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Boom Theme

Are you trying to find a great Shopify theme for a one-product store? You only need to look at Boom Theme on Shopify. This simple and easy-to-use theme is intended to elegantly and successfully highlight a single product. Boom Theme Shopify is an excellent option for businesses who want to build an engaging online shop that will draw in and convert consumers because of its robust capabilities and gorgeous design. In this post, we’ll explore the amazing qualities, advantages, and reasons why the Boom Theme Shopify is different from the competition.

The In-depth Reviews


Boom Theme - ThemeForest

The Boom Shopify theme was designed to be extremely adaptable and easy to use. The theme distinguishes out from the competitors because of its potent features and current but timeless visual elements. With its distinctive features for page builders, personalized components, graphics, robust but user-friendly navigation, etc., it is quite strong.  


For websites that support many languages and currencies, the theme is optimized. The Boom Shopify theme is an excellent option for online retailers because of its wide range of performance, responsive compatibility, strong SEO, and mix-and-match presets. Designthemes has around 189 Sith items on ThemeForest, four on Code Canyon, and is a power-elite author. 


Having sold over $90,000 worth of products on ThemeForest alone, Designthemes has a solid reputation in the market. In addition, they offer other technical badges for their services and themes. A group of gifted designers and developers that work for the firm are also accessible for speciality freelancing tasks.  


Their most well-liked product is the Boom Shopify theme, which is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable. Along with a slew of strong features like custom components and page builders, it also has a modern yet timeless appearance. The theme works with all major devices and is suited for websites that support several languages and currencies. 


Furthermore, the Boom Shopify theme has powerful SEO and mix-and-match settings, which make it a great option for online retailers. Online shops are increasingly choosing the Boom Shopify theme because of its remarkable features, functionality, and ease of use. Designthemes is the ideal option for any project as they are unquestionably a reliable source of Shopify themes and services.

Boom Shopify Theme Highlights


You can purchase this incredible and feature-rich Boom Shopify shop theme with a unique style and feel for just USD 59! A completely personalised homepage and product page are included in this bundle to help you develop original and eye-catching designs. Select typefaces and background textures from a range of options to make your website stand out. You can efficiently manage your social media presence and show current postings on all of your accounts by using the Social Widgets that are provided. You may notify your consumers about the most recent developments from your shop with an integrated newsletter tool. Additionally, you get to design eye-catching banners and special offers to entice users. 


There is a robust set of customization options to change the product layout, header, and footer. You may quickly add new features and alter the layout of your website using an easy-to-use drag-and-edit interface. To add more material to your store, you will also have access to sections and features that may be customised. You may simply test anything before going live with the provided Free Trial. Purchase this incredible and all-inclusive collection of options right now to guarantee that your shop is unique.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Boom Theme



10 of the more than 70 pre-made demonstrations included with the Boom are homepages for fashion. so you may select one that complements the design of your shop. 

Boom is a premium Shopify theme; an extended licence is available for a steep $59 after the first six months.  

Boom is a very configurable theme for Shopify. With a few clicks, you may alter your store’s layout, colour, and font. 

Boom is intended for bigger retailers. Boom could be too expensive for a small- or medium-sized shop like yours. 

The drag-and-drop page builder in the Boom Shopify theme makes it simple to design unique pages without any prior coding experience. 

Boom has a lot of features, such as the best Shopify themes available, although they might be difficult to customise.


Product Badges

Are you trying to find the ideal product badges for your company? You’ve found it! A variety of essential badges, like “New,” “Sold Out,” and “Sale,” are available from Boom Theme and may be used with almost any type of company. These badges are made with attention-grabbing slogans and succinct keywords to draw in clients.


But you should check our Product Labels – ShineTrust if you want to elevate your product badges. You can quickly and simply alter your product badges using this effective tool to make them exactly what you need. ShineTrust has you covered, whether you want to submit your own original badges or select from over a thousand picture badges and dozens of pre-designed text badges.


Remember to consult The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Product Badges for further details and advice on how to use these badges to increase your sales. We assure you that these striking badges will make you stand out from the crowd and increase the success of your company!

Boom Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

One-product landing page templates are included in the Boom theme and may be used to showcase a single product shop, single store, single marketing page, etc. Using a Boom premium Shopify theme, you can also create a website with a single product shop or single product review. It has a tonne of modern features that are essential. If you choose a Boom Shopify theme while creating a landing page or online store, these characteristics will have a significant positive impact on your business.


The Boom Shopify theme is what you need if you want a comprehensive solution to create your own Shopify website. Boom is a responsive theme for Shopify that is incredibly simple to set up and offers countless customization options to give your website a polished appearance.


In addition, the Boom Shopify theme is pre-loaded with more than seventy-five diverse demo websites and distinctive home pages that can be utilised straight out of the box to create a wide range of e-commerce websites and product landing pages. Various examples of sample websites include furniture, fashion, organic tea, washing machine landing pages, kids’ toys, drone landing pages, and organic tea websites.


Numerous alternatives are also included with these example websites, such as different designs for the product page, cart page, and home page.


The section that follows provides a detailed explanation of some of the more notable characteristics of the Boom Shopify single product theme.

SEO Friendly

Any website hoping to compete in a congested online market has to have search engine optimisation, or SEO. Because of this, the Boom premium Shopify theme’s authors gave it considerable thought throughout theme development. This cutting-edge e-commerce theme has strong coding that is intended to improve exposure and raise your website’s search engine ranking above that of your rivals. 


The theme makes use of sophisticated SEO strategies to improve your website’s visibility in search results, which will increase the amount of natural traffic that comes to your website. Furthermore, you may customise features like pre-installed titles, meta tags, and alternative H1 and H2 tags to help you optimise your website for search engines. Additionally, the theme works with the most recent iterations of the leading web browsers, guaranteeing your clients the best possible user experience. The Boom premium Shopify theme is unquestionably the best option for any e-commerce site wishing to boost SEO performance thanks to its sleek and user-friendly design.

Stylish Slider

Boom Theme - Home

For businesses who want to give their consumers an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing purchasing experience, the Boom Shopify theme is the ideal choice. You may easily alter your website to match your style thanks to its many stylish sliders. It’s simple to modify the slider settings, colours, and fonts to fit the style of your company. The sliders allow you to promote your products in an eye-catching and well-organized way, regardless of how many you have to offer. 


Your items will be highlighted by the eye-catching designs, which will also provide clients with the greatest possible shopping experience. Additionally, the sliders are loaded with features that are ideal for producing visually striking content, such as picture captions, carousel controls, and slide transitions. Not to mention, to further improve the sliders, you can also add unique HTML codes. You can simply design beautiful and responsive sliders with the Boom Shopify store theme, which will make browsing and purchasing on your website a delight.

Mega Menu

Mega menus are a fantastic method to improve the appearance of your website and make it easier for users to locate what they’re searching for quickly. They facilitate a more efficient user experience by giving users a thorough overview of the navigation and content organisation of your website. You may also design unique navigation for your website because a lot of themes available on the market come with a large selection of mega menu designs. Mega menus operate rather easily; just select a style that complements the appearance of your website and change the parameters to your preference. 


In addition to adding menus up to eight at once, you can also assign categories, organise them in various layouts, set up settings for certain articles, and much more. A more dynamic user experience may be achieved by including pictures and movies in some designs. Your website may be effortlessly categorised with a mega menu, allowing users to locate what they’re searching for with only a few mouse clicks.

Easy Compare

The Boom Shopify theme facilitates side-by-side comparisons of various products, making it easier to assess their features and prices. Shoppers may swiftly narrow down their options and choose the product that best suits their needs thanks to its sophisticated comparison tool. Customers may swiftly grasp the essentials of each product and make an educated choice by giving them an easy-to-read style that presents the different items at a glance. 


The Boom Shopify theme contains a sorting function that lets customers browse goods according to price ranges and personal preferences in addition to a fast comparison tool. Customers may make sure they receive the best bargain possible by using this thorough sorting technique to reduce the number of items on their list of possible purchases. To add to the enjoyment of shopping, the theme also provides thorough product descriptions and sales of well-liked products. Customers can easily and quickly locate all the information they need to make an informed purchase with the Boom Shopify theme.

Sidebar Ajax Filter

The Boom Shopify theme’s Ajax Filters sidebar feature will make your customers’ shopping experience easier than before. Customers may quickly and simply filter and search for products in your shop using Ajax Filters without having to repeatedly reload the page. Additionally, clients may narrow down their search using Ajax Filters by selecting criteria like price, size, colour, and more. This will increase the likelihood that they will discover exactly what they need without having to waste time figuring out how to search effectively. 


Customers may also see all of the filters they have selected displayed on the search results page using Ajax Filters, saving them the trouble of continually inputting each filter as they narrow their search. Customers will have a seamless and simple experience thanks to all of these elements, which will entice them to return.

Cart Summary

Boom Theme - Cart

If you are the owner of a website, you should ensure that your clients enjoy a seamless online shopping and browsing experience. The cart summary feature is one approach to make this happen. Customers may use this feature to obtain a summary of the products they have selected from the drop-down menu. Consumers don’t need to open and close several sites to do this fast and simply. Customers will find it simpler to see, modify, and remove products from their basket as needed as a result. Customers may also examine product details, including price and delivery charges, using the cart summary function. 


Additionally, this functionality may just show the quantity of things in the cart and the total amount spent on the new items. Finally, with this visibility on the cart summary page, customers may immediately determine whether they qualify for any applicable discounts on their purchases.

Ajax Search

Ajax search allows customers to shop on a site using the Boom Shopify theme to find products fast. Customers may use this search feature to enter the product they’re looking for into the search field without having to reload the page. Customers may then instantaneously examine and click on a selection of goods relating to their query that has been displayed by the Ajax search. Customers can now shop more quickly and easily and get their selected items more quickly thanks to this. 


Moreover, store owners may alter the search parameters with the Boom Shopify theme, including keyword relevancy, product order, and the number of search results shown. Store owners may simply customise the search results with such adjustable characteristics, ensuring that clients discover the most relevant goods for their needs. Customers can find desired goods fast with the Boom Shopify theme’s Ajax search, and store owners may personalise the search features for a more focused and efficient shopping experience.

Colour Swatch

Boom Theme - Color

You could discover that a product comes in many colours and sizes when you offer it on your Shopify e-commerce website. You may use the Shopify colour filter to make it simpler for consumers to locate the hue and size they require. With this colour filter, you may select particular colour and size combinations that are offered for a product, making it simple and quick for clients to locate what they’re searching for. You have a range of alternatives to choose from and the colour filters are simple to utilise. 


Additionally, you may change the settings to have the colour filters show up next to the product description, product page, or even the checkout page. Customers may now choose the ideal product size and colour with great convenience. You can give your consumers additional alternatives and make it simpler for them to select the ideal product by using the Shopify colour filters.

Ajax Shopping Cart

With its Ajax shopping cart functionality, the Boom Shopify theme has completely changed the online shopping experience by enabling users to add products to their basket without refreshing the page. Customers may choose the products they wish to buy and then just click the “add to cart” button to add them to their basket, which speeds up and simplifies the buying experience. Before completing the checkout process, users may inspect the goods they have placed to their basket and make any necessary modifications using a popup window. 


Additionally, this functionality makes it simple for clients to modify their carts by deleting or changing the number of things they no longer want. Customers can simply make adjustments to their basket without any effort thanks to the Boom Shopify theme’s Ajax shopping cart functionality, which guarantees a seamless and effective purchasing experience.

Font Awesome & Google Web Fonts

The Boom Shopify theme supports Google web fonts and Font Awesome icons, allowing store owners to add a variety of fonts and icons to their business. Store owners may select from more than 600 font families and alter the font’s size, colour, and style using Google web fonts to give their establishment a distinctive appearance. Store owners may utilise the large collection of icons offered by Font Awesome icons to improve the appearance of their establishment. Store owners may use Font Awesome to modify the size, colour, and style of over 1,500 icons to give their establishment a distinctive appearance. 


Custom fonts and icons may be used with the Boom Shopify theme to further personalise the look and feel of the business for store owners. Store owners can design a distinctive and eye-catching store that is likely to draw clients with the Boom Shopify theme.

Social Integration

Additionally, this theme supports the integration of social components, which enables you and your clients to share certain products, articles, or other items via social media.

Filtering for Dynamic Storefronts

Additionally, it enables retailers to apply filters based on many criteria, like availability, costs, product kinds, vendors, and variation choices, to their collection sites.

Testimonial Section

Boom Theme - Testimonial

Any business may benefit from testimonials, and this product’s pre-built testimonial sections make it simple to highlight a variety of customer recommendations. For companies who need to display client testimonials and comments, this function is quite helpful. It not only gives prospective clients an idea of the calibre of the good or service, but it also contributes to credibility and trust-building. 


Furthermore, because customers are more inclined to make a purchase from a company with a positive reputation, it can assist in increasing conversions and sales. You can quickly add, modify, and manage the testimonials you feature with the help of the pre-built testimonial sections. This makes it simple to update the testimonials as needed. Keeping your consumers informed about the most recent comments and reviews is made simple with this function, which contributes to the credibility and dependability of your company.

Currency Exchanger

With the integrated currency switcher in this Shopify store theme, customers may purchase your goods in several currencies based on where they are in the world.

Conversion Optimised Product Pages

The Boom Shopify theme’s product page offers a plethora of features to boost eCommerce conversion rates, including live viewer counts, suggested items, fake sale alerts, and product availability.

Popup Newsletters

Present a pop-up email to your visitors that is unexpected and offers something valuable that is difficult to ignore. Get more people to subscribe to your email.

Other Features of Boom Theme

  • Currency Switcher: It assists users in automatically verifying prices in their home currency.
  • Order tracking: This allows clients to follow their orders once they’ve checked out and receive updates.
  • Product Owl Carousel: Use the adaptable owl carousel to make a slideshow of your images.
  • Strong Admin Panel: Without requiring any code, this greatly simplifies the process of setting up and managing your shop.

Boom Theme Shopify - Customer Support

Designthemes provides excellent assistance for the Boom Shopify theme through support requests. The support team will assist you with the features, answer any necessary technical questions, and, if there are any issues, correct them within an average response time of 4-6 hours.


Installation and customization services are not included in the support package. But you may employ them on a freelance basis.


Boom Theme Shopify is the best option for developing an enticing single-product store. Because of its lightweight, adaptable, and flexible design, business owners can build a remarkable online shopping experience that increases revenue and conversions. Boom Theme Shopify’s emphasis on SEO and conversion rate optimisation guarantees that your store will seem great and perform well in search engine rankings. So why hold off? Take your one-product shop to new heights by utilising Boom Theme Shopify. Launch the store of your dreams right now!