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Different Types Of Product Badges (2023)

Different Types Of Product Badges (2023)

Among a lot of products on the Internet, how do you catch consumers’ eyes and make them attracted to your products? Product badges are one of the most common ways to attract customers.

What Are Product Badges in eCommerce?


Product badges, explained in an easy way, are labels that level up marketing tactics on your ecommerce online store. These labels, for example, best sellers or new arrivals, can do a lot to promote items that draw the attention of customers and ensure a purchase.


A survey shows that e-commerce websites using product badging have increased conversion rates by 55%. On Amazon, most stores that have the label “Amazon’s Choice” record a 25% increase in conversion rate. On Etsy, the “Bestseller” tag has a great impact on traffic, increasing the number of views on a product page by nearly 45%.


Custom product badges can increase sales, but it’s crucial to know when to stop providing customers with too many alternatives and when to give them a carefully curated list of options. It is crucial that the terminology be straightforward yet compelling and that the merits of the items are emphasized with a compelling message. 


“Picked Item” might do better than “Most Favorite” at a certain time because the mantra to successful marketing is to experiment with varied names. This dynamic is made possible by-product badging, which also gives the collection on display a feeling of freshness even if it isn’t really new.

How Product Badges Help Increase Sales


You can use product badges to boost sales from current traffic and promotions. By combining badges with social proof, scarcity, and urgency messaging, you may appeal to your customers’ psychological triggers and drive purchases.


The advantage of using beautiful and attractive product badges or labels is that you can get started right away, requiring the least amount of work for the greatest return on investment. Add some product badges to your company to stop losing revenue!

Help customers find their desired products easily

Because they trust the social proof of other consumers, shoppers frequently look for products that are labelled as Best-seller or Top-rated. They find it easy to say yes when customers like what they’re buying because everyone is influenced by other people’s thoughts. 


“Deal of the Day” or “staff choice” product badges, which are popular right now, give your customers social proof. These stickers inform consumers that people just like them have purchased this product, a lot of people suggest it, and they are unlikely to see this deal again. Your consumers would do better to take advantage of the savings before the offer expires.

Increase the products' reliability

Customers are going to enjoy knowing that your items are 100% organic, safe for infants, and highly recommended by professionals. Customers won’t often read prolonged portions about a product written in a boring Sans-Serif font, so you’ll need some stickers to provide them with that information. Additionally, badges can give your store a professional appearance because it appears that every item has been marked.

Increase the feeling of wanting cheaper items

Customers are urged to benefit from savings through e-commerce product badges that highlight special offers or ongoing promotions. Your promotions take centre stage when you use names like “Clearance,” “DoorBuster,” “Bulk Discount,” “Bundle and Save,” or “Free Shipping.”

Types Of Product Badges


There are a number of different badge types you can choose from.

Image library – Pre-made badge

This type offers access to all of the pre-made badges that are part of the extension. If you choose this option, you can filter the pre-made badges using the filter fields on the bottom left.

Image custom – Personalized badge

Image Custom enables you to upload a custom image of your choosing to use as a badge. To do this, pick the option and upload your image to the Badge image custom meta box.

Countdown Timer - Urgency badge

Countdown allows you to specify several stylistic options and build a badge with a countdown timer, your own text prefix/suffix, and other features.

Text – Specified badge

On the other hand, the text helps you specify several design settings and create a badge with your own wording.

Code – Encryption badge

This option demands coding skills and enables you to insert your own code for a badge.

Best Examples

Scarcity/Urgency badges

These badges will alert customers to their FOMO (fear of missing out), making them more likely to purchase the product if they believe it will soon run out. Limited Edition, Low Inventory, Hard To Find, Deal Of The Day, Limited Time Offers, etc. are a few examples of urgency badges.

Social proof badges

When a customer’s opinion is unclear, adding social proof such as Best Seller, Back in Stock, or Staff Picks, or As Seen On will help them believe.

Sales/discount/promotion badges

Customers adore deals, and your good deal will capture their attention. You could add the badges “Clearance” or “Save%” to your store.

Exclusivity badges

The exclusivity badges, for example, “Members Only,” “Wholesale,” and “Exclusive”, are focused on the member or loyalty target customers. This will make them feel more special.

Festival badges

Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, or Black Friday festival badges will be more thrilling than ever thanks to gorgeous product labels.

Some suggestions for product badges

New products: Product badges with this label draw attention to your website’s most recent offerings, which appeal to customers who like to stay on top of trends. Make sure you use capital letters and a stand-out color (such as NEW!).


Seasonal/holidays: These product badges are excellent for building buzz around company seasonality, whether it is a particular holiday season or a personal business milestone (ex. Featured).


Warm Today: This is an effective technique to highlight hot products based on what customers are purchasing or what is doing well on the websites of your competitors. 

current affairs promotional pins that capitalize on popular political and cultural movements. This concept of an e-commerce product badge works well for website categories as well (for instance, Black Excellence for Black History Month). 


Limited edition: This badge conveys urgency to purchase the item before it sells out, whether you are getting a limited number of things on your shelves or you want to permanently remove anything from your inventory. 


Hard to find: This label enables you to say that your product is difficult to find just about anywhere if your company has acquired a rare good. 


Deal of the day:  Do you like the conversions that flash sales bring in? This label draws attention to them on your page, urging customers to buy before the offer expires. 


Countdown timers: This is an additional strategy for highlighting the necessity of making an immediate purchase.


Low stock: This label serves as a scarcity signal to inform customers that the product they are interested in buying is almost completely sold out


Best Seller: This kind of e-commerce product badge highlights the hottest products at the moment, reinforcing social proof by letting customers know that the product has received a lot of other purchases. 


Staff picks: Since employees are frequently regarded as subject matter experts in their fields, a product’s claim to be a “Staff Pick” implies that they favor it over rival products. 

Pre-order: A pre-order badge is a terrific way to entice buyers to make an advance purchase in anticipation of a product release. The business owner can also use this to prepare for the introduction of the product.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, adding a strong e-commerce product badge to your current traffic-targeting strategy has a significant impact on your ability to improve sales and conversions. You may highlight your products and make them simpler for customers to find by combining e-commerce product badges that encourage social proof, scarcity, and urgency.



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