only sell one product.

Dawn Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



Easy to customise and optimise

Limit style options

All page types allow for the addition of content parts

Require coding knowledge to customise some features

Responsive design looks excellent on any device


Excellent features for merchandising, marketing, and conversion


Mega menus and improved search make it simple to find products and navigate the site


Fast loading speed


Dawn Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

In my opinion, the user-friendly and minimalistic design of the Shopify theme Dawn makes it simple to customise and set up. You can design your homepage, add gallery pages, and use eye-catching visual banner options.

Additionally, Dawn Theme guarantees that you can access all of the newest features for your Shopify online store. Additionally, it gives users access to free ongoing updates.


Dawn Theme - Homepage
  • The title section is simple but bold, with the option of a partial or full hero image or video.
  • Clear the menu section with spaces for the Account & Cart, Mega Menu, and Dropdown Menu icons.
  • Product listings in featured products allow hovering over images.
  • A chic and minimalist design with sharp lines and simple fonts helps to grab the attention of buyers with important content.
  • Simple footer area with Social, Quick Links, newsletter, and payment method icons.


Dawn Theme - About

Dawn created a straightforward About page with images and pertinent store details.

With the additional freedom to use sections and blocks to arrange your store’s content, you can completely customise the look and feel of your e-commerce website without writing a single line of code.

Product Pages

Dawn Theme - Product Pages
  • List product images in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.
  • Product listings in columns are powered by innovative slide-out filters and drop-down sorters.
  • Materials, Shipping & Returns, Care Instructions (collapsible tabs)

Cart and Checkout

Dawn Theme - Cart & Checkout

The Dawn theme for Shopify helps you optimise checkout by providing a variety of payment conveniences, such as cart notes, in-store pickup options, and a Quick Buy function that assists you in cutting down on the steps your customers have to go through to check out. You can add text to your checkout page and customise your add-to-cart buttons to create a personalised customer experience.

Blog Posts

Dawn Theme - Blog Posts

You can include a Blog post segment in your Shopify store to highlight specific blog posts. In the Blog Posts section of the website, an excerpt of each blog post is shown.

Sign up for email

Dawn Theme - Sign up for email

Include a spot for customers to enter their email addresses and sign up for your newsletter and promotional emails.

When new subscribers sign up, Shopify automatically creates a new customer profile on the backend.


When the price of an item drops or there is no longer any stock left, badges with the words “Sale” or “Sold Out” will be added to the corresponding product images. To suit your needs, you can move, resize, and alter the badge’s colour.

You can modify the badges to meet your needs. Below is a list of the steps to configure and change your badge. To change the theme, simply navigate to Online Store > Themes on the Shopify admin page and click Customise.

Filter your product list

Dawn Theme - Filter your product list

All of the products you offer are by default displayed in the Products section. You can restrict the products displayed by choosing particular criteria from the drop-down menu.

To find category items that require your attention so that you can make the necessary changes, use filters.

Although you can rearrange items in the Shopify backend admin, this won’t alter how the items appear in your storefront.

To make it simpler to locate the things that require your attention, you can arrange the items on your list however you like.

Product recommendation section

Dawn Theme - Product recommendation section

This section displays products that are similar to the one being viewed, have similar descriptions and are frequently purchased.

Product recommendations are valued by customers as they help them narrow their search terms and find new items to view in the online store.

They also provide customers with the convenience of browsing the results without leaving the current page.

Social networks

Dawn Theme - Social networks

In your articles and products, you can put share buttons and links to your social media accounts. At the bottom of your website, there will be links to your social media profiles.

Set the social network settings to suit your tastes. To add content to your social media accounts, type links in the spaces under the Account heading. The whole URL can be easily copied and pasted.

Contact us

Dawn Theme - Contact us

All submissions made through your contact form will be sent to the email address designated as the Sender for your store. Visit the Shopify admin page’s Store Details Settings page.

Set the social network settings to suit your tastes. To add content to your social media accounts, type links in the spaces under the Account heading. The whole URL can be easily copied and pasted.

Other features

Additional features of the Dawn Shopify theme include fixed headers, advanced search tools, quick links, changes in location and currency, and more.


The Dawn Shopify theme has an incredibly clean and sophisticated look and feel. Because of this, this kind of display is appealing for making a strong statement about your company’s history.

Sharp edges and straightforward fonts, quick performance, user-friendly menus, and tutorials are just a few of the amazing features that this theme has that will boost your store’s conversion rate. concise and clear.

Dawn Shopify theme support

Utilising a no-cost Shopify theme? With minor customizations, Shopify support can assist you. Users of Shopify with the Basic plan or higher are entitled to free design support in blocks of 15 minutes.

Sharp edges and straightforward fonts, quick performance, user-friendly menus, and tutorials are just a few of the amazing features that this theme has that will boost your store’s conversion rate. concise and clear.


In the end, the Dawn theme is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward Shopify theme that you can access without paying extra. With the new theme, you have access to the useful app blocks and image sections in the Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme editor.

You can design collection pages, completely personalise your homepage and storefront, and utilise some lovely image banner options. Additionally, the Dawn theme guarantees that you’ll have free, ongoing access to all future features that become available for your Shopify online store. To begin, you don’t even need any prior knowledge of theme development.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the Dawn theme is a relatively simple reference theme for Shopify merchants with constrained features. You can find a variety of different options on the Shopify theme store that may have more variations and options to choose from if you’re looking for an alternative to the Dawn theme.