7 Best Shopify Order Limit Apps

7 best shopify product bundles
There are many situations when you want to limit the orders from customers. For example, your bestseller is always out of stock, so you must limit the number of products per purchase to make sure other customers can get them. Or, in the Covid-19 pandemic, commodities are usually in shortage, so you want to ensure everyone gets the products they need.

For that reason, many Shopify apps are designed to optimize your order limit and support your business. You can choose a suitable one for your store with the following recommended tools.

An Overview of The 7 Best Shopify Order Limit Apps

LogoApp NamePricingFree TrialRating
Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify$4.99/month.✔️ Yes
(14 days)
4.8/5 ⭐
Order Limit Quantity PurchaseFrom $3.99/month.✔️ Yes
(7 days)
4.6/5 ⭐
OrderLogic ‑ Min & Max LimitsFrom $4.99/month.✔️ Yes
(7 days)
4.1/5 ⭐
AOD ‑ Order Limits (Min-Max)$3.99/month.✔️ Yes
(7 days)
4.9/5 ⭐
MinCart ‑ Min Max order limitsFrom $2.99/month.✔️ Yes
(7 days)
3.4/5 ⭐
Orichi ‑ Quantity BreaksFrom $8/month. Free plan available.✔️ Yes
(7 days)
4.9/5 ⭐
Quantify$3.99/month.✔️ Yes
(7 days)
3.3/5 ⭐

The In-depth Reviews

#1. Order Limits ‑ MinMaxify

Order Limits is a Shopify order limit app with advanced limit-setting rules. You can restrict the order numbers for an entire cart, a specific product, or a whole product group. Additionally, there are limits on quantity for promotional items or package cases.
A great feature of this app is that it will remind customers to add or remove items based on the checkout page.

The app is suited for both retail and wholesale Shopify stores.

Key features:

  • Place order limits on sales products, free items, or shipping items
  • Limit the number of products on the cart according to a product, collection, or cart total number 
  • Set up order limits for product groups using tags or weight
  • Remind customers to remove or add items for checkout


  • $4.99. 14-day free trial.

#2. Order Limit Quantity Purchase

This app helps you set up the minimum and maximum orders to easily manage inventory and optimize order amounts. You can prioritize the limits on specific variants, products, collections, or the entire Shopify store according to your business plans and requirements.
It works with any Shopify business, even when you sell globally. One special feature of the app is that you can import your limit conditions in bulk using CSV files. This will help you save time by applying order limits to multiple products at the same time.

Key features:

  • Set up min & max limits to products, variants, and collections with multiple conditions
  • Manage purchases by setting order limits by customer tags, order quantity, and item weight
  • Implement order limits flexibly due to business requirements and special events
  • Bulk import limits by CSV files to apply on multiple products at once


  • Basic plan: $3.99/month
  • Pro plan: $5.99/month

#3. OrderLogic ‑ Min & Max Limits

OrderLogic sets up order limits for your Shopify store under multiple conditions. If you want to set order constraints for packages of 5 or 6, this app is a suitable option. Additionally, you can apply order limits based on product tags for a specific item or a product group.
The app allows customers to make changes to their cart with just one click. When their order numbers exceed the restrictions, an engaging popup will show up to alert them to remove products. What’s more, it’s the only Shopify discount app that offers a special configuration for the Buy Button.

Key features:

  • Apply order restrictions for a certain product or a whole product group
  • Set up min and max limits based on price or quantity
  • Provide special support for Buy Button for advanced plan


  • Standard: $4.99/month
  • Premium: $9.99/month

#4. AOD ‑ Order Limits (Min-Max)

The AOD app focuses on setting up the minimum and maximum order constraints for your Shopify store. You can apply limits to a certain variant, product, collection, or entire store. It encourages people to buy more thanks to the minimum limit set up. Also, you can specify order limits based on different conditions, such as quantity, order value, or product weight.
An interesting feature of this app is that you can disable order limits for specific customer groups, including VIPs or important business partners.
This app is best suited for wholesale businesses that want to set order constraints to avoid commodity shortages.

Key features:

  • Apply order restrictions for products, collections, or all products
  • Set up various conditions for order limits
  • Bypass order restrictions for some customer groups
  • Set up order limits based on product tags


  • $3.99/month. 7-day free trial.

#5. MinCart ‑ Min Max order limits

This Shopify order limit app is suitable for retail stores. Basically, you can control order restrictions based on multiple conditions, including price, quantity, number of items, or weight. These limits could be applied to a cart, variants, products, collections, and many more.
The special feature of this app is that you can set specific periods for the order limits. For example, you can limit orders per day, week, or month. Also, it can target different customer groups with personalized messages.

Key features:

  • Apply order constraints for a whole cart, products, collections, and so on
  • Limit purchases by price, item weight, quantity, and product numbers
  • Target specific customers: everyone, visitors, or based customer tags


  • Lite plan: $2.99/month
  • Full plan: $3.99/month
  • Premium plan: $6.99/month

#6. Orichi ‑ Quantity Breaks

Orichi is an all-in-one solution for different marketing campaigns. In particular, you can boost sales with various discount offers. Increase the average order value with upselling features. However, you can also limit the number of orders with order constraints for products, collections, and many more.
The app also integrates with POS tools. Therefore, it’s recommended for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Key features:

  • Display quantity breaks, volume discounts, and tiered pricing to boost sales
  • Limit cart discounts for certain cart amounts or targeted customers
  • Include upselling, automatic discount, or discount labels on cart pages
  • Set quantity limit, min/max quantity, restrictions for product order


  • Free plan available
  • Basic: $8/month
  • Advance: $11/month

#7. Quantify

This Shopify order limit app allows you to set minimum and maximum order constraints with an intuitive editor. It works with any Shopify store, but it’s best suited for small businesses.
With the app, you can set up limits based on subtotal value, number of items in one cart, specific product number, or total ordered products. Additionally, you can edit various messages to notify customers about their order limits.

Key features:

  • Specify min/max order restrictions for certain products
  • Set limits for orders based on subtotal value
  • Apply min/max amount for carts


  • $3.99/month. 7-day free trial.


Not everyone needs an order limit app for their Shopify store. However, depending on your business requirements, you may need to restrict the number of orders for certain events and situations.
We hope you can find a suitable app after reading our article. Most of the recommended tools offer a free plan or trial period. Therefore, you can test the apps before spending money on them. Remember to check the features, app reviews, support service, and pricing plan.


An order limit app is suitable for Shopify store owners who:

  • Own wholesale businesses and need to set up order constraints to avoid product shortage
  • Want to set order limits for a certain product that is regularly in short supply
  • Need to set order limits for seasonal sales with high traffic
  • Sell necessity products and need to limit orders in uncontrollable situations, such as a pandemic, natural disasters, and so on.