5 Best Shopify estimated delivery date apps (With In-depth Reviews)

5 Best Shopify estimated delivery date apps
If you’re a Shopify store owner, providing accurate and transparent estimated delivery dates to your customers is crucial. Customers want to know when they can expect to receive their orders. Hence, they are more likely to buy from you if you can give them a clear and realistic estimate.
That’s why you need a Shopify estimated delivery date app to help you display the delivery date on your product pages, cart page, and checkout page. In this article, we will review the 5 best Shopify estimated delivery date apps that can help you boost your sales and customer satisfaction.
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A Quick Comparison of 5 Best Shopify Estimated Delivery Date Apps

LogoApp NamePricingFree TrialRating
Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETAFree plan available. From $3.99/month❌No4.7/5⭐
Omega Estimated Delivery Date$4.99/month✔️Yes (7 days)4.9/5⭐
Estimated Delivery Pickup by AppsonrentFree plan available. $9.99/month❌No4.7/5⭐
Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus by CoderFree plan available. From $4.98/month❌No4.9/5⭐
Pickup Delivery Date ‑PickeasyFrom $7.99/month✔️Yes (14 days)5/5⭐

The In-depth Reviews

#1. Estimated Delivery Date ‑ ETA

Introducing the top app on our lineup: Estimated Delivery Date – ETA. With this app, you will effortlessly showcase shipping messages and ETA details beneath the Add to Cart button. This gives customers clear expectations for when they’ll receive their orders.

This powerful tool enhances customer trust and creates a sense of urgency. And enables you to tailor your delivery messages according to specific products, collections, or countries. You can boost your conversion rate by customizing your messaging based on inventory, shipping methods, and target markets. Additionally, ETA allows you to set weekly days off, cut-off times, and public holidays to ensure precise delivery estimates.
Unlike other Shopify estimated delivery date apps, this app goes above and beyond by ensuring consistent and dependable delivery information throughout the customer journey. It helps in minimizing cart abandonment and reducing shipping inquiries.
This app is perfect for any Shopify seller aiming to offer transparent and practical delivery estimates to their customers.

Key features:

  • Display delivery message on product page, cart, checkout, success page & email
  • Set different date displaying rules for specific products, collections or countries
  • Set weekly days off, cut-off time, and public holidays
  • Display expected date message based on inventory


  • Free
  • Premium: $3.99/month
  • Pro: $7.99/month

#2. Omega Estimated Delivery Date

Another great app is Omega Estimated Delivery Date. This app helps you show estimated shipping dates based on the shipping method, zip code, or country. By offering this personalized information, you’re sure to boost your customers’ trust and loyalty.

This app has a fantastic feature – a countdown timer showcasing the order deadline. Creating a sense of urgency and scarcity motivate your customers to purchase before time runs out. Plus, you have the ability to set your business availability by specifying weekly day-offs and public holidays. No more confusion or disappointment for your valued customers!
It’s the perfect tool for any Shopify seller who wants to showcase estimated shipping dates and create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer. Plus, with a flat monthly fee of just $4.99 for unlimited views and features, it’s an affordable option for budget-conscious Shopify sellers.

Key features:

  • Show estimated shipping date based on shipping method, zip code, or country
  • Estimate the shipping date for specific products, collections or vendors
  • Show a countdown timer to show the order deadline
  • Set up your business availability by setting weekly day-offs and public holidays
  • Fully customize the estimated delivery date message display with set up by products


  • $4.99/month

#3. Estimated Delivery Pickup by Appsonrent

Estimated Delivery Pickup is the third app on our recommendation list. If you use this app, your customers can easily select their desired order date and delivery time for local delivery, store pickup, or shipping. This helps customers to plan their orders accordingly, and choose the nearest location for pickup.

With this app, you’re able to personalize your delivery options according to availability, demand, and capacity. Moreover, you can easily manage your deliveries and avoid overbooking by setting limits for orders per time slot.
Another interesting feature is the ability to choose a specific delivery date and schedule the shipping time. With this, you will ensure that your shipping process is smooth and efficient.
Therefore, the app is the perfect option for Shopify sellers who want to offer customers estimated delivery dates and times, whether they choose local delivery, store pickup, or shipping. The app has a free plan with unlimited orders, which is amazing if you only need an estimated delivery timer. You can upgrade to the pro plan if you need more advanced features.

Key features:

  • Set estimated delivery date and time for local delivery, store pickup, or shipping
  • Let user pick up order delivery date, time from date picker for scheduling order
  • Set day-wise different delivery dates, time in date picker or delivery calendar
  • Schedule shipping date and shipping time to manage your order delivery
  • Set order limit per time slot in delivery calendar to manage your order delivery


  • Free
  • Pro: $9.99/month

#4. Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus by Coder

Next is Coder’s Estimated Delivery Date Plus. A key highlight of this app is its ability to customize estimated delivery dates and messages for various countries. It allows you to provide tailored delivery information for your products, collections, and target markets.

Additionally, you can customize the calculation of order preparation and delivery dates to ensure accurate estimates. What’s even more thrilling is that this app provides a fascinating solution to improve your customers’ experience.
Unlike other apps, this app offers multi-language and country support. You have the freedom to display your estimated date message in any language of your choice, and it will be calculated based on the visitor’s time zone or the time zone date set by the store owner. This means you can consistently provide dependable delivery information to your customers worldwide.
It is the perfect app for any Shopify seller who wants to showcase estimated arrival dates on their store pages and minimize customer support inquiries. The app provides a free plan that supports up to 100 products per month, good for sellers with few products.

Key features:

  • Show estimated arrival date on product page, cart page, checkout page, etc.
  • Set product or category estimated delivery date range and message for different countries
  • Set order preparation date and delivery date calculation
  • Support multi-language and country support
  • Fully customizable according to your design


  • Free plan
  • Basic: $4.98/month
  • Pro: $8.98/month

#5. Pickup Delivery Date ‑Pickeasy

The final app we suggest is Pickup Delivery Date ‑Pickeasy. Using this app, you can customize various settings about estimated delivery dates for each type of delivery. This includes cut-off time, preparation time, blackout dates, minimum order value, zip code verification, and much more.

The app also allows you to personalize the settings for each product. This means you can customize your delivery options to match your products’ unique qualities and availability. What sets this app apart is that it lets you manage multiple locations, translate languages, and more. And to keep things safe and socially distanced, you can even limit the number of pickups or deliveries per time slot.
Pickup Delivery Date ‑Pickeasy may appear pricier than other apps on the list. Still, it compensates with its extensive range of features and flexibility in order fulfillment. This app is well-suited for sellers with multiple locations, varying fulfillment methods for different products, and a desire to personalize delivery rates and time slots.

Key features:

  • Different setup for local delivery, pickup, and shipping
  • Product-wise settings for preparation time, fulfillment type, availability, blackout dates, etc.
  • Delivery rates by zip code, postal code, product, weight, cart value, time slot, etc.
  • Manage multiple locations, delivery days by zip or post code, language translations, etc.
  • Limit orders per time slot to avoid crowding at the store


  • Starter: $7.99/month
  • Smart: $10.99/month
  • Advanced: $16.99/month
  • Premium: $24.99/month


You have just learned about the 5 best Shopify estimated delivery date apps to help you display accurate and reliable delivery information. These apps can help you boost your sales and customer satisfaction by providing clear and realistic delivery estimates. You should also test the apps with free trials or demos to see how they work for your store.
Don’t wait any longer. Try one of these apps today and see the difference it can make for your business. You won’t regret it!


Displaying delivery dates in Shopify can help you increase your sales and customer satisfaction by providing clear and realistic delivery estimates to your customers. 

Delivery dates can also reduce cart abandonment and shipping inquiries by answering one of the most common questions from your customers: “How long will my order take to arrive?” Delivery dates can also create a sense of urgency and scarcity for your customers, encouraging them to buy before the time runs out.