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Shopify Theme Detector: How to Find Out What Theme a Store Is Using

Shopify Theme Detector: How to Find Out What Theme a Store Is Using

Are you looking for a Shopify theme detector? Having you here is a good thing. Ever wondered which Shopify themes were applied to a particular Shopify website or store? Therefore, you are not alone. Numerous types of website systems are being used by thousands of online retailers in an effort to regularly identify site themes. 


By entering the URL of any Shopify website, you can quickly determine what Shopify theme is being used by a store using the Shopify Theme Detector. There are still over 100 Shopify themes available, both free and paid, that you can instal quickly in your own admin and begin selling for any e-commerce store looking to use Shopify “out of the box.” You might come across Shopify-powered stores with attractive designs that you want to imitate because there are so many themes available. Shopify is the same. You might find it interesting to read a thorough Shopify review before using the platform. 


There are still more than 100 Shopify themes, both free and paid, that you can find easy to instal in your own admin and start selling for any e-commerce stores looking to use Shopify “out of the box.” With so many themes available, you might run into Shopify-powered stores with eye-catching designs that you want to copy.


Why would you want to detect a Shopify theme?

It is easy to find a good online store and wonder what theme they are using because the theme determines the website’s overall appearance and feel. It’s like wondering if you’ll look good in that outfit that a successful person is wearing. However, finding out the truth requires effort. Some justifications for why you might want to look for a Shopify theme are listed below:


Choose the right theme for you

Among the nearly 100 themes offered in the Shopify Theme Store and on other websites, you might need to know which one to choose. By studying other successful companies and what they’ve done successfully. They can serve as your current preference or as a source of website design insight.


Investigate competitors

By looking at the themes of other businesses in the same industry, you can get a general idea of how people are portraying their enterprises. This provides opportunities as well as lessons. You have the option of going with a traditional look or making a statement with your theme. If you notice a new design or trend in the websites being used in your industry, you will also be able to adapt more quickly.


Construct a new budget

If you were familiar with it, you would be aware of the cost of your favourite theme. Since it is frequently associated with the beginning of your business, a theme is a significant budget item that you can increase or decrease. By observing what other stores do with the same amount of money, you can wisely adjust your budget. Additionally, you save hours on development.


What is a Shopify theme detector?

Shopify stores are primarily created using themes. They give the website organisation and a consistent look. However, discovering the themes used on a Shopify website is not straightforward. A Shopify theme detector lets you know what theme is being used. The detector’s output includes data on:


  • Whether the site is using Shopify or not
  • The theme’s name
  • Theme’s screenshot
  • Theme price
  • Scanned the store’s screenshot
  • Plugin or app list

 A clever web application called Shopify theme detector enables business owners to quickly determine which Shopify theme is being used on a specific Shopify store. In addition to the 10,000+ custom themes created by outside designers, the official Shopify theme store currently offers more than 70 free and premium themes.


How can I determine which Shopify theme a particular website is using?

Shopify is becoming more and more popular among business owners who want to start selling products online right away. Given how popular the platform has become, new users inevitably have a lot of questions. What theme is being used in this store? is one of the most typical inquiries. 


With a simple configuration and intuitive interface, Shopify store owners can be very creative with the appearance of their website and grab lots of attention. Additionally, design can boost sales numbers. So if you’re one of those people who would like to know what theme a Shopify store is using, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll go over Shopify theme detectors and how to examine a store’s theme. The solutions are straightforward to use.


Method 1: Find out by checking the page source

In Chrome, you can view the page source by pressing Ctrl+U or by visiting the impacted Shopify store.


View the page source by pressing Ctrl+U

Then, use Ctrl+F to search for “Shopify theme” to find the code that lists the theme name in the tab that appears. The active Shopify theme’s name, “Craft”.

Use Ctrl+F to search for "Shopify theme"

You can also find out which themes are being used in the Shopify store by looking up the ID in the page source. The number that Shopify generated is clearly visible in the theme of your store. For instance, it will appear as “theme_store_id”:1368.

In order to see the page source in another browser:


  • How to find the Shopify Theme in Edge: Ctrl + U
  • How to find the Shopify Theme in Firefox: Ctrl + U
  • How to find the Shopify Theme in Safari: Cmd + Opt + U

After opening a source code page in one of those browsers, you can use the same steps listed under Chrome to determine which Shopify theme your store is using. Finally, if you are a huge fan of Chrome extensions, you can instal the Shopify Theme Detector extension. Along with being able to tell you what theme your store is using, this extension will also give you a link so you can check it out for yourself if the theme is offered in the Shopify theme store.


Don’t worry if you find it challenging to use the aforementioned instructions to check the theme store because you will be well-supported by a number of apps.


Method 2: Shopify Theme Detector Chrome Extension

Shopify Theme Detector
Shopify Theme Detector

The Shopify Theme Detector Extension is the first app on the list that will be discussed. Nearly 4,000 people have used the Shopify Theme Detector Extension, which was created by This app was created using MegaMenu 2017-v2 and is fully compatible with your own device. You will also observe how easy it is to instal the Shopify Theme Detector. Simply click the Shopify Detector tool icon once you’ve located your favourite website to instantly receive a response. Using the Shopify theme Detector Extension, you can create a stunning website.


Method 3: Install an extension

Install an extension

With the click of a button, you can use a few Chrome extensions to quickly determine what theme a store is using. You can learn more about your competitors’ themes, top-selling goods, plugins, and apps, as well as the sources of their traffic. Installing a Chrome extension is easy. Search for the extension there and download it by going to the Chrome Web Store. After installation, go to the store you want to check out and select the extension. The tool can still include a link that will take you directly to the theme’s Shopify page, even if the theme title doesn’t mention the original name.


Here are some Chrome extensions that you can use; they are free too:


  • Shopify Inspector: This tool, which has over 20,000 users, can display information about a store’s website, including the name of the theme, any apps installed, the newest items, bestsellers, and social media links.
  • Shopify App/Theme Detector by You can see the theme and applications a Shopify store is using with the aid of an open-source code extension created by (if the theme is not completely custom).
  • Shopify Theme Detector: Created by one of the websites mentioned in the preceding section, this tool enables you to see the theme name and installation link with just a single click.

Method 4: Find out by using developer tools.

While using this method, you won’t have to download anything or go to another website, it will require a little more technical reading. The simplest and quickest way to determine which Shopify theme a store is using is probably to use the Chrome DevTools.


Use the console first. Starting your search here is a good idea because many developers include the version name of their theme in the main JavaScript file and allow it to display in the console. Anywhere on the page, simply right-click, then choose “Inspect.” The browser window’s right side will then be covered by a sidebar window. To see if the name of the theme appears in any messages, click the “Console” tab.


You can also look for the elements in a search. To find the theme’s name if the console returns nothing, try searching the page elements. Click on Elements and repeat the process using the inspector tools. To open a search box, press Ctrl + F, then type “Shopify.theme” in the box. All of the search results are highlighted in yellow for your convenience. Locate the location where the “name” is enclosed in curly brackets behind the Shopify.theme. This should reveal the name of the Shopify theme that is being used by the store you are inspecting.


The page source can be viewed anywhere on the page; use your right mouse button to select “View Page Source.” The website’s entire coding will then appear in a new tab. Similarly, search for “Shopify.theme” using the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut. This is a larger variation of the second approach from above. The outcome must be the same as the Shopify theme’s name.



You have it now! Here are some quick and simple methods for using Shopify theme detectors to identify a store’s chosen theme so you can gather the necessary data. This is the beginning of a new company, so take some time to look through all the favourites below and select the one that best represents your brand. Please leave any problems or inquiries in the comment section below, and I will respond. 


As always, good luck with your eCommerce endeavours! Simile’s AI-powered technology quickly and easily generates recommendations for products that are visually similar, allowing your store to offer individualised shopping experiences.



shineapps is a content writer originally from Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Law University but found her interest in writing. Having 4 years of experience in the E-commerce field, she embarked upon a career as a Shopify content planner. She loves to help clients expand their online presence and mushroom fictional business ideas.

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