Colorblock – A Beautiful Theme Fit For Luxurious Clothing


The Shopify theme Colorblock is the one to use if you want to demonstrate how effective Shopify is. Even those without coding experience can set up a stunning online store in a matter of minutes.

Many of us now shop in entirely new ways thanks to the growth of online retailers. However, you must first choose a theme if you want your online store to be successful. If a visitor doesn’t like the theme of a website, they are likely to search elsewhere.

Running an online store that sells tech products is difficult. There is a lot of rivalry. You should look for strategies to give yourself an advantage over the competition as a result.

If you go to their store, you’re more likely to check it out and buy their goods, so it’s crucial that it looks welcoming and appealing. This applies to your Shopify store as well. This suggests that your online store requires an eye-catching Shopify theme.

A free eCommerce theme designed specifically for online boutiques that sell clothing and accessories is called the Colorblock Shopify theme. The Colorblock Shopify theme’s fundamental layout blends seamlessly with the dynamic and creative media clips.

The In-depth Reviews


Colorblock Theme - Shopify

Do you desire a cost-free, trendy Shopify theme? If so, the Shopify theme Colorblock can be very useful.

This theme is perfect if you want to convey a sense of sophistication with your fashion line. The Colorblock Shopify theme’s greatest asset, however, is flexibility.

Additionally, it includes designs that are lively and colourful, ideal for injecting humour into your website.

The Colorblock Shopify theme uses unconventional fonts and colour schemes to produce a contemporary and vivacious atmosphere. This template is perfect for a boutique that sells clothing and accessories to highlight those items’ distinctive qualities to customers.

Like the rest of the website, the blog posts heavily emphasise visual storytelling by leaving lots of white space for images.

While still providing the typical blogging features like commenting, social sharing, and newsletter signup, it is optimised for longer passages of text.

We’ll look at some of its qualities here:

  • In-store pickups;
  • Mega menu;
  • Product sorting and filtering;
  • Enhanced search.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why we suggest using this Shopify template for your online retail operation:

  • Offers a strong, colourful design;
  • Designed for companies with substantial inventories;
  • Provides more customisation options;
  • Press coverage, a FAQ page, and contact form customization are all available;
  • Collection pages, an enhanced search feature, a mega menu, and product filtering are all included.

Colorblock Shopify Theme Highlights





Ideal For

Fashion industry

Best Suited for Niches

Perfect for small to medium-sized department stores and boutiques. The Colorblock Shopify theme also fits the needs of businesses with just one product well.

Best Suited for Inventory Sizes

The Shopify theme Colorblock was created especially for the sale of goods in the fashion sector. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, jewellery, cosmetics, and so forth.

Spotlight Shopify Theme - Pros and Cons



Inbuilts are extremely lightweight and therefore provide excellent performance

The design is confusing. Getting through smoothly might be difficult.

Product reviews, a mega menu, cross-selling, lookbooks, and other premium features are included.

lacks elements like colour swatches, a countdown timer, etc.

The underlying theme will continue to get free upgrades as long as you use it for free and indefinitely.

There is a small reduction in mobile responsiveness. average CLS (Cumulative Shift Layout) score of 0.23

Colorblock Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The theme ColorBlock is free. It has a limited selection of design and feature options as a result. However, the theme comes with several collections of adaptable elements that can help you easily create custom pages. Additionally, ColoBlock features unconventional typography and allows users to create custom colour blocks that amplify products, giving the site a trendy lookbook vibe. Finally, this theme’s expanded menu navigation and potent filtering tools make it simple to highlight collections of any size.


Colorblock Theme - Homepage
  • A simple and effective header section with a variety of media options
  • The mega menu, logo section, announcement bar, search bar, social media icons, and account icons are all included in the integrated menu.
  • The message and CTA are strong in the header segment.
  • Allows for in-store pickups
  • Many promotional components backed by high-resolution images, text, and CTAs
  • Featured blogs, products, and collections sections
  • On the home page, supports full-width promotional videos
  • Only necessary elements are contained in the frilly footer section.

Collection Pages

Colorblock Theme - Collection Pages
  • Layouts for collection pages that are incredibly popular
  • A sophisticated set of sorters and filters
  • A variety of hovering image transition effects (for collections and products)
  • Supports badges for products, sales, reviews, discounts, etc.

Product Pages

Colorblock Theme - Product Page
  • Contains a plain, unadorned product page layout.
  • Zoom-able images and videos of products
  • Clickable product images in a lightbox
  • Selection of the variant, size charts, quantity, quick purchase, product tabs, usage information, etc.
  • Additionally, it offers the choice to add Related Products, Featured Products, Collections, Blogs, Promotional Banners, etc. to product pages.

Other Prominent Features

Features like a fixed header, slideshows, lookbooks, how-to manuals, and product suggestions.


From the desktop menu, type the drop-down menu and choose either the drop-down menu or the mega menu.

Prior to clicking on the corresponding second-level product in the Dropdown option, the third level of menu items is hidden.

All of the submenus and submenu items are immediately visible when you open the Mega menu. This specific menu design is already responsive to mobile devices by design.


Colorblock Theme - Cart

The Colorblock theme for Shopify enables you to optimise checkout by providing various payment conveniences like cart notes, in-store pickup options, and a Quick Buy function that helps you minimise the steps your customers must take to complete their purchases. You can alter your checkout page’s text and add new add-to-cart buttons to give customers a more customised experience.

Collapsible Content

A picture can be placed to the left or right of the section, and rows within the collapsible content area can be expanded or collapsed to reveal their contents.

The theme’s dropdowns for colour, size, and other options can help if you’re having trouble keeping track of all the different variations of a particular product.

Social Media

Colorblock Theme - Social

Your articles and products may contain share buttons and links to your social network profiles. You can find links to your social media profiles at the bottom of your website.

Make the social network settings your own according to your preferences. In the “Account” section, fill in the blanks with URLs to add content to your social network profiles. The entire URL can be copied and pasted with ease.

Contact Form

The sender address linked to that store will receive all messages submitted through the contact form on your website.

You can change the email address used to send orders in the Shopify admin on the “Store Details” page.

Email Signup Segment

Colorblock Theme - Email

Customers can subscribe to your email list in this section to receive updates on crucial business news, such as when the doors open for business.

Customers can sign up for your newsletter or other promotional materials by completing an email subscription form you provide them. After signing up for your service, a subscriber will have a Shopify profile.

Customers can voluntarily subscribe to your marketing communications by entering their email addresses in the email form block. It is not possible to modify any of the block’s settings.

Activate Quick Add Button

Customers can add the contents of a product card to their shopping cart with just one click of the “Add to Basket” button.

When more than one configuration of the product is offered, clicking the “Choose Options” button will bring up a pop-up window where the customer can select their preferred configuration(s).

Moreover, they can put the item in their shopping cart, use the “Buy it now” button to finish the checkout process or view the complete description of the item.

Remember that in order for this option to function, your product page must have a “Buy it now” tab. If the “Buy it now” button is disabled on the product template, customers can still add the item to their shopping cart, but they won’t be able to make a quick “Buy it now” purchase.

Announcement Bar

You can display the announcement bar to your customers from any page and inform them of any updates.

There are a total of 12 different announcement modules available; however, there are no section-specific settings.

Customers can be taken to another page by clicking on a link in the announcement bar.


The multicolumn section allows for the display of content in columns with a link to another page inserted below.

Use a complementary image and some well-written content to draw attention to a particular item, group of items, or blog post. Include details about the style, the availability, or a product review.


To make products easier to browse for customers, they can be grouped into collections.

When a collection is complete, you can showcase it on your e-commerce site because it has a page with a gallery of all the individual items that make up the collection.

Your customers can click on a specific item to be taken to its page after viewing a collection. Customers will find and browse collections more easily if you add navigational links to them.

Search Page

From this page, customers can conduct site-wide or product-specific searches. When you perform a search, your browser will automatically direct you to a results page.

After or before the search results, leave some blank space. To add a margin of 0 to 100 pixels above and below your search results, move the slider.

About Us Page

Colorblock Theme - About Us

If you choose to add an “About Us” page to your online store, you can use it to tell customers more about your business and increase their brand loyalty.

There is no requirement to title this section “About Us.” As an alternative, you could call it something more meaningful to your business, like “Our Story,” “Values,” or something simpler like “Fair Trade Pledge.”

Do not stress over creating the ideal “About Us” page. As your business grows and develops, this page can be altered to reflect the changing needs of your target audience.

Product recommendation section

Colorblock Theme - Recommendation

This area shows goods that are commonly bought, have comparable descriptions, and are similar to the ones being browsed.

Customers appreciate product recommendations because they help them focus their search keywords and discover new goods to see in the online store.

Customers may browse the results conveniently without leaving the present page, thanks to them as well.

What Colorblock Shopify Theme can do for your site

The following advantages are provided by the Colorblock Shopify theme for your online store:

  • A theme that exudes boldness and confidence, using an unusual font and repositionable colour blocks to give your company a modern, lookbook feel;
  • It is simple to organise large collections thanks to the drop-down menus and extensive filtering options.
  • Bright colours and striking shadows can up the merriment as they draw customers in and show the personality of your brand.


The Colorblock theme includes essential sections and components for creating an eCommerce store that encourages conversions despite having few features.

With features like a mega menu, cross-selling, better filters, in-store purchases, quick-buy, etc., running a successful business isn’t that difficult.

Colorblock Shopify theme support

Be sure to understand the scope of the support provided before making any changes to your theme. You can contact Colorblock Shopify theme support for help if necessary.

Consult the list of additional resources for theme support provided by the developer if you intend to make significant changes to your theme.

You can change your free Shopify theme with the assistance of Shopify support.


The Colorblock Shopify theme is a free, basic theme with a straightforward layout and few customization options. If you’ve been let down by other free themes, give this one a try.

Your company can stand out from the competition by having a store that is not only completely responsive but also attractive, well-structured, and optimised.

It is crucial to set yourself apart from rivals. What Shopify theme, if any, have you chosen? How could waiting possibly be advantageous? As soon as you’ve installed your chosen theme and made any necessary adjustments, your online store will be bustling with activity.