Atlantic Theme – Striking, expandable, and constructed to increase conversions


Any online shop may benefit from the sleek, modern design of the Shopify Atlantic Theme. It will appear fantastic on any device thanks to its responsive design. Because Shopify themes are completely editable, you may alter the colours, fonts, and layout to better represent your brand. There are also a number of pre-set colour schemes included with the Atlantic theme. The Atlantic theme is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a simple and contemporary Shopify theme.

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Atlantic Theme - Shopify

A ground-breaking Shopify theme for ultra-modern shops is called Atlantic. The Atlantic Shopify Theme is ideal for businesses that want to grow without needing to make any adjustments. The theme also provides an eye-catching collection of features to increase conversion rates. Along with the features that increase sales, the Atlantic offers stunning design options for a variety of items. Atlantic is set up to enable longer-form text portions, which are crucial for telling captivating brand stories.

The theme also enables flexible modification without altering a single line of code, making it simple for beginners to run and administer the business.

Atlantic Theme Highlights

Theme Highlight




Theme styles 

Chic, Modern, Light, and Organic

Sitewide feature

Perfect for product discovery, proven to help stores grow, classic and streamlined design.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

Ideal for retail establishments that sell apparel, footwear, jewellery, accessories, winter wear, watches, and other fashion-related goods. The theme is also ideal for home furnishings, electronics, gadgets, toys, kitchenware, cosmetics, health, and wellness, among other things.

Best Suited for Inventory Size(s)

For companies with medium to large inventory sizes, the Atlantic Shopify theme is appropriate.

The Atlantic Theme’s Pricing

The Atlantic theme is $280 for four variations, which is quite reasonable for any eCommerce shop. Naturally, you would need to create your own Shopify store before making a purchase.

If the Atlantic theme is the best fit for your business out of all the other Shopify themes, all you have to do is purchase it and simply apply it to your site from the admin homepage.

Pros and Cons of the Shopify Atlantic Theme



Feature some of the finest typographies for store design.

Lacks features like Colour swatch, Look book, Popup, Sales notice, and other things.

Completely compliant with Online Store 2.0 standards.

The theme has a lot of features built in that are intended to increase conversion rates.

The Atlantic theme has a nominal fee of $280, which must be paid in full.

Known for high performance – page loading speeds, ease of navigation, and mobile-first design.

Free theme updates with an endless trial period.

Atlantic Theme Presets

Atlantic is one of the most well-liked and extensively used Shopify themes. When utilising this platform, you have a choice between four basic theme types:


Atlantic Theme - Home 1

As the name implies, minimalism is the main focus of this theme type. For those who desire a clean, contemporary style for their website, it is ideal.


Atlantic Theme - Home 2

On Shopify, this is the most fundamental and often used theme design. It features a clear and uncomplicated design and is easy to set up and operate.


Atlantic Theme - Home 3

For individuals who wish to stand out with their website design, this theme style is ideal. It stands out with its vibrant colour and artistic design.


Atlantic Theme - Home 4

With this theme style, you can completely alter how your website looks to make it exactly reflect your brand. You may alter every aspect, including the design, colours, and fonts, to make it uniquely yours.

Atlantic Shopify Theme Design - Features And Customization

The Atlantic theme for Shopify is the choice you should consider if you operate a business and like a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. This Shopify theme is cutting-edge, strong, adaptable, and incredibly user-friendly.

Every variation of it features a dynamic hero picture section and eye-catching typography that are guaranteed to draw in visitors. The theme’s redesigned collection pages and mega-navigation also assist in directing customers to the ideal goods. The Atlantic theme may make a bold, impressive, and long-lasting impression on everyone who enters your online business with just a quick glance.

Additionally, you can quickly add a full-width captivating video, picture, or slider to your homepage using the Shopify theme Atlantic. The Atlantic theme is a great fit for any company since the layouts are designed to exhibit huge graphics.

But the distinctive appearance of the Atlantic theme can increase conversions for Shopify companies, which is what every store owner wants.

There are more elements that come with the theme that you may use in addition to its captivating style and appearance. Although the Atlantic theme works with many different goods, it is better to keep things straightforward and concentrate on just a few.

You may customise the appearance and feel of your online business with the four gorgeous styles included with the Shopify theme called Atlantic. You may view live demonstrations of the Chic, Modern, Light, and Organic styles on the theme’s page. With so many versions available, setting up an eCommerce site with this theme shouldn’t be challenging.

What makes the Atlantic theme a top pick for many Shopify stores? Let’s look at the factors:


In a crowded eCommerce market, it goes without saying that you want your website to stand out. One of the finest methods to give your shop a distinctive design is through typography.

Your visitors’ impressions of your website may be affected by the font combinations you choose. Typography has a big impact on how users see your website. Additionally, it aids in creating a visual hierarchy for your business that provides both your intended reading and site navigational experiences for users.

The Atlantic theme includes a wide variety of carefully chosen fonts for your shop since it recognises the value of typography. Body text, headings, and accent text on your website can all be formatted differently.

The Atlantic theme’s blogging capability gives you the freedom to select and showcase your most recent blog articles directly on the homepage. Additionally, it’s simple to add the most recent Instagram posts to the Shopify homepage, offering you a handy option to inform website visitors about the activities of your business.


Atlantic Theme - Home 1

The hero picture or slider is crucial to making a good first impression on your visitors. This is accomplished admirably by each style of the Atlantic theme by clearly presenting the enormous image and combining it with useful buttons and information.

The Atlantic theme then has a few highlighted goods, a succinct brand introduction, a blog area, a social media section, a newsletter section, a section for social proof, and a footer section for crucial corporate information.

Of course, you may alter these components to make your online business appear and feel its best. The homepage of the Atlantic theme, with all its features, provides a clear picture of your company and communicates information that might persuade visitors to become clients.

The highlighted goods grid, which shows product links, photos, and pricing from your items in the catalogue, is another noteworthy component that can be added to your homepage with the Atlantic theme for Shopify. Your visitors may conveniently add a product to their basket right from the site, which is really easy.


The Atlantic theme, one of Pixel Union’s most popular Shopify themes, is built to accommodate plenty of visitors. The header, which is present on every page of your website, is a crucial element that aids customers in navigating around your online store.

The Atlantic’s mega menus, an upgraded version of drop-down menus, are a well-liked header element that you can utilise on your Shopify store. Using this function, you can quickly urge users to look at more of your items and website content.

Additionally, the Shopify Atlantic theme’s header has a configurable live search feature so that customers can look for goods easily.

The social icons that the Shopify theme Atlantic offers enable customers to connect on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, further assisting you in connecting with visitors without the need for intricate scripting. Along with the refund policy, About Us, and shipping policy—all of which are crucial for customers to understand your company—you may put these social media icons in the bottom portion of your website.

Product Pages

Atlantic Theme - Product

The product pages play a crucial role in the conversion process by facilitating a rapid look and checkout for visitors.

The fast shop function, which speeds up the procedure of adding a product to the shopping cart and enables clients to purchase more in less time, may be enabled on the browsing pages. The Atlantic Shopify theme is among the best-converting themes thanks to this functionality.

Additionally, the theme offers a variety of tools to assist shoppers. These consist of the quick-shop function, the rolling meganav, the lavish product pages, and many others.

The main product pages are quite similar to other Shopify themes in that they allow you to show price, size, quantity, description, size chart, purchase buttons, and more to create a smooth shopping experience. They also display product photographs in a beautiful style. You may email the seller and share the product, as seen in the image up top.

Customers will find a cross-sell product area, which suggests products that they might also enjoy, as they scroll down. This element of the Atlantic theme aids in raising both total income and a customer’s average order value.

Collection Pages

Atlantic Theme - Collection
  • Includes a large variety of gorgeous collection pages with strong media options.
  • Has a sophisticated collection of filters and sorters for better product discovery.
  • For collections, items, blogs, tales, etc., there are several feature areas.
  • Grid-based collection page designs with rows that automatically adapt to the quantity of goods.
  • Breadcrumb-based navigation that is simple.


Slow site performance is one of the factors that have the most detrimental effects on conversion rates.

According to an audit of Shopify themes, the Atlantic theme is ranked 8th in terms of speed. As a result, if you install the Atlantic Shopify theme, your audience should enjoy extremely quick loading times.

Additionally, the Shopify Atlantic theme samples demonstrate how changes may be made to accommodate mobile devices. It modifies the site’s navigation panels, text size, and image size to fit the electronics of your customers.


The Shopify Atlantic theme is a fantastic way to set up your business with a straightforward theme that has all the essentials for the majority of online stores covered. You can make modifications on the Atlantic theme’s product page if you believe customisation is required to improve performance. Your online store’s logo size, colour scheme, typefaces, and many other homepage elements may all be customised to your preferences.

Search engine optimisation is essential for your company if you operate in a cutthroat market. Customers should be able to find your website among the top results of a straightforward search and visit your business as a consequence. You may make all the adjustments required to optimise your website for better search engine rankings with the Atlantic theme.

Additionally, the stunning aesthetics and orderly organisation of the Atlantic theme make sure that your consumers will be happy with your goods and services. Your website’s retention rate rises as a result, which is good for SEO rankings.

Is Atlantic a Good Shopify Theme?

Don’t allow the fact that the Atlantic theme is less well-known than some of the other alternatives to deter you from selecting it for your online business. This theme is one of the more reasonably priced themes available, and it has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and appearance.

The Atlantic theme is sleek and contemporary in terms of design. It’s ideal for businesses that want to appear professional without coming off as stuffy or corporate. The navigation is simple, and you may display highlighted collections or your most liked goods on the site.

The Atlantic motif works quite well. It has every feature you require to operate a profitable online business, such as support for numerous currencies, automated tax computations, and product ratings. Additionally, this theme differs from its rivals with a few special features, including social media integration and an integrated blog.

Overall, we believe that the Atlantic theme is a fantastic choice for stores searching for a high-quality appearance at a reasonable budget. Be sure to read our other Shopify theme evaluations before deciding whether this is the correct theme for you if you’re still unsure.

Atlantic Theme Shopify - Customer Support

The Pixel Union Help Centre, which offers all the essential information in their knowledge centre, gives comprehensive help while installing the Atlantic theme for Shopify. You can go through thematic subjects to check whether your issue has a solution already.

Additionally, you may join The Merchant Collective group, where Shopify merchants can assist one another’s businesses and share a wealth of beneficial information.

You can send a support request to Pixel Union if you still can’t discover the solution to your problem. Their technical help is accessible Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. However, be warned that they do not give help with customization after purchase and do not accept third-party apps or custom code.

To create a brand-new online experience that your consumers will like, you may contact the Pixel Union agency team if you want to customise the Atlantic theme as a project.


Anyone seeking a sophisticated and contemporary theme for their online business can consider The Atlantic Theme. A wide range of features makes it simple to customise your store precisely as you want it, and its responsive design guarantees that it will look amazing on any screen. Overall, we found the Atlantic Theme to be extremely impressive and would suggest it to anybody seeking a new theme for their online business.