7 Best Shopify Free Gift Apps to Increase AOV Only From $0 Yearly

7 best shopify product bundles

Shopify free gift apps allow you to offer your customers complimentary gifts or BOGOs (buy one, get one) based on specific rules. These rules include reaching a certain spending threshold, purchasing a particular product, or using a discount code.
However, finding the best free gift Shopify app can take time and effort. 

That’s why we’ve carefully reviewed and selected the 7 finest Shopify free gift BOGO apps to simplify the process. Besides, we assure you that our list is unbiased, as we do not endorse any particular app. Our goal is to provide reliable recommendations to streamline the creation and management of your Shopify gift campaigns.

Let’s explore

A quick comparison table of the 7 best Shopify free gift BOGO app


App Name


Free Trial


Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell

Free plan available


(179 reviews)

GA ‑ Free Gift | BOGO

✖ No


(72 reviews)

Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts

Free plan available


(444 reviews)

Monk Cross Sell & Free Gift

Free plan available


(294 reviews)

Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator

Free plan available


(128 reviews)

BOGO+ Volume Discount & Gift

Starting at $9.85/month


(116 reviews)

BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y

Starting at $29.99/month


(1,186 reviews)

Top 7 free and paid Shopify free gift BOGO apps for your store

#1. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell by Corner

Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell is an excellent app with unique features to enhance your Shopify store. It allows you to offer multiple free gifts simultaneously or let customers choose from a selection. This flexibility differentiates it from other apps that may complicate your inventory by requiring $0 products.

Additionally, the app makes it easy to upsell add-on services like gift wrapping with just one click. These features make Corner a perfect choice for small businesses and startups wanting to increase their AOV and improve the customer experience.
The app offers a free plan (excluding the free gift feature) and affordable pricing options starting at $15 monthly for the Basic plan. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can confidently try Corner and see its positive impact on your business.

Key features:

  • Power your promotions with the ability to offer any inventory product as a free gift
  • Increase sales by using a multi-tier progress bar to provide free gifts and shipping based on cart total value
  • Upsell related items directly in the cart with smart in-cart upselling feature
  • Simplify the upselling process with one-click options for add-on services like gift wrapping
  • Access a variety of marketing and conversion campaigns


  • Free plan available
  • Basic Shopify: $15/month
  • Shopify: $29/month
  • Advanced Shopify: $59/month

#2. GA ‑ Free Gift | BOGO by GoodApps

GA ‑ Free Gift | BOGO brings the concept of free gifts to a whole new level. With this Shopify free gift, BOGO app, you can create your enticing free gift offers, which have been proven to make customers happier and encourage them to spend more.
Different from other apps on the market, GA allows you to customize your offers with additional products, providing a seamless shopping experience for your visitors.

And along with the ability to track revenue and monitor AOV performance, you can easily measure the impact of your free gift campaigns. They also offer a free pricing plan, so you can use it without spending any cent.

Key features:

  • Provide free gifts with purchases to attract and engage customers
  • Increase AOV with existing website traffic
  • Track revenue and monitor AOV performance
  • Use various conditions for customized free gift offers.


  • Free

#3. Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts by Monster Apps

Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts helps you boost your revenue by offering your customers free gifts, discounts, and upsells. You can customize your slide cart drawer to match your brand and display various types of offers, such as add-to-unlock, one-click upsell, buy more, save more, and FBT. 

The best thing about this app is that it offers Shopify free gifts with purchases, which can motivate your customers to spend more and reward them for their loyalty.
Unlike Corner, which requires upgrading to a paid plan to use this feature, Monster lets you use it for free. You only need to consider the monthly store order limit and choose the best plan that suits your needs. The app has a free plan for up to 50 monthly store orders and three paid plans for 200, 500, and unlimited monthly store orders, respectively.

Key features:

  • Boost conversions with an “Add to Unlock” progress bar offering free gifts, discounts, promotions, and free shipping
  • Upsell easily using one-click offers for shipping protection, priority processing, and warranties
  • Encourage customers to buy more and save more with tiered discounts
  • Display FBT items using Shopify’s machine learning or manual selection
  • Customize your slide cart drawer to match your brand seamlessly


  • Free plan available
  • Tier 1: $12.99/month
  • Tier 2: $19.99/month
  • Tier 3: $34.99/month

#4. Monk Cross Sell & Free Gift by Monk Commerce

The Monk Cross Sell & Free Gift offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your average order value while providing highly customizable designs and a complete eligibility engine. Key features of Monk include the ability to increase cart conversion rates through upsells and a tiered progress bar. 

You can also offer attractive gifts for specific product purchases and quantities and incorporate upsells, cross-sells, and bundles throughout the buying journey. The app also allows you to customize widgets and popup designs to your preferences.

In terms of pricing, Monk is a great choice that includes both free gifts and BOGO for stores with up to 100 total store orders per month.

Key features:

  • Increase cart conversion rates with upsells and a tiered progress bar
  • Offer attractive gifts for specific product purchases and quantities
  • Incorporate upsells, cross-sells, and bundles throughout the buying journey
  • Customize widget and popup design to your preferences
  • Access 24/7 chat and email support for immediate assistance


  • Free plan available
  • Growth I: $40/month
  • Growth II: $80/month

#5. GLO Related Products, Upsell by Globo

The next contender on our list of best Shopify free gift apps, is Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator by Digismoothie. You can use this app to create customized gift rules based on your collection spending or specific product purchases and show them to your customers in a sleek, elegant slide-out widget. Furthermore, Gift Box allows customers to choose their preferred gift from a selection, further enhancing their satisfaction.

And about the pricing, Gift Box offers a free installation option. However, it’s important to note that the free plan is only available for trial and development stores. If you are not a coder or a newbie, upgrading to a paid plan is necessary. 

The paid plans offered by Gift Box are affordable, starting at $29/month for Basic Shopify. With this plan, you get unlimited free gifts and orders, ensuring you can grow your business without worrying about monthly order limits.

Key features:

  • Drive higher spending with attractive free product incentives
  • Set customizable gift rules based on collection spending or specific product purchases
  • Seamlessly add free gifts to the cart for a streamlined experience
  • Enable customers to enjoy both free gifts and discount code usage
  • Provide the option for customers to choose their preferred gift from a selection.


  • Free to install
  • Basic Shopify: $29/month
  • Standard Shopify: $39/month
  • Shopify Plus: $199/month

#6. BOGO+ Volume Discount & Gift by WizzCommerce

BOGO+ Volume Discount & Gift is a user-friendly app that helps create urgency and boost sales. By using countdown timers during flash sales, you can encourage customers to make quick purchasing decisions. The app also allows you to set up multiple levels of “Buy X Get Y” offers, enticing customers to increase their order value.

Additionally, the app offers add-on features like scheduled sales and discount code combinations, which can give you more flexibility and promotional opportunities. Besides, you can quickly launch multiple promotion campaigns in just a few minutes, saving time and effort.
Regarding pricing, the app doesn’t offer a free plan. However, it provides affordable options based on your Shopify plan. This ensures businesses of all sizes and budgets can use the app’s powerful promotion features.

Key features:

  • Get more discounts by buying in larger volumes
  • Easily add gifts or use popups for manual selection
  • Drive urgency with countdown timers during flash sales
  • Set up multiple levels of “Buy X Get Y” offers
  • Access add-on features like scheduled sales and discount code combinations


  • No free plan
  • Shopify Basic: $9.85/month
  • Shopify Professional: $19.85/month
  • Shopify Advanced: $35.85/month
  • Shopify Plus: $54.85/month

#7. BOGOS: Free Gift & Buy X Get Y by Secomapp

Launched in 2014 with over 1,100 reviews on Shopify, BOGOS: Free Gift & Buy X Get Y by Secomapp is an innovative app that helps turn your store’s visitors into loyal customers. With its customizable gifting options, BOGOS offers a variety of enticing offers, such as

  • Free gifts
  • BOGO
  • Buy x get y
  • Gift with purchase
  • Buy 1 get 1.
    Whether you want to reward customers who spend a certain amount or automatically add a second product to their cart, BOGOS has the features you need.
Additionally, the app allows you to combine discount codes with BOGO offers, maximizing the effectiveness of your promotions. With pricing plans designed to fit different budgets, from Basic at $29.99/month to Plus at $99.99/month, BOGOS offers flexibility and value for businesses of all sizes.

Key features:

  • Encourage customers to spend $200 and receive a complimentary gift
  • Get a gift B by purchasing specific product A
  • Automatically add a second product to the cart when one is purchased with BOGO feature
  • Enjoy the convenience of an auto-added free gift in the cart
  • Utilize discount codes in conjunction with BOGO offers


  • No free plan
  • Basic: $29.99/month
  • Professional: $49.99/month
  • Unlimited: $69.99/month
  • Plus: $99.99/month

Final takeaways

We’ve gathered 7 Shopify free gift apps with varying features, prices, and ratings for you to choose from based on your preferences and budget. Many of these apps offer free plans or trials, allowing you to try them out before deciding. 

With these solutions, you can effortlessly create and manage your free gift, and BOGO campaigns, leading to higher average order values and happier customers.
Don’t hesitate any longer! Give one of Shopify free gift with purchase apps a try today and experience the positive impact for yourself. We hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you for reading!


1. Is there a gift option on Shopify?

Yes, you can provide a gift-wrapping service for your customers. They can select this option during the checkout process. You can charge a flat rate or a per-product fee for the gift-wrapping service.

2. Which free app is used for free gift BOGO on the Shopify store?

Several free apps on the Shopify App Store can be used for implementing free gift BOGO offers on your Shopify store. Some popular options include: 1. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell 2. GA ‑ Free Gift | BOGO 3. Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts 4. Monk Cross Sell & Free Gift 5. Gift Box | Free Gift Motivator