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Be Yours

To better reflect your brand and increase sales, you can utilise the Be Yours Shopify theme in a variety of ways. It provides a customizable layout, tools for cross-selling throughout the whole website, and media-specific product pages.

The usage of sections and blocks has made it easier and doesn’t require any code to add, rearrange, or change individual pages.

It’s fair to presume that the method you use to increase sales and keep customers will be different from that of rival businesses. You must select the best theme for your store if you are opening a Shopify one.

On this e-commerce platform, you can choose between free and paid themes to fit the requirements of your company.

The In-depth Reviews


Be Yours Theme - Shopify

Be Yours by RoarTheme is the go-to option when looking for a highly responsive eCommerce theme for accessories. With the help of this theme, you can create a Shopify store that offers outstanding customer service and lightning-fast loading speeds.

One of the greatest Shopify themes for encouraging customers to make purchases is without a doubt the Be Yours theme.

Because the Be Yours Shopify theme is inspired by Dawn, you’ll adore it if you enjoy Dawn. It contains all of Dawn’s fantastic features, including a user-friendly mobile interface, quick loading times, complete OS 2.0 compatibility, and an intuitive design approach that makes use of sections and blocks.

The Be Yours Shopify theme also contains a tonne of built-in features that enable you to alter the appearance and functionality of your business, like before-and-after picture comparisons, free shipping alerts, product variations, and more.

Here are some fascinating facts about RoarTheme, the company that created the Be Yours Shopify theme, and the theme. Its debut on Valentine’s Day 2022 will mark a number of “firsts.”

  • Vietnam-based Shopify theme partner was the first in Asia
  • The first theme was created using the Dawn framework and was approved.

You can expect a wonderful shopping experience with the Be Yours Shopify theme because it contains practically all of the contemporary conveniences. The Be Yours Shopify theme has been streamlined for responsiveness and speed on mobile devices. If you want your online business to function smoothly on mobile devices, using this theme is the best choice.

Customers who need a versatile theme with plenty of practical features and several customization options may consider Be Yours Shopify.

Be Yours Shopify Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Beauty, Trendy, Peace, Sweet, and Dark

Sitewide feature

Even more features with OS 2.0, a design that sells, and one-product store compatibility.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

The Be Yours theme is suitable for nearly all businesses and niches, including those in fashion, beauty and cosmetics, automotive, industrial products, electronics and appliances, arts and crafts, furniture, home décor, gardening, and others. A must-try Shopify theme for eCommerce connected to Print on Demand or Drop-shipping is Be Yours.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

best suited to retailers with medium to large catalogue sizes. The theme, however, also flawlessly satisfies the needs of single-product stores (with vast catalogue sizes – single or many sellers).


Be Yours Shopify Theme has a one-time fee of $320. Only when you decide to publish the theme are payments necessary.

Before committing to a purchase, you may completely investigate and evaluate the theme to see whether it meets your requirements and expectations. The theme comes with a UNLIMITED free trial.  

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Be Yours Theme

The Be Yours Theme has the benefits and drawbacks shown below for your Shopify store.



A design that prioritises mobility.

To be completely honest, I struggled to see any flaws in this theme. To fill this slot and not leave it empty, let me add one to the list. misses out on services like customer chat, sales alerts, and product pre-orders.

Preferred Shopify theme among industry professionals.

Multiple customization options.

There are several plan alternatives, all accompanied by facilities that make conversions easy.

Loaded with functionality, which reduces the need for third-party Shopify apps.

Compared to themes with comparable functionality, this is easier on your wallet.

Tested and validated for performance by its developers.

Be Yours Theme Presets

Be Yours Shopify theme is a good option to consider if you want a completely contemporary theme.

This Shopify theme offers four alternative layout and design options: Sweet, Dark, Peace, Trendy, and Beauty. Modifying these variants will also make it easier to satisfy the demands of particular groups.


Be Yours Theme - Beauty

The gentle, natural light tones and clean structure of the Beauty preset combine to provide a mesmerising ambiance. It mixes multiple areas in a tasteful way, making it simple for visitors to navigate while seeking various types of information.

This theme design is ideal for beauty-related companies like cosmetic shops, hair salons, spas, or massage parlours due to its innate elegance.


Be Yours Theme - Trendy

Last but not least, the stylish preset is a lively collection that exudes colourful and energetic emotions and, with its stylish split-screen website structure, captures the spirit of young excitement.

This modern style provides a captivating platform for sharing original thoughts or seamlessly fusing text with complementary graphics. It’s perfect for well-liked goods that entice Gen Z buyers, such as chic apparel, accessories, and jewellery.


Be Yours Theme - Peace

On the other hand, the Peace setting has a distinct aesthetic that is neutral in colour and simple. It celebrates the serene and energising green hues that may be found in nature.

Customers may experience comfort and tranquillity thanks to this aesthetic. It is the ideal setting for shops that favour a straightforward approach, such as bonsai shops, gift shops, and boutiques selling handcrafted goods.


Be Yours Theme - Sweet

The Sweet preset creates a visually appealing and engrossing ambience by fusing allure and charm. It is specifically designed to appeal to companies that sell jewellery, cosmetics, and apparel stores, and it exudes a sense of sweetness while trying to draw in clients who are primarily female.

Sweet aims to provide customers with a fun, enjoyable, and memorable shopping experience with its pleasant aesthetics and targeted appeal.


Be Yours Theme - Dark

The Dark preset’s black backdrop and tones have been purposefully chosen to produce a polished and opulent appearance.

Utilising modular content pieces to keep the layout neat and clutter-free, the design is clear and well-organized. This preset is perfect for retailers of electrical goods.

Be Yours Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

Unquestionably one of the most conversion-friendly themes on the market is the Be Yours Shopify Theme. The theme offers a superior shopping experience while facilitating all essential elements to ensure flawless functioning and excellent conversion rates. All of this is made possible by the numerous contemporary layouts and simple customization it offers without altering a single line of code.

Be Yours is the theme to use, or at least attempt, if you’re seeking a modern theme in every manner.


Be Yours Theme - Homepage

Support for high-resolution full-width or split-header hero photos and videos on homepages. Each menu section has unblemished options for arranging the menu titles, logo, account information, search bar, and other menu components.

With this theme, you may display your collections, photos, promotions, discounts, etc. using a full-width mega menu. The theme offers the option to have a big menu slide out from the side as well.

The Be Yours Shopify theme features a full-width announcement bar that enables popups for promotions, up-sells, cross-sells, newsletters, and more. It is situated above the menu.

The margins of the header (above the fold) are the ideal location for your social networking buttons and email signup boxes.

Each product listing can include additional features such as product badges, animated buttons, discounts, a countdown timer, product reviews (star ratings), and more. Clicking on an image in the Be Yours Shopify theme will take you to a particular product or collection page.

It aids in product bundling on homepages. Additionally, because the footer layouts are straightforward and uncluttered, they are ideal for showcasing significant connections, company histories, social media icons, newsletters, and other material.

Collection Pages

Be Yours Theme - Collection

Collection pages are lengthy and include paginated product listings, header sections that may hold full-width images and videos, and collection pages.

You have a choice of options to limit your results with strong filters and sorters, including checkboxes, price range bars, colour swatches, and more.

Each item in the collection has features like image effects, quick buy, countdown timers, quick view, button animations, product zoom, ratings, etc.

Product Pages

Be Yours Theme - Product

The Be Yours Shopify theme’s stunningly modern and feature-rich product pages are its finest feature. On these pages, your consumers will have a great time making purchases.

A range of options are offered by the theme for showing product videos and photos. enables the animation of buttons and images.

The tabbed navigation makes it simple to obtain information on shipping specifics, return policies, product specs, extra information, customer service, product usage, etc., including, but not limited to, countdown timers, user reviews, and inventory monitors.

These product pages are the perfect place for related goods, customer reviews, highlighted blogs, promotional photographs, brand narratives, etc.


Be Yours Theme - Video

A video section may be added to a product page in order to include videos from websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Activate looping to have the video resume playing after it has been completed.

Promotional Pop-ups

Be Yours Theme - Popup

Pop-up windows make it simple to communicate. Pop-up window design and creation are made easier with the window theme offered by the Envy Shopify theme. When customers land on your website, this feature of the Envy Shopify theme enables you to create a pop-up window that displays promotional content, such as discounts or other important information.

Sticky Cart

Be Yours Theme - Cart

This block inserts an “add to basket” link that is permanent and follows readers as they read about an item’s specifics, preventing any lost sales as customers resolve any lingering questions.

The order in which you arrange things is irrelevant to whether or not they will be beneficial. Sticky cart blocks are practical yet distinct in that each cart is limited to having only one.

Product Recommendations

Be Yours Theme - Recommendation

In a special area of your product pages, an automatic list of recommended purchases can be shown. Customers are more likely to find something new to buy when recommended goods are placed in front of them, which can increase sales for an online store.

When proposing goods, the section’s title and style will be based on the theme you select.

Products that “complement” one another are ones that go well with one another.

Recently Viewed Products

Customers will find it simpler to buy the items they’ve already seen on your website thanks to this functionality. Customers won’t need to search through the menu structure to find them again.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer that displays the amount of time left before a special price expires is supported by Be Yours Shopify on an item’s page.

Since countdown clocks offer clients a greater sense of urgency about purchasing your discounted items, using them is a wise method for boosting sales.

Once the countdown has been applied to a product, it may be viewed in three different ways: as a flash symbol on the product card, a condensed countdown on the product card, or a complete countdown on your product page.

Metafields are utilised to make this work. By including a Meta field definition and saving the update, you may make a countdown for particular goods.

You may see a live countdown clock here that has been set up with a timer that will expire at a certain future moment. There are countless possible applications for this, including the start of a sale, the grand opening of a business, or the conclusion of a limited-time offer.

Blog Pages

Be Yours Theme - Blog

This section shows the most recent blog posts. The opening few words, an extract, and any accompanying images are all shown next to the blog’s title, depending on how long the post is.

The “posts per page” parameter allows you to change how many blogs will be displayed on each page. Any number that is a multiple of three between 6 and 48 is supported. The requirement is 15.

Dynamic Checkout Buttons

However, the use of dynamic checkout buttons is incompatible with subscription services. Check out the Subscriptions page for further details.

Customers may quickly buy the item they are viewing thanks to the dynamic “checkout” button. They bypass the shopping cart entirely and proceed directly to make a payment using the button’s suggested method.

The button automatically changes to reflect a customer’s choice of a quicker checkout method.

Any page with an “Add to Cart” button can dynamically add or remove a “Checkout” button.

Search Page

Be Yours Theme - Search

From this page, customers may do site-wide or product-specific searches. On the website, by default, a section showing search results may be seen.

When a customer moves their mouse over the second image of a product, if it has two, it should show.

When a customer hovers their mouse pointer over a product image, an instant “add to cart” button should appear. Clicking the button will send you to that page if the product has choices.


Be Yours Theme - faq

The most commonly asked questions (and the responses) from customers are provided on the Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ) page, which is interactive and has an accordion-style layout.

Use a question block to include a drop-down menu for answers.


The multicolumn section allows for the display of content in columns with a link to another page underneath each column.

Use words and a picture to focus on a particular item, collection, or blog post. If you can, include additional details such as cost, stock availability, or a review.

Store Location

Be Yours Theme - Location

This page displays a Google map that is customised to your business’s location. You should be as exact as you can with this value since Google will use it to find your company. Consequently, you must first register a Google Maps API key in order for the map to work.

Zoom the map to match the resolution of the active view. Zooming is permitted between 12 and 20 percent. Simply set the value to zero, and you will be able to view the entire world to understand what this means.


Be Yours Theme - Testimonial

When making a final purchase decision online, customer reviews and comments are very important.

Social proof may be developed, and conversion rates can go up with a dedicated area on the website.

Other Features

A currency selection, a nation selector, colour swatches, breadcrumbs, a quick buy button, a quick view button, the option to do in-store pickups, promotional banners, and many more features are included in the Be Yours Shopify theme.

Be Yours Theme Shopify - Customer Support

With theme features, functions, and brand-specific options, the RoarTheme support team can assist. We can get you on the right track more quickly with more information up front.

For quicker answers, see the developer’s Be Yours expertise. Utilise the RoarTheme support form if you want assistance.

Depending on the volume, the developer answers help requests within 24 hours. Nevertheless, give yourself 1-2 business days to get an answer.


The Be Yours Shopify theme is popular among store owners. This theme is one of the most adaptable eCommerce themes on the market right now.

The theme covers each and every feature that is necessary to boost functionality, conversion rates, and the shopping experience. With its new layouts, customization is simple without scripting.

Your objectives and company requirements will determine the ideal theme for creating an online store.