Crave Theme – Captivate Theme for Food and Restaurants

Crave Theme

Both Shopify merchants and developers greatly benefited from the introduction of Online Store 2.0. Online Store 2.0 made it simpler for developers to create specialised features and applications. Additionally, Online Store 2.0 offers Shopify merchants more design and construction flexibility for their online storefronts. Shopify 2.0 enhances the shopping experience with simple-to-use templates, fully customizable layouts, sections, meta fields, and many other features.

After the Dawn theme, Shopify introduced a number of free Online Store 2.0 themes to help your store stand out from the competition. We will talk about the Crave theme in this blog.

The In-depth Reviews



The Crave theme is a free Online Store 2.0 theme appropriate for any size food and beverage retailer. Crave is a captivating theme with dynamic checkout options for mobile shopping and mobile-optimized layouts.


  • Slideshow
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Fixed navigation
  • Promotional banner

Benefits of the Crave theme:

  • A bright and playful design that grabs the buyer’s attention thanks to its bold colours and distinct shadows
  • Mobile-optimized designs for buyers who are always on the go
  • Options for flexible and sophisticated customization without having to change any code

Crave Shopify Theme Highlights





Ideal For

Food and Beverages of any size

Best Suited for Niches

The Crave Shopify Theme is ideal for businesses that offer food and drink, dining experiences, beauty products, handcrafted items, packaged foods, custom goods, service-based eCommerce, etc. However, the Crave theme is appropriate for almost any market with a small or limited catalogue size, including shops that only sell one or one type of product.

The best FREE Shopify theme for businesses in the food, beverage, and restaurant industries is Crave.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

A store with a single product or a small amount of inventory is looking for lots of digital space for advertising and product education.

Crave Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



A highly efficient and user-friendly design

Features like breadcrumbs, promotional sections, flexible layout options, and others are absent from the theme. However, it contains every component you’ll need to launch your store.

A nearly perfect rating for performance and accessibility

Scores moderately on Performance, especially in Cumulative Layout shifts.


Ranks among the top free Shopify themes for performance

You can organise your products into collections if you have a lot of them, and you can access those collections from a drop-down menu on the homepage if you have a lot of products. This can help a shopper quickly find the ideal products for their needs.

Crave Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Crave theme has a simple yet complex grid layout that looks simple because it is free but is complex because it fully incorporates all the essential features of a contemporary eCommerce store. With sections and templates created for rich and compelling narratives, this theme is also perfect for showcasing your brand and what it stands for.

Crave comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, along with web elements and sections, so you can easily create customised pages without changing a single line of code. You can alter and work on sections like images, products, collections, videos, blogs, content, and more in terms of elemental flexibility.

Let’s go over the features the Crave Shopify theme has to offer in more detail.


Crave Theme - Homepage

The website’s home page is its supreme ruler. Customers can get their first impression of your store by visiting the home page. Let’s look at how sections can help us improve it.


  • Full-width header section that is uncomplicated and clean and supports sliders and hero images
  • An announcement bar, a simple menu section with a mega menu, a logo, and social media icons are all included in the header section.
  • Provides blogs, featured collections, and featured product sections.
  • There are many promotional sections, including videos for the product or brand, a section with product details, banner grids, product bundles, featured blogs, icon support, and more.
  • All essential sections for a quality eCommerce store, including the Currency/Language selector, Payment icons, and Newsletter section, are included in minimalist footer sections.

Collection Pages

  • There is a straightforward, grid-based collection page in the Crave Shopify theme.
  • These pages have a simple header section with pictures and information about the collection.
  • All necessary parameters are supported by dropdown-based filters and sorters for simple product discovery.
  • Product imagery with zoom/rollover and a gallery format
  • On the product listing, there are badges for the products and sales.
  • supports the featured collections & products, visual spaces, featured blogs, newsletter subscription section, etc.

Product Pages

Crave Theme - Product Pages

On this page, there are two sections by default: product recommendations and product information.

  • Layout for a simple but effective product page
  • Supports pixel-perfect thumbnails for high-resolution product images
  • Supports product stories, size charts, variant details, discount details, and other information
  • It also includes an accordion-style section to highlight additional information, such as product specifications, shipping details, care instructions, return policies, usage instructions, and more.
  • Includes related products, a frequently asked question section, and product reviews

Other Prominent Features:

  • Supports features like Quick Buys & Cart Notes, In-store purchases, Powerful filters, Size charts, Cross-selling section, Look book, and more.

Announcement Bar

An announcement bar is a great way to let customers know about new features and deals. You can use the notification bar to alert users to important information.

Blog Posts

Crave Theme - Recipes

However, you can change the fonts and colours to make your blog reflect the tone of your business. The pre-made layout emphasises both blog and product content.

Readers can view your post’s image, title, brief description, and “share” button on the blog posts page.

Sign up for email

Customers can add their email addresses here and sign up for your newsletter or marketing materials.


Crave Theme - Cart

Items and a section for the subtotal are present by default on the cart page.

Social Media

Dawn Theme - Filter your product list

In your products and blog posts, you can put share buttons and links to your social media accounts. In the footer of your online store, there are links to your social media accounts.


The header refers to the space at the top of each page of your website. Here, you can alter the header’s background colour, menu and drop-down menu styles, add a new line, and turn on the sticky header feature.

404 page

Customers will see a 404 page when they attempt to access a link that is not available on your website.


You can easily customise the content of your store using sections and blocks without having to touch the code.

Let’s examine every single component of the Shopify Crave theme. I’ll walk you through creating your storefront from scratch using the Crave theme. I’ll choose each template and describe how to use the various sections on each page. So read this blog all the way through.

When you click the Customise button, the theme editor that may appear as shown below may open. There are three panels on the editor. Middle, left, and right.

The layout, which you can modify by adding sections and blocks, is on the left side panel. The preview panel in the middle is where you can see the alterations and customizations you’ve made. The customizable settings for each section and block that you choose are displayed in the right panel.

Crave Theme - Customization


Even though the Crave theme has few features, it contains essential sections and components for creating an eCommerce store that encourages conversions.

With features like a mega menu, cross-selling, improved filters, in-store purchases, quick-buy, etc., starting your business and succeeding with it isn’t that difficult.

Crave Shopify theme support

Be sure to understand the scope of the support provided before making any changes to your theme. Crave Shopify theme support can help you if you need help making changes.

Consult the developer’s list of additional resources for theme support if you intend to make significant changes to your theme.

You might be able to modify your free Shopify theme with the assistance of Shopify support.


A FREE Shopify theme is Crave. You can, however, maintain high standards in all areas of designing and operating eCommerce stores with this theme. The theme won’t disappoint.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try! Nothing should be lost.