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Booster Theme

More and more individuals, including aspiring entrepreneurs, are joining the Shopify bandwagon. That’s because Shopify’s functionality and usability make it an obvious choice.


Therefore, if you are using or want to utilise Shopify for your eCommerce store, you should be aware that the platform is straightforward by nature, which is why you require a theme that is both distinctive and captivating, such as Booster Theme.


We provide comprehensive and illustrative information on all aspects of the Booster Theme in this post.

The In-depth Reviews


Booster Theme - Web

Clean Canvas is a multifunctional theme that is used to create and maintain the Shopify Booster theme. It allows you to replicate the in-store purchasing experience online. If you want to construct a store with just one or two goods and a small sales funnel, this booster theme is everything you need.


One of the most popular methods available today for boosting conversions is sales notification. In addition to being a visually appealing theme for your shop, Booster was developed to be a high-converting theme. More precisely, Booster has been tuned to make use of human psychology to persuade visitors to make a purchase, which will afterwards assist you in raising your sales and conversion rate. Additionally, Booster has included an add-on upsell for items, which is one of the finest ways to raise the order value of a customer. This theme may be quickly installed without requiring any coding expertise or experience. To get started, just download the theme, add it to your store, and activate it through the Shopify dashboard.

Booster Shopify Theme Highlights

Booster Theme Review: Pricing Plans

There are two distinct subscription packages available for the Booster theme pricing: annual and lifetime licences. Let’s examine each pricing option’s specifics.


1. Yearly License

With the $248 annual plan, you’ll get the following advantages:


  • Unlimited features and customization options are available.
  • Regular updates.
  • Support for an infinite number of guests.
  • Thorough mobile optimisation.
  • Improved speed, with an automated picture optimizer included.
  • Ongoing technical assistance for the duration of your membership.


2. Lifetime Licence

As the name suggests, all it takes to access the Booster theme features for life is a one-time payment of $398 per year. Among this subscription package’s primary features are


  • Continuous, free updates.
  • Support for an infinite quantity of users.
  • Complete mobile performance optimisation and responsiveness.
  • Automated picture enhancement.
  • Booster apps have a yearly value of $5136.
  • There are infinite possibilities for personalisation.
  • A whole year of help with technology.
  • The length of time is what separates the annual and lifetime memberships.

Booster Theme Speed

The Booster theme is notable for its remarkable velocity. There is no need for manual adjustments because it is properly calibrated for performance. It also automatically optimises photos to save your business from lagging. 


It makes use of CSS for more seamless interactions than independent JavaScript. Its modular JavaScript further increases speed and efficiency by ensuring that only necessary components load.

Who is Booster Shopify Theme for?

The Shopify theme Booster is ideal for 


  • eCommerce Novices: For individuals unfamiliar with Shopify, the Booster theme provides an easy-to-use layout that simplifies setup.
  • Established Online Stores: The theme adds modern aesthetics and functions, thus it’s beneficial for those wishing to update their present design.
  • One-Product Stores: Because of its adaptability, it works well for companies that just sell one product.
  • Companies Desiring Quicker Page Load Times: The Booster theme is designed to load pages quickly thanks to its speed optimisation.
  • Stores in Need of Marketing Integrations: It smoothly integrates elements that increase sales by instilling a sense of urgency and scarcity.
  • Businesses Looking to Improve User Experience: It provides a user-friendly purchasing experience with its simple design.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Booster Theme

Not every business owner can find their ideal choice in a single Shopify theme. When deciding on the appearance of your online presence, there are many factors to take into account because demands, expectations, and financial constraints differ.


Let’s review Booster’s main benefits and potential drawbacks.



Aspects of marketing aimed at conversions. Several of them, too. You can save about $300 a month on third-party Shopify apps by using this theme. This is due to Booster’s abundance of integrated marketing tools, which are essential for every successful firm.

Might be a little costly. If you’re just starting out in the company, Booster might be a bit pricy with an annual plan of $248 and a lifetime plan of $398. We recognise that not everyone can afford to spend so much upfront, even if the theme is a worthwhile investment.

Fast theme architecture loading. Experts in Shopify have created and designed the theme, giving you a clear winner in the competition for the quickest Shopify theme. Additionally, the theme isn’t overloaded with plugins that slow down your website because you may use Shopify applications to aid in marketing efforts instead of installing your own.

No cost trials. There is no free trial available, but you do get a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the Booster theme.

Designed with mobile in mind. An adaptable Shopify theme is essential for the success of your online store, since mobile traffic accounts for over 72% of all Shopify traffic. Booster has a modern, user-focused design and is mobile-optimized.

Only one licence per store. Since Booster only provides a single theme licence for a single store, you will need to pay for any additional online businesses you have.

Over fifty fashionable and current settings. You can’t get outdated Shopify store designs using Booster. Additionally, with so many options available, your business won’t be an exact replica of other websites.

Adaptable and simple to customise. Building on the previous point, Booster offers more than 50 presets, but you can also readily alter any theme to suit your company’s goals. Coding experience is not necessary! Nevertheless, you may utilise section-scooped CSS to alter the design of your homepage if you really want to play around with Booster’s code.

Suitable for many sectors. For fashion, electronics, books, pets, music, food, drink, outdoor, infant care, tools, services, cosmetics businesses, and much more, Booster is a fantastic theme. It is incredibly adaptable and flexible.

There is now live chat help accessible. Customer assistance can respond to you in a matter of minutes if you have problems.


Product Badges

Looking for a solution to enhance your product labels? Look no further! Booster Theme offers a range of essential badges, including popular options like New, Sold Out, and Sale, ideal for most businesses. These badges often feature catchy slogans and basic phrases to catch your customers’ attention.

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Booster Theme Presets

Booster Theme - Presets

The Preset Stores feature of the Booster theme is a major advantage. With a single click, you can easily launch any of Booster’s 58 demo stores, rather than starting from scratch. Time is saved, and there is also room for more adjustments.


Interestingly, a good number of these presets are tailored to certain markets, and two are specifically created for One-Product Stores.

Booster Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Let’s examine each element that the Booster theme has to offer as we begin our analysis of it. 


The LookBook feature of the Booster theme allows you to upload shoppable, high-quality product photographs, just like Instagram Shopping. There is a tiny white dot on these pictures, signifying that they are for sale. In addition, based on your tastes or specialisation, you may display these photos in a list or grid arrangement. 


When a customer browses your store, they may examine the item’s pricing and proceed with a straight purchase by clicking the picture or white dot. 


One of Booster theme’s best features for increasing sales is the LookBook function, which streamlines the ordering process and gives your dropshipping business a stylish, modern look.

Mega Menu

Booster Theme - Mega Menu

A mega menu is a menu header that appears at the top of your page and displays goods or product categories. Visitors may see your store as more accessible the more categories it offers.


Additionally, customers may more quickly browse shop categories thanks to the Mega Menu’s improved user navigation. Better conversion rates can result from a user-friendly design, underscoring the importance of this element.

Facebook Messenger Chat

Booster Theme - Facebook

The Booster theme provides excellent customer service to your consumers using the Facebook message chat button. With the use of this function, consumers can quickly customise orders, file complaints, and request assistance.

GDPR Cookie Bar

Users, particularly those from EU member states, can explicitly consent to the use of cookies thanks to the GDPR cookie bar.


The Booster theme offers almost infinite customization possibilities. Apart from the above-stated functionalities, the Booster theme offers additional possibilities, like:


  • Personalised “thank you/checkout” page
  • Use geotagging to tailor your content to the visitor’s location
  • Loox review integration
  • Email list 
  • Counter for visitors, etc. 


Booster Theme - Upsell

Using the Shopify product upsell application service to raise the average order value of your business will typically cost you at least $9.99 per month. These applications essentially recommend related products that users might find interesting, and then they display a short list of recommended products that are currently available on the website while users are shopping.


This functionality was already created with the Shopify Booster Theme. For instance, Booster will offer the matching necklace as an upsell if you decide to buy a dress so you can wear it with the outfit. Booster is meant to take you to a sales page, offer you an add-on upsell, and then take you to the Shopify payment page. It will not, however, offer any capability for one-click upsells.


You may create a popup that shows up in that area when a consumer is directed to the checkout page for a certain item. This allows you to cross-sell additional related goods. It may be an additional skirt or a coordinating item, like batteries for their brand-new watch. Here, the way that Amazon displays similar goods is a key component.


Cross-selling within Shopify collections may thus have a significant effect on your sales. If you utilise it incorrectly, it may be both frustrating and helpful at the same time. This feature would be helpful if you own a specialist business or a store that sells a variety of wide items.

Currency Converter

Shopify is not meant to allow users to change currencies based on where they are. In fact, when your consumers see your items listed in a currency other than their own, they may become confused and may even decide to remove the item from their basket because it is too expensive in their own currency.


After realising this problem, Booster released a tool that automatically converted prices to the currency of the user’s country of origin. Your consumers will therefore be able to view the pricing in their own currency. Additionally, you’ll be able to draw in additional customers at random, which will probably increase revenue.

Mobile Optimisation

Booster Theme - Mobile

The amount of time spent on mobile devices is rising daily. Booster is aware of this and works to guarantee that its theme is completely optimised for mobile devices.


First off, for the majority of contemporary mobile devices, Booster is made to display the image and the Add to Cart buttons above the fold. Given that the majority of customers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube use their phones, this would be crucial information for businesses aiming to reach them. Second, you won’t have to scroll to see the RRP price, reduced price, countdown timer, and delivery notice thanks to mobile optimisation. Your shop will be able to increase its conversion rate as a result, particularly on impulsive purchases.

Sales Notification

Sales notification is one of the most important ways to improve your conversion rate. It’s a widget that tells potential consumers who have bought the product and when they did so by showing a little popup to new Shopify stores.


More precisely, the sales alerts that appear on your websites—such as “A just bought product X” in the left corner of the screen—will be sent to your buyers. What a fantastic approach to letting them know that there are already other customers in your store! Not only does it provide social proof, but it also incites action.


The sales that are displayed on your website are fictitious due to this false feature. It simply seeks to heighten the sensation of urgency in your guests and to reassure them when they discover that other customers are making purchases from your business and beginning the checkout process. But since Booster offers this as an option, you are free to choose not to use it if you so choose.

Countdown Timer

Because of scarcity, the countdown timer is used to encourage orders. If this functionality is enabled, you may program the timer to begin counting down at any point and then execute other commands, including stopping, restarting, or rerouting the user to a different location. For instance, by showing an “Act now” countdown button for the offer you are marketing, you may immediately generate a sense of urgency. However, as most individuals believe this to be blind to their marketing tactics, this function is frequently disabled.

Conversion-Optimized Design

Booster Theme - Home

The Booster Theme Shopify comes with a conversion-optimized design that is proven to increase sales. It offers a clean and visually appealing layout, with attention-grabbing elements strategically placed to guide visitors towards making a purchase. The theme is also fully responsive, ensuring that your store looks great and functions flawlessly across all devices.

Sales Boosting Add-Ons

One of the standout features of the Booster Theme Shopify is its extensive library of sales-boosting add-ons. These add-ons include scarcity timers and a countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action. Additionally, social proof pop-ups display recent purchases or positive customer reviews, instilling trust and prompting potential buyers to make a purchase.

Advanced Product Page Customization

With the Booster theme for Shopify, you have complete control over how your product pages look and function. The theme provides a range of customization options, allowing you to showcase your products in the best possible light. From customizable product image galleries to product upsells and cross-sells, this theme has everything you need to optimise your product pages for maximum conversion.

Enhanced Marketing Features

The Booster Theme Shopify is not just a pretty face; it also comes equipped with a suite of marketing features to help you promote your products effectively. The built-in promotional banners allow you to highlight special offers or promotions, while the advanced cart page offers upsell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing your average order value. Furthermore, the theme seamlessly integrates with popular email marketing platforms, allowing you to capture customer data and nurture leads.

Why Choose the Booster theme for Shopify?

Experience and Expertise

The Booster Theme Shopify’s developers have years of e-commerce business expertise. They created this theme specifically to meet the demands of expanding businesses since they know what it takes to operate a profitable online store. You may rely on them to provide you with a superior and successful sales and marketing solution because of their experience.

Authority in the Market

In the industry, the Shopify Booster Theme has become incredibly well-known and authoritative. Thousands of business owners have utilised it, and it consistently produces noticeable benefits. You may be sure of this theme’s efficacy for your business because it has received great evaluations and comments from happy customers.

Trustworthiness and Reliability

Reliability and credibility are important considerations when selecting a theme for your Shopify business. A reliable and trustworthy option, the Shopify Booster Theme offers frequent updates and top-notch customer service. This theme will function reliably and adjust to your changing business requirements.

Booster Theme Shopify - Tips & Tricks

Now let’s look more closely at the advice for improving your website with the Booster Shopify theme:

High-quality Images

In the age of online shopping, a potential consumer frequently examines a store’s appearance first. Therefore, having excellent product photos is essential. Sharp, high-quality photographs may improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your website, as the Booster Shopify theme places a strong emphasis on images. It’s more than simply crisp images; the layout, colours, and details draw customers in and highlight the high calibre of the goods. 

Built-in Sales Features

A digital platform’s integrated features and functions that are intended to increase sales and conversions are sometimes referred to as “Built-In Sales Features.”


For Shopify themes like Booster, these features are designed to maximise the user experience and impact purchase choices. They consist of dynamic pricing displays, pop-up cart reminders, stock-level indications, and urgent countdown clocks. 


Online businesses may raise average order values, decrease cart abandonment, and discreetly urge customers to make faster selections by strategically introducing such services. Additionally, since these functionalities are integrated, store owners may avoid depending on third-party plugins, guaranteeing a more seamless and integrated purchasing experience for customers.

Mobile Optimisation

Making a website or online store appear and work great on smartphones and tablets is known as mobile optimisation. Platforms like the Booster Shopify theme need to give this functionality priority because of the growing trend of mobile shopping. 


Even on smaller displays, customers may enjoy quicker loading times, simple navigation, and sharp images thanks to mobile optimisation. Because users are more inclined to buy on a mobile-friendly website, it improves the user experience and increases sales.

Highlight Testimonials

One unique characteristic of the Booster Shopify theme is its emphasis on client testimonials and its appreciation of the importance of social proof in e-commerce. Positive evaluations have a big impact on prospective customers. You may establish credibility and provide prospective customers with an understanding of past consumers’ contentment by displaying authentic customer reviews. 


For online retailers, making use of this capability has the potential to be revolutionary. It gives visitors a sense of legitimacy and personalization, letting them know that actual individuals have liked the things, which increases their propensity to buy.

Loading Speed

The Booster theme stands out in the e-commerce sector since it is optimised for speedy performance. Initially, reducing the size of photographs before uploading may have a big impact and guarantee that users wait as little as possible.


Furthermore, although it may be alluring to incorporate several plugins for enhanced features, it’s crucial to proceed with prudence. The speed advantages of the theme may be undermined by overcrowding the website with bulky plugins. Thus, it’s important to find a balance between using the theme’s style and selecting appropriate content.


To sum up, Booster is among the top Shopify themes with good conversion rates. With Booster, everything will be preconfigured for you, so you won’t need to waste time figuring out how to increase sales conversion rates. Installing this theme can help you make your Shopify store successful if you are truly serious about increasing your sale conversion rate and have the funds to do so.


My review of the Shopify Booster Theme comes to a close here. I hope this knowledge is useful to you, especially with regard to the Booster theme. Additionally, please let us know if there is anything you are still unclear about, and we will assist you in getting the full picture.