Craft Theme – A refined theme that celebrates craftsmanship


The Shopify platform provides a vast array of various themes that are speed, layout, and screen resolution optimised. No matter how your customers access your website—from a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop—the Craft theme from Shopify displays your store flawlessly.

The Craft Shopify Theme was created and controlled by Shopify. It is a straightforward, minimalistic theme. The theme is ideal for those who are just starting their venture and want to test the waters before jumping in because it is completely FREE to use. The Craft theme is perfect for niches in arts and crafts, such as pottery, photography, custom goods, furniture, and related ones, as its name suggests.

The In-depth Reviews


Craft Theme

For any size home and garden store, Craft is a free Shopify 2.0 theme. This adaptable, beautiful catalogue page’s sleek design elements can vividly depict the history of your craftsmanship. The output should discuss how well the Shoppy “Craft” online store 2.0 theme performs when you need something straightforward but still appealing to potential customers so they can understand the kind of goods the company offers.


  • Sincere and beautiful design: a distinct, elegant design with generous spacing and stunning typography to make content stand out from the competition.
  • Engrossing narratives: With sections and blocks that have been created for rich and compelling content, you can tell eye-catching stories about your brand.


  • Present your goods and descriptions in fantastic sections created for compelling and rich storytelling.
  • Start out right away with pre-configured templates that include different styling options.
  • Obtain entry to the newest features.

Craft Shopify Theme Highlights





Ideal For

Home and garden stores of any size

Best Suited for Niches

Arts, Pottery, Furniture, Crafts, Photography, Portfolio Sites, Services, Music and Books, and Home Décor are all examples of Craft perfect for showcasing one’s talents. Craft can be altered to design and run shops for a variety of products, including Fashion (clothes, shoes, watches, bags & belts, accessories, jewellery), Health & Beauty, Sports goods, and others.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

For Shopify stores with a single product or product type and small inventory size, the Craft theme works best.

Craft Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



The free theme is easy to use and offers endless access to Shopify Burst’s high-resolution images

Simple features and designs are inappropriate for large businesses; we need advanced features.

Install and adjust for a straightforward, minimalistic

Advanced Features like swatches, a size chart, and a countdown timer are very lacking.

Outstanding operation and navigation

Update new versions frequently, every 15 days

Craft Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

It is crucial to understand that the Craft theme is free to use before delving into its features. As a result, it is unreasonable to anticipate features that a premium Shopify theme typically offers. The focus is on those who are prepared to go online as soon as possible and who already know what they need.

Craft includes a variety of distinctive, editable sections that are supported by voluminous spacing, colour schemes, and typography. The theme also offers flexible design and customization settings to help you visually and effectively tell the story of your brand or product. So let’s talk about some of this theme’s design elements, shall we?


Craft Theme - Homepage

Minimalist home page with a straightforward drop-down menu section, blockwise collection listing with zoom images, featured products and collections sections, promo sections with full-width images and videos, icon support, featured blogs, and a simple, uncomplicated footer with all necessary sections for quick links, info, logos, social icons, newsletter, and more.

Collection Pages

Craft Theme - Collection

A simple grid-based listing with a Collections header for text content; zoom & rollover effects for product images; and a simple sorter & filters (dropdown).

Product Pages

Craft Theme - Product Pages

The product title, tabs, Description, Product Quantity, and Recommended section are all present on a tidy product page.

In-store pickups, Cart notes, Blogs, Quick view & buy, Cross-selling popups, Image galleries, Look book, Mega menu, Sticky header, and other features are additional theme features. 

Announcement bar

The announcement bar is a fantastic way to inform your customers of the newest events and deals. For your customers, you can display important information in the announcement bar.


Each page of your website will be displayed in the header section.

Sign up for email

Craft Theme - Email

By entering their email address, customers can add this section to your password page and receive notifications when your store is open.


Craft Theme - Cart

On the cart page, there are automatically some items and a section for the subtotal.

Social Media

You can include share buttons and links to your social media accounts in your blog posts and products. There are links to your social media accounts in the footer of your online store.


You can display a carousel of up to 5 images that you want your customers to see.


You can show content and a button with a link to the page you want your customers to be redirected to in the multicolumn section.

Blog posts

Craft Theme - Magazine

By displaying the first 55 words of each blog’s excerpt, this section enables you to highlight all of your blogs.

Contact us

All submissions will be sent to the sender’s email associated with your store.


The content of your store can be organised more freely with the help of sections and blocks. Without changing the code, you can change the appearance of your store using the sections and blocks in the Online Store 2.0 Craft theme.

Tap to change your theme, and click the Customise button. You might land on an editor that appears as follows: Three panels: the left one is for adding sections and blocks of content with ease; the middle one is for previewing changes before they are saved to disc; and the right panel contains options for colours and other things.

Craft Theme - Custom


Craft is best for beginners who plan to scale up later. Despite being free, the theme has some market-leading features to increase sales. A Mega menu, product options, product videos, promotion banners, shipping and delivery information, product reviews, etc. are some of these features.

Craft Shopify theme support

Before making any changes to your theme, be sure to comprehend the extent of the support offered. You can use the Crave Shopify theme support if you need assistance making changes.

If you plan to make significant changes to your theme, refer to the developer’s list of additional resources for theme support.

With the help of Shopify support, you might be able to modify your free Shopify theme.


It’s a FREE theme, so there’s no harm in testing it out to see if it meets your needs. By incorporating features using Shopify themes, the theme can be upgraded to super-premium status.