7 Best Shopify AMP Apps (With In-depth Reviews)

7 Best Shopify AMP Apps
You’ve probably heard of AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, a technology that makes web pages load faster on mobile devices. But did you know that AMP can also boost your Shopify store’s performance, conversions, and SEO? That’s right, Shopify AMP can make your online store more appealing to both customers and search engines.
In this article, we’ll show you the 7 best Shopify AMP apps that can help you optimize your store for mobile users.

A Quick Comparison of The 7 Best Shopify AMP Apps

LogoApp NamePricingFree TrialRating
AMP ‑ Accelerated Mobile PagesFree plan available. From $9/month✔️Yes (14 days)5/5⭐
Fire AMP$7.99/month✔️Yes (15 days)4.6/5⭐
Buildify Landing Page BuilderFree plan available. From $9.99/month✔️Yes (7 days)4.4/5⭐
The AMP appFree plan available. From $9.99/month❌No4.7/5⭐
Superchargify AMPFree plan available. From $9/month✔️Yes (15 days)3.8/5⭐
Accelerated Mobile Pages$29.95 one-time charge❌No3.6/5⭐
SEOAnt ‑ AI SEO OptimizerFree plan available. From $29.99/month✔️Yes (7 days)4.8/5⭐

The In-depth Reviews

#1. AMP ‑ Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you’re looking for an app officially recommended by Google, you might want to check out AMP ‑ Accelerated Mobile Pages by Shop Sheriff. This app helps you create mobile-optimized pages cached and pre-loaded by Google, which load instantly and boost your SEO. You can also pass Google’s new Core Web Vitals with this app, which are essential for ranking well on mobile search results.

With this amazing app, you will customize your home page, blogs, collections, and products using a user-friendly AMP page builder. Experience the power of dozens of AMP integrations, including reviews, tabs, countdown timers, and more. It boosts your online presence on search engines, attracts more organic visitors, and ultimately drives higher sales.
No matter if you’re a small business, startup, or large retailer, this app is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their mobile performance and SEO with Shopify AMP pages. Plus, it offers a Free plan that allows you to have infinite AMP products – perfect for budget-conscious Shopify sellers.

Key features:

  • Create AMP pages for your home page, blogs, collections and products with a powerful page-builder
  • Integrate with various features like reviews, tabs, countdown timers, and more
  • Improve your SEO and pass Google’s Core Web Vitals with fast-loading AMP pages
  • Customize your AMP pages with your own branding and style


  • Free plan
  • Hobbyist: $9/month
  • Company: $29/month
  • Enterprise: $99/month

#2. Fire AMP

Another app that can help you create Shopify AMP pages is Fire AMP. By utilizing this app, you can generate Google AMP pages for all your products, collections, articles, blogs, and more.

With Fire AMP, customization is a breeze as you can tailor your AMP pages to seamlessly align with your website’s aesthetics, encompassing fonts, colors, logos, and beyond.
Additionally, you’ll have access to real-time reports that track the number of visitors who view your AMP pages. Furthermore, integrating with Google Analytics lets you measure your AMP performance and conversions. This app supports all the major Shopify themes, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
If you’re a Shopify seller looking to boost your store’s mobile speed and SEO, this app is the perfect fit for you. It caters to sellers of all sizes. With a flat price of $7.99 per month, this app may not offer a free plan but rest assured, you’ll receive top-notch support throughout your journey.

Key features:

  • Generate AMP pages for all or specific products, collections, articles, blogs and more
  • Customize your AMP pages to look similar to your website pages
  • Track your AMP page hits in real time with reports
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to measure your AMP performance and conversions


  • Super Success Plan: $7.99/month

#3. Buildify Landing Page Builder

Next on the list is Buildify Landing Page Builder. This app is a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder, enabling you to effortlessly fashion and personalize landing pages, collections, home pages, product pages, and more. Also, the pre-designed page templates let you design pages without coding expertise. Additionally, the live preview mode allows you to instantly observe the outcome of your modifications.

This app enables you to effortlessly create responsive and fast-loading Shopify AMP pages for all devices. Moreover, you can provide your customers with an exceptional UI UX experience by utilizing media, icons, buttons, comments, social media, and analytics widgets.
This app caters to all Shopify sellers seeking to customize their store’s AMP pages and elevate their design and functionality. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, this app offers a smooth tone and provides features and flexibility that can benefit you.

Key features:

  • Create custom AMP pages for any type of content with a drag and drop page builder
  • Use pre-made page templates and drag-and-drop widgets to design your pages
  • Boost your sales with conversion triggers, such as CTA buttons, countdown timers, pop-ups and more


  • Free plan
  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Advanced: $ 19.99/month
  • Unlimited: $29.99/month

#4. The AMP app

The AMP app is another great tool for creating Shopify AMP pages for your store. Not only does it help you enhance your Shopify store by enabling high-speed pages that load instantly on mobile devices and has the added benefit of improving your SEO and search rankings.

Whether you want to optimize your entire website or specific pages, this app allows you to easily create Shopify AMP pages. It also integrates metadata, JSON-LD, and other features for top-notch SEO. The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills to use this app – simply install it and start publishing your high-speed pages.
If you’re a Shopify seller looking to boost your mobile speed and improve your store’s SEO, this app is perfect. It’s designed to help you create Shopify AMP pages for all your products, collections, articles, blogs, and more, regardless of the size of your catalog. Give it a try with a Free plan, and if you’re ready to take things up a notch, consider premium plans for Hobbyist or Small Company.

Key features:

  • Create AMP pages for all or specific products, collections, articles, blogs and more
  • Customize your AMP pages to look similar to your website pages
  • Improve your SEO and search rankings with fast-loading AMP pages
  • Integrate with metadata, JSON-LD and more for high quality SEO


  • Free plan
  • Hobbyist: $9.99/month
  • Small Company: $29.99/month

#5. Superchargify AMP

One more app on our list is Superchargify AMP. This app creates and manages individual AMP pages for your products, collections, and blog posts. You have the freedom to personalize your AMP pages using a theme editor that aligns with your brand’s distinct identity. Additionally, integration with Shopify, Google, and Facebook Analytics allows you to monitor the performance and conversions of your AMP pages.

Furthermore, you have the option to incorporate a WhatsApp chat button on your AMP pages to facilitate communication and provide customer support. The app also offers the capability to promptly identify and resolve any AMP errors. Notably, this app supports various review apps including Loox, Judge.me, Yotpo, and more.
Superchargify AMP is an ideal solution for businesses with high mobile traffic seeking to enhance their page speed, user experience, and SEO ranking. Their Free plan covers AMP implementation for products, while additional features like AMP for collections or blog posts, as well as integrations, require payment.

Key features:

  • Create 1-1 AMP pages for your products, collections, and blog posts
  • Customize your AMP pages with a best-in-class theme editor
  • Integrate with Shopify, Google and Facebook Analytics to track your AMP performance and conversions
  • Add a WhatsApp chat button to your AMP pages to communicate with your customers


  • Free plan
  • Basic: $9/month
  • Pro: $19/month
  • Plus: $49/month

#6. Accelerated Mobile Pages

To ensure your Shopify AMP pages are cached and indexed in Google Mobile Search, consider using Accelerated Mobile Pages. This application simplifies the process of AMPing your Shopify products and collections, ensuring they meet Google’s requirements.

The app automatically updates your Shopify AMP pages with the latest product and collection data. This allows for the customization of elements like logos, colors, and fonts. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with tracking tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to measure AMP performance and conversions. Rest assured, this app is compatible with all major Shopify themes.
This app is the perfect fit for Shopify sellers looking for an affordable Shopify AMP solution. With a single-charge plan encompassing all its premium features, it offers great value for those seeking both quality and savings.

Key features:

  • Create AMP pages for your products and collections with a click
  • Customize your AMP pages with your own logo, colors, fonts and more
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other tracking tools
  • Validate your AMP pages to pass Google’s requirements


  • $29.95 one-time charge

#7. SEOAnt ‑ AI SEO Optimizer

For faster speed and higher rankings, consider trying SEOAnt AI SEO Optimizer – the final app on our list of best Shopify AMP apps. This comprehensive app covers all essential SEO aspects, including technical SEO, on-page optimizations, keyword research, and backlinks.

By utilizing AMP, image compression, preload, and app script removal, this app has the potential to enhance your page loading speed. It also offers the opportunity to optimize your pages for improved SEO rankings. Additionally, Chatgpt AI enables you to effortlessly generate captivating product descriptions within seconds.
It is important to note that the AMP feature is exclusively available on the Premium plan, which is the most expensive option. Hence, if a large store needs a comprehensive SEO solution that includes AMP, this app is ideal for you. However, if this aligns differently with your requirements, we recommend exploring other apps mentioned in this article.

Key features:

  • Boost your page loading speed with features like AMP, image compression, preload, app scripts removal and more
  • Optimize your pages for SEO rankings with features like meta tags, alt text, structured data, keyword research and more
  • Auto-detect 404 errors and bulk redirect URLs to avoid losing traffic and customers
  • Auto-scan your store for SEO issues such as indexing, speed, content, tag errors, dead links, alt text, canonical tags and more


  • Free plan
  • Pro: $29.99/month
  • Premium: $59.99/month


You’ve just learned about the 7 best Shopify AMP apps to help you create fast-loading and SEO-friendly pages for your store. These apps can help you improve your mobile performance and conversions and rank higher on Google Mobile Search.
But how do you choose the best app for your needs? To make an informed choice, it is recommended to compare each app’s features, pricing, and reviews. Alternatively, you could try them out, as many apps offer free trials or plans. Don’t wait any longer. Start creating your Shopify AMP pages today and see your sales skyrocket!


Shopify AMP technology allows you to create fast-loading and mobile-friendly pages for your Shopify store. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a project by Google that aims to improve web performance and user experience on mobile devices. AMP pages are cached and pre-loaded by Google, so they load instantly and rank higher on mobile search results.

You can create Shopify AMP pages using one of the apps we reviewed in this article. These apps help you generate and customize AMP pages for your products, collections, articles, blogs and more. They also help you integrate various features and tools to enhance your AMP performance and conversions.