Blum Theme – High-speed theme built for flash sales


There’s a new theme in town! SalesHunterThemes, a new theme creator on the Shopify Themes Store, has created two themes so far: Blum and Colo. No question, we must encounter them as your go-to source for knowledge about Shopify and CRO. The Blum theme will be tested in this article.

As a theme “made for fashion brands with high page speed and stunning mobile design,” Blum is obviously aimed squarely at online retailers in the fashion industry. This post is for you, whether you are satisfied with your existing Shopify theme or are still looking for the ideal theme, as we will provide you with our in-depth analysis of this recently released Blum theme.

The Blum theme offers what? Is Blum’s price tag a good deal? How can I use the Blum Theme to create a store? Which aspects of Blum’s topic are good and bad? Do I need to buy the Blum theme? The following queries will get responses on our blog.

Should You Purchase the Blum Shopify Theme for Your Fashion Brand Store?

The In-depth Reviews


Blum Theme - Shopify

SalesHunterThemes, a fresh brand in the market for Shopify themes, developed the Blum theme. The fact that this developer has spent the previous two years working with PageFly to create themes shows that they are experienced in both website and e-commerce development.

Due to the fact that SalesHunterThemes’ staff includes CRO specialists with more than 10 years of expertise, their goods, including the Blum theme, have the following advantages:

  • 24-hour Live Chat Customer service for all themes 
  • Narrow-focus CRO features 
  • Market-leading mobile device performance 

Blum is the specialised theme for businesses in the fashion, health, and beauty industries, according to SalesHunterTheme. Their abundance of visual presentation possibilities, a key component in converting sales for specific sectors, explains this. 

Blum Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Solie, Celia, and Mondo

Sitewide feature

Built for engagement; built for unrivalled page speed; and built for mobile shoppers.


The Blum theme is currently priced at $240 USD on The average price of the featured themes is in the middle range, with the most affordable starting at $200 USD and the most costly at $350 USD.

As usual, the Blum Theme offers an unlimited trial period so that retailers may experiment and customise the theme as much as they like in their shop. Only when merchants choose to post pages are purchases made. 

In our opinion, the Blum theme is reasonably priced since its cost is not excessive and it offers a number of premium features like: Colour samples, a store finder, and a stock counter 

Given that Blum is less expensive than a few other premium themes with comparable supported features, like Prestige ($320 USD) and Impact ($350 USD), it is reasonable to claim that Blum will enable merchants to get the best value for their money.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Blum Theme

Every theme has a distinct combination of benefits and drawbacks that varies from retailer to retailer. The advantages and disadvantages of the Shopify Blum theme are listed below.



Page speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights shows Mondo style’s demo store as the fastest, with Solie and Celia scoring slightly slower at 89 and 82, respectively.

The Blum theme, a fashion niche theme, requires numerous sections to maximize product exposure, potentially overwhelming new merchants with a lengthy list of elements.

Blum is a unique theme that provides 24/7 support, including Chat Support, to help users resolve pop-up issues and provide faster answers to theme-related questions.

SalesHunterThemes should improve Blum’s three styles, Solie, Mondo, and Celia, to provide unique traits and make users feel more confident in selecting the right style for their store.

Blum is a reasonably priced, premium theme with similar features at $290 USD, offering the best of both worlds.

Blum is fully compatible with Online Store 2.0’s updated features, allowing its sections to be used like the standard Shopify theme.

Blum Theme Presets

Using the Blum theme is a fantastic way to add some life to your website. You can quickly build your firm because of the three different varieties that are given and the numerous customization choices. Three distinct iterations of the Blum Shopify theme exist: Solie, Celia, and Mondo.

Let’s look at each of them in isolation


Blum Theme - Solie

The Solie style is described as having a “clean, energetic, dazzling, and feminine vibe” by SalesHunterThemese. This design is utilised at the demonstration shop by an activewear company that caters to young ladies.

Solie embodies the joyful and youthful spirit of expressive children with its sans serif fonts and vibrant colour scheme. This fits the persona of the metropolitan teenage audience. For firms promoting themselves as dynamic, energetic, and youthful, we advise employing the Solie theme. 


Blum Theme - Celia

The Celia design by SalesHunterThemes is described as having a “young, happy, soothing vibe.” This style’s demo store is for a line of eco-friendly apparel for young ladies.

Celia can be the correct choice for you if you’re seeking a soothing and seductive appearance. We advise experimenting with this look at a jewellery or health and fitness supply store.


Blum Theme - Mondo

SalesHunterThemes created an example shop for a unisex apparel company using this design as a service to retailers that describe their store as “stylish, wild, creative, with a minimalism vibe.”

Mondo serves as a blank canvas comprised of neutral tones to direct users’ attention to the store’s exquisite apparel goods, ensuring that products are the stars of the show. Mondo, in our opinion, is a secure option for any fashion retailer.

Blum Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The Blum theme comes with almost everything a business owner might possibly need to create a well-optimized store that may enhance conversions. You could discover some useful tutorials and tips online if you’re not sure how to use these capabilities. 

Collapsible Content

Blum Theme - Collapsible Content

Collapsible content is a means to give information logically without taking up too much space on the page, with the goal of highlighting pictures. Users can go to the specific information they want without having to scroll too much because of the clear, accurate heads of each item in the collapsible content, which enhances the surfing experience. 

We may include pictures in the list along with the text. Text first or Image first are the two choices available. The image or the text will be displayed first, depending on the desire of each seller. 

Image banner with separate background image settings

Blum Theme - Image Banner

The backdrop picture selections for this feature are divided into two categories: backdrop image (for all devices) and Mobile background image. The section will be responsive on all platforms, even mobile ones, because there are 2 possibilities. 

When utilising this function, it’s important to keep in mind that mobile background images operate independently of background pictures for big screens. As a result, if we set an image just for the mobile screen as the backdrop, the large screen will not inherit that image.

Email Popup

Blum Theme - Popup

Pop-ups are a handy tool if you want to draw website visitors’ attention and point them towards a specific call to action. Images, text, and the pop-up’s display option can all be changed in pop-ups.  

The pop-up window may appear when the user reaches the footer or after the cart has closed and notified them. Additionally, you have two options for how the pop-up will appear: Show only on the home page and Show only to users who are not logged in.

Featured product carousel

Blum Theme - Carousel

The Blum theme gives us the option to present featured products in the form of a carousel. By doing so, merchants may highlight products for a campaign and point site users to certain things to buy (for instance, best-selling items, and hot bargains for a holiday sale).

Fast page speed

These sites have exceptionally high speeds according to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tests, with the sample shop for the Mondo style being the quickest with a score of 91. Solie and Celia score 89 and 82, respectively, which is a little slower. 

24/7 Chat Support

Users frequently encounter pop-up problems while using a new theme and look for solutions in the documentation. One of the few themes, Blum provides 24/7 Support, which we found to be quite helpful. Along with the theme documentation, chat support enables users to quickly get answers to any pop-up questions about the theme.

Mobile Shopping

Blum Theme - Mobile

Blum is the best option for a company trying to reach a mobile audience since it uses a mobile-first design strategy to provide a smooth purchasing experience for your consumers on the go.


Dropshippers were considered when developing Blum. It offers a rapid and simple setup process, enabling an expeditious store debut.

Visual Storytelling

Blum Theme - Visual

To improve visual storytelling, the theme supports high-resolution photos, galleries, hotspots, rollovers, and zoom, along with product videos and lookbooks. The narrative of your company will be highlighted and engross your audience.

Cart and Checkout

Blum Theme - Cart

Numerous cart and checkout features are offered by the Blum Shopify theme, including cart notes, in-store pickups, fast buys, slide-out carts, and sticky carts. These functions let your consumers have a quick checkout process.

Marketing and Conversion

You may maximise your marketing and conversion efforts by utilising tools like blogs, cross-selling, a customisable contact form, promo banners, tiles, popups, product badges, and reviews. To improve the user experience, it also has a store locator, trust badges, and EU translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, and ES).


The theme comes with a tonne of merchandising elements that will help you exhibit your items in the best light possible, including animation, colour samples, sizing charts, and slideshows.

Product Discovery

With tools like a back-to-top button, breadcrumbs, improved search, a mega menu, and product filtering and sorting, Blum shines at helping users find products. These facilitate easy and rapid product discovery for clients, improving the user experience and increasing conversion rates.

Who should use the Blum theme?

The developer and designer of Blum specifically targeted the fashion and beauty industries. Any retailer that sells clothing, accessories, or health and beauty items would be a good fit for the Blum theme.

When it comes to constructing a fashion store, Blum should be your first pick for three key reasons: 

Visual storytelling elements

Merchants need to use merchandise as quickly as possible before it goes out of season or the fashion trend fades away since the fashion business is a fiercely competitive sector with a rising demand for products offered swiftly and at a reasonably cheap cost. 

Investing in product photography is crucial in the fast fashion and e-commerce industries to market your company. Images not only show how an item feels and looks, but they also help retailers of apparel and accessories establish their legitimacy and professionalism.

Mobile first design

Consumers now have a very addictive habit of shopping online. Making your shop mobile-friendly is the key to guaranteeing a high conversion rate because customers spend the majority of their time utilising their phones for all information demands. 

Unrivalled page speed

After testing, we discovered that every page created using the Blum theme has an 8x mobile Google Pagespeed score. This is essential for the customer experience as well as Google ranking, which will lead to a greater conversion rate and more revenue. 

Blum Theme Shopify - Customer Support

When you choose this theme, you can count on the Shopify Blum theme development team to offer quick, dependable, and knowledgeable support. They promise to provide quick service and make an effort to resolve any issues or queries you might have within 24 hours. However, please be aware that response times might occasionally alter for a number of reasons.

Simply submit a request to the Blum theme support team using the ticketing system if you want assistance with the theme. They will be delighted to assist. 


In conclusion, the Blum motif is one that fashion retailers just cannot ignore. Blum is still a strong theme with many customization options, despite its drawbacks. You may test the Blum theme here before purchasing it, making any required changes to your store to let you see it, and only paying once you decide to publish. 

According to our CRO expertise, Blum met Shopify’s high criteria because it was released on the Shopify Themes Store after passing the company’s stringent review process. Not to mention, Blum has just recently entered the market, so we think that after gathering user feedback and undergoing more testing, it may be further enhanced.